A 15-track compilation of current underground Swansea guitar bands or should that be part one because the local scene is bustling with guitar bands like I can’t ever remember that’s for sure.

On R*E*P*E*A*T’s return to Swansea after over 30 years away, they found their hometown to be far more diverse, creative, vibrant and exciting than the one they left behind. In no small part the cast extends further than just these bands but a much wider cabal of neerdowells and to be fair record shops and live music venues all helping sew their own piece on the patchwork tapestry that is Swansea.

The album is curated by an excited R*E*P*E*A*T and some of the favs over the last five years. You used to have to travel to Cardiff, London and beyond fo your fix but maybe it is now the time for Wales second city to stake its claim as Newport has always delivered venues and a scene. The likes of Trampolene, Monet, Swansea Sound, Rainyday Rainbow, Grey-FLX and Kikker all regularly play getting reviews, radios and stages way beyond our Westerly outpost.

Accompanying tracks by these trailblazing upstarts, the album also boasts rare or unreleased sounds by Helen Love, The Pooh Sticks and The DC10s but the albums Diamonds in the Dust goes to Baby Schillaci and their synth-droning post-punk slammer ‘Ultra HD Happy Face’ and of course Trampolene with the dreamy ‘Between The Bars’ but the top trump here goes to the mighty Kikker with their frantic ‘Trash’ which is majestic. But let’s not forget the lo-fi grunge of Dead Noize thrashing away towards the back end of this album.

The magic here is the diversity in the bands who all share stages together but the wealth of talent is much deeper. Congratulations to Repeat for putting this out there and anyone who reads a review and takes a chance and who knows, discovers their new favourite band. The album was released on May 31st on Swansea City coloured white and black splatter vinyl with a gatefold sleeve featuring an original painting of the City by local artist Fred Flitton. Lovely Ugly music from the finest city. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley