Fraser Munro.

The words “Power Pop” don’t usually drag me in; I tend to think of it as the AOR equivalent of punk but this my friends is different. “Just Another Regular Summer”  is stripped down dirty pop, played with the attitude and honesty of a man living every chord and every word. Think Tom Petty playing Revolver or perhaps Johnny Thunders jamming with latter-day Monkees and that’ll only get you half way there…


Matt Julian, formerly of the rather splendid Breakdowns, is serious about his pop. Hardly a day goes by and when he’s not posting a picture of his latest record store find. This boy is serious about the 7” single. All this research has now paid off as he’s only gone and crafted a perfect pop album. A record that most bands could dream of making and he’s done it pretty much all on his tod.


Side 1 just whizzes by from Thunders-esque opener “All I want”, through to the song everybody will wish they the had written, the title track “ Just Another Regular Summer”, complete with a little Alarm-like harmonica (please don’t hate me for that one !!??!). So far, there’s nothing not to like and everything to love.


Just when you think you’ve hit the high point, “That’ll Be The Day The Earth Stood Still (Drink The Pain Away)” kicks off side 2. I had to stop there and play it again. Matt Julian take a bow you talented bastard! “Lonely Girl” is pure pop and closer “Reunion In The Rain” insists you flip the plastic over to live the last 35 minutes of your life again.


“Just Another Regular Summer” is released on October 19th via Canada’s  Gods Candy Records, but get in there quick because if you want the record there are only 50 White, 100 Solid Pink and a 100 on good old Black.



Gods Candy Records