Half a dozen new entries into the Single Club Jukebox this month but there might well need to be another meeting in a few weeks. It’s never about quantity but always quality and boy have we got quality tunes from far and wie this month. Check em out…

Fights – ‘Serenity Now’ (Lie Laga Records) Let’s get this straight right out of the traps. Fights ‘Serenity Now’ is an absolute raging banger! no two ways about it this is a fuckin’ blast from the raging vocals to the apocalyptic guitar solo and frantic rhythm this is the mutt’s nuts!

The scream the preceeds the solo deserves a standing ovation on its own. Fights come raging from Norway (of course they do) and ply their harcore punk tip as well as any other band I’ve heard doing this genre this side of the first Bloodclot album. Its lifted from the upcoming debut album “Scampirock” that drops April 21st. And I fuckin’ loves it.  FOLLOW FIGHTS:  Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Bad Nerves – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Suburban Records) BAD NERVES the first single from their alive in London 10″ album is the epic ‘Don’t Stop’. Bad Nerves are a 5-piece Powerpop-Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Essex. The bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one night stand, they play ferociously fast distorted pop songs, with melodies that hook so deep, even the most skilled lobotomist would struggle to scrape them out. As a follow up to their self-titled debut album (2020), they are now releasing a 10″ live album: Alive in London. It’s short, sharp and yet another banger. Of course it’s got a top melody and a buzzsaw riff and the kinda song you can’t get out of your head for ages and the first thing you want to hear when you wake up in the morning. Get some Bad Nerves in your life they’re cool as fuck and play great Rock n Roll.

Baby Schillaci – ‘Radical’ (Self Release) There seem to be things happening in the land of song and way out west especially. Baby Schillaci are making all the right noises on the alt scene and this new video backs that up. An attention-grabbing slice of post-punk ‘Radical’ is a right old earworm burrowing in and tickling your fancy excellent and proper. From the twisting riff to the smart lyrics this is a wonderful introduction to the band and with live shows already booked and an album the future looks bright and West is indeed best. they’ve already pencilled in the next single for April and that’s a right Banger but until then this will most certainly do. Baby Schillaci is the name remember it

Ferocious Dog – ‘Too Late’ (Graphite Records) To celebrate the forthcoming 10 year anniversary of their self titled debut album, Ferocious Dog unveil a brand new video – ‘Too Late’ 2022, an updated version of live favourite. Complete with bells and whistles (quite literally) Fans old and new will love it. It’s taken from the double album that features one CD remastered whilst the other disc is a live show recorded last year in Leeds. The band plan to make up for covid with over forty dates already booked for this year tickets can be picked up Here

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘Tryin’ (Ghost Highway Records) One of our favourite scandi rockers Chuck Norris Experiment have always released great singles and this is no exception. Like a wall of noise that only Evil Knievil could get over so it makes sense theres a helmet of his on the cover art of this banger. Scream for me Sweden – You fuckers rock and the feeling most certainly comes through 100% bonafide rockers Chuck Norris deliver yet another top tune. Get on it kids have we ever let you down on our recommendations? of course not and neither have CNE or Ghost Highway.

Bad//Dreems – ‘See You Tomorrow’ (Farmer And The Owl/BMG) Lifted from their album ‘HOO HA!’ that hits the street in May this slab of jarring punk rock down under style will have you throwing your own G’day digger parties. Uncompromising and throughly infectious once it burrows in like the finest ear worms do May can’t come quick enough. Tour buddies with Amyl and the sniffers and The Chats its just another no brainer fo rus here at Singles Club HQ. Punk as fuck and none of em give a four xxxx just get a load of the video and throw yourself around – Banger!

A first time pressing on vinyl for this the twelfth Album released by the former Thin Lizzy guitarist. Gary Moore played with a style and passion for his craft that was heralded around the world for his style and songwriting ability. His virtuoso guitar playing and soulful voice being loved far and wide and his premature passing has been sadly missed by fans and musicians around the globe and from all styles.

Having played in numerous legendary bands including Thin Lizzy and Skid Row, alongside his own solo career, Moore is regarded as one of the most influential Irish musicians of all time. Having been honoured by both Gibson and Fender with signature guitars, the Northern Irish star is still regarded as one of the best guitar players of all time. Its funny when long after their passing people still crave the back catalogue of revered artists like Moore so it’s no surprise that ‘A Different Beat’ gets the vinyl treatment (finally) spread over two records it also includes a remix of ‘Can’t Help Myself’ (E-Z Rollers remix)’.

A Different Beat’ sees Moore exploring a new direction, in this case combining his love of the blues and his guitar work with contemporary dance beats. Fusing blues and dance music ‘A Different Beat’ stands as the boldest thing Moore ever did. A move too far for some and one giant step for others. From the off the distorted guitar work makes way for a beat more akin to the Happy Mondays guitar based dance music rather than trad Blues. I know Moore loved some Hendrix and there are moments throughout this record that have you imagining that this is something Jimi might have tried had he not left this earth as well it’s not like he hid his admiration for Hendrix because he funks up ‘Fire’. Moore also had a better singing voice than he possibly got credit for and had a fair set of pipes that are well worked on songs like ‘Lost In Your Love’. and his take on ‘Fire’.

Moore loved to turn it up but he also had a softer gentler touch. ‘Worry No More’ is more laid back but whilst pushing boundaries like the pure funk of ‘Fatboy’ with all its tricks and grooves. like on the I’m sure he’d have chuckled to himself when making this Marmite record but having it pressed on Vinyl might be the opportunity for fans to look back and show some love for a real guitar legend who really did mess with the Blues.

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Author: Dom Daley

The original KILLING JOKE line up announce “Follow The Leaders”

Royal Albert Hall show on March 12th 2023

performing their first two albums


Killing Joke are proud to announce ‘Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders’, a very special UK show at the Royal Albert Hall on March 12th, 2023. Killing Joke will be performing their first two albums in their entirety; 1980’s self-titled debut album followed by their second album “What’s This For…!”
“We are living in the most dangerous period in human history in which extinction from nuclear war could happen in the next twelve months. If we make it, then Killing Joke at the Albert Hall in 2023 will give great meaning and comfort to all of us. Come share a moment in history with the prophetic and legendary Killing Joke.” Dr. Jaz Coleman.

Tickets for “Killing Joke – Follow The Leaders” at the Royal Albert Hall go on sale on Friday 1st July via:- myticket.co.uk/artists/killing-joke

Killing Joke are currently working on a new album, following the release of ‘Lord Of Chaos’ EP via Spinefarm Records, their first new material in over seven years. 

To purchase/stream the ‘Lord of Chaos’ EP Here

Killing Joke is very much music as ritual – raw, uncompromising and precisely-targeted lyrically; proof that Jaz Coleman, Geordie, Youth & Big Paul, the original Killing Joke personnel, are currently delivering the best and most relevant material of their career, with no mellowing or softening of the edges getting in the way. With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, Killing Joke continues to take their music of resistance to fresh levels, both in the studio and out on the road. Follow the leaders……………..

Tony Wright, Terrorvision frontman, proudly releases ‘Buried You Deeper’ on Graphite Records. 
Dark, vulnerable and desolate Buried You Deeper, is the first single from his forthcoming solo album, ‘The Anti Album’, out on October 7th

Buried You Deeper is a bit of a country and west Yorkshire kinda tune. Its roots are quite deep and dark and when I first wrote it I thought that it was maybe a bit too dark… So I changed the lyrics up a bit and hopefully gave it a twist/alternative that people can hear and not be disturbed by it. I’d say if folk know the real meaning behind it then they will find that but for the more light hearted amongst us then hopefully it’s just a cool little cowboy song.” explains Tony.

Filmed in Margate by Leigh Brookes, Tony is joined by Milly “my long suffering mate” who also plays keyboard in Terrorvision.
Along with ‘Buried You Deeper, The Anti Album’ features nine further songs and this truly honest record is the perfect manifestation of Tony Wright’s immutable wit, sadness, quiet anger and charm.

The Anti Album is available to pre-order in usual CD and vinyl, plus an exclusive limited edition red vinyl album, here: https://linktr.ee/Tony_Wright

To celebrate the release of the Anti Album, Tony will be playing 17 shows starting on the day of the album release at the Victoria Hall in Settle on 7th October and finishing on 6th November with a hometown gig at The Night Train in Bradford.

UK dates in full 


Fri 7th Settle Victoria Hall

Sat 8th Scunthorpe Cafe Indie
Sun 9th Todmorden Golden Lion 

Tue 11th Edinburgh  Bannermans

Wed 12th Glasgow  The Hug and Pint

Fri 14th Isle Of Man Colby Glen

Wed 19th Scarborough Vibe

Thu 20th Hull Welly

Fri 21st Doncaster Imperial 

Sat 22nd Blackpool Compass Cafe

Wed 26th Hertford Corn Exchange

Thu 27th Plymouth  Junction

Fri 28th Newport Le Pub

Sat 29th Stafford  The Ship Aground 


Thu 3rd  Milton Keynes The Crauford Arms 

Fri 4th Wolverhampton The Giffard Arms

Sun 6th Bradford  The Night Train

Tickets available from https://linktr.ee/Tony_Wright


Pic credit: Matthew Sturgess

The man behind the Pixies who has contributed plenty to the musical landscape of the last 20 years, Black Francis, the singer, and chief songwriter, has produced plenty of albums under different banners and changed styles from Rock to Grunge, country to folk, and back again but has such a distinguishable voice that ties the lot together and makes sense of them all. His first solo album, 1993’s ‘Frank Black’ was a belter, as was his second, a real tour de force.   2006’s ‘Fast Man Raider Man’ had some country stylings and the synth and brass re-arrangements of his Pixies songs on ‘Frank Black Francis’, you could pick up a record, and whilst the style changed the voice didn’t and nothing was out of bounds and as a result fans seemed more accepting of whatever he would throw at them.

‘Paley & Francis’ isn’t any different. Teaming up with Reid Paley for this 10-track LP, sees this 2011 album pressed on wax for the first time and comes in a gatefold sleeve and gets the love it probably deserved. ‘Curse’, is still a great opener with its shuffling snare and walking bass line with Francis’ dirty telecaster guitar very much in the fore.

The record trades lead vocals as it meanders through some gentle Paley led tracks before you get to the off-kilter piano tinkering ‘Seal’ with its dragged six strings that sounds like it could fall into a drunken stupor at any moment or the pair would forget where they’re taking it but you know this is meticulously crafted don’t you?

It’s a record that works really well and the two styles bounce off for a really strong left-of-center album that is excellent in its flow. ‘The Last Song’ is Paley being dark and throwing up a Johnny Cash like drawl that plays with your brain. It’s been a while since I played this album but the Gun Club stomp of ‘Magic Cup’ fills me with joy as does the Johnny Thunders like ‘Copy Cats’ rock n roll of ‘Deconstructed’ with its sleazy saxophone over some uptempo rock n roll and there is the Neil Young like ‘Crescent Moon’ before it draws to a close with the dreamy ‘Happy Shoes’. A really good album that has stood the test of time and over a decade later still throws up new curves that excite.

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Black Francis 
releases 9 CD box set 
out 5th November 2021
includes 40 page booklet & music not available on CD before
Pre order Here

Edsel is proud to present 07-11, a new collection of recordings by legendary American singer-songwriter Black Francis. Best known as the frontman of iconic alternative rock band Pixies, Black Francis’ music has inspired generations of musicians from Nirvana to Radiohead. Compiled with the assistance of Black Francis himself, 07-11, released on 5 November ,  gathers together eight albums from one of the most prolific periods of his career.
“This period of recordings marks a time when I felt free to write albums, or bodies of work, that were organised under the banner of a theme or unified concept… Some of the stories are incomplete or they mutate into each other. It is not always beginning, middle, and end with a moral (thank the gods!) Sometimes they are just flashes of the unexplained. ” – Black Francis.


This expansive new boxset features 129 tracks across nine CDs including five studio albums – ‘Bluefinger’ (2007), ‘Sv n F ng rs’ (2008), ‘The Golem’ (2010), ‘NonStopErotik’ (2010), and ‘Paley & Francis’ (2011). Plus, ‘Abbabubba’, a collection of B-sides, rarities and remixes, as well as two live albums ‘Live In Nijmegen’ and ‘Live At The Hotel Utah Saloon’ (which is released on CD for the very first time).

All eight albums have been newly remastered for this release by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering at AIR.


Also includes a 40-page companion booklet featuring exclusive new artwork, along with an introduction and album-by-album liner notes by Black Francis himself.


To pre order, the 07-11 box set go Here

It’s been a strange 18 months for everyone, the lack of live music has knocked all  us music fans sideways. Looking back I started going to gigs at the age of 14 and don’t think I’d gone a month at most without seeing someone somewhere in the country. Couple that with Artists struggling to get vinyl pressed, and you’d think in this Tory led new world order, our Boris would have got all he ever wanted a populace without guidance, lost and looking for some respite.


Now as we step gingerly out into this new normal of Lateral flow testing, temporary restrictions and venue numbers up and down like yo yo’s depending on muddied guidance and the latest risk assessment, its great to see the chinks of light coming through, and some blinding new releases coming forward starting with this one From Ferocious Dog aptly titled “The Hope”.


I’ve caught Ferocious dog live a few times, usually standing in the shadows of the Levellers, last time being on the Anniversary of the classic Levelling the Land LP, and in fairness, they knocked me sideways, more of an edge than the Levellers, more to say and everything coming from a punk led heart.


With “The Hope they have stepped right out of that shadow, and what screams at you is a band hitting their stride. There are a number of tracks here, that just stop you dead, you just have to listen!! First single from the LP “Pentrich Rising” hammers home how powerful a live standard this is going to be, while “Victims” spirals inwards drawing you in, on point and right on the button. While next up “Broken Soldier”, hits you full in the face, lyrically superb, with The Taliban introduction sample as apt for present times as anything I’ve ever heard, coupled with the damage done within modern warfare.


This light and dark shades are present throughout but when there’s a message, a nod of knowing its tracks like “Khatyn” that hit the hardest, (look up the Khatyn massacre). As the LP moves through these stages of Dark and Light, what stands out is a band that are confident, not to these ears drawing comparisons to The Levellers or New Model Army anymore, this is one dog that is really starting to bare its teeth, a band for now as the music scene begins to re-awaken, relevant, in your face and kicking against the Lethargy induced by a Tory government and the Tim Martins of the world. “Punk Police” tears out of the speakers, guitar led, followed out of the traps by “Slayed the traveller” Closer “Parting Glass” invokes the Pogues at their peak, you can almost see Shane MacGowan, draped around the microphone, but it definitely beats its own Gallic Drum, with a very different vocalist.


One of the LP’s of the year so far.

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Author: Nev Brooks