I know some people will be grumbling about this version of the Dogs D’amour celebrating the 30 year anniversary of ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles.’ While I absolutely love the original, I actually tend to listen to the last version that was released seven years ago (how has it been that long?) which included 5 bonus songs more often. Now, we have the first double a-sided single from this current version of the Dogs whose musical chemistry is as hot as hellfire.

‘Comfort of the Devil’ has always been one of my favorites by the Dogs, and this version simply smokes from start to finish. It hits a groove with Tyla singing in prime form with solid guitar work here by Gary and Tyla. Tip of the hat to the band for the great slide guitar work as well. This is exquisitely produced with Matty’s bass and Simon’s beat being right on the money and expertly placed in the mix. This one sounds more like the version on the most recent version of the album than the original to my ears.


‘Errol Flynn’ is another Dogs’ classic that demands audience participation. Where the original version was acoustic, this one adds more electric power to the song, which makes me wonder if the upcoming version of ‘Graveyard’ will be this hard hitting across the board. This should have been a single 30 years ago so it is nice to see it getting that recognition now, even if it is something of a forgotten concept these days.


These two songs have me craving to hear the whole album as it appears the guys have followed up the brilliant ‘In Vino Veritas’ album with an energetic electrified classic version of an already classic album. Do you need a new version? Based on this, you most definitely do. Fall in love with these songs all over again. I suggest you get over to the Tavern and start placing your order.


‘Devils Flynn’ is available for preorder in multiple formats  http://www.tylasarttavern.com/




Author: Gerald Stansbury

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