New Releases for Pre-order!

A new single, mini-album and live release all coming soon from Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour… Keeping himself and his band out of trouble by writing and recording new music Tyla is set to put out a single – ‘(Everybody needs) A Friend’ From the Brillo new forthcoming ‘Jack O’Byte Bluesy’ album plus 3 live Tracks from the recent 2 London Shows (2019) ‘111’ (Electric), ‘Bullet Proof Poet’ and ;Angel, (full band Acoustic) that won’t be on the ‘In Vino Verilivicus’ 2 disc DVD/CD. release.




‘Jack O’Byte Bluesy’ PRE ORDER (Release November 2019) .. This album has a Heavy Bluesy feel..
Relase date for Shops Nov.15th….but you’ll have them before…he says!!..if you pre order



Then to round it all off just in time for Christmas maybe for Santa to empty his sack when he’s dived down yer chimney and drunk yer red ‘In Vino Verilivicus MMXIX’

A 2 Discs – 1DVD 1CDs Filmed over 2 nights (August 2019) from Acoustic and the Electric sets. Features songs from Graveyard and In Vino…plus all the old favourites..
PRE ORDER…Release December 2019

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