Signed to Wicked Cool seems to be the seal of quality any band needs because I’ve not heard a dud yet but that’s not to say this Rock and Roll lark is a piece of piss either.  It ain’t.  Churning out quality tunes is something bands can do if they work hard enough but not everyone can make it good enough that other people will jump on board. Guitars, bass, and drums with a layer of strong harmonies might well be the vital ingredients but you still need the tunes and I’m happy to say The Jellybricks have got a record full of em. The fact that they’ve been around for twenty years means nothing maybe they just needed that break and maybe Wicked Cool is that break.

Starting with ‘Corner Of My Eye’ sees the band take the basics of guitar, bass and drums and a collection of Cars albums and maybe Big Star would have featured in their collective collections?  It’s polished for sure and there is an air of familiarity about ‘Brooklyn’ which just happens to be a very decent tune again sticking to the formula and having a strong chorus with plenty of light in the harmonies and energy in that solo -top tun.

‘Some Kind Of Lucky’ is the lighter side of the Posies whereas ‘Mrs. Misery’ is a sprightly little number that would have fitted in well with the more energetic tunes from Gaslight Anthem with a hint of Replacements (but only a hint) I like it so far its got energy and flows really well.

It’s a strange thing that a band this decent would never have flown across my radar until now.  ‘Faith’ has got radio appeal and would do well I’m sure of it like a latter-day Soul Asylum. I would say this album is very up in a happy and confident kinda way from top to bottom if you dig any of the bands I have name-checked then the chances are there is something on here that you will enjoy and if not you’ll be smiling anyway it’s so feelgood your jaw will ache.  they even find the time to turn to token ballad into a beaming ray of sunshine as the title track and last number puts a decent full stop on a really impressive record.  The Jellybricks might be a new one on me but it won’t be the last no doubt about it. Power Pop tastic!

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Author: Dom Daley