Returning this summer over four days from the 1st to the 4th of August at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Rebellion Festival has once again pulled together a line-up that runs the full length and breadth of worldwide alternative and punk rock culture. From the four iconic, genre-defining headline artists of The Stranglers, Sham 69, Cock Sparrer and Stiff Little Fingers to the young upstarts kicking up a racket in 2024 like The Chisel, The Meffs, Grade 2, Bar Stool Preachers, HotWax, and Meryl Streek, Rebellion Festival displays an ageless and timeless event annually that demonstrates just how big and welcoming our punk rock family continues to grow.

With over three hundred bands and artists playing and performing across the Winter Garden’s multiple stages, Rebellion Festival really does supply something for everyone with an interest in alternative culture. From the very roots of the movement with the proto 60s garage punk of Love guitarist Johnny Echols, performing with his version of the psychedelic legends, to 1970s glam stompers The Sweet who were a huge influence on the first waves of punk, Rebellion Festival goes from the very start to the wholly contemporary, and everything in between.

A recent and thrilling addition to the line-up this year is the eclectic and theatrical Gogol Bordello from the Lower East side of Manhattan, although they feature members hailing from Ukraine, Ecuador, Russia and Ethiopia for a truly worldwide sound. The band are notorious for their relentless touring, and they have lapped the world many times since their formation in 1999. Rebellion is excited to finally have them hitting the festival in 2024.

All this and so much more, these join many other highlights including Tom Robinson Band, UK Subs, Lydia Lunch, Toyah, Dead Boys, Ruts DC, GBH, Cockney Rejects, The Alarm, and The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

Got to Line Up ( for the full four-day line-up.   


Since its original inception in 1996 as the then named Holidays In The Sun festival, Rebellion has always aimed to bring together the best punk and alternative music from across the globe, and is still a family-run, family-orientated ALL AGES event and children under 12 are admitted free of charge (accompanied by an adult).

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Is it really Sunday already? We’re only just warming up. Having taken a measured approach to this years post covid proceedings we’ve reached the final day and our party of scribes have eased back on the beers and late nights and are raring to go for one last push.

After another of those exceptional breakfasts, it was straight into the Arena to catch the excellent Thee Acid Tongue hoping that the sound we had witnessed for The Chisel was an isolated incident but sadly once again it was volume over any definition and it really hindered front of house sound. Gone was any subtlety in the guitar sound and it was almost a single low-end blast with the vocal becoming an ear-shattering hum which is such a shame because there were five of us hoping to catch the band live for the first time all agreeing that the sound did them dirty. Note to self (please can they play next year with a good mix – thank you) The band clearly had energy in their performance and if they had a good onstage mix it wasn’t the case out front – shame that because they have some really top tunes so I’d love to have to opportunity to watch them next year on the Pavillion stage chopping out those top tunes they have.

Whilst mulling over the sound in the Arena we headed to the Casbah for some of The Insane at the Casbah where they were playing their first gig in 40 years and the track ‘El Salvidor’ stood out next to their cover of the classic ‘Chinese Rocks’ now every year we like to predict how many bands soundcheck their guitars to the opening riff of ‘Sonic Reducer and how often we get to hear it played this year we had to wait until the final day to hear it even once which must show how the festival is evolving and talking of evolving we now head back to the Literary stage for some chatter that matters and another unique feature of Rebellion.

That was half twelve mid-day but we’re not going to moan about it (too much) we have a busy schedule and we’re onto the next. The Literary stage for some Jeff ‘Stinky’ Turner and his no hold barred stand up. In the brand new conference center that housed the art displays and a moving wall of remembrance, it was also kitted out for interviews and stand up which is where we found ourselves along with plenty of others. With not a single spare seat Turner was to talk us through the life and crimes of a Reject and his firm of equally unhinged nutters. Now, the lead throat of The Cockney Rejects Jeff Turner has wandered through life ducking and diving and along the way upset and been loved by equal amounts of people I’d imagine. I found myself giggling and belly laughing as he doesn’t hold back regaling us with horror stories of touring with the Rejects and growing up in the East End and along the way dismantles many celebrities along the way mainly for faking it and not being stand-up people if you’ve not seen Stand up and be counted then I suggest you do so, partly as a cautionary tale and partly because Jeff is a funny guy and I’m sure he would forgive me for saying this but I find myself laughing with and at him, what a life! He’s honest and keeps it real and when talking about his beloved ‘ammers he chokes back the tears which was wonderful to see and hear as the real human side came out but obviously I can’t condone some of his more violent stories but it was what it was and Jeff owned his darker side along with his warm and caring side which also came through. To be honest the literary stage was packed with awesome turns today from Billy Bragg and Alvin Gibbs to Stuart Pearce the footballer , Steve Diggle and Tom Robinson its a shame I couldn’t stay here all day it would have been fascinating and another wonderful side to this festival that makes it so unique.

Where was I? oh yeah, damn you Jeff Turner making me laugh meant I missed my visit to the pavilion to watch The DeRellas who went down a storm from a few people we spoke to who attended the performance which didn’t help. So many things to see so little time and soooo many clashes.

Anyway, where was I? Our schedule was now in the bin as choosing between who to see and where we were supposed to be was now futile so I missed the almost acoustic performance from Dave Sharp interviews with Alvin Gibbs and Steve Diggle. Buzzcocks outside at R Fest and The Avengers in the Empress. it was time to assess who what where and when so it was Chelsea in the Empress as Gene led the band through a solid set kicking off with a sprightly ‘Evacuate’ and an impressive ‘War Across The Nation’ before finishing the set with the classic ‘Right To Work’. We then maneuver ourselves across the Winter Gardens for former Misfit Doyle who is in the Casbah and was also the first act to take twenty minutes to get onstage which was disappointing. It was a well-choreographed thrash fest from the former misfit and his band who did the whole punk/metal thing as well as expected with frontman Alex Story prowling the stage like a madman helping pass half an hour before we headed back to the Empress for the mighty UK Subs.

It was now the final straight for us this year and we nestled ourselves down the front to witness another fantastic set from Charlie and the boys. They treated the packed Empress to a tight – no fuss – zero bullshit, rapid best-of set that took in UK Subs classics such as ‘I Live In A Car’, ‘Down On The Farm’, and the sing-a-long that has become the subs anthem ‘Warhead’. It’s been a while and the Subs are masters of playing Rebellion and what is required of the established bands and their back catalogue.

There were a few moments during the set that encompassed everything that is held special about the band where crowd surfers caught the eye of Alvin, Carlie, and Steven and it seemed to spur them on and raise the already volcanic temperature even higher creating one of those moments and Charlie fuckin up the lyrics here and there much to the amusement of Steven and Alvin its these glimpses into a world where Charlie has sung ‘Barbies Dead’, ‘Limo Life’ and ‘Emotional Blackmail’ a bazillion times yet caught in the moment it can and does happen. The Subs have become something of an institution and Rebellion stalwarts deserving of their elevation up the bill and on the biggest stage. Tonight they were fantastic, they gave the fans exactly what they wanted and some and provided a real weekend highlight for me -long live the UK Subs.

We decided to zig-zag our way back to the Casbah to catch NYC hardcore legends the Cro-Mags for their set but without John Jospeh I can’t help but feel the intensity and performance was missing something. With him prowling the lip of the stage leaving Flanigan to get on with what he does would have been something to behold. However, the set kicked off with a thunderous ‘We Gotta Know’ and that intensity was raised for ’20/20′ but it was a ten-song set that featured four tracks from the classic ‘Age Of Quarrel’ album. It was great to catch them finally. Get em back in the Arena (with a good sound) alongside Sick Of It All, Bloodclot, Stigma and Agnostic Front and I’ll get in training right now, that would be insane. If only eh Hardcore fans?

Right, this was it one final hurrah! Empress Ballroom for Stiff Little Fingers then the hell outta dodge and the nine-hour bus trip from hell home haha! Again the Empress is packed to the rafters for this performance and again SLF didn’t disappoint. Covid might have delayed and derailed their anniversary celebrations but tonight the band was determined to make up for those lost couple of years and the Empress was about to join them for a huge celebration. Opening with the awesome ‘Suspect Device’ followed by ‘At The Edge’ this was shaping up to be an awesome set already. No bullshit nor fucking about it was down to business and hit after hit rattled off the balcony and around this cavernous and beautiful venue. ‘Nobody’s Hero’ followed by ‘Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae’ sounded fresh and as we headed through ‘Strummerville’ towards ‘Gotta Getawy’ it was time for the no-encore encore and a final salvo of ‘Tin soldiers’ followed by ‘Alternative Ulster’ and the band left the stage to rapturous applause and another fantastic Rebellion Festival set. Me I was soaked through and done. My body battery was registering extreme lows and another year was over and an exceptional four days of friends, fun, fantastic music, and everything besides was locked into the goldfish-like memory bank. We discussed highlights of which there were many, regrets of bands we missed and simply couldn’t see, and discussed next year’s wish lists of who should be added to what still is the best punk and alternative festival on the planet. Adios amigos same time same place next Year? Fuckin’ right it is…

If I could be so bold and suggest some bands for next year I’d love to see a return of Clowns from Australia and whilst their at it maybe pack a flight from down under and get Grindhouse, Civic, Stiff Richards, the cosmic Psychos, Coffin on board just for good measure. I’d also get The Lords Of The New Church with Michael Monroe into headline one night there are a plethora of great UK bands we need to see play from The Hip Priest, Deathtraps, Black Bombers, Continental Lovers and Rough Gutts to some from the States like Wyldlife from NYC, Guerilla Teens and about a hundred more I could name but maybe some will be entertained and make Rebellion 2023 better than this year’s event. So without further waffle RPM Online would like to Thank Rebellion Festivals for what must be a terrifying experience yet equally rewarding, James Sherry @ Division PR, Stu Taylor at the Rebellion merch table and all those who put in the hard yards behind the scene and of course all the bands, stall holders and staff at Winter Gardens & R Fest for another truly unique yet excellent festival. Oh, and before I forget, to my traveling companions and roommates for looking after me and making it such a great time, again. Love you long time…respect!

Why not buy tickets for 2023 and come join us by the seaside beside the sea Here




Rebellion Festival, the largest punk and alternative festival in the world, is returning in 2022 even bigger and better with the launch of new outdoor event R-FEST – the festival within a festival.

Taking place this coming 4th to 7th of August 2022, in addition to Rebellion Festival at its annual home the Winter Gardens, R-FEST will be located slap bang in front of Blackpool Tower on the promenade, directly down from the Winter Gardens.

Although the country and government might have stopped clapping for the NHS, R-Fest want to show their gratitude for everything they did during the pandemic and continue to do, by offering one hundred tickets per day to the wonderful NHS workers.

If you’re an NHS key worker and fancy coming along for a day of music, food and sunshine all you’ll need to do is visit the Winter Gardens box office on Victoria Street, Blackpool this Wednesday 3rd August (12pm – 9pm) and show your NHS ID card to receive a free ticket for the R-Fest day of your choosing.

T&Cs apply: only one ticket per NHS ID can be given for free, though you may be able to purchase additional tickets from the box office. Up to 100 tickets available for each day of the festival – Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August.

Note: this is a goodwill promotion and as such refunds cannot be issued for existing ticket holders.

The full line-up for R-Fest is.

THURSDAY 4th AUGUST: Levellers, Hawkwind, Misty in Roots, Dreadzone, Ferocious Dog, Beans on Toast, Millie Manders and the Shut Up

FRIDAY 5th AUGUST: The Stranglers, The Undertones, The Skids, From the Jam, Toyah, Jilted John, The Vapors

SATURDAY 6th AUGUST: Gary Numan, Peter Hook & the Light, Pop Will Eat Itself, Spear of Destiny, The Wedding Present, Primitives, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

SUNDAY 7th AUGUST: Squeeze, Billy Bragg, Tom Robinson Band, Hollie Cook, Buzzcocks, Altered Images, I, Doris

R-FEST will quickly establish itself as the North West’s premier music festival and Rebellion Festival look forward to welcoming many fans that could be experiencing one of their events for the first time. We’re sure they will be welcomed by the Rebellion Family and soon realise why Blackpool is such a special place for our summer gatherings.

R-FEST is a standalone festival and day tickets are available at £50 per day. However, if you are a REBELLION weekend or REBELLION day ticket holder your ticket will get into R-FEST Free Of Charge!

R-FEST is all ages and there is re-entry available.

Rebellion Festival also looks forward to hosting the best punk from around the world in 2022 with the likes of Sham 69, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Cock Sparrer and Stiff Little Fingers confirmed to play the Winter Gardens August 4th-7th 2022.

Tickets for Saturday R-FEST are available HERE:

Rebellion Day & Weekend Tickets gets you in to R-FEST and the Winter Gardens full festival and are on sale HERE:

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Rebellion Festival, the largest punk and alternative festival in the world, is returning in 2022 even bigger and better with the launch of new outdoor event R-FEST – the festival within a festival.

Confirmed to take place this coming 4th to 7th of August 2022, in addition to Rebellion Festival at its annual home the Winter Gardens, R-FEST will be located slap bang in front of Blackpool Tower on the promenade, directly down from the Winter Gardens. The organisers are building an arena with the sea on one side and the town on the other, with a capacity for 15,000 punters and space for bars, food, and band merchandise.

Today, R-FEST can announce that English psychedelic rock legends Hawkwind will be joining R-Fest on Thursday August 4th. Hawkwind replace The Wildhearts, who were originally scheduled to play this slot before The Levellers, but in light of their recent decision to take a break from performing, the pioneering space-rockers have stepped in to take their place.

Hawkwind are an institution who crossover many different genres and fans of music and their set is sure to melt the minds, and the sky, at R-Fest this year!

With Levellers, The Stranglers, Gary Numan and Squeeze all set to take headline positions, they join a host of other artists scheduled to play and R-FEST for the full line-up below.

THURSDAY 4th AUGUST: Levellers, Hawkwind, Misty in Roots, Dreadzone, Ferocious Dog, Beans on Toast, Millie Manders and the Shut Up

FRIDAY 5th AUGUST: The Stranglers, The Undertones, The Skids, From the Jam, Toyah, Jilted John, The Vapors

SATURDAY 6th AUGUST: Gary Numan, Peter Hook & the Light, Pop Will Eat Itself, Spear of Destiny, Chameleons, Primitives, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

SUNDAY 7th AUGUST: Squeeze, Billy Bragg, Tom Robinson Band, Hollie Cook, Buzzcocks, Altered Images, I, Doris

R-FEST will quickly establish itself as the North West’s premier music festival and Rebellion Festival look forward to welcoming many fans that could be experiencing one of their events for the first time. We’re sure they will be welcomed by the Rebellion Family and soon realise why Blackpool is such a special place for our summer gatherings.

R-FEST is a standalone festival and day tickets are available at £50 per day. However, if you are a REBELLION weekend or REBELLION day ticket holder your ticket will get into R-FEST Free Of Charge!

R-FEST is all ages and there is re-entry available.

Rebellion Festival also looks forward to hosting the best punk from around the world in 2022 with the likes of Sham 69, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Cock Sparrer and Stiff Little Fingers confirmed to play the Winter Gardens August 4th-7th 2022.

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 I guess it was edging ever closer so a decision had to be made sooner rather than later but every cloud has a silver lining and get your diary out and pencil at the ready.







This time last year the organisers of Rebellion, the world’s largest punk festival, were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel the four-day event due to the global pandemic. A year on and the dedicated Rebellion team are absolutely devastated to confirm that yet again, the hugely-anticipated event, due to take place this coming August 6th – 9th with legendary artists such as Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Undertones, Tom Robinson and Stiff Little Fingers, at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool, is no longer able to go ahead.

Despite the intention, desire and willingness of Rebellion, the venue, the bands and the local businesses for this year to go ahead, it has become increasingly clear that due to circumstances beyond the festival’s control, it can’t. With no clear guidelines from the government in terms of insurance, guarantees, policies on re-entry, testing and potential vaccine passports, the festival simply can’t go ahead.

Rebellion has been open and transparent throughout this pandemic and were hopeful (but cautious) about this year but required a few essential things to be confirmed for the event to go head. The feeling is that music festivals are being ‘timed out’. No one is saying they CAN’T go ahead, but nothing is in place yet that means they CAN either. That is why the last few weeks have seen many independent festivals take the tough decision to cancel.

All of this, combined with the ongoing global travel restrictions means that Rebellion would not be able to put on the event that they desire, and their audience expects. The Rebellion family is global. Around a third of the people that attend are from overseas and with no touring bands (many agents and bands from overseas have pulled their European tours and rescheduled them for 2022), it would simply not be the festival that Rebellion wanted to stage.

But there is some good news. Rebellion 2021 has been moved to 2022. Both 2020 and 2021 tickets will roll over to 2022. For those of you wanting a refund, visit the website where full details are published. All day tickets will be refunded automatically.

REBELLION 2022 is 4th – 7th August. So put that in your diary! Some surprise headliners have already been confirmed, plus many reconfirmed that were due to play this year. And don’t get rid of your hotel or B&B bookings for this year just yet as there is still hope that some kind of scaled back event this year is possible. Watch this space.

Tickets for 2022 will go on sale on Monday August 9th.

The RETURN OF REBELLION 2022 is going to be massive! The exciting news is the council have agreed for the festival to have the area of the promenade right in front of Blackpool Tower (Tower Headland, on the ‘comedy carpet’). This is an amazing space for an outdoor stage. A straight walk down from the Winter Gardens. Rebellion can double the capacity with this area and have some fantastic plans to make both sites amazing.

To better times. And a colossal Rebellion 2022!


For full statement read here: www.rebellionfestivals/news  Head to for more information.


Twitter: @rebellionfest  Facebook:  Facebook



Let’s not hang about here ‘War’ is the sound of bombs dropping from the sky and panic on the streets. Idles are on it and as a unit won’t be stopped by conventional weapons or pandemics it would seem.  Taking it to the next level after the joy of the Glasto performance and it would seem being taken into the bosoms of the press beast and being hailed as the saviours of alternative post-punk rock and roll all by themselves. Idles have taken it in their stride and just gotten on with it, seemingly oblivious as to the outpouring of adulation currently being heaped upon them.

I liked ‘Brutalism’ and I liked what they offered as the next step on ‘Joy As An Act’ so it was with an intake of breath I pressed play on this their third long-player as the band lock-in and pour out what is inside them onto the black grooves.


Frontman Joe Talbot says of “Grounds”: “We wanted to write a song that embodied self-belief, and gave us self-belief – a counter-punch to all the doubt we build up from all the noise we so easily let in. We wanted to make the sound of our own hearts’ marching band, armed with a jackhammer and a smile. We wanted to make the sound of our engine starting. So we did. Thank you.”  Talbot sounds like he knows the score. top tune and instantly recognisable and more honed in, more finely tuned.  Sounds like they know exactly where they’re going with this lark.

If you thought the band had hit the peak on ‘Joy’ and the worm might turn from here on in, well, think again this album is more vibrant, focussed and raging than the previous offerings.  Across all twelve songs, there is a brutality as the band continues the social commentary of their past work, with themes of class, gender inequality, nationalism, community, and toxic masculinity and empowerment and ultimately fighting back.  Its not preachy it poignant and informative that there are people who think just like you!


Produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire) and Adam ‘Atom’ Greenspan (Anna Calvi, Cut Copy), ‘Ultra Mono’ sounds huge. The album also features guest vocals from Jehnny Beth (Savages), and additional guest contributions from Warren Ellis (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), David Yow, and Jamie Cullum like it needed any.

The constant touring sounds like it has galvanised the band and they’re locked in as one and the twists and turns of the opening few tracks are epic and brutal but quite beautiful as well.

Safe it isn’t but I’m sure there will be a hipster backlash along anytime soon saying something along the lines of them selling out or commercial this and that and not being the same anymore (not with these lyrics).  Tosh, I say this is where they’ve been striving to get for the last two albums and this is excellent.  Even after a few plays I’m easily enjoying it as much as the previous offerings if not more due to the production and songs being a lot tighter.

I’ve not read any of the reviews yet but I’ve seen the comments to the videos released so far and I like it and it would seem so do the punters (those that matter anyway).  Hopefully when all this pandemic strife is sorted and we can get back to live music being a thing I’m sure these songs will take on a new life as they get performed and dissected more by the public as we break them in.


Its a pummeling album and songs like ‘Mr. Motivator’ has taken things to the next level without a doubt.  I’m sure reviews will champion them as the soundtrack to the revolution, Well, the likes of the Guardian and Mirror will and The Mail will hate it. Fuck em!  This album is demanding another spin and I’m already liking it a lot “How D’you like them cliches?”.  To be honest,  Idles have managed to create music that is pretty much universally recognisable which is always a bonus and something bands strive to achieve – sure they borrow bits here and there who doesn’t but the magic when they are in full flight is awesome.

Ultimately ‘Ultra Mono’ is a document of its time and a bloody good one at that.  They look destined to get bigger and bigger.  From their Rebellion Festival appearance to their Glasto triumph and now this release and the raft of enormadomes they will play once it’s safe to do so is proof that alternative music is alive and kicking and screaming.

Crack on Idles I love it.  Some will love join me – some just won’t get it and others will shy away because they’re too popular. fuck that if you can’t love ‘Anxiety’ then why not? Talbot hits the nail on the head lyrically and when he states our government does hate the poor he means it but not to be cool or trendy but because it matters and people need to wake up maybe this is the sound of the fightback.

It’s not all crash, bang, wallop mind.  Well, I say that ‘Kill Them With Kindness’ has a polite intro before Talbot barks his best Iggy Pop. ‘Carcinogenic’ has a lovely throbbing bassline as does ‘Reigns’ as they push the envelope a little further again. A dozen songs later and I’m thinking that Idles have penned a classic of its kind it’s easily their best twelve songs thus far (no seriously) Check it out.  Stream it (if you have to) buy it on tape if you’re hip but turn the volume up for others to hear and sing along. ‘Ultra Mono’ might only have just been born but it sounds like a band has grown in stature and become a real force to be reckoned with – alternative music always needs bands like Idles so let’s enjoy them here and now – Buy it!


Author: Dom Daley

I guess they hoped against hope and the inevitable had to happen but Team Rebellion has given a full and comprehensive press release that shows their class.  A full and frank release goes over and above and shows they had the fans at heart and let’s keep our fingers crossed that come next August this year’s washout will be a distant memory.
“We are absolutely heartbroken to have to announce that it’s not possible for this year’s Rebellion to go ahead.
Please keep your WEEKEND TICKETS as they will get you into Rebellion 2021.
All-day tickets will be refunded.”
“We have been monitoring the situation and looking at all options and whilst we were genuinely very optimistic 2 months ago and honestly thought that this would all be done and dusted half a year ahead, it’s clear that as each day passes things are taking a lot longer to go back to any sense of ‘normal’. All the indications are that mass indoor gatherings will not take place for some time to come. Obviously ticket sales have ground to a halt since the lockdown so the conclusion we’ve come to is that even if the Winter Gardens is allowed to open in August, we won’t be able to put on the same standard of festival that you’ve all come to know and love. We are already losing key bands and there would be people that had bought tickets that either can’t travel (if overseas travel is still banned) or choose not to travel and it’s unfair on them too. Further, we’ve listened to bands, fans and crew and the feedback has tended to move from an optimistic and positive response with people wanting it to happen to many of us now reluctantly accepting that it’s not the best thing to do for our communities health and well-being. So for those of you that wanted us to cancel, we feel we’ve done the right thing but for those of you that wanted us to carry on you can rest assured that we looked at every available option on how long we could keep going before we had to make an awkward decision. Putting on a festival of this size is a huge undertaking and our lives have been on hold with regards to pre-production and ticket sales so to be honest we’re running out of time now to make this happen anyway.
REBELLION 2021 is BOOKED!! – AUGUST 5th – 8th
Next year is our 25th Anniversary and we are planning an incredibly special event. We aim to come back bigger and better and put on the party that we are all going to be craving. It is not possible to have the same line up so we will be starting again for 2021. However we’re mindful that many people keeping their tickets bought them off the back of this year’s line up so we will do our best to re-book as many bands as we can subject to availability, budget and our plans for 2021.
Cancelling this year’s event is obviously very damaging. We do not have ‘backers’, we do not have ‘sponsorship’ – Rebellion is a truly independent festival. The venue is not ours. Our only income is from ticket sales and out of that we must cover all our expenses which as you can imagine are massive for a festival this size. We’ve had good years and we’ve had bad years, but we’ve always bounced back from the losses and if we break even then we’ve lived to see another year! But this is unprecedented – we’ve had all the expenses from August to May but if we have to refund everyone’s money it will frankly be devastating. There is a number of ways that YOU can help REBELLION
1) KEEP HOLD OF YOUR TICKET AND USE IT FOR 2021 – You will be getting in to next year at this years prices! You can save up to £45 (depending on when you bought your ticket) by using this year’s ticket to get you in to next year’s event. This will help minimise the amount of refunds we need to do. So no need to buy another ticket. Keep your weekend ticket safe for 2020 and turn up to wristband exchange next year and you’ll get in.
2) BUY A TICKET FOR 2021 NOW! – Tickets are ON SALE NOW for 2021, if you haven’t got a ticket for this year and weren’t coming, an early purchase of 2021 would really help. Our ‘EARLY BIRD’ prices last from TODAY until August 31st and we will be hitting our ‘mid price’ from Sept 1st onwards which is a lot earlier than usual. So now really is the best time to buy.
3) FREE ‘VIP’ PASSES – The first 300 tickets we sell for 2021 will go into a raffle and we will be drawing 50 winners that will receive a VIP PASS for 2021 which will get you all sorts of exclusive access and goodies.
We’ve already been overwhelmed by offers of support and generosity with suggestions to set up a funding page etc. We hope that things don’t get that bad. We are uncomfortable asking for anything as we know times are going to be hard for many. However, for those of you that are asking and are in a position to, you could DONATE YOUR 2020 WEEKEND TICKET. It would make a massive difference to the future of Rebellion and the type of festival and stages we can offer next year if you didn’t use your 2020 weekend ticket and just bought a new one. There will be a goodie bag to say THANKS for anyone that turns up to WRISTBAND EXCHANGE next year with BOTH weekend tickets showing that they had one they could have used but chose to donate that and support Rebellion by purchasing a new ticket. We certainly don’t expect this and know many can’t afford to but for the many people that have contacted offering ways to support, this is probably the easiest and fairest.
For those of you that neither want to come next year or are not in a position financially to support us then of course REFUNDS are available and the information regarding how that works can be found in detail on our WEBSITE –
We know that many of you go to many different festivals and gigs. We don’t view any other event as a ‘rival’ event to us. We see all live events as one big family that feeds each other with our passion for music. We would urge any of you that also have tickets for other shows that are cancelled to try and avoid refunds if possible. This virus is going to have such a devastating impact on the economy and on businesses and individuals and one of the worse industries to be hit will be the entertainment industry and especially LIVE MUSIC. Many of us in this industry are getting NO SUPPORT from the government. There is no ‘grant’ if you don’t have rateable high street premises, there’s no furloughing if we’re not on PAYE and there’s no support for being ‘self-employed’ if you take money out of the business only when it’s in profit via dividends and there’s no insurance that is going to cover us for cancelling. REBELLION certainly isn’t covered by an insurance policy for this. We’re taking a hit. So many promoters, agents and bands will slip through the net regarding support. Unlike sports events which get huge revenues from TV sponsors, Live Music will be hit terribly. Our only ‘sponsors’ are the people that buy tickets and come to the gigs. Please support all our colleagues at other festivals and shows if you can by minimising REFUND REQUESTS and getting back out and buying tickets for future events as soon as we’re all allowed out again.
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This has been the hardest thing to ever write or publish. Both emotionally and also logistically. We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to work out all the procedures for a cancellation. It’s actually a lot harder to cancel a festival than it is to put one on! So, for everyone that has been moaning about us taking too long to cancel, it’s not as simple as you think! We have many ticket outlets, many price points for the tickets and so lots to get in place before we can just say ‘it’s off’. We also need to let the venue, 350 bands and agents know and all our staff, crew and suppliers as it’s not right that the first they hear about it is via Facebook. There’s also massive implications for doing this and despite what you all think we’re a small family team who’s experience is in putting punk gigs on. Therefore, making sure that everything is legal, compliant and transparent also takes time. So – we did listen to your views and that helped us make the decision to cancel. We’ve since been putting everything in place to make this a smooth process. If there’s anything you guys aren’t happy with or think we could / should have done better or differently then please go easy – we’re in unchartered territory and we’re doing the very best we can.
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Some of the writers managed to send in their list of the top ten live shows they went to in 2019.  they attended hundreds of shows all over the place via trains, planes and automobiles.  On another day I’m sure these lists would change many times over.  RPM Online supports Rock and Roll and loves a live show and as you browse through the lists there are many genres covered as well as some familiar suspects there are many new entries this year.  We’d love to take this opportunity to thank all the bands who toured and played shows all over the UK and continue to do so, All the festivals that supported independent music from Rebellion Festivals and Camden Rocks to Steelhouse Festival in South Wales and all the festivals around Europe and wider thank you.  Continue to look after independent Rock and Roll and help it thrive and reach a wider audience if you want to get involved get in touch we always welcome fresh eyes and ears to spread the word:



Leigh Fuge 

John Mayer –  02 Arena London

Ryan Roxie –  The Asylum, Birmingham

Michael Monroe –  The Fleece, Bristol

The Cult –  University Great Hall, Cardiff

Kenny Wayne Shepherd –  City Hall, Salisbury

Kiss –  The Arena, Birmingham

Alice Cooper –  Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Paul Gilbert –  The Fleece, Bristol

The Wildhearts  – The Tramshed, Cardiff

FM & The Quireboys  – The Globe, Cardiff

Nev Brooks 
Pulled Apart By Horses – Newport Le Pub (Reviewed Here)

Primal Scream –  Great Hall Cardiff

Alice Cooper, MC50, The Stranglers – Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

Nick Cave – Millenium Centre Cardiff

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bar Stool Preachers – O2 Bristol

The Hip Priests, DC Spectres, Deathtraps – Le Pub Newport

The Wildhearts, Towers Of London – SWX Bristol

Wonk Unit – Drogonfly Pontypool

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Sin City Swansea

Holy Holy – Tramshed Cardiff


 Gareth Hooper
Duncan Reid, Cyanide Pills, Bruno – Louisiana Bristol

Ginger & The Sinners – St John’s church Cardiff

Clowns, BBSC – The Exchange Bristol

Amyl And The Sniffers – Louisiana Bristol

Rich Ragany & The Digressions, The Speedways, More Kicks, The Spangles – The Blackheart London

The Wildhearts, Janus Stark – Komedia Bath

The Hip Priests – Le Pub Newport

Bar Stool Preachers, Rich Ragany & The Digressions – Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind – Jacs Aberdare

The Stray Cats, Selector, The Living End – Hammersmith Eventime London

Johnny Hayward
Bar Stool Preachers, Rich Ragany & The Digressions, Social Experiment –  Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Reviewed Here)

The Hip Priests, Rotten Foxes, Flash House, Glitter Piss –  The Pipeline, Brighton

Rebellion Festival 2019 – Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Jim Jones & The Righteous Minds, Heavy Flames, Deathtraps –  Jacs, Aberdare

Death By Unga Bunga, Seek Warmth –  Hy Brasil, Bristol

Dboy, The Vega Bodegas, Nigel –  Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

The Stray Cats, The Selector, The Living End –  Hammersmith Apollo, London

Grave Pleasures – The Fleece, Bristol

Pulled Apart By Horses, Baba Naga, Dactyl Terra –  Le Pub, Newport

Clowns, Broken Bones Gentleman’s Club, Glug – The Exchange, Bristol

Fraser Munro
Adam Ant – St Davids Hall Cardiff

Kiss – Kiss Kruise, Miami

Michael Monroe, Electric Eel Shock – The Fleece, Briatol

The Hip Priests – The Drippers, Deathtraps – JT Soar, Nottingham

Alice Cooper, MC50, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Turbonecro, The Hip Priests – The Chameleon, Nottingham

Dboy – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

The Damned – KK’s Steel Mill. Wolverhampton

Skidrow, Backyard Babies – The Forum, London

the Wildhearts, Towers Of London – Tramshed, Cardiff

Ben Hughes
Michael Monroe – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (Reviewed Here)

Duff McKagan/Shooter Jennings – Academy 3, Manchester

The Wildhearts – Stylus, Leeds

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Low Cut Connie – The Fulford Arms, York

Amyl & The Sniffers – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Ryan Hamilton Songs & Stories Show – Bloomfield Square, Otley

Tyla’s Dogs D’amour – The Fulford Arms, York

Levellers – The Minack Theatre, Cornwall

Hands Off Gretel – The Fulford Arms, York

Nigel Taylor 

The Stray Cats – O2, Birmingham

Saint Agnes – Plymouth Junction, Plymouth

The Wildhearts – Cavern, Exeter

Motörgoblin (Orange Goblin plays Motörhead) – St Moritz Club, London

Ginger Wildheart – St Johns Church, Cardiff

Queensryche – Islington Assembly Hall, London

Mother Vulture – End of the World Festival, Plymouth

Uriah Heep – Steelhouse Festival, Wales

Cradle of Filth – London Palladium, London

Ghost – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Blaze Bayley – The Junction, Plymouth

Dom Daley
Rebellion Festival – Winter Gardens, Blackpool (Reviewed Here)

The Damned – London Palladium, London

Michael Monroe, Electric Eel Shock – The Fleece, Bristol

Duncan Reid &The Big Heads, Cyanide Pills, Bruno – Louisiana, Bristol

Amyl & The Sniffers – Lousiana, Bristol

Ginger & The Sinners – St Johns Church, Cardiff

Clowns – The Exchange, Bristol

Rich Ragany & The Digressions, The Speedways, More Kicks, The Spangles – Black Heart Camden, London

New Model Army – Tramshed, Cardiff

The Wonder Stuff – O2, Bristol

First things first, this interview was conducted during the Rebellion Festival on the afternoon of the band’s performance.  Spunk and his Eruptions are about to head out on some dates around Europe so what better time to get the blood pumping and get you up for some loud punk rock n roll.

Considering how many times you’ve been asked back to perform at Rebellion in Blackpool would you know consider yourselves to be one of the fixtures and fittings along with the likes of the UK Subs?
A regular, um yeah I can’t argue with that so yes (ha ha ha)  Before I came here people said oh if you play two years in a row your going to get a gap and if you do three years in a row then your lucky so you’ll get that gap but Dirtbox will have done eight in a row including this year and SV are on number six so if that’s considered fixtures and fittings then yes I have that haha like the Subs and Nowhere League…
Out of the newer bands, Dirtbox has to be at the top.  there isn’t another band like em or loathe them Dirtbox has pretty much surpassed any other for festival callbacks and SV are getting there and it has to be said on merit as well and output.  I’d wager that of any band started in the last decade you guys are requested more than any other right?
I guess thanks, haha us knock off Bar Stool Preachers, wonk Unit they all do incredibly well for the so-called newer bands so can’t fault them…Wankers Ha Ha!
SV  pulling a fantastic crowd and the new double album are you phasing out Dirtbox?
Phasing out?
Well taking precedence over Dirtbox?
well due to the turn of events of weab leaving and none of us speaking to him since I’m sure people will have their own opinions and that’s fine it is what it is.  We were going to have a break anyway say have six months off just for everyone’s sake to see if we wanted to make another record.  I’d already demoed another album and an EP ready for the band. when Weab left we had sort of five minutes of absolute panic and we were like for fuck’s sake like when your frontman leaves it’s not a trivial thing is it? After a couple of texts went around the lads said well they’re your songs why don’t you do it.  We don’t want to stop it doesn’t matter let’s carry on for now and a lot of promoters and people who had booked the band were going well look we’ve booked you to play here and here etc are you going to do these gigs.  A lot of these people also presumed that I would just sing it wasn’t just the lads in the band.  Everybody just presumed that I would do it.  some bands you’d never find anybody capable of pulling it off and a guitar player doesn’t normally take over from the singer…
You did it before when Weab was ill though didn’t you?
Yes when he didn’t turn up
Did you find that an easy transition to go from the singer’s foil and guitarist in the band to fronting it?
It’s sort of harder to fuck about when you’re the guitar player. I spent ten years playing some of those songs playing the guitar and pointing and saying something but not the mindset of being the singer it is different.  Being stuck to the mic and singing all of it its harder trying to do it automatically.  I think I’m getting there but transitioning from one role to the other is hard you get what I mean, don’t you?
To be fair there was a chemistry between you both on stage. The Dirtbox thing of you two bouncing off each other worked really well.  Anyway SV. A Double album.  Who’s idea was a double album? Its a lot of music was it always planned as a double or did it just turn out with the number of songs you were writing feel you just couldn’t cut it down?  Was there a temptation to hold a bunch over and do two single albums or EPs over a period of time?
Yes, Initially it was going to be two separate albums. We started recording then family matters took over when we were about 80% through recording and when we got back to it a load more was written so we recorded that and found ourselves without a label and after shopping around we settled on doing it ourselves with Avenue Records set up by Maff. it is what it is and was the easiest thing to do at the time. these things you can sit on for ages as you know and shop around forever trying to sort a deal out that suits everyone so we were sat in a rehearsal room and Maff came up with the idea and we went with it and its done really well and we already have another recorded. That will come out next year  Its different from ‘Double Bastard’ which is good maybe the best way to describe it is ‘Double Bastard’ was what people would expect whereas this next one is a bit different…
(JH) – I thought Double bastard was quite angry in places as well.  Was that a reflection of where you were at the time? 
I don’t know to be honest because it was written over a period of time maybe.  I think a lot of that was prepared before we got to the studio because we knew we were going to do the double then…
(JH) you’re just an angry man aren’t you?
I can be Ha Ha Ha It depends where the mood takes me on that day haha
Last year we chatted about some of the songs on the first album and I said ‘Purely Medicinal’ was a great track and not at all what I was expecting to hear and you said you had a lot of material you’d written that you didn’t know what to do with.  Is any of that going to see the light of day as a project?
Yeah, I’ve got a whole album of about sixteen songs, It wouldn’t come out as an SV album.  I’ve recorded fourteen I think so far demoed I’ve called it Skeletons or spelt like a kid would spell it Skelingtons it’ll be like stories and thoughts a bit like that and I’m hoping to get that recorded over the winter.  It’s not Dirtbox and its not SV just stories of things I’ve seen and heard no names no people just memories and thoughts…
(JH) you’re the master of that though pulling stories or memories about stuff like XR3  you just pull out those ideas that a generation can relate to.
It’s like scared of needles.  All that came from was a visit to the dentist and my first thought of dentists was fuckin hell needles. and it got me thinking I can’t be the only one can I? So i started scribbling  like TCP that was me dad I did a gig and got a really sore throat and me dad said I should gargle with TCP and he said when we were kids he used to make us gargle with it and then thirty years later I read up and it said you have to dilute it first (Ha ha ha) How fuckin dull as kids just downing it out of the bottle! Ha Ha Ha  My dad then just smirked at me and that for me was hilarious and that’s where the words came from.
Do you have a favourite lyrics you’ve written from all these stories?
There’s a lot I like um I think there’s a lot on ‘Gatecrash’.  that was all true. haha pissed out me head eating the toilet blue.  I remember that and XR were based on two parties that stayed with me.  I also like the lyrics on ‘Spare Room’  it might be kind of cheesy but it does reflect real shit. On some of the faster songs like you think you are rock and roll but your not, based on knobheads you see sucking up in places like this and then behind your back, they say something different.  the people who walk in a dressing room and help themselves to your beer and you might think who the fuck are you? you’ve never seen em before.  That’s not me being rude but I’m thinking what you are doing, who are you? haha
When you’ve written with other people like you wrote with Ginger Wildheart do you get a lot of people asking to collaborate?
Well, with ginger he just came down to the studio and sang on the record and I said to him, here’s my guitar and he just freestyled he didn’t write as such he just played.
So on that is there anyone you’d like to write with or get to play on your album?
There are a few things happening which I can’t mention…
(JH) You were always a fan of Cowboy Killers and Bad Sam…
I can honestly say Beddis made me want to be a punk rocker and I know he wouldn’t give a shit about me saying this but for me when people say oh the Damned or the Buzzcocks are great for me He’s great I saw him going mad  in his songs and that was punk rock to me not chart hits or anything but when you’re an impressionable teen and music becomes everything else can go fuck itself he was doing Cowboy Killers and I was consumed by his madness and always giving it some…
(JH) Could you work with that then? Is he someone you’d work with if that could happen?
I don’t think so.  anything I do wouldn’t be conducive to how he works or what he does I love everything he does if I lived near Newport I’d be at every show he does.  when I was a kid just going to gigs and seeing the Cowboy Killers I’d be transfixed and it would be like fuck me that’s punk rock and I always think back to those times because as you guys know that was a real catalyst for me and at the time all that punk rock madness it was for me I mean I’m a massive Leatherface fan and listening to Frankie again, he sang about real things you know rather than dreaming or bands like Kiss who sang about birds and being famous and the punk stuff was real and thought fuck me you could write about things that are real to you and what you know about rather than all that other stuff.
What was it like when you got to tour with Wolfsbane what did you think of those dates?
I couldn’t think because I was so dead excited.  All the time I just stood there every night …
(JH) like a kid in a candy shop for the first time?
Yeah ha ha ha
You made them aware of that obviously?
Oh yeah, they knew it alright haha   I think they were like how old is he haha what an idiot. But, I keep in touch with Jase and I’d met Jeff before , but to answer the question it was great they were dead nice and I was like  Woah – howling mad shithead haha it wasn’t that he’d been in Iron Maiden because it was wolfsbane for me  – again going back to being a kid. I knew they were doing a tour and so I asked can I play with them and they said yeah which is great.  there was no more to it than that for me I was dead excited and it was the same for every show
Who else is on your bucket list then? Showaddywaddy?
Well, funnily enough, last week we did a show that was owned by an original member of the band. It was Mick the duke.  He gave me some CD’s and I told him I was genuinely a massive fan and he told me about the history and a few stories and again that was brilliant for me.  this is great – I know people would laugh at that you know Showaddywaddy but he’s got fuckin gold disks all around his office haha 500,000for this one 600,000 for that you know that’s respect right there he’s done it.  that was a man who’s had proper success.  for me that’s fantastic I’d love to be able to dream I could achieve a bit of that success.  He like 78 and he was chuffed watching us and we got a good crowd in and after he put a load of his songs on the jukebox it was brilliant.  You don’t have to be playing Wembley to go home with a massive smile on your face just because you’ve met somebody you admire and they were great.
Sticking with live shows you’ve been over to Germany a fair bit recently, Headlining? 
sometimes.  On the continent, it’s pretty much neck and neck some places its been more for SV and others Dirtbox.  At the moment Dirtbox pulls in the festivals which is fine.  Its dead well received and we get treated really nicely around Europe.  It’s never a bad place to go we get some really good turnouts and not so good in others that’s just the way it is.  You’ve got to break new territory and the main thing is we enjoy it.  we went over with 999 for three dates with SV and that was brilliant. You know us, We’re on on time and were off on time and we were really well received every night and it was great.
How do the songs go down in places like Germany?  Do they get the humour or the stories like XR3?
Ha Ha Ha 
I guess its if they already know Dirtbox or SV then they know what to expect so its a given they probably know about XR3 or ‘Crossfire’ but when we were out with 999 it was like 500 people looking at me like thinking what the fuck is this but the are dead appreciative when you put in the effort and sure I wouldn’t expect them to get ‘Hanging round The Shops’its hard to explain the British culture.  ‘Ram Raid’ it’s all alright here people know what a ram raid is.  there were other things they did get like ‘TV God’ with the riff and TV! I suppose ‘Teenage’ everywhere will get that and it’s great when you hear them sing along.  We go out with Electric Six for two weeks (starting next week as it happens ED) 
It’s great that you can cross over and play with wolfsbane then 999 then electric Six the Cock Sparrer…
Do you not find that weird though?
No not really it’s a reflection of what you listen to and I think we’re all like that a bit nobody just likes punk or metal or indie.
I think there’s a period in your life when you’re trying to be so cool and you turn your back on all those songs you loved as a kid because they are not cool anymore but its all just bollocks isn’t it? Like I said last night on stage we play punk and metal because boundaries just aren’t for us.
going back to last night did you hold an enquiry as to who fucked up the song?
It was Maff.  We skipped a song and he started playing the next one and I didn’t and it was like what the fucks happening…
I thought you were playing a new song
Ha Ha Ha I started laughing and said what are you doing and he said I missed it so I said let’s play the right one then so everybody plays the right song Go! haha how do you cover it?
you can’t its a fuck up everyone does it haha 
We did it in Leeds with Dirtbox supporting The Skids, me n Maff just went off playing one song and the others were like what you doing it was like two five-year-old kids just picked up instruments and started playing and so I started laughing and Maff said just fucking stop! and then everyone was laughing and I turned to the audience and said did you fucking just hear that and it won people over and sort of broke the ice and people were laughing with me  which was great its not embarrassing if you make light of it because it is what it is you’ve fucking gone now so stop laughing just stop! haha
what about last night?  (SV & the Eruptions played the casbah stage)
I really enjoyed last night I remembered getting to the top of the ramp and the crowd was fucking massive and that was great, I mean who’d complain when you’ve got a crowd like that coming to see you.
(JH) It reminded me when you played in here when the stage was on the side and us two were stood next to the stage and you were a bit nervous and then when you walked out it was like – fuckin hell! it was a similar moment this time for the Eruptions.
We did the Empress last year and I was really nervous and you never know how it’s going to go.  The thing is with Rebellion there are so many people and so many good bands all the time you can’t make people go in to watch you, you have to earn it.  they’ve always got that choice.
That year when Dirtbox first played the Empress I went up on the balcony to take a picture if was fucking mental in there from the front to the back it was packed.  It was one of those moments from when we first saw you play the Railway in Abertillery to twenty knobheads who knew every word to fill the Empress was a bit emotional.  It’s no small feat and something you should be immensely proud of.  There are bands who’ve been going decades who would love to have an audience like the one you’ve had at Rebellion and would be envious of it…
I’ve had bands come up to me face and say it.  After that initial rise we did get a lot of respect from a lot of bands but at the same time a lot of ridicule.  A lot of people to this day just don’t get it.  I’m like you can’t get everything you don’t have to like every band that’s fine.  there’s loads of band I never got.  There are loads of bands I never got growing up I’ve played with and have since listened to and got – you know what I mean.  Touring with the skids, they passed me by when I was younger but now having watched them I get it.
I think drawing your influences from a lot of bands that weren’t shit helps – I love the bands I’ve mentioned and bands like the Kinks Or Motorhead or songwriters like the Hollies and people say how do you like the Hollies and I’d say they write great songs with catchy choruses or melodies it good stuff.  I think if you listen to good songs from a good gene pool then it should help you write better songs.  Sure I blast out Lemmy but the Kinks were ace as well.  If you only listen to Extreme noise terror all your life how the fuck will you be able to write a great chorus or melody?  Hopefully having a wide and varied but good gene pool of influences hopefully will help me to be a better songwriter and will help me appeal to a wide audience even if its a little bit.  You can learn to be a better writer.  I never take playing places like Rebellion for granted it’s never a given you still have to work hard to earn what you get and hopefully you get the rewards.
I think that’s why yourselves and The Bar Stool Preachers and Wonk are getting invited back year after year you all have eclectic influences and you all write great songs that win people over. and you’ve earned your stripes.
A lot of people don’t see that we’ve played Halifax on a Monday night and then Southampton and Nottingham followed by Leeds.  A lot of people here probably don’t even know we slog it around Europe playing loads of shows.  I doubt if no more than a handful of people on the Wolfsbane tour knew who we were but now I see people turning up at SV gigs wearing Wolfsbane shirts and patches and that’s great. that makes me smile. I’m proud of that and the band I’ve got they’re all good lads I’m really happy with Scott, Joey and tom and Maff obviously.  they’re all steady and reliable…
Do you think that’s the best you’ve been?
It’s hard to say,  I feel really good about it it’s a different beast to the first line up but they were good but they approached it differently.  Now it just feels right.  I don’t have any concerns at all, I just feel like we’re all right into it and like Scott gives it a bit of a grunt and I like that. Even with Dirtbox, I think we’d run out of a bit of steam and now with Weab going there might have been all the internal issues that people never know about but now all that’s gone it’s like we’re on the same page again.  What happened, happened and I think everybody is happier weab has Kid Klumsy and I hope he’s happy and we can all move on with our own things.  we’re going to have a break then next year we’re going to play a few dates we’ve got pencilled in for April and a new album as well.   We had started some but I’ve got a load of new material with my voice in mind and not Weab so it’s different styles and demoes some and the lads were chuffed they had a real live feel and you could see the boys felt the same again which is great. The songs have a raw feel maybe more like ‘Legends’  but that might be just at the moment.  We’ll see how we approach it in the studio because we love the songs and think Dirtbox has still got legs it would be a shame for me to see the name disappear because the singer left. We don’t want to hang up the Dirtbox flag, it’s not just about us four in the band and you know how hard we’ve worked because you boys have been with us from the start, we’ve worked really hard to get noticed and people seem to like us so we owe it to them as well.
There you have it folks the one and only Mr Spunk Volcano saying it as it is.  We actually chatted for an age with some really exciting things happening for both SV & The Eruptions and Dirtbox Disco so strap yourselves in and get your fix as I’m sure all will be revealed as and when and we’ll try our best to keep you up to date with what’s going on in both camps.  Thanks to Spunk for taking the time and indulging us and making us bloody laugh every time we cross paths.

“Do they own us a performance? Yes They Do,  Yes They Do”

A band that still divides opinion – Crass. The songs remain relevant as much now as when they were written. Steve Ignorant is going to be playing a full set of CRASS SONGS at Rebellion 2020. This is a set that many Rebellion Crew will be downing tools to make sure they catch! Tickets for 2020 are on sale NOW (still at the early bird prices). Plus you can buy with easy manageable monthly installments of just £18.

Crass have recently had their back catalogue reissued on vinyl through One Little Indian on coloured vinyl.