Its fair to say that the LA Guns have struck a rich seam of form and are knocking out cock rock Diamonds left right and centre from ‘Checkered Past’ through ‘The Devil You Know’ and the last offering ‘The Missing Peace’. The main players of Guns and Lewis seemingly on the same page and the music is all the better for that. However having the likes of Johnny Martin in the engine room laying down the rhythm is a big part of this sound.

With Production handled by Tracii Guns, ‘Black Diamonds’ is indeed a tour-de-force of rock ‘n roll and right from the off the groove heavy ‘You Betray’ offers up a swagger and cool lick courtecy of Guns dirty guitar but its Lewis who steals the show with a huge display of vocal talent soaring over the last three albums with a spine tingling performance.

Written and recorded over the course of 2022, ‘Black Diamonds’ offers eleven songs of LA Guns gold. Sure there are loads of impressive licks that fall from Guns fretboard but he can’t carry a whole album with riffs he needs the engine room being stoked by a rhythm section of exceptional quality who have the groove none better displayed than on ‘Wrong About You’.

You also have a band that can slow it down and display a softer, gentler, and warmer like they do perfectly on ‘Diamonds’. A song that ebbs and flows like all good power balads should, the band have done throughout their career to be fair.

If you’re in the mood for some 70s-inspired Rock then look no further than ‘Babylon’ dipping its toe in the Bowie-inspired hard rock but its got that sleazy swagger that is pure LA Guns and the world is a better place for it. ‘Shame’ is a laid-back honkin’ song Aerosmith used to do so why wouldn’t the Guns fill that void? Some nice harmonica and again Lewis works those pipes out to great effect.

I remember when the band hit the ground running back in the late 80s offering something different and not afraid to mix their hard rock roots with their punk rock roots and the no-brainer of 70s Glam dropping their glittery bombs all over their catalogue. This record has elements of all of the above running throughout it, ‘Shattered Glass’ is a cool example of a very good song not relying on style over substance, the chorus has a good gang vocal punching in unison with Lewis’ lead vocal and then a dirty solo to tidy things up, on what is a great song that gets better the more you play it (the louder it gets also helps).

‘Gonna Lose’ heads back to the porch for some acoustic navel-gazing but the song doesn’t hang around wallowing because they turn it up a notch for a dirty verse before settling back down a really good song that showcases exactly what the band does best big dirty riffs and tender moments where the two main players showcase their unique talents that work so well together.

The album isn’t front-loaded with the best songs if anything the latter half is where the gold is or should that be the diamonds? ‘Got It Wrong’ is exceptional, a cool groove with a banging tempo and Lewis on top form drawing you in to hear exactly what he’s got to say. Punky, raw yet uptempo and absolutely rockin.

The band’s creative energy is on disp[lay for the world to see and the quality has been continuing unabated over the course of, now, four studio albums.

“Black Diamonds” shows no signs of L.A. Guns hanging up their guitars and on this form they should never contemplate it either. Still kickin’ it unlike so many of their peers this band is up for the fight and they’re coming out swinging. Songs like ‘Lowlife’ will testify that and if you’ve had enough throwing yourself around then sit back and pour yourself a large glass and get into the cool swaggering ‘Crying’ as the band gets its collective hips shaking on one that Bolan would have been proud to have penned.

It only leaves ‘Like A Drug’ to finish this album off in style L.A. Guns style. when you know what you do best and write songs to suite yourself in that style then you are on to a winner and this album might just top the last few over time. Join the gang and get involved. L.A Guns are in da house and they’re kickin ass big time. Buy It!

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‘Get Along’ is the latest single to be lifted from ‘Checkered Past’, the forthcoming brand new studio album by revered hard rockers L.A. Guns. It follows the recent ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Knock Me Down’, as well as 2020’s similarly titled ‘Let You Down’.  The album is set for release on 12th November via Frontiers.  pre-order link – Here

Through the summer of 2021 Feeder have been teasing the first music from their upcoming new album Torpedo. The album’s opening previews – title-track “Torpedo” and “Magpie” – both led with heavy, grinding riffs that made way for sky-high choruses. Today, the album’s first official single “Wall Of Silence” is announced.

Finally we head down under for some Swedish Magazines ‘Head On Ice’

On this very date David Bowie unveiled his landmark album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’. His breakthrough LP, it sells over 7 million copies and is hailed as one of the greatest albums of all time. As genius as it was it has to be said that without his Spiders Ziggy would have been nothing (or at least not a fraction of the success) Ronnos guitar playing was exceptional throughout as were the bass lines. Of course, the image was mind blowing even for the early ’70s.

The concept album serves as the introduction to Bowie’s most iconic of reincarnations: Ziggy Stardust, a flame-haired Martian messiah who visits Earth in an attempt to bring a message of hope to humanity in their final five years of existence. Flamboyantly dressed and dazzlingly androgynous, Stardust helps revolutionize ideas about gender and sexuality like never before.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars is recorded over a two-week period in November 1971 at London’s Trident Studios – the same place where The Beatles made “Hey Jude” in 1968. The legendary album cover depicts a resplendent Bowie posing outside of a Mayfair furriers named K. West.

The album peaks at #5 in the UK, and remains on that chart for two years, bolstered by a groundbreaking performance of “Starman” on Top of the Pops in July 1972.

Although “Ziggy played guitar” for the final time in July 1973, his blazing legacy lives on.  The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is about Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, an androgynous bisexual rock star who acts as a messenger for extraterrestrial beings (drugs who mentioned drugs). Bowie took Ziggy on tour through the United Kingdom, Japan, and North America. The album and the character of Ziggy Stardust explored themes of sexual exploration and social taboos and it wasn’t until that fateful night in The Hammersmith Odean that Ziggy made his last appearance as Bowie ruthlessly ended the characters existence.  this after shipping over seven million copies worldwide – still to this day an incredible decision from a man at the peak of his powers.  Amazingly the album only made it to number five in the UK charts whilst barely denting the US top 75!


Its no question one of the most influential albums for many reasons would there have been the huge new Romantic explosion of the post-punk 80s had it not been for Ziggy?  Also, it was a big influence on the UK punk scene with many of its detractors since citing this particular tour as being very influential fashionably and musically.


Track from the album has been covered many times over by many different artists including Bauhaus who did ‘Ziggy Stardust’ as did Def Leppard and RPM favourite Jeff Dahl.  ‘Moonage Daydream has also been covered by varied artists such as LA Guns, Mike Scott and Tim Wheeler of Ash. whereas ‘Suffragette City’ has been covered by such polar acts as Boy George, Steve Jones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Turbonegro and god forbid Poison! As well as recently on volume 1 of The UK Subs covers album.



Bands – Bikes – Beers – Boats – Brotherhood: The 5 cornerstones of HRH Road Trips– the ultimate rock’n’roll holiday.

Held annually on the world-famous holiday island of Ibiza, the HRH RoadTrip has grown from its humble beginnings 10 years ago to become one of rock and metals most celebrated events.

The event attracts world famous rock and metal artists – such as HawkwindWhitesnake’s Bernie MarsdenMotorhead’s Phil CampbellReefRainbow’s Joe Lynn TurnerSkindredGirlschoolLA Guns and The Quireboys – to play and soak up the sun and unique atmosphere of the Spanish leg of Hard Rock Hell.

Over 4000 rock fans attended this year’s event making it the biggest yet – and next year is shaping up to be even bigger and better.


Doesn’t matter if it’s lazing by the pool with banging tunes in the background, making shapes on the most famous dancefloors in the world such as Eden or taking in the spectacular sunsets on the beach … there’s something for everyone.

HRH Magazine’s Adam Kennedy had this to say about this year’s event “With the unpredictable nature of British summertime weather, a five-day hard rock festival located on the Balearic Island of Ibiza doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. You can leave those wellies at home, put your tent away, and comfortably enjoy the diverse bill of entertainment on display without worrying about having to dredge through muddy fields or being washed away by the rain.

As the White Isle awakens from its annual winter hibernation, flocks of revellers will arrive at the party capital of the world as HRH takes over San Antonio’s hotels, bars, and legendary night spots. The event itself once again offers a comprehensive bill of both established and emerging talent whilst encompassing acts that represent many of HRH festival’s different brands. There will also be the chance to take part in Ibiza traditions such as the customary HRH bike ride, pool and boat parties, or take the opportunity to experience the island’s world-famous sunsets with an early evening boat trip.

When Axl Rose penned the lyrics to Paradise City, he could well have been thinking about a location not too dissimilar to San Antonio. At the heart of Ibiza’s Rock n Roll paradise is one of the island’s most beloved super clubs “Eden”. Every year HRH Road Trip will take-over the famed night club and its many different rooms for the duration of the event. Nestled away between San Antonio Bay and the world-famous nightlife of San Antonio town, the 5,000 capacity club is the perfect spot to host an event such as HRH RTX.

Described by one festival punter as being like ‘Download with a pool’ HRH RTX entails several music filled days and plenty of sun, sea and San Miguel plus of course a healthy mix of rock, blues, metal, stoner and prog that will keep the party going until the wee hours during four music-filled club nights.”

HRH Road Trip XI is being held on 6th to 13th May 2020.  For all the details and packages visit or call 044+ 207 193 1164.

Its that time of week again and we got to see some cool bands live last week and got some cool bands coming live this week so we thought we’d share a few with you good folks out there whilst you get ready for the working week.  why not get it off to a good start with us and beginning with this beauty from our favourite Japanese 80’s rockers Electric Eel Shock

Second up why not have this from LA Guns new album that was released last Friday and reviewed on these very pages only a few weeks ago.  Heres ‘The Devil You Know’ brand new and hot off the press –

If all that Rock is too much for you how about taking things easy with this video courtesy of The Cavemen? That’ll put you on the right track for the week ahead if it doesn’t try going back to bed or growing a hipster beard because you’re failing miserably. we know and now you do that the Cavemen rule! Stay sick!

Happy Monday folks

The La Guns are in the house and this time they look and sound happy as pigs in shit and that my friends is reflected in the music.  Now I won’t ever shy away from letting people know how much I love hearing Phil Lewis sing and that goes way back when he was in Girl right through the mighty Torme and into LA Guns who for me were never really part of the heart of cock rock or hair metal although they’ve picked up the flag and ran with it through their career no doubt about it.  The La Guns have always been a bit more than that.  they always had a certain spirit about them for me that’s a flame that burns bright inside Mr. Lewis’ heart always has always will no doubt.

I wouldn’t want to speak for the band but when they did the cuts CD way back they opened up their heart and having Queen alongside Generation X and Hanoi Rocks confirmed for me that my judgment was right.  I’ve not always loved everything they’ve done not at all but I’ve always been drawn back and like an old friend hoping that they still have that spark and can deliver and feeling smug when I can nod my head that the LA Guns are in the house and they’re as good as they ever were and that’s also better than most of their competition and pretty much all the so-called hair metal or cock rock bands.  There was always something about seeing that logo that gets the blood pumping and with this being their 30th year together it feels like they have their mojo intact and are chomping at the bit playing constantly and honing their tunes to reach this point so as the metaphorical needle drops I get ready to dive head first into the new long player ‘ The Devil You Know’.

Kicking off with the lead track ‘Rage’ is everything you want to hear a great big dirty stinking riff that’s biting and snarling and sounds like a band that’s hungry as fuck!  great vocal too. Woohoo! LA Guns are in the house boy! They weren’t joking when they said they were going to capture Zepplin and The Hellacopters in a bottle and shake it up.

The next few tracks are upbeat and varied just like LA Guns of old sure Tracii is playing like his life depends on it but it does sound like he’s playing off the rest of the band and the rhythm is solid and tight and on the grinding title track they have groove for sure.  ‘Needle To The Bone’ has a great ‘guns melody and I’m a sucker for those gang vocals. ‘Going High’ is certainly in that Zepplin riff ballpark it sounds huge.  ‘Gone Honey’ clocks in just under six minutes but takes the listener on an epic journey and I’m all ears as Lewis tells his story on top of some really cool riff-a-rama. More than a touch of old Alice Cooper here.

As we are flying through the albums eleven tracks I have to say that whilst it’s no bullshit Rock n Roll  I’m loving it and it sounds fresh and there is a tonne of energy captured throughout the record. This album is coming out swinging and this is up there with their best – I kid you not.  Without a ballad in sight, we reach the penultimate cut for something even remotely slow or balladlike although the title might give you a glimpse into how this is heading ‘Another Season In Hell’ is pissed off and spitting feathers along the same lines as ‘Over The Edge’ if you’re looking for a pointer, Lewis delivers a magnificent vocal and turns the clock back and shows his peers how to belt out a passionate vocal and then for Guns to set fire to his fretboard – was that really over six minutes long? an epic slice of driving hard rock n roll to end the album proper but wait they turn up the amps one more time and let rip with ‘Boom’.

To be fair I enjoyed that more than I thought I was going to and without the slightest hesitation I’d recommend it to anyone who ever bought an LA Guns record and thought their best was long behind them because this is right up there with the first couple.  If this is Cock Rock then I’m fuckin’ having me some because maybe it is better ‘The Devil You Know’ if the devil you know is this good. Turn it up!

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L.A. GUNS – THE DEVIL YOU KNOW out 29.03.19 on Frontier Records.  Pre Orders: Here

signed LP’s & CD’s, ltd ed red vinyl, merch bundles and more: Webstore

Ltd ed yellow vinyl: Frontier Store

Hot on the heels of the success of their last album, ‘The Missing Peace’, L.A. Guns is ready to attack
again with a brand new record, ‘The Devil You Know’. Sonically, the album covers a lot of ground and
incorporates influences from Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Kyuss to The Hellacopters, while still
managing to sound distinctly like L.A. Guns. The band is rejuvenated and inspired after relentless
touring and are taking no prisoners.
“After the success of ‘The Missing Peace’, a lot of people requested that the next record stay on track
with the more metal side of the band’s music, which is my personal favourite side of the band,” says
guitarist and L.A. Guns co-founder Tracii Guns. “I drew from my influences of the NWOBHM
[New Wave Of British Heavy Metal] while not forgetting my earlier influences from the late 60’s and
early 70’s. I wanted to lead with the track ’Stay Away’ because it’s a familiar L.A. Guns sound, but even
a bit more metal. Something to get everyone’s palate wet!”
“Its loaded with attitude and most of it bad,” says fellow co-founder and vocalist Phil Lewis of the album’s
lyrical content. “You want a love song? F*** off and listen to Journey. They say write about what you know,
and Lord knows we’ve all known some evil bitches and dudes that have gone out of their way to make
life difficult for us. We say unanimously from the whole band, ‘f*** you’, we’re going places you could only
dream about. We know what it’s like to be put down, poked, ridiculed…but guess what, looks like we get
the last laugh. This band has always been fueled by adrenaline and anger, and this record is a glimpse
inside the carnival of rage that dwells deep inside our collective souls. Not much sunshine and hold tight
to your lollipop…this is gonna be a fast, loud, bumpy ride!”
L.A. GUNS are truly one of the great American hard rock bands of the last three decades. From their
self-titled debut in 1988 right through to the widely praised 2017 comeback album ‘The Missing Peace’,
they have always delivered solid rock ‘n roll to their fans. The current incarnation of the band has been
touring non-stop and the cohesiveness of the unit, not to mention Phil’s stunning and unique vocals and
Guns’ mind-bending guitar playing, are on full display here. It’s a must hear for all fans of the band,
both old and new!
1. Rage
2. Stay Away
3. Loaded Bomb
4. The Devil You Know
5. Needle To The Bone
6. Going High
7. Gone Honey
8. Don’t Need To Win
9. Down That Hole
10. Another Season In Hell
11. Boom (CD & digital only)
L.A. GUNS – photo by Jason Christopher
Phillip Lewis – vocals
Tracii Guns – guitar
Johnny Martin – bass
Shane Fitzgibbon – drums
Ace Von Johnson – guitar