Half a dozen new entries into the Single Club Jukebox this month but there might well need to be another meeting in a few weeks. It’s never about quantity but always quality and boy have we got quality tunes from far and wie this month. Check em out…

Fights – ‘Serenity Now’ (Lie Laga Records) Let’s get this straight right out of the traps. Fights ‘Serenity Now’ is an absolute raging banger! no two ways about it this is a fuckin’ blast from the raging vocals to the apocalyptic guitar solo and frantic rhythm this is the mutt’s nuts!

The scream the preceeds the solo deserves a standing ovation on its own. Fights come raging from Norway (of course they do) and ply their harcore punk tip as well as any other band I’ve heard doing this genre this side of the first Bloodclot album. Its lifted from the upcoming debut album “Scampirock” that drops April 21st. And I fuckin’ loves it.  FOLLOW FIGHTS:  Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Bad Nerves – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Suburban Records) BAD NERVES the first single from their alive in London 10″ album is the epic ‘Don’t Stop’. Bad Nerves are a 5-piece Powerpop-Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Essex. The bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one night stand, they play ferociously fast distorted pop songs, with melodies that hook so deep, even the most skilled lobotomist would struggle to scrape them out. As a follow up to their self-titled debut album (2020), they are now releasing a 10″ live album: Alive in London. It’s short, sharp and yet another banger. Of course it’s got a top melody and a buzzsaw riff and the kinda song you can’t get out of your head for ages and the first thing you want to hear when you wake up in the morning. Get some Bad Nerves in your life they’re cool as fuck and play great Rock n Roll.

Baby Schillaci – ‘Radical’ (Self Release) There seem to be things happening in the land of song and way out west especially. Baby Schillaci are making all the right noises on the alt scene and this new video backs that up. An attention-grabbing slice of post-punk ‘Radical’ is a right old earworm burrowing in and tickling your fancy excellent and proper. From the twisting riff to the smart lyrics this is a wonderful introduction to the band and with live shows already booked and an album the future looks bright and West is indeed best. they’ve already pencilled in the next single for April and that’s a right Banger but until then this will most certainly do. Baby Schillaci is the name remember it

Ferocious Dog – ‘Too Late’ (Graphite Records) To celebrate the forthcoming 10 year anniversary of their self titled debut album, Ferocious Dog unveil a brand new video – ‘Too Late’ 2022, an updated version of live favourite. Complete with bells and whistles (quite literally) Fans old and new will love it. It’s taken from the double album that features one CD remastered whilst the other disc is a live show recorded last year in Leeds. The band plan to make up for covid with over forty dates already booked for this year tickets can be picked up Here

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘Tryin’ (Ghost Highway Records) One of our favourite scandi rockers Chuck Norris Experiment have always released great singles and this is no exception. Like a wall of noise that only Evil Knievil could get over so it makes sense theres a helmet of his on the cover art of this banger. Scream for me Sweden – You fuckers rock and the feeling most certainly comes through 100% bonafide rockers Chuck Norris deliver yet another top tune. Get on it kids have we ever let you down on our recommendations? of course not and neither have CNE or Ghost Highway.

Bad//Dreems – ‘See You Tomorrow’ (Farmer And The Owl/BMG) Lifted from their album ‘HOO HA!’ that hits the street in May this slab of jarring punk rock down under style will have you throwing your own G’day digger parties. Uncompromising and throughly infectious once it burrows in like the finest ear worms do May can’t come quick enough. Tour buddies with Amyl and the sniffers and The Chats its just another no brainer fo rus here at Singles Club HQ. Punk as fuck and none of em give a four xxxx just get a load of the video and throw yourself around – Banger!