Firstly how did you get to the point of writing and recording what is effectively a solo album after the Breakdowns?

I started recording the album two or three months afterward I think.
I’d already recorded the demos at home on my 4-track so there wasn’t really anything to prep.
I just had to wait for some Studio time to become available.
It is a solo record I guess but I didn’t wanna present it in that way which is why I gave it a band name.


How long did you have these songs written before deciding how to record them?

They were all 3 years old & all written about the same thing, so it’s a concept album really! – which is why the artwork has a movie poster feel to it. To connect them all to the same story.
I knew I was gonna sing it all & play the instruments because that way it’d get done really quick!

Was it always the intention to get it out on vinyl and were you just doing it as a studio project that’s taken on a life of its own or secretly did you want to put a band together and play these songs live?

A bit of all of that really.
Originally I only intended to record the songs & put them up on Bandcamp, but secretly I did have an idea that it would work well as an album – & would look great on LP.
During the recording, I agreed to do a one-off gig for Some Weird Sin’s Power Pop Weekender back in July (which was really great) & that has lead to more gig offers & more interest in the Speedways.

Tell us a bit about the tracks on the album?

They’re a collection of songs written about the same summer.
I knew how they were gonna fit together. I knew the Tube Train at the start of ‘Regular Summer’ would screech into shot immediately as ‘Don’t Tell Me’ finishes & I knew ‘All I Want’ would open the album with a telephone ring (which is why she’s holding the phone on the cover etc..) ..& I knew ‘Reunion In The Rain’ would have a long fade-out & close the album.
I wanted to record them without pedals & power chords. I wanted them to be clean & catchy.
I knew they’d have a lo-fi quality but not in a garagey way.
I really like ‘One Kiss Can Lead To Another’ in particular – I just don’t hear other bands playing those kinda tunes so thought I’d give it a try.

Whos playing in the live band?

The hardest working drummer in show business Kris Hood of Los Pepes, More Kicks & Miscalculations is keeping the backbeat, Adrian Alfonso ex-Randy Savages & currently of Dead Meat is on bass guitar and Mauro Venegas of Miscalculations (former Duncan Reid/Godfathers/Jonny Cola) is on lead guitar duty. ..& obviously, I’m in it too.
It’s worked out really well.



what are the chances of more dates?

The chances are very good!
There are 3 other shows booked for later this year – including an album launch gig in London on October 18th.
There are a few things in the pipeline for next year too which could be pretty cool!


What about a follow-up album?

I could record it tomorrow if I had a studio!  Because all the songs on ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ were written between 2014 & 2015 there’s 3 years worth of recent stuff knocking around in my songbooks – although I haven’t written anything new for a while if I’m being honest.

I would like to put out a 45 with The Speedways though. Hopefully early next year I can get that sorted.

I keep banging on about this but my next album/EP will definitely be with a female singer. I’ve got the songs written for it & they’re all great. The project could be called something like ‘Suzy & The Speedways’ in theory (the album’s called ‘Empty Pages’)

I know you love your rock n roll and punk rock but what makes a great record?

A good hook, a great lyric, good sleeve artwork..the whole package. It’s gotta make you feel something, hasn’t it?
I was listening to A-Ha & Abba just as much as I was Tom Petty & The Ramones when I was making the album.

Talk us through a few of your favourite songs/albums and why?

I’ll give you an album & three songs, otherwise, I’ll literally be typing forever! Albums – Please Please Me – The Beatles – the greatest band of all time playing live in the Studio with raw energy, youthful pomp, mistakes all over the shop, charming as fuck performances & an insane deadline which would destroy mere mortal bands.

Song 1 – This Charming Man – The Smiths – a game changer & a life changer for me.
Song 2 – Nothing In Return – Roky Erickson – a pop masterpiece by a genius.
Song 3 – You Don’t Know – Helen Shapiro – best-unrequited love song ever.


When did you start playing the guitar? anyone make you pick up a guitar? 

I was 14 or 15.
There was always music playing in the house so I was already really into guitars, but I think when I first saw ‘Back To The Future’ I became obsessed with Johnny B Goode! (& Earth Angel too!) – My Dad had a couple of Chuck Berry LPs so I just used to listen to them over and over.
Then a few years later I got really into The Ramones and my guitar style became a very confused mix of Chuck Berry & Johnny Ramone.. with some George Harrison & eventually Johnny Marr thrown in for good measure.
I was really into Metal in my mid-teens but I just couldn’t play it. It never really fell under my fingers the way that early Beatles did.

You play a few instruments on the record what other talents do you have? Did you always fancy yourself as a bit of a frontman?

No! I’m very reluctantly fronting a band! ..but I’m the only one who can sing these particular songs so I’ve just gotta get on with it! It’s cool really. & no, sadly I’m not blessed with many talents elsewhere!Facebook

Gods Candy – Canada
Ghost Highway – Spain 
Beluga Records – Sweden
Speedways Bandcamp – UK 
USA tbc* – will let you know asap

Catch em live at these two London dates –

Friday, November 30th – Dirty Water Club + The Fleshtones + Muck & The Mires @Nambucca London
Saturday, December 1st – Black Wax Club + Muck & The Mires + Los Pepes @PhoenixLive Harlow