Chubby also Announces signing to Flatspot Records & play live show.

Charlie Manning is Chubby and The Gang. The 30-something-year-old born and bred Londoner, kicked off the project in 2019 with the intention of blending hardcore punk with the most infectious elements of ‘70s rock n roll and doo-wop. Charlie brought in a “gang” of rotating instrumentalists performing on the albums Speed Kills (2020) and The Mutt’s Nuts (2021), both released through Partisan Records. Fast forward to now and Chubby and the Gang joins long-running hardcore label Flatspot Records (Scowl, Speed) and shares the new single “The Bonnie Banks.”

“The Bonnie Banks” is an ode to London and just thinking things are going to be okay. Lead by lively guitar, the song has an infectious, but rough around the edges delivery. Manning’s storytelling nature of the track leads to a repetitive refrain that is begging to be shouted along with.

Chubby and The Gang will performing on June 15th at Flatspot World in London alongside Scowl, Jivebomb, and Stiff Meds. Tickets are available HERE.

OK here’s where I am. The Music business is often like swimming with sharks, which is not at all pleasant but if you feel the need to get in that beautiful rewarding blue water you have to take the plunge and take a chance. The murky waters often reward and make that risk worthwhile. Now The Wildhearts have had the wonderful uplands and sadly the lowlands of turmoil and very public self-harm. Often with such risk you have a real high (Album releases, great tours the full Makonky) followed by the low of lows and acrimonious fall outs all exasperated by the modern world we live in where the mere mortals have access to the main players and a social media content that is available at the blink of an eye.  It wasn’t that long ago we all thought we’d seen the last of the Wildhearts and this time they were indeed broken beyond repair and the band simply couldn’t exist in each other’s orbit and couldn’t or wouldn’t admit it but as soon as that was realised the main players moved on and wounds started to heal. Rumours around a return of the name The Wildhearts were rife and alas a brand new lineup emerged. Fast forward to an album in the can acoustic shows from Ginger where the general vibe was really positive and the band had a new mojo and were ready to rock. Ginger seemed really up about what was happening and the day arrived it was all roads to Shepherds Bush Empire and lets Rock.

First up were the hard-rocking amigos that are Asomvel. They are unashamed hard rockin’ mofos. The four-piece take every hard rock cliché and embrace it and live it like they clearly love it. Marshall stacks unlike any band has used for about three decades that Biff n Lemmy would be proud of, plenty of Studded bullet bets and leather jackets, not to mention the odd legs akimbo and fist punching. Its game on as they embrace the void left by the mighty Motorhead and unashamedly try and fill an infinitesimal spec of it. Whether you like em or loath them you have to admit they do it with panache and a true belief that there is no other way from the hoarse vocals to the screaming les Pauls they go for it with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Vocalist and bass playing Lemmy lover Ralph pirouettes when prowling the stage like Lem did and even bares a passing resemblance the only thing lacking was the big hook, but hey, that can come, one step at a time. Besides  they were having a ball even ending their set with a full band bow that was lapped up by many who got in early to catch their set. Being unfamiliar with their music didn’t help but their brand of hard rock is a fine art and one that isn’t being practiced by many so more power to them. These gents were ‘Born To Rock and Roll’ just like their song said and who would deny them?

Merthyr three-piece Florence Black were up next with their heavy as hell Soundgarden meets Alice In Chains style. It’s the perfect platform for powerhouse vocalist Thomas who has thr vocals to fit that style perfectly. What they offered is a hard rock,  sludgy, ‘riff-heavy as breezeblocks’ sound that this scene needs. Even with some technical problems that potentially tried to derail them, they recovered to entertain large sections of the audience – someone else’s audience I might add, and to be fair they had the best sound of the night where a rich crystal clear sound filled not only the Empire but half of West London I’d imagine. Safe to say my Rockin Welsh brothers delivered the good and went down really well. ymdrech dda bachden.

Whilst I might not have read Kerrang for about 30 years I would imagine they are some hot shit at the moment with a critically acclaimed record on the shelves. In vocalist and guitarist Tristan Thomas he has a voice right up there with the best of this genre and one that deserves to be heard and not buried in time. Even if you aren’t a fan of the genre you have to surrender to their enthusiasm and passion for what it is they’ve chosen to do.

With the stage cleared to reveal a minimalist set made up of an old school drum riser and some platforms flanked by some confetti canons and big boys sparklers, The latest incarnation of The Wildhearts were about to be birthed so without delay the band took to the Empire Stage to be greeted like returning heroes. The set promises plenty of twists and turns so opening with ‘Sleepaway’ isn’t safe at all (good effort) the band cover pretty much every inch of the stage and new boy Ben Marsden is beaming like a Cheshire cat as he lays down the riffs like he’s been at this for years, offering a different style and approach to some very familiar songs and I liked his Angus Young style solos. He offered up an excellent alternative style to what Ginger does and it worked, because they worked and he was laying his stamp on some fan favourites all with a contagious beaming smile across his cheeky chops. 

Ginger seemed in good spirits and wanted to get on with his job and entertain the masses. He seemed genuinely moved as well with the feedback from the rapturous audience who embraced every second of the set, which was exactly as promised, varied and with pyro – It was a new band with new energy obviously the set had its non-negotiable must plays like ‘Caffeine Bomb’ ‘Shitville’ and ‘Headfuck’ but the best songs of the night for me were the excellent inclusion of ‘Slaughtered Authors’ with that magical bassline opener as well as ‘The Jackson Whites’.  Sure I love to hear the “classics” but with such a vast catalogue its great to hear songs from outside the box or what might be deemed the safe set.

Sure they could have ploughed through 90 minutes of bangers but this is the Wildhearts for fucks sake that’s not going to cut it. There was also time for a pair of new songs that will make up the new album set for later in the year and the latter being almost Ballad like ‘Hurt People Hurt People’  and the most out of the Wheelhouse for the Wildhearts and dare I say not your typical Ginger solo song either. The first however was much more a “Wildhearts” song ‘Eventually’.

All things considered, this was a win for The Wildhearts and having Ben on board seems like a great move from Ginger his positive PMA and quality of playing can only be a boon going forward and for a first outing this can only be considered a win. oh, and having big boys sized sparklers and confetti cannons is always nice – not enough bands go the whole hog mog. Just when you thought it might be all over they rise from the ashes and exciting times are once again there for The Wildhearts to grasp with both hands. Onwards and upwards the music world is always better when The Wildhearts are making music and entertaining us live. Now, let’s get the album released and get this shit on the road around shit island so everyone gets to see the triumphant rebirth of The Wildhearts it’ll make you happy.

Author: Dom Daley

A 15-track compilation of current underground Swansea guitar bands or should that be part one because the local scene is bustling with guitar bands like I can’t ever remember that’s for sure.

On R*E*P*E*A*T’s return to Swansea after over 30 years away, they found their hometown to be far more diverse, creative, vibrant and exciting than the one they left behind. In no small part the cast extends further than just these bands but a much wider cabal of neerdowells and to be fair record shops and live music venues all helping sew their own piece on the patchwork tapestry that is Swansea.

The album is curated by an excited R*E*P*E*A*T and some of the favs over the last five years. You used to have to travel to Cardiff, London and beyond fo your fix but maybe it is now the time for Wales second city to stake its claim as Newport has always delivered venues and a scene. The likes of Trampolene, Monet, Swansea Sound, Rainyday Rainbow, Grey-FLX and Kikker all regularly play getting reviews, radios and stages way beyond our Westerly outpost.

Accompanying tracks by these trailblazing upstarts, the album also boasts rare or unreleased sounds by Helen Love, The Pooh Sticks and The DC10s but the albums Diamonds in the Dust goes to Baby Schillaci and their synth-droning post-punk slammer ‘Ultra HD Happy Face’ and of course Trampolene with the dreamy ‘Between The Bars’ but the top trump here goes to the mighty Kikker with their frantic ‘Trash’ which is majestic. But let’s not forget the lo-fi grunge of Dead Noize thrashing away towards the back end of this album.

The magic here is the diversity in the bands who all share stages together but the wealth of talent is much deeper. Congratulations to Repeat for putting this out there and anyone who reads a review and takes a chance and who knows, discovers their new favourite band. The album was released on May 31st on Swansea City coloured white and black splatter vinyl with a gatefold sleeve featuring an original painting of the City by local artist Fred Flitton. Lovely Ugly music from the finest city. Buy It!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

 The Interrupters, have an animated video for the track “Alien,” of their fourth studio album ‘In The Wild’.

Ukrainian sisters Olga & Vira “MadTwins” Ishchuk (@madtwinsart) known in the punk scene for their animation works for punk bands such as Social Distortion, NOFX, Flogging Molly, created the “Alien” video based on a plot invented by Aimee Interrupter. Mad Twins tell: “the song “Alien” spoke to us strongly because we know what it is like to be an abandoned child and a weirdo. Aimee and the guys wanted the main character to be a skeleton, and that was a challenge. In punk rock and metal there are a lot of visuals of skeletons, we wanted the main character to be different and the audience to empathize with him. The value of the song Alien is precisely in the openness of the emotions of suffering due to the difficulty of finding one’s place in society, which are well known to those who come to the punk rock subculture. The “happy end” at the finale of the video is not so important as the story about that the character sincerely tried to find his path. This is not the time to lie down in the pit of death, life is precious even if you are feeling yourself as an alien.”

Fresh of a month-long US headline tour, The Interrupters will be back for a selection of festival and headline shows across the UK and Europe, starting at Slam Dunk coming Saturday. The band will also be supporting Green Day in France and The Netherlands and The Hives in Italy. See below for the full list of dates.  
Tickets & info are available at

UK/Europe Summer Tour

May 25th – Hatfield, UK – Slam Dunk  
May 26th – Leeds, UK – Slam Dunk
May 28th – Lille, France – Le Splendid *
May 30th – Santiago De Compostela, Spain – O Son Do Camino [SOLD OUT]
May 31st – Lisbon, Portugal – Lisboa Ao Vivo *
Jun. 1st – Madrid, Spain – Road To Rio Babel [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 3rd – Valencia, Spain – Repvblicca *
Jun. 4th – Bilbao, Spain – Santana 27 *
Jun. 5th – Lyon Decines, France – LDLC Arena # [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 7th – Nürnberg, Germany – Rock Im Park
Jun. 8th – Nürburgring, Germany – Rock Am Ring
Jun. 9th – Brussels, Belgium – Ancienne Belgique *
Jun. 10th – Hamburg, Germany – Grosse Freiheit * [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 12th – Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar *
Jun. 13th – Nickelsdorf, Austria – Nova Rock
Jun. 15th – Interlaken, Switzerland – Greenfield
Jun. 16th – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Den Atelier * [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 18th – Paris, France – Accor Arena # [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 19th – Arnhem, The Netherlands – GelreDome # [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 21st – South Tyrol, Italy – Natz Alpen Flair
Jun. 22nd – Lyon, France – Slam Dunk
Jun. 23rd – Landgraaf, The Netherlands – Pinkpop
Jun. 25th – Bologna, Italy – Sequoie Music Park +
Jun. 27th – Berlin, Germany – Huxleys Neue Welt * [SOLD OUT]
Jun. 28th – Munster, Germany – Vainstream
Jun. 29th – Clisson, France – Hellfest

*  Headline Show

#  Supporting Green Day
+ Supporting The Hives

For more information on The Interrupters, visit: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

America & European Dates

Check out the tour posters and visit the band’s website for TICKET LINKS! A full list of the band’s gigs including their European and UK shows is at the bottom, just scroll down!

The band also have a new single lined up for release in July. ‘California’ b/w ‘Run Run Runaway’ will be available on a RED vinyl 7″. It features guest vocals from none other than La La Brookes of The Crystals! More info and pre-order details coming soon. Finally, don’t forget the band’s recent ‘SHAKE!’ 7″ is now available on BLACK VINYL. Just 500 copies on this pressing.


23.05 Lux – Hannover, Germany

24.05 Sniester Festival – Den Haag, Netherlands

25.05 Botanique – Brussels, Belgium

12.06 Fermento in Villa – Bologna, Italy

13.06 Mocvara – Zagreb, Croatia

14.06 Bad Music Bogaloo – Belgrade, Serbia

15.06 Trash & Burn Fest – Sveti Martin na Muri – Croatia

20.06 Arena – Vienna, Austria

21.06 Club of Newchurch – Neukirchen A.G., Austria

22.06 Summer Live Fest – Lixing-lès-Rouhling, France 

18.07 Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT, USA

19.07 Robo Bar – Ottawa, ON – Canada

20.07 Le Festif – Baie-St-Paul, QC, Canada

21.07 L´esco – Montreal, QC, Canada

22.07 Monarch Tavern – Toronto, ON, Canada 

23.07 Lager House – Detroit, MI, USA 

24.07 Cafe Bourbon St. – Columbus, OH, USA 

25.07 Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN, USA 

26.07 Portal – Louisville, KY, USA 

27.07 Liar´s Club – Chicago, IL, USA 

10.08 The Earl – Atlanta, GA 

11.08 Static Age – Asheville, NC 

12.08 Cobra Cabana – Richmond, VA 

13.08 Metro Baltimore – Baltimore, MD 

14.08 Pie Shop – Washibgton, DC, USA 

15.08 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA 

16.08 Hi-Tide Summer Holiday – Asbury Park, NJ 

17.08 Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY 

18.08 Askew – Providence, RI 

25.09 The Adelphi – Hull, UK 

26.09 The Night Owl – Birmingham, UK 

27.09 NE Volume Music Bar – Stockton, UK 

28.09 Acapela Studio – Cardiff, UK 

29.09 St Marys A Creative Space – Chester, UK 

30.09 The Cluny – Newcastle, UK 

01.10 The Caves – Edinburgh, UK 

02.10 Room 2 – Glasgow, UK 

03.10 Night & Day – Manchester, UK 

04.10 The Dome – London, UK 

05.10 Norwich Arts Centre – Norwich, UK 

06.10 Wedgewood Rooms – Portsmouth, UK 

It’s only May, yet it’s hard to keep count of the great albums released this year. As one of my favourite bands is King Salami, it’s no surprise that the debut from Martin Savage And The Jiggerz is up my street, featuring as it does the rhythm section of The Cumberland Three. The energy levels are similar, but this is twelve slices of barbed, garage rock.

‘Between The Lines’ races out of the starting blocks, like early Brian James. ‘On The Run’ doesn’t let up, veering close to the edge of the fretboard, complete with handclaps and police sirens. This, along with ‘Out Of This World’ is reminiscent of the great Larry Wallis, so, if that’s your bag, dive in. It sounds like the album was recorded in a day, a compliment in my opinion. “In, out, put the kettle on” as Monkfish used to say. And, indeed, much like ‘The Fast Show’, there’s no superfluous stuff here; fast, sharp, short songs that fly past.

‘Next In Line’ boogies at a now-expected frantic speed, and it’s on to ‘Eyes Of A Blind Man’ with no time to spare and some wailing harmonica. Put simply, if you like one song, you’ll like them all. ‘Fly By Night’ wouldn’t shame Johnny Thunders. Uncle Dom and I were saying only the other day that very few bands manage to pull off the ‘L.A.M.F’ sound convincingly, but this is an exception.

Single ‘Down The Line’ is slightly more laid back, before ‘Fast And Loose’ is exactly that. ‘On The Corner’ gives Wild Billy Childish a run for his money, and ‘Boomerang’ will hit you in the head.

What more do you want? If infectious, raucous garage rock is your thing, get your preorder in now.

Buy Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

Join us this week as we walk you through some pretty awesome tunes both old and new. Kicking off with a new song from Rich Ragany and his brand new solo album that’s released in a month but pre-sales are up now from his label Here

We delve back into the 80s for some Sea Hags and a track off their one and only self-titled album before we hit you with a brand new song off the soon-to-be-released Redd Kross double album! Yes Double. Pre Orders Here

We just keep giving. Try some Scandinavian Glunk in the shape of Leaded Fuel next before we offer some Ultrabomb who also have a new album on pre-sales.

Does anyone remember Electric Angels? well, we do and this is their Drinking Song the band was the springboard for Ryan Roxie who is currently playing with Alice Cooper. Fancy some cock Rock courtesy of CC from Poison? Hotshot did which is why we played a song from his project Samantha 7 with a track called ‘Framed’. We dug up a classic Fallen Angels track off that debut album because it’s one of those criminally underrated records that deserve to have more ears on it so here’s ‘Dagger In My Heart’.

In the 80s NYC dished up some sleazy rock n roll in the shape of Uncle Sam and a track off the ‘Heaven Or Hollywood’ record as we ‘Live For The Day’. Hotshot offers up Jizzy Pearls Love HAte and ‘Spinning Wheel’ which is quickly followed by the epic Warfare with ‘ Noise Filth and Fury’ that was the ultimate MEtal/punk crossover that paved the way for the likes of Midnight and they had a fan in Lemmy. So what’s not to like?

We heard of the recent passing of Jock from X-Ray Eyes so we played ‘Blind Sniper’ off the band’s latest release, Rest in Peace Jock.

Mo Bergs The Pursuit Of Happiness popped into my head earlier this week and I couldn’t get this banger out of my brain. ‘I’m An Adult Now’ is a stone wall classic. The Daniel James Gang offer some ‘Misery’ right from the sleazy side of the Replacements pocket and we love that, we also love some Indonesian Junk as well but they’re for a later episode so this banger will do for now.

We head into the home straight with a track off the RSD album from Dead Horse a band made up of a Damned, Sex Pistol, Generation X and twenty Flight Rocker that you should have picked up on RSD 2024 if you have any self respect, if not fear not we can sort you out with one of the tracks here.

Crazyhead released one of the singles ever and most definitely one of the best titled songs ever and we bring yo the original version from the 12″ not the overproduced album take which is still great but not as good as this version.

If you stick around with this episode we bring yo the mighty Scott Drake and a track called ‘Champagne On Ice’ a much underrated artist who is currently tearing it up with Guerrilla Teens a band you should also check out. We sign off Episode 27 with some Garage Rock from the awesome Suicide Generation and ‘Prisoner Of Love’ so until next time stay tuned and like-share-follow the RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution

Posthumously released records tend to be hit or miss affairs, especially when they are put out by a major label looking to cash in on some unfortunate musicians untimely passing. Thankfully with ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ what we have is a record very much in the “hit” camp, not only because it features a dozen new tracks assembled by Slug himself but also because he’s dragged in a plethora of his showbiz mates to help hammer home his message and blow me if it isn’t one of the best things the man has ever been a part of too.

This isn’t some fleeting comment you should take lightly either, especially when you consider that during his time on planet Earth, Slug had been a part of such bands as The Nitwitz, B.G.K, Loveslug and (the band with whom I first encountered his mighty bass thump) The Hyrdomatics.

Having started out in punk rock all the way back in 1978 delivering fast and furious missives with the first two of those bands Slug immediately got to share European stages playing on bills with bands like the Dead Kennedys, whilst a decade on and long before grunge was a household term, as part of Loveslug, he got to work in the US with the likes of Jack Endino helping forge a hybrid punk/garage rock sound and quite probably turning a few plaid shirt wearers’ heads in the process. Then at the tail end of the 90s Slug got to record with both Scott Morgan and Nicke Andersson in The Hydromatics, starting with the awesome ‘Parts Unknown’ record before more recently picking up with both The Spades and Cheetah Chrome and The Knobs.

The reason for this potted history lesson is to fully understand the true spirit of what The Tony Slug Experience is all about. Recorded across a 2-year period during various sessions in both Europe and the US. The biggest chunk being recorded in Tony’s hometown Amsterdam with producer/musician Steven van der Werff, this album assembles 30 of Slug’s other musician friends, including Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Jennifer Finch (L7), Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters), Jerry A. (Poison Idea) and Happy Tom (Turbonegro), to produce one of the most exciting swan song records of all time.

Blasting out the speakers with ‘Road Goat’ this is where the Slug story comes full circle with lead vocals provided by Jello Biafra (his first of two songs here). This song must surely have taken Slug all the way back to those early B.G.K days, whilst ‘If I Make The Gates’ which immediately follows (and featuring Nicke Andersson) is much more like the latter day garage punk music Slug would go on to be involved with. It’s Jeven De Groot (guitarist/singer with space rock outfit Temple Fang) who really shines on this tune though as he does on ‘Wreckerball’ a song that sounds like it’s just fallen out of The Hip Priests’ extensive back catalogue and is truly a world away from the singer’s day job. Exhilarating stuff indeed!

Elsewhere, Jerry A steps up to the microphone for a riotous ‘I’ll Never Forget’ and Jennifer Finch slips into ‘Someone to Blame’ with the utmost ease. The latter is a song that reminds me of US glam punks (and Dom Daley Rebellion faves) Glitter Trash which is kind of ironic as their ex-guitarist Paul Grace Smith (who also played with Slug in a host of bands) features on ‘Spy Satellite’ which immediately follows. Plus let’s not forget ‘Smile’ featuring Greta Brinkman on vocals that gives the record a full tilt rock n soul vibe at the midway point, she returns for the equally excellent ‘Dumb Things’ later too.

You know, with so many different musicians and styles involved ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ could really have ended up sounding like a patchwork quilt of tunes, but it’s true strength is that it doesn’t, it plays out as one set of interconnected songs, and that’s because Slug is at the heart of them all. Slug Rock to the very end!

Set for release on May 5th 2024 ‘The Tony Slug Experience’ will be released via Suburban Records and Wap Shoo Wap in Europe and via Alternative Tentacles in the US, the vinyl coming in a gatefold sleeve with a foreword by Turbonegro’s Happy Tom, accompanied by a fanzine-sized biography.

Buy Here

Author: Johnny Hayward

Norway’s finest have concocted another pure sonic assault, getting back to their roots musically while also looking forward and developing new aspects to their sound. 

New album Negative Music has the ear splitting extreme metal tones you would expect but with a raw underlying punk rock energy and ethos. Thudding bass lines akin to west coast hardcore but with shrieking and tortured vocals reminiscent of 80s Deathrock while also sharing the band’s issues and social concerns relating to their upbringing and the musical scenes they have navigated. 

Unrelenting and with absolutely no compromise, the black metal meets punk sound helps lend to a fresher more analogue sound to the record, getting away from the synthetic heavy metal pitfalls and tropes that can plague the genre but still remaining brutal. 

Particular stand out tracks are ‘dead ringer’ and ‘the burning’, a throbbing assault to the senses with the potential to upset any next door neighbours. 

In an industry and subculture that trades on shock value and over the top rorschach logo typography, Haust are refreshing due to their stripped down approach with their image, artwork and their level headed approach to interviews and promotion and as a result they’re a hell of a lot more approachable in their “scene”.

Author: Dan Kasm

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Fysisk Format:
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A night when the old school garage rock grandmasters that are The Hives take young jedis in training out on tour to show them how it’s done by the best in the business and give them the leg up they deserve as they continue their upward trajectory to what can and should be a deserved seat at the top table.

Bad Nerves have been constantly touring and recording their second album then touring some more across the states they’re certainly not afraid of hard work and know that you have to go out and get every single sale and work for it. Tonight they strode onto the well-trodden boards of the great hall in Cardiff to a very healthy audience. They purposefully took up their stage positions and with an effortless cool, they exploded into ‘Don’t Stop’ and don’t look back for the next half hour.

With ‘Still Nervous’ getting its timely release at the end of this tour Bad Nerves have global domination in the pal of their hands. They’ve got the chops, tunes and attitude to one day go toe to toe with The Hives but at this point, they are the perfect Garage punks to open up this Rock n Roll show.

Bobby Bird leads the troops through a blistering set of well-worn in tunes and a couple of new ones. They look the part on the big stage and seem super comfortable pumping out their power pop punk anthems. It’s like all the vital ingredients for success and the right place at the right time but all that is immaterial if they don’t have the tunes but on tonight’s evidence they don’t have to worry on that front because the new songs are so strong. ‘USA’ is a vicious romp through the best power pop punk rock and with ‘You’ve Got The Nerve’ they have the punk rock authentic attitude to pull this off. As was pointed out by Mr H they have the songs like the mighty Cyanide Pills (who would be fantastic touring partners when they finish their stint with The Hives)

There was no fuckin about, no bullshit just Rock n Roll from top to bottom and Cardiff Uni had just been served up a lesson in how to open a show good and proper. Belting performance, catch em while you can Bad Nerves are going places.

After an impressive opener we readied ourselves for The Mighty Hives a band I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many times in many venues and this being their second time here after playing the smaller Yr Plas across the corridor two decades ago! Wow, Those twenty two years have flown by I’ve been lucky to see these Swedes play in front of 100,000 in Hyde Park and less than 1000 in Cardiff but the one thing I had on each occasion was a rock and roll show of the highest calibre. There aren’t many who can match the energy and drive of The Hives and that’s before we get to the arsenal of songs they have at their disposal. they treat each performance the same be it in the tiny Fleece in Bristol or a football stadium or a students union The hives put on a show and every night is nothing short of 100% they leave nothing on the stage when they leave except a puddle of sweat and an audience of beaming smiles on sweaty faces leaving knowing they’ve seen one of the best garage rock bands anywhere on the planet.

From the opening of ‘Bogus Operandi’ through the hits like ‘Main Offender’ or ‘Walk Idiot Walk’ the energy is incredible only matched by the quality of the music. In Howlin Pelle they have an exceptional frontman who has every audience eating from the palm of his hand from the moment he steps on the stage but he is enabled by an incredible band none more so than his brother Nicholaus who doesn’t stop making eye contact and moving like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Its a magnificent performance and the levels they reach are second to none be it old classics like ‘Hate To Say I Told You So’ to new songs of the Death Of album that peaked with ‘Trapdoor Solution’ or who cares they’re all spectacular and there can’t be single person wedged into this room who left disappointed with the garage rock majesty that is the Hives.

After seventy five minutes its a brief encore before a devastating one two three of ‘Come On’, ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ and ‘Tick Tick Boom’ and we’re done. Another magnificent evening with the Hives. Lets do it again same time same place next year. Simply magnificent!

Author: Dom Daley