You might well be asking me who the fuck are Punter? It’s a good question and one I can only answer by saying I was sifting through Bandcamp one night (early hours) sober I might add and came across this Australian punk band who sounded like they didn’t compromise one iota and they kicked my eardrums into next week so I ordered the record from the good folk at Drunken Sailor. Who incidentally don’t do bad releases so I knew my bruised eardrums were in good hands so to speak.

Punter hail from Melbourne and their brand of noise are thrillingly intense. They describe themselves as a hardcore band described as a rock band’ and that’s it, in a nutshell, sure they have the rough edges of hardcore but the solo and dexterity of a rock band as they effortlessly slide from one to the other perfectly all whilst raising your blood pressure via some edgy tempos. It’s in your face like hardcore and I can feel the breath of the frontman.

They described themselves as three sick cunts from Melbourne which is nice. what you hear on this exciting album is songs that tackle boredom, stress, fear, youth, death, grief, change, and class politics, all set against the backdrop of the emerging global technocracy, blasted at you from the Aussie suburbs, not least of all Melbourne, the most locked-down city on the planet during the time of writing and recording.

Its short sharp fast exhillarating but most of all fuckin ace and that my friends is why you should at least give these three cunts the time of day. Zero bullshit taken and zero fucks given ladies and gents I give you Punter. Ave It!

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Author: Dom Daley