A glam rock n roll, pop rock mix, citing influences from Queen, Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, to the Rolling Stones & Aerosmith. No More Good News is a riff-slicked pop-hooked rock n’ roll debut. New York Dolls meet Joan Jett or Emanuela Hutter from those Hillbilly Moon Explosions channelling the spirit of Joplin. This their debut album is a slick, loud, Glam and Rockin debut.

Ten songs that manage to mould Glam/Rock n Roll/Blues together very well indeed.  It kicks right off in style with the bruising ‘My Babe’, a barroom drinking song, that literally kicks off proceedings before the title track takes over ‘No More Good News’ It’s got a warm and engaging production and some big characters vying for airtime. It’s pretty much ten tracks that ebb and flow in a very slick radio friendly fashion.

‘We’re Just Animals’ probably being the warmest anthemic slow burner that builds up is impressive. But then saying that ‘Moonchild’ also starts with a jazzy smooth intro with big vocals with hushed tones – you keep waiting for it to break out but it really doesn’t.

I guess the slower more soulful numbers are what works best with that voice and production. there is a style that can elevate the band to bigger and brighter stages and with the timing being right I can see JoJo & The Teeth going places (Even with that name). ‘Lungs’ will be bursting to be played at the more rockin parties this festive season, it’s got a party happening in the backline and the backing vocals. ‘A Hungry Love’ has enough pop rock suss to get plays with a great vocal delivery and to finish off the heartfelt ‘Oh Brother’ tucks you in after a late night and soothes your ears with a whole lot of soul.

Jojo might have some bite but I expect them to hit the stages in 2023 and read about them in magazines and see their shirts at the rock shows.

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Author: Dom Daley