Eight years on from his critically acclaimed Magnificent Bastard album, Dallas roots-rocker Tommy Hale returns with new single, video and album.

The driving ‘Hideaway’ is the opening cut on Tommy’s forthcoming album All At Sea, out through Holiday Disaster Records on 12 April.

Once again, the album was recorded in England, at Wiltshire’s Mooncalf Studio with sometime members of London roots-rock band The Snakes (Simon George Moor, Johnny O’Sullivan and Dan Tilbury) along with guitarist Nick Beere, and was produced by Moor.

The band started the recording in November 2019 and were set to begin on a Monday morning. Tommy received a call on the Sunday evening informing him that his father had had a heart attack and was not expected to live. The recording sessions were abandoned. The following spring the pandemic began. Consequently, the album carries an unavoidable sense of loss, escape and finding solace in the quiet moments that came about because of the unprecedented circumstances.  

It would be easy to lazily bracket Hale’s oeuvre as ‘Americana’, but there’s quite a bit more going on here, with forays into power-pop, alt-rock and classic left-of-centre songwriting in the manner of, say, Randy Newman, Warren Zevon and Kevin Ayres, although Tommy would never be so bigheaded as to compare himself to any of those masters. What is certain, though, is that the clash of Texan and English cultures give them album an unique and vital energy.

“I went into making this album wanting to interpret other people’s songs alongside mine,” explains Tommy. “I’ve always enjoyed hearing a great Willie Nelson song that sounds like it came straight from his soul, only to find out another songwriter wrote it. The record contains two songs from friends of mine that I wanted to see if I could interpret – ‘Esperanza’ by Tex Smith and ‘Radio Towers’ by Greg Vanderpool. These songs always stood out to me as something I wanted to dive into. I also stepped back a bit on writing lyrics and Johnny O’Sullivan stepped forward. I think it added some depth and a different perspective that I couldn’t achieve on my own. I had grown a bit tired of my own thoughts.”

Tommy and his band will play three UK shows around the time of the album’s release:

11 Apr – The Beehive, Swindon

12 Apr – The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

13 Apr – Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park, London

 Debut full-length album from Italian punk rockers Smalltown Tigers who’ve been working hard as hell and putting in the miles on the road since 2020’s debut mini-album ‘Five Things’. I first caught them live supporting the original Damned when they played Hammersmith Odeon a couple of years ago and since then they’ve been honing their skills for this album and that hard work has indeed paid off because they have in their hands a mightily handsome record.

Firstly its noticeable how catchy these songs are, they’ve honed in on the fine art of shaving the best bits of The Ramones and clearly they were paying attention to the tone Brian James employs on those early Damned songs which in turn naturally puts the dial firmly in the Stooges territory which all wrapped up by these three talented ladies makes for some pretty damn good songs. Sure Runaways comparisons will drift across many reviewers’ notes when playing this record but there’s much more to it than that. The girls have clearly got that Garage Rock edge in their delivery and songwriting and that’s what elevates them to the next level. Not content with just playing on the fact it’s three ladies but going toe to toe with anyone in this genre and staying the course.

From the punchy opener ‘Meet Me In The City’ they nail the tone and feel of the record. The overdriven guitars are pitch and tone perfect as is the rhythm section to be fair but the breakdown and songwriting is on the money and with enough sass and catchyness to draw you right in. The first few tracks on any album are vitally important to keep the ears on you, especially for a new(ish) band the title track is sleazy rock n roll, and it’s struttin’ right out of those speakers.

‘In A Dream’ has that Ramones rolling riff and dreamy melody over the rough frayed riff. ‘Teddy Bear’ is pure early Brian James Riff-a-rama and that’ll do for me. Halfway through the album and that Ramones spirit is loud and proud on ‘I Want You’.

‘Maybe’ reminded me of ‘Pillbox’ by the Joneses on the opening salvo but with added knuckleduster delivery. The songs keep coming and the quality is maintained throughout which is no mean feat and the pounding relentless ‘Monster’ is a thrashing beast.

As we head into the home straight we get the fuzzed-up garage loveliness of ‘Dressed Right And Skinny’ before the gonzo punk rock of ‘Joey’ knocks you about with its punk as fuck relentlessness. The end is in sight and if you’re waiting for a slow number to take this one home then you’re going to be disappointed. ‘Killed Myself When I Was Young’ is a hypnotic savage from that riff through the hammering keys being hit with a sledgehammer before the saxophone hypnotizes us all. This is the sound of a band at the top of their game knowing they have just delivered a mightily impressive record and to be fair I think I’ve developed a ‘Crush On You’ three, you spoil me with these tunes. An excellent way to kick off 2024.

Buy Here


Marc Valentine – ‘Death Is Overrated/Break My Heart Anyway’ (Arcane Wires Records)  ‘Death Is Overrated’ c/w ‘Break My Heart Anyway’ is out This is his third solo single, ‘Death Is Overrated’ features special guess Wreckless Eric which both tracks are lifted from the superb solo album ‘Future Obscure’.

Marc said he wanted to release two tracks as a perfect taster to the album and show how varied the record is. The opener is a dreamy retro slice of power pop balladeering from Valentine, Exactly what you’d expect but to be fair its of the highest quality. The AA Side is more a party on your stereo as the band go for a steady backbeat and a real slice of sunshine Rock n Roll over a backdrop of perfectly labeled Summer trash pop! Wonderful track – Record of the week? It certainly is!

The Gong Rats – (I Want Some) Cereal’ (Dragstrip Records) What a banger. Plain and simple this is bullshit-free Punk Rock n Roll, Its Motorhead meets the Ramones with some twisted synth added for good measure. It’ll make you hungry for punk n roll if you diet on nothing but this noise. Rapid, energetic, beautiful noise is what it is.

Regardless of the wacky lyrics its got a bucket load of energy and that’s the point Feast on this

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘All Your Bridges Are Burning’ (Bandcamp) A track that originally came out on their 7″ album – yeah? what of it? From sub-one minute to a full almost three minutes of hard rockin punk attitude loud rock and roll CNE are in the Club baby and they’ve brought their fleshed out big guns. It’s fair to say this ones is a banger, no-nonsense, Bullshit free Hard Rockin shit. CNE do it by the dozen. they simply don’t do bad records and one of our favourite Swedish exports are at it again. New music please gents you’ve had almost two years off now we want more loud guitars and we want them now and if they sound like this then play on! Now where did I leave my flame thrower? those Bridges aren’t going to burn themselves. Here

Dead Horse – ‘Hot Marty’ (Self Release) ‘Hot Martyr’ is the second EP from Dead Horse following up from their lockdown EP release ‘Dead Horse I’. It is also the first release featuring new Organ/Synth member Shallum Intonti. With its slow build-up before some cool horn honking it reminds me of Gallon Drunk in places with its brooding menacing undertones threatening to boil over but never quite breaking out. Excellent garage rock n roll now with added keys.

‘Choose’ adds a little psychosis to proceedings sounding a little unhinged is deffo a plus. ‘Snake Eyes’ adds some surf and is my pick of the pops on this splendid EP that gives it all in an exhausting five-song salvo of jittering, noisy, unhinged Garage Rock n Roll extravaganza. Play on please this is excellent. Pick it up off their Bandcamp page Here

As well as the digital release there is a limited edition run of 50 physical cassettes with four exclusive bonus tracks and a brand new Dead Horse Zine that has been specially created for the release

Gun – ‘Backstreet Brothers’ (Cherry Red Records) Glaswegian rockers GUN are back with a brand new album, ‘Calton Songs’ released on Cherry Red Records on 14 October 2022 and will be available on Cherry Red-coloured vinyl, CD, cassette and digital. ‘Calton Songs’ is a full-blooded celebration of the band’s career so far with enthusiastic and brand new acoustic reinterpretations of the songs that made their name and took GUN to the four corners of the world. These retooled classics are bolstered by the addition of the single ‘Backstreet Brothers’


The Recoils – ‘Breakdown EP’ (Coast Road Records) Sounding somewhere between a raw rough and ready Crazyhead and Early Nowhere League all wrapped up in a garage perfect sound this is something of a john peel wet dream as ‘Breakdown’ shows what its got right from the start – something of a banger from the barely “hanging on” verse. That raw guitar slashing away and the catchy punk rock n roll melody on the chorus is complete with the Diggle delicious guitar solo.

It’s old school and enjoyable just like it should be. Whilst the B side ‘Grifter’ rides the crest of a surf-like guitar lick. with some garage rockin vocals, this is a wicked tune with some synth fleshing out such a cool song. love how the guitar solo is hyper like a Cheetah Chrome lead break just because he can. As far as debut singles go this one is an absolute winner! Bandcamp / Website

The Special Bombs – ‘Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore’ (SBÄM Records) Is punk rock still cool? What was celebrated as a lifestyle by millions of kids back then has now become a small scene for the 30+ generation. You could say that it’s normal and that no generation has ever heard the songs of their parents. You could… You could also say that it is normal when people “grow up” their enthusiasm for music and subculture decreases. You could…You could also refuse to accept “the normal”

Mudfight – ‘Another Boy’ (SBÄM Records) Another Boy is the second single from Mudfight’s forthcoming debut album Time For Revolution. Anthemic Pop Punk leaning heavily on Green Day vibes makes for a pretty decent single – Don’t take my word for it hit the video link.

Black Star Riders – ‘Better Than Saturday Night’ (Earache Records) from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, this is an upbeat slice of dueling distorted 70s Rock with a fair dose of hard rockin’ power-pop with undertones of Suzi Quattro meets Sweet. It’s an Excellent single, full of that summer sunshine rock and roll but with a modern twist. Anthemic and Glittery stomping Rock n Roll (if there’s such a genre this is it) out 20th January 2023 from Here. At the same time you could book for one of the dates on their extensive jaunt around the UK and Ireland around the albums release.

Rebel Priest – ‘Lesson In Love’ (Batcave Records / Thundermoose Entertainment) I just had to include this because I don’t know if I secretly love it or am horrified. I think they might have been trapped in a Batcave since 1986 and only just escaped suck is their image and those post NWOBHM riffs and the finger tapping rapid solo it’s retro alright but is it ironic or are they ahead of the next curve? My brain is fried I know that much. Flesh, Facial hair, flash bombs (probably), booze, boobs, and battered eardrums. Bang your head and throw them horns in the air Rebel Preist are coming to a dive bar near you and they’re bringing the R-O-C-K.

Italian garage-punk tearaways SMALLTOWN TIGERS are back for the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

To celebrate, they’ve just released a video of their cover of Columbus OH action-rockers New Bomb Turks’ ‘Girl Can Help It’.

The track was originally recorded for the album ‘Defiled! A Heavy Medication Tribute To New Bomb Turks‘, released last year.

The band dropped their debut mini-album Five Things to worldwide acclaim in the Spring of 2020, deep in the first lockdown, meaning their accompanying UK tour was first postponed and then cancelled. The girls from Rimini are now determined to make up for it.

As previously announced, they’ll be opening for The Damned on their reunion dates in the Autumn. They’ll also be playing Some Weird Sin’s Pump It Up! Powerpop Weekender in July, alongside Baby Shakes, Duncan Reid & The Big Heads and more…

Dates so far are…

3 July – The Lexington, London (Pump It Up! Powerpop Weekender)

28 Oct – Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London (w/ The Damned etc)

29 Oct – Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London (w/ The Damned etc)

3 Nov – O2 Apollo, Manchester (w/ The Damned etc)

4 Nov – O2 Academy, Glasgow (w/ The Damned etc)

5 Nov – O2 Academy, Birmingham (w/ the Damned etc)

More dates TBC

Buy Five Things here

Buy Defiled! here

SmalltownTigers on Facebook

Italian punk-blues musician Gianni Tbay alias THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH has unveiled a video from his new album. ‘Particle Filter Blues’ is the first single to be taken from As The Tide Gets High And Low. His first full-length album for Turin’s Escape From Today label, it follows on from 2019’s acclaimed Evil Flatmates album. The album was composed (mostly) and recorded during lockdown by Gianni himself, a first-time occurrence. The album’s main inspirations can be found in the countless tours undertaken by him throughout Europe and especially his US tours during 2018 and 2019. 

“Along the never-ending process of getting and shaking the blues you may bump into a type of blues you can’t shake, no matter how hard you try,” he says. “You just gotta deal with it. The Diesel Particulate Filter can be one of those unshakable ones when it starts to show signs of subsidence. A real itch when you’re on tour and driving to the next destination. So you will find out that you and your vehicle have to put your heads together to keep consumption low, watch out for the oil levels and drive smoothly fast. Preferably on a highway.”

Initially hailing from Rome, but resident in Turin since 2014, Gianni/TBAY is a prolific artist, releasing five full-length LPs and five 7” singles since 2009. Rooted in Outlaw Country and Delta Blues, Gianni’s sound has evolved over the last ten years or so, partially through his discovery of John Fahey and Doc Watson, but mostly through relentless touring to the tune of well over a thousand shows, sharing stages with the likes of Watermelon Slim, Bob Log III, DM Bob, CW Stoneking, Bob Wayne, Popa Chubby and others along the way.

As The Tide Gets High And Low is available to pre-order here.



With Christmas fast aproaching we thought it was time to swing open the doors of the RPM Online singles Club and see who strolls in. We weren’t disappointed as the mixed bag of miscreants waltzed in. With out most diverse bunch yet theres plenty to ponder from our staple favs to some wide ranging inclusions check em out at your leisure…

DIRT BOX DISCO – ‘Fuck me it’s all Gone Wrong’ (AVENUE RECORDZ) Hey Hey it’s a Dirtbox Day, Fuck Me its only Dirtbox Disco damaging my ears with their Motorhead infused punk rock n roll.

Of course its a banger as it lodges in your head and you can’t get rid of the gang vocal chorus for days and you find yourself saying fuck me at every oportunity. Its got a catchy chorus of course it has, It’s to the point and its got guitars that are razor sharp and Maff is kicking the shit out of his tubs. Dirtbox are back in the ring and doing what they do better than anyone else. Loud and proud and right on the money! Its all gone right more like.


Available in the following formats -
Digital download and streaming.
split 7" with issue 13 of SAFETY PIN MAGAZINE

JOHNNY CASINO -‘Another Girl’ (Golden Robot Records) This is the first single from his February 2022 release ‘5×7 the Days of Wine and Cola‘Another Girl’ started out as a moody acoustic piece until it found its way into the recording studio on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Here, a fire had been lit underneath it, a couple of bottles of wine poured all over it and an inspired electric guitar burned into it by Johnny and his band. There is a san fran vibe about it as well maybe is in the vocals but whatever its a great tune and if the rest of the record is up to this standard then bring it on. The solo is blistering.

Pre-Save/Pre-Order ‘Another Girl’ HERE

Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music – ‘No Fun Anymore’ (Wicked Cool Records) A thumping good tune. Though Mickey Leigh has been making music for over five decades, 2022 sees his first solo full-length release under the name Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music.  Growing up the brother of Joey Ramone,   If this is the standard of what we can expect from his first solo album, ‘Variants of Vibe’, in February 2022 then bring it on. The first single, ‘No Fun Anymore’ is like the bastard child of Stiv Bators solo material and a real Rock and Roll tonic packed with energy and a strong hook get this on your new years wish list. hit it up here

Kurt Baker – Christmas In The Sand (Wicked Cool Records)  The first of two singles from Kurt Baker this round-up ‘Christmas in the sand’ was inspired by Kurt and his longtime collaborator and bandmate, Wyatt Funderburk’s, experience writing the song in the cold weather of Maine.  He said, “It’s a song about wanting to be at the beach during Christmas time! If only we lived in the southern hemisphere, haha!”  The original version of the song was released in 2012, but 2021 saw the band revisit the song and “kick it up a notch.” I’m sure you’ll agree it has all the hallmarks of a crimbo classic. Get it on the playlist at the office party and turn it up its got sleigh bells n everything – Check it out Here

Night Courts! ‘Fractions’ (Snappy Little Numbers /Debt Offensive Records) Second video/single by Vancouver lo-fi indie/punk trio NIGHT COURT from their debut release Nervous Birds! is a right little earworm as it burrows in and unsuspecting throughout the day week you want to hear it again and again. Infectious? sure is. Check it out in the video below. Get into them here


Edweena Banger – ‘Let’s Do It’ (self Release) Album number two on the horizon this first glimpse of what to expect is a right banger (no pun intended) sizzling Rock and Roll with a big hook is the order of the day and one we fully endorse here at RPM Online. Connect with Edweena Here


Kurt Baker – ‘Turn It Around’ (Wicked Cool Records) wow Kurt Baker is in da house and he’s burning it down with this banger of a tune. A rapid stab of powerpoppin punk rock oozing attitude with a thumping backbeat. Of course it’s got a bloomin’ great big hook on the chorus but it’s got a warm winter fuzz going on from the kickoff. Another day another thumping good song released from Kurt Baker

get it Here

Swedish Magazines – ‘Head On Ice’ (Rubber Records) If you know you simply know. Melbourne rockers Sweedish Magazines are dropping bombs off their new album ‘I Wish Life Could Be’ and this is the latest – full of barroom Malcolm Young fire it barrels along like a bouncing bomb with boundless energy before smashing in your ear with an explosive chorus that makes your toes tap and your head move back and fore. Fantastic tune and one that makes you want to hear more and on this track they hit a groove and ride the shit out of it. If you want a catagory for this then punk n boogie would be apt as they mix Bon era DC with some punk rock SLF style. Whats not to like – excellent stuff.

Check it out here

Buy it Here


Cheap Cassettes – ‘She Aint Nothing Like You’ (Rum Bar Records) Hell Yeah! the first glimpse under the hood of the new album from Candas Cheap Cassettes is a slow grooving rock and rolla and with great subtle gang harmonies these cats are back in the saddle and make this grooving rock and roll seem effortless from the clear melodic guitar break to the subtle late night overdrive they make great bedfellows with The Speedways from the UK and mixing up some Georgia Sattelites its such a cool tune that gets me excited for the album when it hits the shelves.

Check it out here

Chew Manga – ‘Listless’ (Stray Cat Records) full phat and fuzzy. This rocket-fueled slice of alternative rock is the first glimpse into the world of Chew Manga. Not heard these guys before but this Manchester mob has got some cool ideas and mix it up on single with a catchy hook and some great playing making for a most listenable tune and a pretty good introduction to the band. Check it out Here

Tony Iommi – ‘Scent Of Dark’ It might not be a crimbo single (Thank god) but this is the new release from Sabbath Guitar God Tony Iommi and as the video testifies it’s a slow brooding grinding beast of an instrumental combining those riffs and some lush cello playing. Of course, there isn’t any singing just riff after riff after mother fucking riff from the originator of all that is heavy and dark. Get it Here


Wax On Water – ‘The Drip -Part 1’ EP This Camden ensemble kicks off this EP with a dark-stringed intro before their electro attack creepy crawls into your ear. ‘Don’t Bore Us’ builds slowly with a dark brooding tempo before breaking out with a menacing riff before falling back into the electro grunge fused twist.

‘The Sting In The Raw’ is a raw as razor blades riff that meanders through the song slashing away with menace. ‘Seventh Son’ is more haunting but again breaks out with a big raw riff that’s dark and brooding. ‘For The Love Of Money’ is a twitching electronic beast as it moves slowly but purposefully to the chorus with all the dark frills of an electro pulsating gothic slap but the vocal add some softer texture to the track and its better for it.

Check them out here

Hearts and Rockets – ‘TV Is Boring (EP)’ (Psychichysteria) Following from their recent single and video ‘Square Eyes’ and single ‘On/Off’, Naarm (Melbourne)-based bratwave duo Hearts and Rockets’ 5-track EP, ‘TV is Boring’, is out on cassette and digitally today and is available via their Bandcamp pagepsychichysteria.com, and on all digital and streaming services.

The EP features 4 new originals, including recent singles ‘On/Off‘ with its hypnotic guitar lick, ‘Square Eyes‘ however is like a pulsating bass line and synth hook twitching like a metronome, plus the band’s longest track to date the title track ‘TV Is Boring‘ – which clocks in at almost 13 minutes. PLUS there’s a bonus cover of Black Flag’s classic anthem ‘TV Party’ and Hearts and Rockets’ post-punk anthem ‘Buy It’. Melbourne is having some cool tunes poured out of its backstreets with this really good post punk scuzzed up down n dirty rock n roll noise and we like it baby! Check it out Here

Finnegans Hell – ‘Happy Christmas’ (Sound Pollution) The second best Christmas song ever written? In any case “Happy Christmas” by Finnegan’s Hell qualifies as the second-best Christmas song coming from a Celtic punk band.
– “Fairytale of New York” is still number one, but “Happy Christmas” contains enough social realism to make you reach for the bottle once the song is over, says lead singer Pabs Finnegan. His haunting whiskey voice takes the listener through three shades of black in a song that depicts anything but a happy Christmas. It might not be as good as The Pogues (Obviously) nor is it Slade or Wizzard but it shure as shit beats most of the insipid crimbo tunes we hear around this time.

Carrjam – 21 – ‘Can You Feel It’ (sound Pollution) A project started by Dregen to tip the hat to Kiss drummer Eric Carr who has passed 30 years ago! featuring Dregen (The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies), Gustav Kronfelt (video producer), Jolle Atlagic (Electric Boys, The Quill), Jesper Lindgren (Velvet Insane), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper/Slash’s Snakepit) Åge Sten Nielsen (WigWam), Philip Shouse (Accept, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons), Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) and Martin Ekelund (Bonafide). It must be cock rock o clock judging by the style of this slow grooving rock song. Together with some of the most well-known and KISS-inspired musicians, Dregen has recorded 2 songs written by Carr plus 2 KISS related bonus songs.


James Domestic – ‘Push On Through’ (KIBOU RECORDS) second single from James is an electronic departure from his day job with the Domestics. Lifted from James’ debut solo album ‘Carrion Repeating’, due out in April it’s a sparse ride that ends with a freak out of guitar noise broken down by a synth and the techo rhythm and drum beat. widescreen post punk for sure check out the video


Hanterhir – ‘Waiting For Bertie’ (Easy Action) Cornish alt.rockers HANTERHIR return with a brand new single and video ‘Waiting For Bertie’ An adventurous mix of post punk with psychedelic undertones as well as some flutey tones for good measure it seems like the time is right for the band to get back to releasing their album that is penned for early 2022 release Connect here


There are plenty of things the world needs now like a way out of a Global pandemic, less Trump and Johnson, and more considerate and caring society. Less selfish social media hungry liars and self-centered oxygen thieves.  We need a return to live shows and people being kind not so much a return to normal because it was the normal that got us into this shit show in the first place.


First-world problems like big businesses not forcing independent artists and labels to wait whilst the plants press up a bazillion more Fleetwood mac and Coldplay reissues.  One thing we certainly need is another Sonny Vincent album and hey presto as if by magic those fine people at Svart have delivered ‘Snake Pit Therapy’  same title as his recent book release this is unbridled Sonny Vincent at his finest.  Launched over fifteen tracks ‘Snake Pit Therapy enters the ether with the abrasive sweet and sour ‘Stick’ with its trademark scathing sawblade six-string attack but it’s a measured opening with melody and cool as rhythm section building up to an explosive solo al be it brief and to the point. In less than two minutes I’m sitting comfortably waiting for the avalanche of earworms courtesy of Vincent and he doesn’t disappoint.


‘Messed Up In Blue’ is a smokey North West San Fran melody stuck to an upbeat rhythm.  Jangly acoustic guitars adding a sweet layer. ‘The End Of Light’ punches in like Bob Mould fronting an undiscovered RFTC tune.  Another great song as Vincent lays it out there lyrically.  By the time we’re only four songs deep into this voyage and there is a subtle difference here with some really cool melodies jostling front and center over the whiplash guitar work (which is still evident but not overbearing).


‘Can’t Absorb’ is laid back almost horizontal with a gentle strum on the electric guitar and pushing Vincents vocal to the fore and one compliments the other really well. Something I’ve always found when playing a Sonny Vincent album is the detail paid to the arrangement and this is all of that but there’s something else here maybe a maturity or the extended break has given Sonny the time to shake things up musically,  whatever it is its clearly paying dividends because he’s produced a really great piece of work here.


‘Higher Than Charlie’ is a hip-shaking garage romp that’s bursting with energy a real tour de force and we’re only at the midpoint.  The record takes a slight detour at this point with some really impressive Garage Rock and Roll pouring out of the speakers ‘Get Out’ is on a huge groove and exits on some awesome dueling guitar work. ‘Japan Mofo’ on the other hand is a slice of rapid Rock and Roll that a real beauty, fast and furious from a – z.

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Hailing from the North Italian town of Rimini situated on the Adriatic sea and famous for its golden sands come a trio of punky – glam rockers called the Small Town Tigers I’d doubt they get played much around the Golden sandy beaches of their home town but that Rimini’s loss it would seem. So what do they sound like I hear you cry.

Well, They play straight-up punky Garage Rock and Roll and do it very well, it must be said. They’ve stripped it down to some real instruments of guitar, Bass and Drumsbut they throw in some great melodies and worked hard on just playing Rock and Roll they are the sum of their influences I’d wager just how you’d want them to sound – raw, alive and vibrant with attitude, snot and a shit kickin’ grin (at least I hope that’s how they go about their craft).

A lot of how they sound might be down to being fresh at the business or from naivety but they use those as qualities to fire up the tunes and certainly not criticisms.  Take ‘Girl’ and its simple guitar lick. Not to dissimilar to licks Poison Ivy made a living from and when that one finishes it crashes into the wonderful ‘Find Myself Another Name’ that is a rush of attitude that’s held together with some spit and dirt from the rumble on the bass that’s barely holding the drums to check and then the buzz saw guitar riff is churning behind the vocals that remind me of a hungry Joan Jett for sure and if that’s not enough to persuade you to go check em out I’d check for a pulse.

Imagine had The Runaways been listening to The Stooges rather than the radio and then ran through a couple of Ramones covers that’s where ‘Runaway Girl’ is hanging her hat. On offer here are eight tunes and primarily the lo-fi production is spot on for the genre and none more so than ‘Darling Please!’ with the sleazy backbeat and hypnotic riff that sounds like it’s bouncing off a concrete bunker wall but it only help to create the perfect tone for the song. The ladies keep things short and sweet and understand that the kid’s attention spans aren’t what they used to be and maybe as we get a little older we don’t have time to hang about but I’d make time to hang about if this were the soundtrack.  ‘I Want It Now’ is a glam slammin’ romper, sure its a foot on the wedge handclapping retro rocker and the chorus is easy – even for the most challenged listener but hold on don’t go anywhere ‘The Bitch’ takes a turn down a dark alley with a filthy sloppy riff that’s a switchblade away from falling apart as the guitar overheats due to the riff being so dirty.  what’s not to like? Its short and oh so sweet and as they sign off with the bruising thump of the title track it dawns on me shouldn’t it be called ‘Eight Things’? Anyway, ‘Five Things’ is suitably trashy in its delivery and I have a lot of time for that.  If you like Garage Rock and Roll or The Runaways meets the Stooges using The Cramps gear then what are you waiting for? but remember they don’t just steal from the bands I’ve referred to they’ve learned from them and given something back in return. This is a must-hear for you if you want zero fucks given, good time, Garage Rock and Roll –  get on it NOW! and as they say in the blurb – Turn It Up!

Buy ‘Five Things’ Here


Author: Dom Daley


Well well well.  This is a blast from the past and pressed on a chunky piece of plastic as well it’s the 25th anniversary of ‘Retrosexual’ so what better way to celebrate than to stick it out fully remastered and on the old deluxe 180g black circle.  Very nice indeed.

Man, I’m feeling a little down holding this record in my hand thinking its been twenty-five years since this was originally released that is until I chuckle at the cover art in the form it was originally intended to be.  I never was concerned about the fact that there was a lady dead or alive underwater but what a ghastly jumper they’re  wearing is that wrong of me? Anyway, any blues I might have had quickly blew away once the needle dropped.

Firstly I notice there are no bells and whistles added or bonus tracks etc which is cool because ‘Retrosexual’ set the bar for Last Great Dreamers and to tinker with the original formula would have been wrong so I’m pleased with that. Secondly, remastering is like the Harry Potter of Rock and Roll acts sort of the dark arts it’s not like remixing its more than that.  Making a record sonically better for record over CD or fit for radio is a whole dark art and once the needle drops on ‘Chrome Tonic’ I’m taken back to a simpler time when rock and roll wasn’t so instant it was harder to find and you had to be in the club to get to know about the new bands and visit venues to catch support bands to see what was out there people seemed more committed to their cause and stumbling across this after reading a review wasn’t a disappointment at all.  The chorus and hook on ‘Chrome Tonic’ is still twenty-five years on such a rush and an instantly gratifying hook.  Bring it on.

I’ll fess up and admit the last time I played this record was when they released ’13 Floor Renegade’ to contrast and compare but I thoroughly enjoyed it then and I’ll admit now hearing the Acoustic vs Electric riff-a-rama on ‘Last Great Dreamer’ in all its trashy delivery is a beautiful thing.  What a tune! It drew from the ’70s glam through the mid-’80s Hanoi rocks years and beyond but it wasn’t just copying it was being inspired and inspiring and that’s the difference, top tune then and top tune now its lost none of its charm and class.

‘Save You’ was a bit tougher but mopped up what was a super strong opening three tracks. Some albums from years ago never live up to the memory I’m not on about your favourite albums that always stay with you but the ones that bubble under. ‘Paper Crown’ was always a beauty with its Bolan meets Bowie glamness with a welcome dose of Ian Hunter – this record should have been a popular hit that much is a tragedy.  I’m glad they are back and going strong and this wasn’t a one-off. They weren’t afraid to soften things like ‘Kings And Keepsakes’ alongside the out and out rockers like ‘Charlie’ and they could boogie-woogie as well like on ‘Only Crime’ and I always liked the Hanoi Rocks DNA that ran through ‘Streets Of Gold’.

Don’t take my word for it go and treat yourself and pick this one up on vinyl. If you’ve not heard it in a while then it’ll be a treat and if you’ve never heard the band then what are you waiting for?  Jump in ignore the tartan trews and platform boots they were never cool but the music is first class and ‘Retrosexual’ is the sound of a band living and loving it and pouring their heart and soul into the grooves of a great record, Buy it!


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Author: Dom Daley

Fast-rising garage-punks SMALLTOWN TIGERS announce the release of their debut single, along with their first ever UK dates.

The band, from the east coast Italian city of Rimini, came together last year, cutting their teeth on the local squat scene before clinching the support slot on a tour with visiting New Yorkers Baby Shakes.

Working with noted blues-punk musician Stiv Cantarelli (Silent Strangers, J.D. Hangover, The A.C.C.) in the production chair, the girls laid down eight original songs, later having the tracks mastered for release by legendary Detroit producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs, Sonics).

Signing to one of Europe’s leading garage-punk labels Area Pirata, the trio – Valli (bass/vocals), Monty (guitar) and Serena (drums) – are set to release their debut mini-album in the New Year. It will be preceded, on Friday 27 September, by the digital single ‘Just Friends’.

Smalltown Tigers hit the UK in October for their first ever overseas dates, playing four gigs in three days, including an appearance at female punk collective Loud Women’s 4th Birthday Party at the Hope & Anchor in Islington. Full dates are…

Thurs 10 Oct – The Railway Hotel, Southend-on-Sea

Fri 11 Oct – The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston, London (Garageland Club)

Sat 12 Oct – The Hope & Anchor, Islington, London (Loud Women 4th Birthday – onstage 5pm)

Sat 12 Oct – Biddle Bros, Clapton, London (onstage 10pm)