Fraser Munro.


This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Supersuckers and Eddie Spaghetti and Co are celebrating with album number 12 “Suck it”.The ‘suckers have mutated again, now featuring the 6 strings of Marty Chandler and tub-thumping of Chris Von Streicher but are they are still the self-proclaimed Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World?


While the last album, “Holdin’ The Bag” dug deep into the country side of the band, “Suck It” is total rock & roll (but with a country flavour).  Full on 70’s rocker “All The Time” kicks things off in classic (latter-year) Supersuckers style, while “The History of Rock & Roll” slows it down a little and takes the coolest bits of Guns & Roses and serves it up raw and dirty, with Eddie reminding us of all the greatest bands in the world, while being sure to point out that he’s still top of the pile. One thing that immediately strikes me is that Eddie’s vocals sound a little gruffer than on previous albums, maybe a little more attitude-y and balls to the wall, which is cool in a Motorhead kind of way. “Dead Inside” feels more like a traditional ‘Suckers tune, “Breaking My Balls” takes you to the land of Nashville Pussy and finally side one closer “Worst Thing Ever” slows things right down with a touch of grunge.


Side two screams into action with the full-on “What’s Up With This Mother Mother Fucking Thing”, taking you right back to the Rick Sims era, then immediately takes a left turn in to classic country Supersuckers land with “Cold Wet Wind”. “Til I Die” is a classic boogie stomper all about jerking off and “ Private Parking Lot” is another Faces-ish banger delivered with classic ‘Suckers style.


All too soon, ZZ Top tune “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” comes along to close side two with a full pint salute, reminding us that it’s not only the spirit of rock n roll running through their veins of Supersuckers.


As Eddie says in the press blurb, “We’ve finally become the band that we’ve always threatened to be.”  He may be right….. Supersuckers remain (one of) the Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World !!!

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