The Loyal Cheaters are an Italian/German Rock n’ Roll band formed in 2020, inspired and seduced by the 70s and 80s sound of bands like AC/DC, Runaways, Slade and the latest Scandinavian Action Rock. The band has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff for the worldwide promotion of their debut album.

Next up we have no less thann the 9th video off their debut album. Acid Blood are a Swedish punk rock band and you can pick up their debut album in Europe and North America. “Acid Blood” LP in Europe Here Ltd ed “Acid Blood” CD in the USA Here Digital version available on most platforms

Finally how about the third video from Ravagers? Cooler than an ice cube these cats have a new album out on Spaghetty Town and Wanda Records and this is the third video from the album

Hard-Ons – ‘Lite As A Feather’ (Cheersquad Records)  From the album ‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’ HArd-Ons 2021 are right on the money and killing it with this new single and if this an indication of the album then bring it on.  Tim Rogers joining the Hard-Ons wasn’t mind-boggling enough – plenty of fans of both parties thought it was a prank when initially announced – the group’s new video, for the rousing “Lite As A Feather”, will no doubt cause more confusion. Featuring footage of the four band members playing along to the song in isolation but mixing up their roles.  The albums out October 8th write it in your diary.  Pre order the album Here



Frvits – ‘Stupid Era’ (Slovenly Recordings)  Hardcore punk rockers kicking the shit out of some poor defenseless instruments with the treble turned up and the twang on the bass set to pierce your head. An important part of your diet is punk rock music and this 7″ will nourish and give sustenance that’s a given.

This “Stupid Era” platter is a relentless attack, fronted by Shit Vicious on a radioactive vox, and featuring Wind of Change (associate of PRIORS & DUCHESS SAYS), Krispy Karl, Alexander Ortiz, and Blag Dahlia/Jesus (DWARVES) with a vocal appearance on the penultimate track “Abortion Hoops.” This one is awesome, fun, and as abstract as a frvit salad served in a urinal haha perfect I hear you say or heave.

Buy Here


The Dirty Denims – ‘Rock and Roll All Night’ (Screaming Crow Records) What’s not to like? It’s a decent effort and most people like a summery Kiss cover and this ticks all the boxes.


Bitch Queens – ‘Burn It Down’ (Lux Noise Records) Call it Deathpunk call it Action Rock call it what you like we’ll just call it Quality.  This one is a Banger no question about it.  They’ve never let us down before and by the sounds of it they are still raging and writing excellent pissed-off loud punk n roll.  That my friends is unquestionable and a fact.   It is the third single off the upcoming album “Custom Dystopia” which will be released on November 5th. so mark that in your diary!


Killer Hearts – ‘Savage Heathen’ (Spaghetty Town Records (USA) / Dragstrip Riot Records (Europe) )  Looking every inch the Rock and Roll superstars that the world is crying out for Killer Hearts have got the chops to back up the leather and are hellbound with all the devils best riffs.  ‘Savage Heathens’ is a perfect introduction for anyone looking for their next bunch of pin-ups to go on their wall like their Ziggy and Iggy pics alongside Stiv and Alice.  Loud, fast, unruly and fuckin dynamite.  Just wait until you hear the whole album it’s a guaranteed no-brainer and must-own record.  Buy It!


ACID BLOOD – ‘Tombstone World’ (janml-records)  Trying to break the world record with the number of videos taken from one single album Acid Blood take this one to the altar and knock out a performance for the banger that is ‘Tombstone World’.  Now they’re out of isolation maybe they can get on with that follow up album. Top tune though

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs – ‘Catalyst’ (Riot Records) Brisbane icons in the making are back with a new tune with A love of 90’s alt rock, punk, post punk and post rock it’s engaging and full on – check it out.


The Chords UK’s  ‘ Hey Kids! Come The Revolution’ (EPOP Records)  A three-track CD from the forthcoming album ‘ Big City Dreams’ is a cool slice of punk rock with hints of the mighty Clash.  Chris Pope isn’t interested in remaining frozen in time and his aim has always been to push forward to develop a new identity, a new sound and new songs with a contemporary harder edge. ‘Big City Dreams’ does exactly that. And then some and this single is proof that he’s achieved his goal.


DANGEREENS – ‘Thieves’  (Golden Robot Records)  We raved about Dangereens during lockdown and their most excellent debut album.  After signing to Golden Robot Records theve picked the excellent rocker ‘Thieves’ to get the band back out there.  Harking back to a time in the 70s when Rock and Roll really mattered and hitting the pop charts was a big deal.  This is the kind of track that deserves to be seen and heard.  Check it out.


Seven Days and Doesn’t Die – ‘No Restitution’ – The unmistakable pipes of Kit Swing on lead vocals as her band thump through this unrelenting rocker ‘No Restitution’.  This thumping rocker is lifted from the bands debut album due in November and one you should consider highlighting in your diary for your ears attention. Pre Order it here

MEMBRANES – ‘Borders Blurred’ The track that should have been on the band’s comeback album from 2019 but just couldn’t finish it. After a radical re-haul it now feels fresh and new and reflects these times where cultural borders are truly blurred, whilst also being a song about dislocation and being an astronaut floating in space looking back at the end of times of the planet Earth..  It’s contemporary and pretty bloody good – more please Mr Robb and co.

Membranes have just re-issued a double-LP vinyl set of “What Nature Gives, Nature Takes Away”, available from their Bandcamp store 
Riskee & The Ridicule – Too Young To Be Old’ (Bomber Music) Excellent take on the  Lana Del Rey tune and two others besides.  The band released the songs individually throughout 2020 and have got Bomber Music to package them together as the band take the tunes out on the rad now that things are openng up.  Hit them up for the dates you wont be disappointed.  BUY/PLAY THE EP HEREWATCH THE VIDEOS HERE: 


Here’s a band you should be checking out.  Garage punk-metal crossover Acid Blood.  The Stooges and their chaotic sound meets the exploited meets early Mayhem for a kick-off. We thought what better than hunting down bands from around the globe and giving them some space on RPM Online especially when they are as good as Acid Blood.  So introducing the band ladies and germs here’s Acid Blood…
RPM OnlineFirstly. Tell us a little about the band.  How did the band form?  What influences brought the band together?
Jojo: Karl asked me and I said yes!
Emil: I wasn’t in the band from the beginning, but when the previous bass player quit Karl reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out a few songs.
Karl: My old bands broke up and I was looking for people to start a new band with. I ran into Jojo in a heavy metal bar, then again at a friend’s party and we sort of started the band there and then. The first bass player answered an ad and the drummer came from another band I knew. We did our first gig in November 2016, and recorded the 7″ EP “Dagger Eyes” in January 2017. It didn’t work out with them, so Jojo and I had to start again with a new line-up in early 2018. I knew Emil from bands and friends. His old band Raging Steel played gigs with my old band AC4. I first met Isak in our rehearsal room, when he came down to try out for us.
RPM OnlineWho writes the songs in the band?  What influences do you draw on?
Jojo: Karl writes the music and some lyrics, and I also write lyrics. Karl writes about war and stuff, and I write about plants, idiots and so on.
Emil: Then I add my own touch to them.
Isak: Karl writes almost all of the songs. As musicians, I think we all get inspiration from quite different bands and musicians.
Karl: My riffs are mainly influenced by old British Punk and American Blues, and some hard rock and heavy metal. Stuff recorded between the early 1940’s and late 1980’s. Just guitar based rock’n’roll. Lyrically my biggest influences are probably Lemmy and Jello Biafra.
RPM OnlineThe band has a striking image and the album sleeve was certainly attention-grabbing. What reaction does the band get locally?
Karl: Well, Jojo was striking when I first met her. She really stood out in an all-male sea of black and blue denim. That’s why I asked her if she wanted to front my new band. I thought she looked cool and different, and had her own style, and independent people like that usually have the confidence to sing in a band. I’ve dressed like this for 40 years now. I wouldn’t know what else to wear. The hair’s been the same too, except a short period when I had a mohawk. It’s getting thinner though, now I’m getting mentally prepared for skinhead times, haha. Locally, I think we get a few more girls in the audience than other punk bands, which is really cool.
Isak: We get mostly positive reactions locally, Umeå is a town with a lot of punk and hardcore so people here enjoy our live-shows, I think.
Jojo: I only get positive response!
RPM OnlineWhat about live shows, any plans for post-pandemic?
Karl: I just want to get out and play again. It’s been really difficult to book anything for a post-pandemic world when no-one knows when it’s gonna be over. Everything keeps getting postponed, as you know.
Jojo: We will play when it is time. We have done some live-streaming shows, and we are going to do some more.
Isak: No plans so far when it comes to live shows, but hopefully we can start booking some shows soon.
RPM OnlineWhat kind of lockdown have you had? Have the past twelve months been creative for Acid Blood?
Jojo: It’s been an easy time for me in this pandemic. I don’t like people that much so I have just been doing what I always do. Hitting the gym, and hanging out with my closest friends. The band has done some new songs.
Karl: I’m still not fully recovered from getting the virus a year ago. Normally I do roadie and stage-hand work when I need money, but with all big events cancelled I had to do other odd jobs for my mate’s firm, including COVID-19 disinfection and waste management work. That’s not how I got the virus by the way, we wear pesticide suits and gas masks. I was probably infected at one of the last big festivals. I couldn’t see my girlfriend Jessica for 3 months then, so that was shit. With the band, we shot videos for some of the album tracks. We’ve already released videos for 7 of the 14 album tracks, and with the slow progress here in Sweden it’s starting to look like we’ll have time to do videos for all of them.
Isak: No real lockdown here in Sweden. we have still been able to have band rehearsals. We´re rehearsing new songs at the moment so I think it´s been a creative period even if the pandemic has affected some of the plans for the band, such as the live shows.
RPM Online: What next for the band?  New album- songs? Tour dates?
Jojo: A new album is coming up!
Emil: We are writing new material to put on a new album and when all this is over, hopefully, we can do a tour with both albums!
Isak: New album is what´s next, I think! Maybe another video as well.
RPM OnlineHave you been able to meet and play together over the past 12 months?
Isak: Yes, but without bass.
Emil: Unfortunately, I haven’t rehearsed a lot with the band during this year because of covid related things, but I sure as fuck miss it.
Karl: We did a live-set at an international on-line festival a few weeks ago and Emil had to wear an old army surplus gas mask for that! It was fun though and it turned out pretty good.
Jojo: Yes!

RPM OnlineAny bands you’d love to tour with when it’s safe to do so?
Jojo: Celine Dion!
Karl: Yeah, right now the answer is any band on any tour! We’d be happy to open for Nickelback, haha, no. If I look back on tours that I’ve done in the past, all the bands that liked the old sex, drugs and rock’n’roll thing were fun to tour with. I get along with most bands, but yeah, we all wanna do shows with our favourite bands, don’t we? The ones you love and respect, you wanna be a small part of their story too. For me that would be a band like The Exploited. Or Girlschool. Rose Tattoo. Varukers. Cockney Rejects. Iggy. D.O.A.. Airbourne. Vice Squad. I could list a thousand names. Someone recently wrote that Acid Blood should tour with Amyl and the Sniffers, that would be cool too!
Emil: There are a lot of great bands out there, but if I had to pick one; The Hellacopters or Venom would be great to tour with.
RPM OnlineWhat about writing collaborations, anyone you’d love to write with? What bands would you say influence Acid Blood?
Emil: I’m not interested in collaborating with other bands with Acid Blood. If I’m going to write something with other people, I want it to be a different project.
Karl: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of collaborations. I sometimes write music that doesn’t fit my own band, you know, like songs that are maybe too much blues or Aussie bar rock, but I have those riffs kind of tucked away with no plan. I wouldn’t mind writing a hit single for another band though, haha. The biggest influences on the Acid Blood songs are probably Motörhead, Exploited, Stooges, and the biggest influence on myself would be the Sex Pistols, they really changed my life.
RPM OnlineAnything else you’d like to promote.
Jojo: PUSS!
Emil: Hope to see you when this shit is over!
Karl: Yeah, once the pandemic is under control, we’d love to tour the UK! In the meantime, feel free to stop by
Facebook / Youtube / Instagram and say hello!
European LP and 7″ EP on JANML/MvL

US CD on Dead Beat Records

The album is also available at Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, MediaNet, Napster, Spotify and other digital stores.

Acid Blood – Jojo Anderbygd – vocals / Karl Backman – guitar / Emil Fjällström – bass / Isak Mörtzell – drums

OK, so restrictions are easing off on plague Island UK so let’s celebrate with some Rockin tunes.  First up is the new one from Danko Jones ahead of the new album ‘I Want Out’ will do for starters.  turn it up, kids!

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok


If that wasn’t loud enough try The Kids for size.  ‘Go Back To Canberra’ has all the melody of a shark alarm. It’s a dogged no nonsense song, an attack ode to the bleak and oppressive landscape of Canberra. A city that undeservedly is the epicentre of Australian democracy, home of weak-willed politicians, bank rolling a nation into mediocrity.
Facebook / Golden Robot page /  Instagram

Finally Acid Blood bring ‘Wartime’ album.  You can also watch the band play a 9-song live-set at the Algoderock Festival Internacional Here



The first Acid Blood album gets a US release!
US label Dead Beat Records will give the 2019 “Acid Blood” album a ltd ed CD release in the US this Friday, November 6, 2020. The self-titled debut album from Swedish punk band Acid Blood has previously only been available on vinyl from the German label JANML/MVL Records. The new ltd ed CD version will include all 14 songs from the LP plus two bonus tracks originally released on the band’s first 7″ EP “Dagger Eyes” in 2017.
Acid Blood are from Umeå, Sweden, and features vocalist Jojo Anderbygd, guitarist Karl Backman (previously in AC4, The Vectors, The T-55s), bass player Emil Fjällström (previously in Raging Steel), and drummer Isak Mörtzell. The band is influenced by Motörhead, Girlschool, Stooges, Exploited and Plasmatics among others.
The new US CD can be ordered directly from the label at Dead Beat Records

while the European vinyl versions of both the LP and 7″ EP are available at janml-records.

The album with bonus tracks is also available at iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, MediaNet, Spotify and other digital stores.

Acid Blood on Facebook
Acid Blood on Instagram
We head out to Scandinavia this morning for a great tune from Doojiman & The Explorers – ‘Milk’  from the album – ‘Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo’. Buy the latest vinyl at these reputable music emporiums –    Beluga records /  Heavy Medication  / Bandcamp / Facebook /  instagram 

Swedish punk band Acid Blood has a brand-new video out for the track ‘Harvest Day’, taken from their debut album ‘Acid Blood’ (JANML/MvL). The new video was directed by Nicklas Viberg and is the 6th video released from the album. Facebook / Instagram

Might as well stay in Scandinavia for a greased up rocket ride courtesy of those Scumbag Millionaires  Hit them up at these social media hangouts – Facebook  / Instagram /  Bandcamp and pick up a copy of their brand new long player ‘Poor And Infamous’ that’s out in the next month on Suburban Records

What a time to be alive I hear you cry well, we agree and to label the point here is the first glimpse into the new record from The Sensible Gray Cells.

In other news how about the new video from Swedens Acid Blood a band we love here at RPM HQ so here’s the new video they sent us for ‘To The Grave’ Gooooooooooooo Facebook / Instagram Order their album from Here

Cheeky Blues Bop N Strollers The Urban Voodoo Machine step forward with a video shot in Lockdown for the fantastic ‘Shattered Dreams’ Filmed in May during coronavirus lockdown in the UK, Holland, Cyprus, France, USA and Iceland…Take it away chaps

Christmas / Bronco – Split (Lux Noise Records / SIXTEENTIMES MUSIC) CHRISTMAS team up with Swiss heavy-stoner boys BRONCO to deliver you some super delicious sound from the underground. This one comes out on limited colour vinyl and the super saucy sleeve. Bronco dish up ‘Cowboy’ and what a heavy riff-a-rama slice of noise it is.  No prisoners at all as for Christmas? well, ‘Candy Me’ is a belter. Crisp riffs and crushing drums is exactly how Turbonegro wish they sounded in 2020.  Having Max Motherfucker blow you a kiss at the end is better than a stick in the eye.  Hardcore heaven with a cheeky picture on that artwork very cheeky indeed. Very limited numbers so snooze you lose.

Buy Here


L.A. Guns – ‘Let You Down’ (Frontiers) After the excellent return to form last years ‘The Devil You Know’ this sees the guns shifting gears to something a lot less turbocharged.  Recording in isolation the band saw fit to get this out for the fans to hear whilst they work on the follow-up Looks like that rich seam they are on is set to continue. Clocking in over five and a half minutes it ebbs and flows nicely something this line up is never set to do is let you down.  check it out Here

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram




The Speedways – ‘This Ain’t A Radio Sound’ (Snap Records) Second single from the upcoming album ‘Radio Sounds’ (eta June 2020) sees The Speedways add some stardust via a liberal sprinkling of Keyboards. The verse is light and the perfect foil to the chorus and the dreamy solo.  Bv’s and handclaps the Speedways go straight to the top of the Power pop class no question. To add the cover is timewarp tastic.  Diggin’ deep and throwing a real curveball shows that Matt and the boys have no boundaries and are fearless in their execution.  Should be heard on the wireless all summer all over the land and some.  Can’t wait for the album now on the strength of this.
includes our cover of the Billy Ocean classic.

Buy Here


Chesty Malone and the Slice ’em Ups – ‘The Fine Art of Choking’ (Quarantine Version) (self Release) The lockdown seems to have galvanised a lot of bands and has got the old creative juices flowing and Chesty Malone are no exception.  Looking for a soundtrack to get those exercises done well here you go ‘The Fine Art Of Choking’ is that soundtrack. A little more laid back (if I might be so bold) than the usual fair from these Noo Yawk City maniacs but fear not my punk rockin’ friends it’s a bonafide fuckin’ banger.  If you really want to push yourself then ‘State Violence/State Control’ is more in your face punk rock kicking and screaming but what else would you expect if you cover a Discharge song.  Wonderful noise as always maybe we should quarantine these punk rockers more often.  Love the solo on this. Buy Here


Matty James Cassidy – ‘4x4x1’ (Self Release) Hold on a cotton-picking minute! Matty James Cassidy has lassoed in a few of his bandmates to play on these four countrified blues numbers as the band rip it up on the barnyard ‘The Race Is On’ and capture the mood perfectly.  Next up they twist the Stones ‘Dear Doctor’ into a much lighter beast and take ownership of this classic and do it justice. ‘How Come’ is a real belter and the arrangement is excellent and adds a much-needed chink o flight in these dark times. Everybody loves a bit of boogie woogie on the old joanna and some clean guitar breaks right? Yehaw!

To take this excellent EP home Matty goes for the acoustic ‘Old Shoes’ and an end must come which is a shame because this is a really excellent collection.  Great stuff.  Buy Here


Pabst – ‘Hell’ (Ketchup Tracks / The Orchard) Berlin’s Pabst have released the video for brand-new single ‘Hell’, a song that openly confronts the darker emotions and what a banger it is too.  After supporting the likes of Husker Du’s Bob Mould Pabst are set to release their new album  ‘Deuce Ex Machina’ mid-June and if this is an indication of what to expect then its something to look forward to and get in on the pre-orders. A fantastic song from a really talented band who write great hooks and use everything at their disposal call it post-punk, indie pop, whatever they clearly know how to write great tunes and ‘Hell’ is another. Pre-order the album HERE.  Facebook

Fontains DC – ‘A Hero’s Death’ (Partisan Records)   Barely a year since their debut ‘Dogrel’ earned them a spot as one of the most acclaimed new bands of 2019, Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. will return with ‘A Hero’s Death’  the LP in a couple of months. A glimpse under the curtain as to what to expect is the video for the title track of the new album right here.

Pre-order / Pre-save the album: Here

Purchase / Stream the single: Here

Michael Des Barres – ‘Anarchy In The UK’ (Wicked Cool Records) fronted the bands Silverhead and Power Station.  The latter played the Live Aid festival in 1985.  Michael is currently a DJ in Little Steven’s Underground Garage and yup you’ve read that right This release is a cover of The Sex Pistols’ ‘Anarchy in the UK’, which was produced and arranged by Stevie Van Zandt.  If you’re expecting a snarly slice of Des Barres punk rock then I suggest you step away from the speakers now.  This one got strings and swing and whilst I’m not really convinced if he just tried to copy the original we’d all be laughing like we did when Mutley Crue and Megadeth had a go at being the Pistols.     The B-side is an original, which features Genya Ravan on co-lead vocals. and that’s much more appealing. Facebook Buy Here


Hot Nuns – ‘Rude, Dumb & Anxious’ (Loyal Blood Records) Norwegian power punk rock duo Hot Nuns, featuring members of Blood Command are back with a new EP titled “Rude, Dumb & Anxious” it features four new tracks including a cover of The Boys’ “First Time”.

The duo comments on the album. “The record is four tracks of stripped-down punk rock. Its only drums, bass, and our vocals. We have a rule that if we can’t play it live we can’t put in on record either. So there is no cheating here. Not trying to be pretentious, but we try to make music the same way Lars Von Trier made Dogville. No fancy extra layers needed to get the story across. The lyrics are mostly about sad losers longing for love except for the title track ‘Rude, Dumb & Anxious’ which is about people who will say whatever about stuff they don’t know just to fit in and look good.”  So the proof is always in the pudding as they say.  The opening track comes on like a thunder blast of melodic aggression not to dissimilar to something Therapy? might write (with some obvious sound differences second cousins if you like). ‘I Love You Still’ is more of the same a groovy adjit pop tune played by post-punk rockers. they’re not the first to go with the overdriven bass and drums but they do fill a room and its surprisingly listenable that’s for sure. The track I was looking forward to hearing most was how they’d interpret the Boys cover and to be fair they do a sterling job and one I’m sure the writers would be proud of but then again it’s such a classic it’s hard to fuck up even if that’s what you were trying to do. To wrap it up the title track is a right banger as well so top marks from me for this EP.  great effort! Facebook

FRND CRCL – ‘Deception’ (FCMedia) New Joirsee pop-punkers go for broke on their new album and pay homage to the genre rather than reinvent it.  This is taken from their second album and like I say does a grand job in a Blink or all American rejects style.  Nothing new but really well done.  It’s bright and upbeat and ebbs and flows nicely.  Layered with acoustic guitars n all sorts so a lot going on when it’s loud it’s loud and when it’s building it does so rather well to be fair. More punk than pop to be fair Website / Facebook you can buy the album Here





Thee MVPs – ‘A Song For The Councillor’ (Eesy Records) A song about how we should probably get together more often. Sardonic verses, a damn catchy chorus (even if it is wordless) a shreddy middle 8, a motown bassline followed by a heavy chug riff in the bridge, a little bit of everything this record offers all in one tune, something the psych heads can shake it too, the dads with a night off can crowdsurf too, goths can throw shapes too and the skaters and crust punks can throw fists too (all common sightings at any MVPs gigs). Lyrically speaking it’s Funeral Part 2 without the name, a Spiritual Successor which is also spiritual with the words without getting too Rainbow Rhythms. I think this tune is ringing through a bit clearer during this pandemic if you ask me, everyone really should talk to each other more. In memory of Uncle Will, who served in the Desert Rats in WW2, who we all called Councillor when he arrived at the pub after he’d ridden his bike two miles into town and put his bets on for the day, he passed at 96, he only packed in the cycling 6 months prior. Gravesend’s Harry Dean Stanton. The Second Single from the First LP from Thee MVPs and the First LP from Eeasy Records.

SHIT TINNIES – ‘Town’  (Riot Records) Shit Tinnies you that’s their name Shit Tinnies haha is there such a thing?  They’re a whirlwind of punk rock, ska, hip-hop and everything in between but here it’s more basic and street punk. Exploding onto the Sydney scene in early 2019, Of course they’re Australian where else on the planet is it called a tinnie? To be fair they play a fairly standard punk sound clearly influenced by the likes of Rancid on this evidence and others like some of the Brit Oi! bands who’ve seen a resurgence in recent years it’s great to hear young ones taking on board the sounds and turning it into something new and trying to keep things fresh  will also get the metal fans on board with those crunching riffs Facebook     Buy Here



DESTRENDS – ‘Wasteland EP’ (Bread & Butter Records)

Jessie Wagner – ‘Over And Over’ (Wicked Cool Records) Sweet sweet soul music from Jesse with some cool brass and some blues that would make joe Perry blush when he’s honkin’ for bobo.  The horn section adds some polish to a really cool tune. It’s soulful and street cool all in one and like she’s shaken her moneymaker and danced with Kravitz and played her Bellrays albums over and over. To add another texture the laid back ‘Put Off Saying Goodbye’ is soulful and her velvet-smooth vocals against the violin is wonderful and the fact she resists breaking out on the tail end of this is great to hear.  A really impressive introduction to a very talented performer  I can’t wait to hear more.

Buy Here


The Zipheads &  The Nosebleed – ‘Banrobber’ / ‘Train In Vain’ (The Strummer Foundation)  both popular stalwarts of the DIY punk scene have teamed up with the Joe Strummer Foundation to release a song each from The Clash’s back catalogue in their own raucous styles, raising money to provide opportunities to musicians and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music. What’s not to like a great worthwhile cause and two fantastic songs.  Worth a couple of quid of anyone’s money if you can support it at these tough times then grab yourself a couple of top covers in exchange

Buy the songs Here





Goldie Dawn – S/T (Drunken Sailor Records) ‘Gone With The Wind’ is the sound of about a dozen awesome bands rolled into one bubblegum blowing snotty slice of rock and roll. So it’s not the catchiest record you’ll ever hear but its pretty damned good for an introduction especially when the engine gets warmed up after a couple of minutes and they channel their inner Brain James. ‘Crime’ will certainly clean out any hearing problems with the feedback before we roll off round the block on a badass hotrod of attitude punk rock n roll. Love the riff as it scuffs off the rock-solid rhythm like the bastard child of Ziggy era Bowie.  but wait the best is yet to come as ‘What’s Inside (Never Dies)’ and what a Heartbreakers joy ride this is. So yup its got handclaps and a Walter Meets Johnny guitar lick coursing through its veins and I’m always a sucker for some of that.  top tune. But it’s not ending there because the band does ease back a little as we ride out into the sunset with ‘It’s Nothing To Me’.  Bookmark Goldie Dawn or whatever it is the kids do these days I’m expecting great things if this is what they can offer us. Buy Here


Percy – ‘Will Of The People’ (Ten Foot Records) The track comes from their new album ‘Seaside Donkeys’. The album is a work that represents the gritty realism of the 2020s and that is extremely relevant to a country and planet on the brink of unchartered waters. Will Of The People is a fine slice of punk rock with gritted teeth this song sums up living on Shit Island for many people. Buy Here

Cement Shoes – ‘A Love Story Of Drugs & Rock & Roll & Drugs’ (Drunken Sailor Records) After they’ve finished fuckin’ round with the universal fanfare its heads down and hit go but don’t just hit it SMASH The Fucker! ‘Smashed On Glass’ is like a punch in the face using an elephants hoof on the end of a jackhammer.  A marvelous slam of punk rock but it doesn’t end there because ‘Knocked Into The Reptile Enclosure’ sounds exactly how you’d feel if you were.  Terrifying wild frantic and a little metal.  But wait, there’s more but this time it’s a little more melodic and restrained. ‘Going Off The Grid’ is like a psychedelic hardcore Black Sabbath jammin’ with The Fall.  Fucked up?  You bet but I like it to be fair I like it a lot. Cement shoes kick right off – great stuff and right fuckin’ noisy!

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Acid Blood –  ‘Waste No Time’  ( JanML/MvL) Swedish punk band Acid Blood have a brand new video out for the track “Waste No Time”, taken from the LP ‘Acid Blood’). The video was directed by Nicklas Viberg and shot at the old blues bar Droskan in the bands hometown of Umeå.  Like a steamtrain that can’t stop fueled by Motorhead riffs and a tonne of attitude.  Acid Blood are right on it like Graham Bonnett but better, much better.



We’ve reviewed the album and loved it.  Now check out their new video Hot off the press. ‘Citrus Blast’  ACID BLOOD is a band from Umeå, Sweden, featuring ex-members of AC4, The Vectors, Raging Steel and The T-55s Facebook  / Instagram

Taken from the new album “Stay Gold” out on Dragstrip Riot Records. Estonias Dead Furies warm-up for their dates in the UK with this tasty banger of a tune and video – VINYL/DIGITAL: Bandcamp



The Bobby Lees‘ new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on Alive Naturalsound Records on May 8th.  Website  / Facebook

First up this Monday we have the punk rock of Acid Blood with ‘Don’t You Die’ taken off their blistering debut album reviewed Here  Pay em a visit and tell em RPM sent you – Facebook         instagram


If that was all a bit too much for you this morning before you start the weekly grind how about some Classic NWOBHM with some Diamond Head and their brand new video ‘Belly Of The Beast’.

Hot from an electrifying performance at Wacken Open Air, Diamond Head are relentless in their quest to bring ‘The Coffin Train’ to the world.  The band are touring Europe for the rest of 2019 and are confirmed on the line-up of two very special UK shows with NWOBHM giants, SAXON, which will take place on October 19that London’s iconic Hammersmith and October 20that the O2 Apollo in Manchester.  Check out the press release for tour dates and album details


Finally, we have a live in the studio video from Australias Press Club whos track is taken from their brand new album ‘Wasted Energy’ reviewed Here