I first encountered Polish trio Fertile Hump in 2018 at Kabinet Muz, one of the best small live venues in Brno. And it would be here that I would catch them again, this time with touring partners Gulag Beach. Following the headliners’ previous show in Brno, I was so impressed by their energy and charm that I snapped up the vinyl of their first album, the fantastic Dead Heart. With the second album, Kiss Kiss or Bang Bang released later in 2018, the band have gone from strength to strength.

With proposed support band the Kinkies failing to appear through illness, it’s up to Gulag Beach to warm up the stage. Hailing from Berlin, and coming to Brno with their own sharp brand of punk rock, Gulag Beach have their work cut out on a quiet Thursday night here. Opening to a decidedly calm room, the punchy drive of Gulag Beach does well to gradually whip up a decent atmosphere. They run delightfully through a quick set of songs including Potato Mash Bash and Can’t Stand K-Pop, entertaining the crowd in lively fashion. A good set all round from the support tonight.

The crowd are quiet again when Fertile Hump take to the stage. This doesn’t affect their game, however, and they are as fun and magical as previously, quickly whipping up a charged room with their simple but particular style of bluesy, garage rock. The interplay between Magda and Tomek at the front of the stage is both dynamic and amusing, with Tomek declaring that ‘being a couple in a band is a fucking nightmare’. On stage at least they are a delight. Magda’s soulful voice and Tomek’s loose guitar play is backed up superbly by Maciek’s driving drums. The band draws on music from their two albums and the 2015 EP (which I picked up this evening), and their energy is infectious.

With their real stripped-down sound, Fertile Hump once again delivers the goods with an honest and intense performance of impassioned blues rock ‘n’ roll. I’m already looking forward to the next time.


Author: Craggy Collyde


Craggy Collyde

Fertile Hump are a Polish rock ‘n’ roll trio blending a fine mix of blues and garage into something quite special. Emerging from the ashes of previous band, the Stubs, guitarist Tomek Szkiela formed Fertile Hump in 2015 with guitarist/vocalist Magda Kramer and drummer Maciek Misiewicz and the Warsaw-based group have been prolific ever since.

Having caught them at Brno’s excellent Kabinet Muz club earlier this year and picking up a vinyl copy of their 2016 album Dead Heart, I have been eagerly awaiting new material and a return visit. Kiss Kiss or Bang Bang is their second full album and largely builds on the same sound as Dead Heart, only adding a little colour here and there.

Dead Heart was a straightforward, stripped down album of bluesy rock ‘n’ roll which was built around great song writing and the glorious harmonies of Kramer and Szkiela. Thankfully, the same can be said this time round. In both albums there is something hauntingly magical about the songs, held up by a production beautiful in its simplicity. The dual vocals and loose guitar work are backed up with Misiewicz’s punchy rhythm.

The way the vocals play off of each other is an enjoyable element of the album, used fully in songs such as Yeah Right but remaining a dominant feature throughout. While songs such as the opening title song and Old Soul capture the style that was present in Dead Heart, songs such as It Feels So Good, Lost and Lonely and Vultures add a few extra layers to the record.

Simply put, Fertile Hump are an incredibly enjoyable band, producing music which, while based on a simple formula, offers a sound which is particularly theirs. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang takes their previous work and builds on it subtly enough to produce a consistently superb record.


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