Video Exclusive from Hayley & The Crushers

Here’s what Hayley had to say about the track ‘Kiss Me So I Can’…


“This song is probably the most personal Dr. Cain and I have ever written together. We shot the video along the coast in our sleepy town of San Luis Obispo and attempted to show a little slice of our everyday lives together. The song is all about learning to slow down and enjoy the little things with the one you love (even if you’ve been cramped in a stinky van together for a few months). After a few years of non-stop touring, band practices and recording, we found ourselves a bit burnt out and feeling a little empty. “Kiss Me So I Can” was our recommitment to romance and fun. Sometimes all it takes is a simple kiss or singing along to the radio together to get that magic back. We’re glad this song came out in 2020 (originally on the full length album “Vintage Millennial” from Eccentric Pop Records) and now released for the first time on CD via Rum Bar Records (“Fun Sized,” Feb. 2021). We know that this kind of love song is needed now more than ever. Covid-19 presented a huge challenge for a lot of couples, but it also allowed romance to blossom in the most unexpected places, in the absence of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wherever you are–in the beach or in the city–whether you’re single or married for years–we hope this song makes your heart beat a little faster.”        — Hayley Crusher Cain

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“For the uninitiated, I urge you to familiarize yourself with Hayley and the Crushers. They know how to do it and do it right, while enjoying themselves, all along the way. With gripping hooks and colorful looks they prove it without question. Check out their music videos if you need more proof. Highly contagious and infectious, with no known cure. Exactly what we need to get us through these days. Be very generous with the volume and Welcome to the ‘Crusherverse’.”
– “Boris” Boden (aka The Secret Weapon on Woody Radio)

“This band remind me of their Californian forebears The GoGo’s, with a great mix of punk, pop, new wave, surf and glam. Great melodic hooks and vocal harmonies compare-and-contrast perfectly alongside fuzzy guitars and a pounding rhythm section.” – Fear And Loathing

“Church of Flag” is one of the “punkest” tracks Hayley and the Crushers have ever done. And I love it! It captures the excitement of first discovering punk rock and how you may or may not hold on to that feeling as you grow up and grow old. That’s a timeless theme in our world, and “Church of Flag” will be tremendously inspiring to all of you who are still keeping the faith.” – Faster And Louder

One part punk-pop, one part sunny surf, all “poolside glitter trash,” San Luis Obispo, California’s Hayley and the Crushers offer up a tsunami of bold, bad girl fun. Fizzy, frothy, and still a little dangerous, be careful just how far you paddle out. There’s blood in the water and the mermaids in this part of the Crusherverse are known to nibble.

“Fun Sized” ie: A snackable treat! 2020 wasn’t fun” by any measure, but that didn’t stop California’s Hayley and the Crushers from bringing their sunniest, most infectious tunes to the world. Sticky hooks, surfy beats and soda-fueled sing-along moments ensued, transforming living rooms into dance floors, bedrooms into beach parties. Enjoy this perfectly- portioned snack, a Rum Bar exclusive! Featuring a half dozen of the band’s best 2020 hits never before collected onto one high fidelity coast- er-shaped compact disc! Comes with handsome mini poster!

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Brad Marino, Hayley and the Crushers, Indonesian Junk, The Nuclears, Travis Ramin (of Natalie Sweet Band, The Short Fuses, Tina & the Total Babes, Nikki and the Corvettes, Beebe Gallini), Electraluxx, French Girls, The Laissez Fairs, Curt Florczak (of B-Movie Rats, The Hi-End), The Cheap Cassettes, The Lemon Drop Gang, The Black Cheers, Nana, Heatwaves, Freddie Dilevi, Cromm Fallon, Pavid Verman, Classic Ruins, Stop Calling Me Frank, Jay Allen and the Archcriminals, Beebe Gallini, Marc Platt, Eric Alesi and The Laissez Fairs, Muck and the Mires, A Bunch of Jerks, Gallows Birds, The Short Fuses, Idolizers, The Hi-End & Watts

Garage, Punk, Glam, Greaser, Hard Rock, Power-Pop, Intoxicating Psychedelic, Heartland-Punk, Blue Collar Pub Rock, Poolside Glitter Trash,, tune in, turn on and soak it up!!
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