We’re always open to a first here on RPM Online and we’re a broad church and we welcome a first for sure and that’s some immaculate power poppin rock and roll all the way from Beijing in the shape of the Ramones meets The Boys power pop of The Sino Hearts and a whole bunch of other influential pop tarts thrown in for good measure.  It’s primarily the work of Zhong who used to play in Dee Cracks so there is pedigree here.  Its got a sprightly production and the tunes are sharp as the smiles on the band’s faces as they hammer out their snotty tunes.

Twelve tunes all with a hefty helping of love from the bottom of their hearts but it’s not all Ramones by numbers (although their influence weighs heavily) I’d say there’s a more modern Green Day feel to the happy go lucky  sounds like ‘Vienna’ with a cool verse that flows nicely into the chorus and gang vocals that breakout – its an infectious sound and what it lacks in originality it makes up in quality.  The more laid back ‘Long Vacation’ has a great pre-chorus and those sort of riffs are timeless and if you love yourself some power pop punk rock then this is always a no brainer and ticks all the right boxes.

The tracks only break the three-minute barrier a few times which is spot on and they never overstay their welcome (how could they?) ‘Bittersweet’ has a weird ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ (if it were power pop) then off we go with a great melody and riff,  wahey! lets rock and roll some more before ‘Juan’  fires up the T rex side of power pop songwriting with some beach boy bv’s then to close off the record they break out with their native tongue which is great and something we totally approve of round here showing how rock and roll is indeed the global language and translates no matter where you are from if you get it then you just get it! even though the English version makes more sense to me ‘Long Vacation’ is a great track no matter how its sung.

The Sino Hearts have swagger and style and play power pop-punk rock n roll and do it perfectly well. Let’s all leave the world behind and just fuckin’ dance! Maestro 1-2-3-4 let’s go!




Author: Dom Daley