In a year that has been beyond miserable for the world, this has been one of those gleams of light that I have looked forward to since it was first announced back in 2019. Some will dismiss this release without ever listening which is a crying shame. The Dogs D’amour changed not just my musical world but my world in general with the release of ‘In the Dynamite Jet Saloon’ way back in the day. They were the first band that I ever really felt like were my own. In looking at those early full length albums, the band released another monster in ‘Errol Flynn.’ There was a tiny bit of a break before the band returned with ‘Straight’ which included a change in the producer chair with Rik Browde replacing Mark Dearnley. There were subtle differences in the production, and the album contained many classic songs. For whatever reason though, ‘Straight’ has always been my least favorite in the run from Dynamite to ‘More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace.’ With that in mind, I was really interested to see what the current line-up would do with these songs as they have recently released two stellar brand new albums in ‘In Vino Veritas’ and ‘Jack  O Byte Bluesy Vol 1.’ With the line up on the version 30 years ago, there was always a cool danger element that everything was about to go sideways at any moment, but the band kept it together. There was a special chemistry that cannot be replicated, but this is truly not about trying to replicate that. This current collection of Dogs has developed their own chemistry that is magic in its own right. They have become extremely tight musically with all of the members contributing to the writing on the new releases.

When I initially received this for review, it was the unmastered version in alphabetical order, but the mastered version arrived soon after so I am basing my review on it. I am a creature of habit so when I added it to the computer and iPod, I put the album in its original running order. (Sorry Tyla) On an interesting note, this is the first Dogs D’amour album to have no acoustic guitars on it which may surprise fans of the original album and the band in general. The initial two guitar notes and ‘for what you are about to receive’ line from Tyla may sound familiar, but this version of ‘Cardboard Town’ is built much more on a groove that gets the body moving with the piano enjoying a healthy spot in the mix as well. The band is extremely tight here with Gary Pennick delivering a fine solo that sets the table for what is to come next. One of my favorite Dogs songs is ‘Kiss My Heart Goodbye’ which sounds excellent here. The acoustic guitars at the beginning are replaced with some electric notes that give it a different feel. Tyla has really been delivering some great vocals over the past several years. He really sounds like no one else, and there is no doubt he is channeling these songs from deep inside his soul. Simon adds some great fills on the drums here as well. ‘Lie in this Land’ does not include the old vocal quip at the beginning. This version feels a little more controlled on the guitars in the mix with Simon and Matty (bass) giving it a tight beat. I would say this version feels a little more rock n roll than the original with both the old version and this one being great versions. The guitar solo works well within the context of the song. I don’t ever feel like Pinnick is trying to be Jo Dog. They are two very different players who I don’t ever compare.

Turning to ‘You Can’t Burn the Devil,’ the band turns it into a moody electric song that contains some great drum work by Simon. I don’t always notice the drums right away, but his work here jumps right out at the listener. The pace builds a bit as the song goes, and I have to say this is my much preferred version of this song. ‘Gypsy Blood’ comes shooting out of the speakers like a cannon shot and showcases a group of guys who are totally in sync. Jamie Turnbull has done a great job in the producer chair and mixing this one as each member sounds amazing in the mix. ‘Empty World’ has been transformed from a sullen journey about heartbreak into a much more up tempo song musically. It captures that Dogs magic where a classic lonely lyric feels positive and optimistic when juxtaposed against the music. Something that should stand out here is that these Dogs were never concerned about going into the studio and cranking out a note to note same version as the original to get around record company rights. The record sounds fresh and awesome.

Flipping the digital files over for side 2, the band deliver a noisy romp through ‘Back on the Juice.’ When I initially listened to the unmastered version of the record, this was the first song I heard and was a little iffy on how it was sounding. The finished product sounds great with an extremely busy mix as it is one of those songs that really doesn’t seem to contain any quiet moments. Simon again kills it on the drums, and the piano work is great. One of my favorites from the original album was ‘Evil’ which never seems to get as much love as some of the others here. A fully electrified version sounds even better with Tyla once again on fire with his vocals. I want to also mention the other guys deliver great backing vocals across the album with this being just one example. Tyla re-recorded ‘Victims of Success’ about 8-9 years ago when he released a new version of ‘In the Dynamite Jet Saloon’ which ultimately failed to deliver. I would put that down to several reasons with one of them being that this was not the band recording that version. The original is a song that is ingrained in my DNA. I loved the extra backing vocals on the original and how it rocks after the intro. This version follows its own line of tricks and stands equally on its own even if it paces itself a little different.

Coming up to our final quarter post, we start with one of perhaps the songs that never resonated much with me on the original in ‘Flying Solo.’ For me, there was always just something that never quite connected. This version finds a cool bluesy groove that works much better for me. The way the piano is sprinkled into the mix adds a lot to the song. James and Simon really deliver great performances across this album and form a great rhythm section. I remember an old interview in Kerrang around the time ‘Straight’ was released where Tyla mentioned they redid ‘Heroine’ at the request of Browde because he loved the song. This was another song that was added to the new version of ‘In the Dynamite Jet Saloon’ and just left me kind of flat. This has historically been one of those songs that I like but came into this wishing it would have been left off for ‘Lady Nicotine.’ Tyla reckons this is the best performance and version of the song yet, and, quite honestly, I think he is right. It takes cues from the original version back in about 1988 (god I feel old) but gives the song a very different approach. I think I will leave it at that, and let everyone experience it on their own. Wrapping up the album is another one of my favorites from the original- ‘Chiva.’ This version takes the song to another level with Matty’s bass propelling listeners to move. It shaves about a minute off the original and ends my original running order of the album on an incredible high point.

I am generally not one to advocate re-recording albums because you will never capture the nostalgia factor that we as fans have for the original recordings. I think that even applies to situations where we are hearing a 5th generation dubbed cassette (remember those?) of something that has considerable sound issues. In this situation, I mentioned that the original ‘Straight’ was my weaker link in those earlier albums, but I also want to stress that it was and still is a great album. The Dogs on that record put out several very special records which is why we still play the crap out of them today. This version as a whole has grabbed me more than the last version did 30 years ago. The production seems a little more dense here where the production on the original had a different feel. I have not been able to stop playing this one since I received it, and it is one of those experiences where I don’t want to have to just listen to a few songs, I want to hear it from start to finish. I am not sure what the track order on the actual CD will be but look forward to seeing if it is the traditional or alphabetical. Now, I am going to hit play again and just keep rocking here.

‘Straight Up 2020’ is released soon.

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Author: Gerald Stansbury

Tyla’s Dogs D’amour follow up their last original full length ‘In Vino Veritas’ with a twist in a different direction. The band have created an eight song album that explores several moods and styles. When this album was originally announced, it was designed to be an ode to the blues artists Tyla likes, but that changed as the Dogs began to work on this as a team and made it eight original songs. It does not feel like any Dogs D’amour album from the past but instead recalls the feel of Tyla’s own ‘Nocturnal Nomad’ with an electric bluesy approach. At the end of the day, the complaint becomes that it is not a full length album.

‘A Friend’ was originally reviewed here a few weeks back as the lead single from the album. It has a huge hook that is designed for glasses in the air and everyone singing along to the best of your ability. The lyrics here immediately hit me in the soul given my own recent life events. Similar to the other albums by these Dogs, Tyla is in fine form and seems to be discovering the fountain of youth, perhaps it is that bottle of red…. Things go a little darker for ‘Dangerous Game’ where the bass (Matty) and drums (Simon) lay down a groove to allow some nice electric guitar shading and licks by Gary. Tyla sings this one very reserved and lays down some dark lyrics. The Dogs have always had a steady blues influence, and this album really showcases that side.
Some great subtle guitar and piano help form the groove for ‘Love Will Save’ which lyrically seems to be the counterpoint to ‘Dangerous Game.’ The title helps lay down a hypnotic vocal hook that really carried the first two-thirds of the song before it explodes into a very dynamic feel where the guitar and vocals take the song up into the clouds for a great musical climax. Things slow down for the dark brooding song ‘The Killing.’ Simon’s slow marching beat allowing everyone to have plenty of space in the mix. Tyla’s vocals take on a haunting quality. As the song builds, the spoken words continue to build in intensity. In many ways, this song takes me back to the ‘Mightier than the Sword’ era of Tyla’s output but with a much easier on the ears production. I love the way the piano guides the end of the song.

Opening the back half of the album is the grooving ‘Serpent,’ which is one of my favorites here. This song has risen from the back alleys of another world. The mix allows every instrument to shine. The chorus is very subtle and really comes alive with multiple listens. ‘White Lightning’ serves as another epic at over five and a half minutes. The bluesy rock groove contains a contagious vocal hook as well as a sticky guitar riff. Musically, there are hints that go back to the likes of ‘Chiva.’ The song could have been shaved down for a bit perhaps, but I find myself getting lost in the groove each time I have that thought.

‘You Love It’ begins with what sounds like a classic riff from 40 years or more ago. The hook is again catchy but unlike a traditional Dogs song. The band continue to benefit from having an outside producer as these performances are excellent all the way around. This was another song that hit me as an early favorite, and nothing has changed in that regard. At less than three minutes, I constantly want to hit the repeat button. Finale ‘Killer Inside’ finds Tyla going back in time to deliver a gritty blues song that sounds like it is coming through an old transistor radio. This song has really grown on me since the first several listens. It makes a very satisfying closer which I suspect will continue to grow on me with every listen.

For those that have followed Tyla over the years, there will not be as many surprises, but the band effort here really does set it apart from his past solo releases. It is easy to tell that every member is contributing here to create a band effort; I think that is the reason I like ‘Killer Inside’ being featured at the end. Dogs D’amour continues to show that old… I mean more mature dogs can learn new tricks. Heading into the winter months, put this record on late at night with your drink of choice and lose yourself in this album. You will definitely be happy you did.

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Author: Gerald Stansbury


Another month another visit to the jukebox to see what sevens are spinning round the RPM Jukebox.  this month sees a mixed bag with some of our favorites knocking out 45s and some welcome new bands dipping their toes in the water.  We love a 45 and this month sees some tasty singles. In no particular order this lot are well worth checking out.

Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘(Everybody Needs) A Friend’ (King Outlaw Records) What a reet little corker this is.  Not expecting a tune this good to come from camp Tyla but hey, here it is, its a gentle rock and roller with all those vital ingredients that were required in the 80s and beyond. It’s got the sloppy rock n roll edge you know you want to hear when Tylas familiar vocal comes in.  ruffle your hair (if you can) get out of bed put this on and you’re good to go. It’s backed by live renditions of ‘111’ with the band firing on all cylinders and you also get an exceptional atmospheric live take on the epic ‘Bullet Proof Poet’ part acoustic part electric but it melts into ‘Angel’ to create a pretty epic eight minutes that makes this worth the price of a pint any day of the week.  Still got it , still relevant, still rockin’? Absofuckinlutely! don’t ever doubt it! Pick it up Here

Suicide Generation – Prisoner Of Love (Surfin ‘Ki Records/ Family Spree/Spaghetty Town Records/Wanda Records) Another day another absolute killer record from Suicide Generation.  This time they’ve got some seriously good labels to share the love around with each label having its own coloured vinyl.  Three tracks of classic Suicide Generation it’s wild, loud and a whole lot of fun in the tradition of Garage Punks from The Stooges to the Damneds debut via channeling some Lux interior   Suicide Generation are an explosion of the finest noise currently making exciting records that you would be foolish to ignore.




Razorbats – White Trash Radio Another slice of Prime Norweigan Rock and Roll with their usual mix of HArd Rock some classic Rock and a generous slice of power pop a melody and hook to die for Razorbats always deliver and this one is a beauty.  An instant hook on the chorus that you can sing along to and a breakdown that sounds like Had the Police been a ’70s inspired glam Rock outfit then they might have penned this bad boy.

Don’t be daft it’s one single do yourself a favour and go discover your new favourite band from Norway – you can thank me later and if this is a taste of what’s to come then I can’t wait for the next album on this form it will be a real contender. Facebook


Paradise Alley/Plastic Tears – Class of ’92 (Self Release) Turning back the clock Paradise Alley look back all (Plastic) teary-eyed at ’92. It’s a romping glam slammer and these two bands have teamed up to make what might just be the best song for both bands to be fair.  Call it nostalgia call it some old rockers just not wanting to go quietly into the night but whatever the reason for the regrouping of Paradise Alley songs like this makes it worthwhile.  Sounding like 69 Eyes used to sound isn’t a bad place to hitch your wagon and anyone can join in on the chorus.

Available as a CD from the band for the handsome price of £3 so hit em up glamsters and pull on those cowboy boots n backcomb your hair its time to get rockin’

Lauren Tate – What About The Kids (Trash Queen Records) Second single taken off her debut album Lauren Tate heads off in a differnet direction that will have fans purring at her new direction and diversity.  Check out the new album details on her website Here

Los Pepes – Automatic / Here Comes The Darkness (Wanda and Beluga Records) Los Pepes have joined Beluga Records for a guest 7inch record, to support there euro tour. Still the loudest powerpop band on earth…the Motörhead of powerpop! No hit wonder 60s and 70s garage pop melodies drowning in a wall of punk rock guitar. With four new tracks on this 7″.

‘Automatic’ is the best song The Hellacopters never wrote.  Man has Ben ever written a duff track?  Of course he hasn’t and this EP is another blinder Catchy, Melodic, loud and smack bang on the money. They’ve even had time to nip back to the 1960s and nick a Small Faces inspired tune ‘Here Comes The Darkness’ but thats not to say this is Rock and Roll isn’t up to scratch because it isn’t its a splash of fury, 12 bar at breakneck speed wham, bang, thank you, man! and ‘your Justice’  is pure Los Pepes coasting on a wave of everything they’re great at.  Another essential single from London’s finest.

Buy Here

Crapsons – Who’ll Babysit The Goths? (Self Release) In the good old spirit of DIY meet these pair of Herberts from The Wirral with their punk rock noise.  Enjoy!


Baby Shakes – Cause A Scene (Surfin ‘Ki Records) Features a previously unreleased B side of the Teenage Head track ‘Tearin’ Me Apart’ available in several coloured records this Garage punk rock and roll banger is available Here With a Racey rockin drum beat on the intro its more poppwer than power pop but its sickly sweet and a beautiful thing and well worth checking out. Baby Shakes always do Rock and Roll with a tonne of melody and attitude and the solo is bitchin as they say in some rock and roll quarters.


Fast Eddy – Toofer One (Spaghetty Town Records/Boulevard Trash) You want Rock and Roll with loud guitars then Spaghetty Town have unopened another cracker in the shape of Fast Eddy.  Having your EP Produced and endorsed by Tuk from Biters is something to wear on your denim cut off. Coming outta Denver these four (named after their Drug Dealer) they’ve been weaned on the best stuff money can buy no not drugs I mean Rock and Roll.  From the power-pop with loud guitars of ‘Hurricane Alley’ its got all the vital ingredients to sustain life from the kickin harmonies on the pre-chorus to the solos and guitar licks that cover the tune its all killer no filler. ‘Milwaukee’ is a distant relative of the Faces if they were born stateside and they saved the best til last as ‘Lost’ is the best tune of the month pure 100% Rock and Roll with energy aplenty its just sunshine on a 45.  Awesome



The Gotham Rockets – Blast Off (Rum Bar Records/Murry Sounds) When you name check being past as members of The Devil Dogs, The Fleshtones, Jack Black, The Prissteens, Simon & The Bar Sinisters, The Swingin’ Neckbreakers, The Trash Mavericks, and The Waldos, Of course, RPM is gonna be interested in what you have to offer.  From the awesome horn honkin’ on ‘What’s Done Is Done’ via the bad boy boogie of ‘Bad With Girls’ this is the bomb. ‘Rip this Night’ is a slice of classic heads down and jive talk and duck walk as we hand jive through the next three minutes of rock and roll. What a great slice of rock and roll and with added sax appeal its gotta come highly recommended and we endorse it 100%

The Empty Hearts – Coat Tailer (Wicked Cool Records) Just another Cool as tune from these power-pop giants. ‘Coat Tailer’ is a sprightly humdinger with some great harmonies and sharp solos but theres enough bit in that guitar riff and its got Clem Burke on the drum kit.  It’s great to have them back making new music and they’ve found the perfect label for their well-rounded sound.

The B Side is a light Beatles esque tune with more great vocals as it just sort of reminds me of walking through a park kicking leaves carefree.  The Empty Hearts doing what they do best writing great power pop – Result.

Available on glow in the dark vinyl – Cool.  Buy it  Here


45 Rally – Bigly (Rum Bar Records)  Switzerland’s garage rock sensations 45 RALLY have taken all of their song titles from presidential tweets. But in keeping up with their Swiss heritage, they have decided to remain politically neutral. The music here, a combination of Bubble Gum, Garage Rock, Country and Punk was created for everyone’s listening pleasure.  So to all of  our Conservative, Liberal and Moderate fans,  it’s time to unite! Grab your earbuds, some chocolate and hit the slopes with TWEETS FOR MY SWEET by 45 RALLY! With an equally swing yer pants video this is happy garage for sure.

Screamer – Halo (the Sign Records) Heavy Fuckin’ Metal! make no bones about it folk Screamer aren’t nu metal or Death Metal they just rock like a steam train.  Fist pumpin’, Denim, and leather-clad, long-haired, metalheads.  think Tank think Motorhead think Tysondog think real metal.  Screamer do no frills metal and its Rockin’. with a new album that has a man with wings on a horse al thats missing is some fire and a weapon like a mace or a hammer and they’d be all in. The album is due this month and its called ‘Highway Of Halos’ get on it.




Right Hand Left Hand – Chacabuco (Bubblewrap Collective) clocking in at the most unsingle like length of a couple of seconds under seven minutes and two minutes elapse before former Estrons singer Taliesyn Kallstrom joins the party.  Post-Rock duo Right Hand Left Hand are back with a brand new album. Following on from their self-titled, Welsh Music Prize-nominated second album, their third offering, ‘Zone Rouge’, tells the story of humanity’s contempt for the earth beneath us, the air above us and the people around us. Layers of guitars and driving drums are the order of the day married with ambient space in between call it art rock or post-punk indie but one thing it does is build and build.

’Chacabuco’ is available to buy and stream digitally on 27th September. The album will follow on 15th November 2019. It will be available digitally, on CD, and on limited edition double clear vinyl. They launch the album with a show at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff on the 13th of November, more info here:

Alice Cooper – The Breadcrumbs EP (earMUSIC) 12″ six tracks from the Coop singing about Iggy and The MC5 how can this possibly not have RPM salivating at the sight and sound?  ‘Detroit City 2020’ sounds good – Sure its modern Alice Cooper but there is more of the old school garage rocker in this and out of all his contemporaries I can’t think of any that are still out there doing it night after night and delivering the good and managing to still churn out new music that is relevant and bloody good. If you were impressed with the opener then hold onto your bobblehead because ‘Go Man Go’ is having it big time.  A good tempo with a lotta rhythm and some blazing guitar work. Sure it helps when you can call on yer mates like Wayne Kramer and drag ou tof them such great performances this was always going to be a winner. He gets his funk on on ‘Your Mama won’t Like Me’ and those horns are quality. I’ll admit I’m not so fussed on the lackluster ‘Devil With A Blue Dress On’ but the bar is raised on the finale of ‘Sister Anne’.  So all in all a mighty fine way to round off this singles club and with it being a 12″  long ‘un the Coop might just have taken it on the home straight.

Buy Breadcrumbs Here

I know some people will be grumbling about this version of the Dogs D’amour celebrating the 30 year anniversary of ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles.’ While I absolutely love the original, I actually tend to listen to the last version that was released seven years ago (how has it been that long?) which included 5 bonus songs more often. Now, we have the first double a-sided single from this current version of the Dogs whose musical chemistry is as hot as hellfire.

‘Comfort of the Devil’ has always been one of my favorites by the Dogs, and this version simply smokes from start to finish. It hits a groove with Tyla singing in prime form with solid guitar work here by Gary and Tyla. Tip of the hat to the band for the great slide guitar work as well. This is exquisitely produced with Matty’s bass and Simon’s beat being right on the money and expertly placed in the mix. This one sounds more like the version on the most recent version of the album than the original to my ears.


‘Errol Flynn’ is another Dogs’ classic that demands audience participation. Where the original version was acoustic, this one adds more electric power to the song, which makes me wonder if the upcoming version of ‘Graveyard’ will be this hard hitting across the board. This should have been a single 30 years ago so it is nice to see it getting that recognition now, even if it is something of a forgotten concept these days.


These two songs have me craving to hear the whole album as it appears the guys have followed up the brilliant ‘In Vino Veritas’ album with an energetic electrified classic version of an already classic album. Do you need a new version? Based on this, you most definitely do. Fall in love with these songs all over again. I suggest you get over to the Tavern and start placing your order.


‘Devils Flynn’ is available for preorder in multiple formats




Author: Gerald Stansbury

In VIno Review

Tyla Interview Here