Paul Collins’ new album with his pioneering power-pop band The Beat, ‘Another World – The Best Of The Archives’ Features 18 previously unreleased tracks from Paul’s personal archives going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat.


Culled from Paul Collins’ personal archives Another World – The Best Of The Archives compiles previously unreleased tracks going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat. All of these songs have been carefully remastered.
Complete with extensive liner notes by the man himself, this is an album for rock & roll lovers everywhere. The vinyl comes with an insert, while the CD version includes a 6-page booklet and 4 bonus tracks, not on the vinyl.
From the opening dampened chords of ‘Hey DJ’ its sunshine Rock and Roll.  Whatever mood you find yourself in this guy and his band I guarantee will put a smile across your face and most probably make your toes involuntarily tap. One thing I noticed is the sound is of its time especially the earlier material ‘On The Highway’ sounds like bellbottom denim and a tight leather jacket and one of those oversized ghetto blasters honking out the guitar licks.
Plenty of bands still chase the ability to write songs like these bands like The Speedways have got the X-Factor to pen tunes and melodies like ‘Another World’ but its often left to the originals like Collins to really deliver the goods from the upbeat rockers to the more pop-minded songs like the jangly ‘Lonely Teardrops’ with some lush harmonies.
‘This heart’ is like a lost Dave Edmunds tune jamming out Buddy Holly.  You do wonder how these songs were shelved and how lucky we are that they are finally seeing the light of day.  Collins crooning on the sparse ballad ‘Baby I’m A Fool’ is fantastic same goes for ‘Witches Fall’ except it comes with added guitar solo and harmonies.
Sure these songs lack the glossy production of a finished studio album but for fans who like to dig deeper than the casual listener its a wonderful insight into what might get left on the cutting room floor and the fact that they’re left bare adds some authenticity to what you’re hearing.  Saying that I’d love to hear songs like ‘Girl From New York City’ get the full studio treatment and big modern production. Same for the rockier tunes like ‘Let’s Go!’.
To hear the birth of a master craftsmans work is great.  Anyone who loves power-pop should at least give this the once over and see how this stuff is really created.
Paul Collins’ Beat’s new album Another World – The Best Of The Archives will be available on Limited Vinyl, CD and digital/streaming formats – Alive Naturalsound RecordsClick here to order the Limited Blue Vinyl.
Author: Dom Daley

Keyboard player and howler John Wesley Myers, aka Rev James Leg, (Black Diamond Heavies, The Immortal Lee County Killers ) travels around the world preaching the punk blues.

The son of a Texas preacher raised in The South on Gospel music, James Leg distils his particular brew of traditional roots and urban feedback.  the result is as explosive as it is pure Rock and Roll!



November 18 @ Chelsea — Vienna, AT
November 21 @ Hard Place — Zagreb, HR
November 22 @ Štedna — Virovitica, HR
November 23 @ Caffe Bar King — Ðakovo, HR
November 24 @ Dorcol Platz w/ Detroit Cobras — Beograd, RS
November 25 @ Dorćol Platz w/ Guitar Wolf — Beograd, RS
November 26 @ Bar Amok — Sofia, BG
November 27 @ Aigli — Serres, GR
November 29 @ Bizzarnica — Ljubljana, SI
November 30 @ Kino Ebensee — Ebensee, AT
December 10 @ Cafe Glocksee — Hannover, DE
December 12 @ TIEF — Berlin, DE
December 14 @ Zum Faulen August — Cottbus, DE



Cotton picking country blues – born on the Bayo poor boy fingerpickin’ dreamy roots rock and roll.  There you go if you were looking for a Genre to hang your hat on that should just about cover it.  Lonesome Shack starts off with the first couple of tunes picking the blues out of his geetar.  But wait this isn’t a solo album Lonesome Shack is a trio. Lonesome Shack is Ben Todd (guitar/voice), Kristian Garrard (drums), and Luke Bergman (bass).  and this record gets really interesting by the time ‘New Dreams’.  Then ‘Lonely’ builds on a repetitive hypnotic riff that rolls and rolls gathering pace on the snare drum but the vocals are kept to a fairly distant dream-like level.  Its a primitive journey you’ll take with Lonesome Shack that’s for sure.  There ain’t nothing modern or hi-tech jiggery pokery happening here my only complaint is the song perhaps outstays its welcome clocking in at almost five minutes.  However, saying that this album takes on a different feel when you add volume there is an earthy tone that is totally engaging and that’s ramped up on the highlight of ‘Only One’ with its darkness and sparse arrangement.  Had this been from the pen of say the Urban Voodoo Machine we’d all be raving about it and rightly so.

I was quite surprised to see they’re based in London via Seattle and not from some crossroad down on the Delta. ‘Too Bad’ is a batton carrying rhythmic affair from the bluesmen of many moons ago and has a wonderful rhythm and hypnotic feel to it. Its not always about what you play sometimes the magic is what you leave out and sometimes the minimalist arrangement and delivery is the strength of a song ‘The City Is A Dessert’ is one such tune as it thumps the chord and rhythm over and over as if they’re forging the tune on a smoking hot day it gets inside your head and you drift off with the rhythm.  Lonesome Shack has a gift and on this record, they’re leaving the best till last as the title track is a splendid slice of Bluesy rock n roll and Keith ‘n’ Ronnie would approve I’m sure of it.  Great stuff.

Cool as drinking Tequilla on a hot hot day check out this piece of urban delta blues its refreshingly good.

Author: Dom Daley

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The Paul Collins Beat is proud to present the Out Of My Head European Tour February 7-March 2, 2019.

In celebration of the Alive Naturalsounds Records release of the newest Paul Collins record “Out Of My Head”
Released worldwide September 28.
Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary band The Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 with the release of his album The Beat on Columbia Records under the management of the legendary Bill Graham, and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, The Beat or Paul Collins’ Beat.
The record is receiving rave reviews from around the globe and many site this as one of Paul’s finest records, on par with his best work in The Nerves and The Beat. (Review Here)
The icing on the cake is that now, after some thirty-five years, original drummer of The Beat, Michael Ruiz is back in the band!
The new lineup also features Paul Stingo, musical partner with Paul on Out Of My Head.


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pic- Dave Kaufman