After announcing that this tour was going to be a trip back in time for both venues they’ve not played in a while (Crooked Timber Tour for Sin City) and playing songs from right back in the early days of Therapy? This was going to be a deep dive for the loyal hardcore and a wander through some tracks they’ve not visited for many a year. Excited? you should be.

Opening the set with 1990s debut self-financed single ‘Meat Abstract‘ was indeed taking this shit right back to birth. Therapy? live are a wall of sound and a bundle of energy. They play their fucked-up hybrid of alternative punk rock n metal with as much energy and drive as they’ve always had – theirs is an energy an enthusiasm for what they love and live they always have passion and play the classics with the same energy as new material and songs they’ve played a million times or more.

They’ve done the greatest hits tour and they’ve been out and played new material from new albums but this one seemed to fly by as the band smiled and smirked throughout the ninety plus minutes they were on stage for. ‘Wreck It Like Beckett‘ made way for ‘The Ten Year Plan‘ and an epic ‘Tides‘. The band could never be accused of going through the motions because ‘Safe‘ had two false starts mainly due to Andy having guitar problems. The banter was kept to a minimum but when there was interaction it was amusing and heartfelt. Therapy? have always been grounded and speak sense, and in tough times like now we need bands like Therapy? to offer hope and positivity when all around is turning to shit.

Crooked Timber‘ was brutal, and it was on their ‘Crooked Timber‘ tour they last played in this very venue. When Andy announced how humbled they were that so many people turned up on a Sunday night during a cost of living crisis and pre-Christmas post pandemic I get the feeling those words are heartfelt and well-intended and it’s fair to say that those in attendance loved what they’d just see and heard and ‘Stop It Your Killing Me‘ ended the main set to rapturous applause. Call it the fake encore or false encore, whatever it is you call it these days. Signing off with an epic, thumping bass rumbling ‘Teethgrinder‘ and crowd enthused ‘Potatoe Junkie‘ left big smiles all around on stage and off until Andy played the riff of the Manics ‘La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)’, a killing joke cover, ‘Breaking The Law‘ for Michael and a few bars of Rush for Birthday boy Neil. Therapy? were on fire.

Finishing the set with the triple threat of the quite brilliant ‘Knives‘, ‘Nowhere‘ and closer ‘Screamarger‘. It felt funny leaving so soon but over ninty minutes flew by – The came they saw, and they turned in another brilliant performance – Therapy? are on fire and if you get the chance to cross their path on this current run then do so – you won’t regret it.

Author: Dom Daley

Every year I like to draw up a list of who I’d like to interview and who I’d like to see live and obviously who I want to release a new album.  A band that ticked all of those boxes was The Cavemen.  They make great records and they’d be awesome live and I think they’d have some quality tales to tell and have well lived in faces that make for interesting people.  So with this pandemic still kicking the backside of the globe, I thought I’d hit them up and see what’s happening before we all get the green light and they are chomping at the bit to get back out there and play some live shows and when they do I’ll be front and centre that’s a promise.  So here is what I and Jack the guitar player chatted about. Enjoy…
Firstly let’s go back to the beginning you were formed in 2012 right?  You relocated to the UK in 2015  was that all of you or just one or two of you?
Yeah, we’ve been destroying eardrums and brain cells together since we met in high school way back in maybe 2009? Memories are hazy. It’s actually the 10 year anniversary of our first ever show in April this year. We’re approaching dinosaur rock status! The move we did all together, much to the dismay of various London landlords over the past few years…
You took three years to release the first album but since then you’ve been full-on with four albums and a heap of excellent singles.  The artwork is a thing of beauty, Do you have a favourite?
Yeah, Paul Caveman does all our artwork himself by hand, so it fits the warped worldview of our music. The first single and album covers are certainly up there, maybe because we hand-printed them so they’re forever seared into our brains or maybe it’s just because you always remember your first time… Special mention also has to go to the back cover of our Nuke Earth LP, which so offended the company that handles Slovenly Records album covers that they refused to print it!
What about song titles.  Do they come before the music describe your process of writing and recording?
The lyrics and titles all come from our deeply warped personalities and dark senses of humour and the music from our troglodytic musical skills. Sometimes the riff comes first and the words later, sometimes a concept just hits us and we’ll work music around it. ‘Why Won’t You Take Drugs With Me?’ was one of those, I wrote it on a bus. Sometimes it just comes outta nowhere … like ‘Rides With The Reich’ I woke up from a nightmare with that one fully formed. 
Why London and the UK? weather-wise, climate-wise and generally what with the UK being Shit Island couldn’t you guys get into Australia or The US?
We were never afraid of a bit of rain and cold, but the move came mostly because we heard that the rock ‘n’ roll scene in Europe was really wild, especially countries like Spain, where we’d already had some interest in booking us. Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Cosmic Trip, Hipsville … we wanted to be close to those kinda parties. It also helped that most of us have British or European passports… 
Straight from the off you guys meant business with song titles like…well, take your pick the titles were what drew me in many moons ago.  ‘Mentally I’ll’  for a start ‘Fucked In The Head’, ‘Fuck For Hate’ to name a few you laid your cards on the table.  What made you guys so angry?
I guess growing up in a tiny country at the bottom of the world. Most people in NZ channel their boredom and frustration into drug abuse and problem drinking … which we also took to with glee but we craved some wild rock ‘n’ roll too. Very few bands that made the kinda racket we dug ever made it down our way, either cause they were dead or it was too far to travel, and with a few notable exceptions the local scene was limp indie or godawful BBQ reggae so we just decided we better do it ourselves. 
Who were your influences then and did it drive the music?
All the usual suspects: Ramones, Cramps, Stooges, Dead Moon, Little Richard, Elvis well as a healthy dose of early New Zealand punk bands like The Scavengers, Proud Scum, Toy Love, The Spelling Mistakes and Suburban Reptiles. One lightbulb moment for us was when we snuck into a Guitar Wolf show as teenagers, it was in a tiny packed out concrete venue and we were deafened for three days. That certainly gave us some ideas. 
When you picked up the instruments how did you guys meet?
We formed in high school, where we immediately recognised in each other (un)common tastes for wild rock ‘n’ roll, substance abuse and a depraved sense of humour. Not long after, while skating and blasting Blue Cheer, Paul Cavemen met our bass player Nick on the street. He was dressed like a drug casualty from the 60s. He joined not long after. 
Describe a caveman show for our readers?
Loud, fast, sweaty, booze-fuelled mayhem. Jake will usually be passed out on the kit by the end.
How hard did you work on getting that sound its a real throwback in the best possible way to The Stooges and other garage rockers?
Not all that hard really, it was just the sound we dug and wanted to make. We started out by plugging our shitty guitars into our broken amps and attempting covers of things like Strychnine, Loose and Mysterex and went from there. That’s not to say we were immediately any good… there’s probably a demo CD in a basement in Auckland somewhere of our outta tune-outta time teenage years…

Was it easy picking up a deal because you seem to have found your spiritual home with the excellent Slovenly records that’s the perfect fit.
We ran into Pete Slovenly at our first show in Amsterdam supporting the Dirty Fences back in 2016, I think he was DJing… and then crossed paths a few more times at other rock ‘n’ roll festivals around Europe. I guess we made an impression cause he’s been putting out our filth ever since. Pete also shares our weakness for playing shows in strange countries around the world, having put us on at his We’re Loud Fest several times in places like Istanbul and Ho Chi Minh City. He even joined us for a large part of our monster 4 month world tour in 2019 which ended with Nick having his passport stolen in Cuba. He must surely be sick of us now… 
You recently released a new single on pig bag this time how come?
We like releasing limited-run singles on different, smaller labels just for a bit of variety. This one came about because our buddy (and original bass player) Takumi played a US tour with The Schizophonics who are signed to Pig Baby. He introduced us to Jeff who runs the label and the rest is history…
Can we expect a new album any day soon?   You guys don’t seem to suffer from writer’s block at all.  four steady albums since 2015 is the recent single an indication that album number 5 is imminent?
Since the plague scattered us to the four corners of the Earth last year we’ve been unable to lay down any new material. We record everything live so any kind of technical wizardry, ZOOM chat bullshit is out of the question. Same goes for these abhorrent ‘live stream shows.’ We Luddites as well as troglodytes! But you can bet as soon as we all have our microchips and can travel we’ll be tearing up stages and tape machines once again!
I think it’s awesome bands like yourselves and The Hip Priests still see single releases as important and always release such great songs on 7″  has this always been the plan?
We’ve always thought of 7″ singles as the perfect punk medium. Short and to the point with no room for self-indulgence. That’s why we also try to keep our albums under 30 minutes. Albums seem to sell better but the 7″ is still king in our book. 
What can you tell me about the Sin City project how did that come about?  I could think of worse places to get stuck than Spain.  Are the sin city sessions going to get get a vinyl press?
So Nick and I had been talking about doing a kind of country/soul side-project for a while and then we ended up stuck together in a flat in Alicante, Spain for the 2020 lockdowns. There happened to be a piano and acoustic guitar there and with nothing to do but drink cheap Spanish beer and play music we just decided to start writing and recording songs. We’re actually about to do some sessions in a proper studio down here in New Zealand with a full band, hopefully, we’ll have that released physically soon enough…
If I was going to impress a friend with my Caveman collection what would you suggest I play them first?
If you want to impress anyone I would strongly advise against playing any of our music! But if you want to scare your granny or piss off ya neighbours you can’t really go wrong, it’s all trash! 
When this lockdown ends and live shows are a thing what are the chances people around Shit Island can see the band live?
We’ll definitely be hitting the northern hemisphere for some shows when possible, fingers crossed the post-plague parties are completely out of control! Till then it seems that for the first time in history New Zealand is the most lively and happening place on Earth… so once we can get Paul Caveman away from the mantis men of Warwick and down here for some shows that’ll probably be our first destination for live shows. 
I watched cooking with The Cavemen.  Who would you have round for dinner if it was possible to bus anyone in? and what would you cook them?
We often discuss these types of scenarios during long drives on tour and this ones always been a divisive one in the band, I always say Elvis, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ghandi and we’d be eating burgers. Paul goes for the 1972 Uruguayan Rugby team over for a reunion and some ‘Traditional kiwi BBQ.’ Nick (who’s the chef of the band) inevitably picks Owen Wilson, Chris Holmes and Scarlett Johansen and serves em some of his famous fried chicken, and by the time we get around to these types of conversations Jakes always asleep.
Where is the best place people in the UK can pick up Cavemen merch from without having to pay the crazy shipping fees?
We have a small stock of the new 7″ in the UK, you can get that direct from our Bandcamp. Otherwise, the cats at Dirty Water have our first two albums and a handful of other items available. They also have a new distro company called 14th Floor that handles the slovenly releases, you can get that stuff through their discogs page…
Cavemen Bandcamp Here
Sin City available Here

SV & The Eruptions – ‘Football In The Sun’ (Avenue Recordz) Always on point with his lyrics and always relatable. Spunk Volcano does it again with a laid back summer sizzler. ‘Football In The Sun’ is right up there as far as songwriting goes and Spunk makes it look easy as falling off a grifter.  Maybe Spunk headed too many of those rain-soaked leather balls and it did something magical because apart from being able to pen catchy relatable music this band hasn’t made a single bad record yet. Prolific would be an understatement as for the tune It’s understated, less in your face and a real grower it gives you a chance to listen to the lyrics and smile. It’s a top tune none the less and adds some more class to this line up of new releases in June/early July. The fact that SV & The Eruptions make music they want to and don’t compromise in any way only adds to the quality of songs on offer they don’t have to all be out and out noise as this single testifies but once it’s in yer noggin you’ll be gripped like a vinnie jones nut grab and chanting Ozzie,Ozzie,Ozzie, Ozzie Ardiles. Bastards! Available on CD or download. Get it.  Website


Benji & Beddis – ‘Ebony & Ivory’ (Self Release) Well who saw this coming?  With the current climate seeing racial tension being brought front and center these two ‘Port legends kick up a shit storm with the perfect cover.  You know what to do you, beautiful people.

“Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony.” Couldn’t have said it better myself

To make a donation towards the pair’s fundraising efforts, visit

To download the single, visit Here

The Cocktail Slippers – ‘Like A Song Stuck In My Head’ (Wicked Cool Records) Very much a slow burner The cocktail Slippers deliver exactly what it says on the tin and a song that could easily be heard on your daily commute to work on some clued up radio show.  It’s power-pop with the emphasis firmly on the pop side with a catchy chorus and easy on the ear guitar chords. Facebook Buy it stream it download it whatever it is you do do it here





Moot – ‘I Hate Hippies’ (Riot Records)  Australian punks Moot declare that they indeed hate hippies raging on a steady diet of Jello (Biafra) and Prime Time Black Flag its punk rock baby.  Plain and simple no-frills no clever production no synths just old school. Just one thing,  The artwork alludes to a hipster not a hippie have Moot had one too many Victory Beers?

Indonesian Junk – ‘Pillbox’ (Rum Bar Records) A track taken from the band’s new long-player that hooks in all the Singles and rarities entitled ‘A Life Of Crimes’.  If this take on the joneses classic is a hint as to what’s on offer then get excited kids because Indonesian Junk has got it going on.  It was always a blinding track and has been covered many times but this version is an absolute barnstormer and Da Junk have embraced the spirit of the original and captured the DNA and that little sparkle of magic that was sprinkled into the original but could only be unlocked by people who are worthy. It looks and sounds like Indonesian Junk are indeed worthy of being passed the baton to carry into the future.  If you have a beating Rock and Roll heart then you’d be foolish to pass this one by. Bandcamp


The Woggles – ‘Nothing More To Say’ (Wicked Cool Records)  Retro rock and roll with a real ’60s vibe from the keys to the melodies The Woggles have nailed it from those slightly overdriven guitars and layered vocals but its those scooby doo keyboards that really nail this tune. Not since T Rex has this much bongo gone into a single.

‘Sweet Freedom’ is on the flip side created by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil and in my humble opinion steals the show from its marching beat and Little Steven clanging guitars, its a confident pop tune struttin’ its stuff like these cats were paying attention thank God. Facebook Pick up a limited press here



Decrepid – ‘Plagued By Mortality’ (Xtreem Music) Follow this one fuckers. As some of you might know we love a bit of extreme music here at RPM and had to share with you the new single from Decrepid.  There is nothing more metal I’m just glad they put the lyrics on the video otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue what they were saying and neither would the kids.  From the wonderful band name to the music and the playing to the title of the song this is the most metal track we’ve had dropped on us in a while.  Enjoy

Cocktails – ‘Bun E Carlos’ (self Release) San Fran has always been a destination for hip rock and rollas and Cocktail have just released a single off their new album that’s got sunshine in abundance and a title paying homage to one of the best drummers from one o the best bands the US of A ever gave the world.  It’ll also cleanse your pallet if you clicked on the Decrepid video this is something of a polar opposite.  Power Pop goodness with nothing but fluffy clouds in the sky and not a pitchfork, devil horn in sight. Click Here




The Psychedelic Furs -‘Come All Ye Faithful’ (Cooking Vinyl) Cool as new single from them Furs. ITs a slow cooker comes to the boil nicely and not an instant hit but it does grow as you can tell for yourself from the video below.  Besides its always cool to hear some saxophone on a rock n roll record. Here

Sin City – ‘High Noon’ (Dirty Water Records) Their love for Sergio Leone spaghetti western schlock is proudly worn on their western-shirt sleeves and the video makes numerous references to the western films of the 50s and 60s. So smell the gun smoke and ride into the drunken, sepia-toned glory of Sin City! Murder ballads never sounded so good.

The song is taken from their second long-player ‘Next Exit Sin City,’ which follows fast on the heels of their April debut. In fact, Sin City has proven themselves to be a two-man quarantine song factory, as two brand new tracks accompany the High Noon single and rumours already abound of further offerings to come… There are clearly no flies on Sin City!!

The Sinclairs – ‘Dodgems’ (Cleopatra Records)  Order Here Taken from The Sinclairs album “Sparkle” The Sinclairs are: Rat Scabies (The Damned) and Billy Shinbone (The Neville Staple Band / Flipron) with their instrumental filmscape tunes check out the video for the first single off the album ‘Dodgems’  

NEVILLE STAPLE, SUGARY STAPLE & FTS BAND – ‘Lockdown’ (Self Release)  Hit up their Kickstarter page for exclusive offers here. The sun is shining and I’ve come indoors to escape the heat and then this hit my inbox – Perfect!  what a great tune from Neville and Sugary Staple.  After catching them a few years ago from the side of the stage at a big festival they were blistering that night and this sounds like a worthy addition to their awesome catalogue of tunes.

Blind Channel – ‘Gun’ (Ranka Kustannus label) Intense new track from Finnish rockers who mix up pop with their nard n heavy riffs.Not a million miles from Linkin Park at the peak of their powers. ‘Gun’ is a dark song for dark times and the band assures fans it’s their method of using their music to get back at their critics. The band is hotly tipped to be the next big thing out of Finland and have mass appeal. On this evidence, I can see why Facebook





Electric Death Rodeo – EP (Ghost Town Noize) Who’s up for a new band playing some sweet sleazy snotty Punk N Roll? That should be-  hell yeah! from every one of you. Well, Electric Death Rodeo is in the house featuring members of Radio Dead Ones, Motor City Mayhem and Johnny Firebird oh now you’re listening I’ve got your attention now well ‘I Don’t Care’ no not literally its the opening slab of snotty Punk N Roll mixing up early Scandi rock with some attitude (not that early scandi rock didn’t have any but you know what I mean) its a measured slick slice of bad boy boogie.  Catchy with cool gang vocals on the chorus great solos and a real good time as Iggy would say. If you think the opener is a great tune then wait until you happen on the second, ‘Never Back Down’ its loud and understated but a great tune none the less. ‘Nighthawk’ is anthemic but in a good way again it’s a great riff I’m hearing Mick Jones Clash in this one on the verses especially – great effort. Then to wrap up what is my pick of the lot is some Kiss like duelling guitars (I mean early Kiss obviously) As far as new bands go Electric Death Rodeo will have all the Action Rock fans salivating as they put on their shit kickers turn the amps up and let rip.  Jump on this one boys and girls it’s out the first week in July Here


Thumper – ‘Topher Grace’ (Reckless Records) Dublin’s fair city is throwing up a few alternative bands at the moment and Thumper kick up enough of a racket to wake ole Phil Lynott to clock your second single in at a nosebleeding six and a half minutes is pretty ambitious but Thumper look like a band who dance to their own tunes and not conform with convention.  Check out the video and decide for yourself  Website / Facebook / Twitter /  Instagram





Matty James Cassidy – ‘Someone’ (Pirate Heart Records)  A special version of the song with all proceeds going to the Samaritans not just shows what a talent Matty is but what a humble and big-hearted artist he is. The message of the song is fitting to raise awareness of an organisation who work hard to make sure there’s always someone there for anyone who needs it.

The idea is that people will use the song as a way of reaching out, so people are encouraged to not only stream it and buy the download for themselves, but also use the ‘send as gift’ feature on Bandcamp to pass it on to anyone you feel might need to know they have a friend right now. You can also choose to pay extra if you wish.

The single’s artwork features a fantastic illustration by Kevin Mc Hugh Art and by teaming up with Hollow Hill Apparel, there is some very special merchandise on offer to help raise funds also. Listen / Buy – Here
And for more information or to seek help from Samaritans, call for free on 116 123, email, or visit to find your nearest branch.
The Idolizers – ‘Stranded (Again)’ (Rum Bar Records)  As the phenomena that is Rum Bar Records the purveyors of fine records since God knows when but still not released a duff record have only gone and done it again.  This time they’ve stumbled outta Boston and headed south into NYC and happened across the most excellent Idolizers who have their debut album ready to go in August but first we have this taster in the shape of ‘Stranded’ and what a snotty jet fuelled rocker it is. If you don’t believe me hit the link and check it out for yourself. Hit this here
Dead Horse – EP 1 (Self Release) Dead Horse I is the Debut EP from the Garage Punk Trio Dead Horse a new down & dirty garage/punk trio from London influenced by the likes of Jay Reatard, The Cramps, Gallon Drunk & 80s Matchbox.

The EP takes a debauched, tongue in cheek journey through over indulgence, relationships, death, sex and lust across just shy of 14 minutes. Some might argue that it’s not technically a single but I’m in charge so it’s in, besides its a glorious racket so it was always going to get in.The EP will be released across all major digital platforms as well as a limited edition run of cassettes.  (bloody hipsters) The EP ‘Dead Horse I’ was recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Connor Jones at Humm Studios, Bristol. The band were formed in 2019 and they’ve not looked back since. Featuring five tunes with the first being a sprightly heavy on the reverb rocka. I love the fact that it’s ever so slightly unhinged but you know they can bring it back from the brink but you hope you’re there the night they cant because that is gonna be one of those nights, funnily enough, the track is entitled ‘Night’ there a slight western feeling to ‘Secrets’ whereas ‘Headstone’ is most excellent a dirty slice of dark rock and roll with a time-honoured riff that hanging on by a thread. they check out with ‘Creeper’ which does what it suggests it might.  Like a band who’ve struck a deal with ole Beelzebub and had to trade in their souls for a good time which on this evidence seems like a fair swap.  I like it, I like it a lot check em out. Facebook

In these strange times you can always rely on the RPM singles club to come up with a full basket of tasty Easter treats from the 7″ department of some of the best independent labels (and some major ones too) We have a slimmed download this month for obvious reasons but a pandemic won’t stop the rock, no sir. Let me introduce some of our picks from recent releases and ones about to come out from New York to Europe and everywhere in between check out these pretty pieces of plastic that came our way…

Watts – ‘Seventeen’ (Rum Bar Records) You want Rock and Roll in these tough times? sure you do what about FREE Rock and Roll? Hell Yeah! Well, hit up the link and download yourself some stonking foot-stomping bullshit-free Rock and Roll courtesy of those dudes Watts and rum Bar Records. It’s got keif Richards riff-a-rama on the guitar and those rasping hard-living vocals wrapped around a shitgrinning rocker get on it already.  ‘When The Party Ends’ is a more ‘morning after’ feel but it’s an absolute belter oozing Rock n Roll. Hit the link and grab it now and let the good times enter your life Here  Record of the week? Hell Yeah! not because it’s free but because it’s so damn good.  Watts and Rum Bar are a match made in heaven and this is as good as it gets, timeless and class.


Sin City – Hold On (self Release) Holed up in Alicante Spain Two Cavemen recorded a couple of bluesy American classics in the shape of ‘Hold On’ and ‘Broken Hearted Man’ obviously being quarantined has seen them open their beat-up soul.  Recorded with one mic, an acoustic guitar, an electric piano, a tambourine and whatever else they could find lying around the house. So plug it in, turn it up and let Sin City and their Mojo Machine get to work on ya! hit the link for the Bandcamp page Here Hell they’ve even worked out how to press record on their phone to shoot a video. It’s taken from a download album that’s rather tasty to be fair showing their not just drunken marauding animals who like fast n loose they can chill out and plonk da blues. Check it out Here




The Dollyrots – ‘Make Me Hot’ (Wicked Cool Records)  With a cracking chorus The Dollyrots have got themselves a banger of a seven inch single.  ‘Make Me Hot’ is a blast of power pop that should be heard across the globe this summer blazing from radios everywhere.  flip it over for a rip ride cover of Lisa Loeb ‘Stay (I Miss You)’ in all its unashamed glory pop music rocked up. This will sell out no doubt as the band go from strength to strength with a hugely confident single.  Buy Here




Mickey Leigh – ‘It Felt Like Love’ (Wicked Cool Records) If you want a distraction from the global pandemic it seems Wicked Cool has happened upon one antidote for the self-isolation blues and that’s by releasing a bunch of wicked cool singles.  Mickey Leigh being one such 45.  If your wondering who is he well, let me introduce you to Joey Ramones brother who has a wonderful slice of rock and roll with the A-side that reminds me of Stiv Bators solo era. A wonderful track that has a great hook on the chorus as the song just chugs along effortlessly. Keep digging though because the B Side is a real vibrant cracker ‘Trouble Man’ motors along.  His brother would be proud of these tunes and the playing is fitting and really impressive, I like this a lot.  Buy Here


Primo! – ‘Machine’ (Anti-Fade & Upset The Rhythm) Jangly Power Pop courtesy of Melbournes Primo! lifted off their album ‘Songi’ which will be released later this month.  Check out their hotrod video now

Electric Frankenstein / Scumbag Millionaire (Ghost Highway Records) If ever there were two bands best suited to do a split single then these two would certainly be contenders. USA v Europe yet bonded by a love of loud guitars and some Garage Punk Rock n Roll attitude. EF contribute the riff-a-rama of ‘One Step Away’ with its bruising riff its classic EF then on the flipside you have the brutal and rapid riffs of Scumbag Millionaire ‘Strike Me Down’ its reminiscent of when Hellacopters broke onto the scene with the same vocal style and crash bang wallop of the verses colliding with the chorus and then smash – we’re into the soaring solo.  Winner by a country mile!

Buy Here


Twisted Wheel – ‘I Am Immune’ (The Orchard Music (on behalf of Independent) Taken from their brand new album ‘Satisfying The Ritual’ Your left in no doubt that this is a right banger folks. Check it out and pre-order the album Here why don’t you?


Bloodshot Bill – ‘Its The Out Of This World Sounds Of…Vol 2’ (Ghost Highway Records) 1950 rockabilly inspired rock and roll just like The Cramps used to mess with your brain and some. ‘It’s A..Aa,a.Aaaggghhh!’ B Movie rock n roll from Bloodshot Bill its certainly out there from another planet ‘Moon Rocketing’ then ’50 Megaton’ sparse and authentic but totally fucked up and wonderful. Then you have the acoustic ‘Be My Satellite’ sounds like it was recorded on moonshine round an old wireless in the woods.  Its got whistling n all so whats not to like.  this is what makes the wonderful world of Rock and Roll so entertaining. Facebook



The Dahlmanns / Tommy & The Rockets – ‘Scandinavian Affair’ (Beluga Records/Ghost Highway Records) Yes through times of adversity you can always rely on some people to keep the spirits high.  Another great team up in splitsville as One side is the Dahlmanns with the power-pop piano lead of ‘Part Girl’  it’s like an early ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Music that should be on the radio playlists everywhere but isn’t but don’t let that get you down just let this ray of sunshine into your life. Then you have Tommy & his rockts turning the amps up for another slice of power pop but from another angle.  ‘you Don’t Know What You Do’ again like The Dahlmanns they just ooze classy power pop and if you ever had a hankering for something pop but with guitars then Tommy & the gang are for you.  Pick it up from Beluga or Ghost Highway before they’re all gone. Buy Here 


The Cocktail Slippers – Nighttrain (Wicked Cool Records) Oslo Norway isn’t the place I thought would throw up some cool street power pop not a million miles from Blondie rockin out had you said Queens then I’d have assumed it present and correct.  Its got the swagger of the lower east side These ladies have got themselves a catchy glam rockin slice of power pop.Buy the track Here  / Facebook






Aborted Tortoise – Scale Model Subsistence Vendor (Goodbye Boozy Records) 

Their new EP, ‘Scale Model Subsistence Vendor’, is one that backs this up once again. Arriving via cult-adored Italian punk label Goodbye Boozy Records, the EP brings together another four tunes bursting with energy. Moulding rock with heavy punk  It’s sharp and succinct, ‘Making A Mint’ is frantic and will get yer blood pumping then ‘Factory’ is more laid back (really? Laid back?) ok, its not so rapid on the verse and sounds like its hanging on by a thread as the guitars chop away its got Pavement meets the Dead Kennedys running through its blood stream but so much more going on besides.  Perth Australia has never sounded so inviting. Flip it over for the frantic ‘Violent Consumer’ before ‘Plastic Orgasm’ takes this EP home with its sharp romp to the finish line.  Aborted Tortoise make it sound easy but being this good isn’t easy.  Cracking EP from the artwork to the noise in the grooves buy it! . Bandcamp

Wyldlife -‘Automatic’ (Wicked Cool Records) I’ve not had the pleasure yet of hearing the new long player but have had a couple of glimpses through the window so to speak and of course I’ve loved what I’ve heard, why wouldn’t I?  I’ve always loved Wyldlife and on hearing the new single ‘Automatic’ I can fanboy swoon once again and tell everybody I know that the album is coming.  With the loud guitars and understated melody, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear in these dark times.  A band who are nailing it every time and this new Wicked Cool Record is going to blow away the opposition – great tune – simple buy it! Inspired by a mutual love of Jesus And Mary Chain with a friend this is Rock and Roll Year of the snake be damned it’s the year of Wyldlife get on it pop pickers it’ll brighten up your social isolation  Facebook


The BD3 – ‘Snowfake’ (Dischordia Records) Bradford ner do wells The BD3s have a double-sided single out and with the understated menace ‘Snowfake’ cruises along with a lovely slice of post-punk edge with a rasping buzzsaw guitar and spoken/chanted vocal jarring away its got some of the Fall happening its the audio equivalent of being poked in the chest and told whats what.  Much like Greater Manchesters Cabbage The BD3 have carved out their own niche and they sit comfortably in there or should that be uncomfortable?  the other tune on offer is the raging ‘Sypharus’ with a wicked riff and jarring lyrics its post punk for the 21st century and on this introduction, it sounds bloody good. Facebook



SHVPES – Lions Den (Spinefarm) Ahead of a decent UK tour and new record these rockers knock out another interesting video for ‘Lions Den’ Keep up to date Here


Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘Lightnin’ Bar Blues’ (King Outlaw Records) Tough times currently can be made easier by some sweet tunes and Tyla and his Dogs D’Amour have covered the classic Hanoi Rocks ‘Lightnin’ Bar Blues’ Tyla style.

Its all for a good cause don’t you know.  Get on over to the Bandcamp page and drop a virtual quid in the box and own this most wonderful take of a wonderful song. Originally Hanoi put the track on their ‘Oriental Beat’ album but this take on a classic is very different but totally Tyla (if you know what I mean).  Pour yourself some ripple wine and turn it up. You know it makes sense now what are you waiting for?  Fark Orf if you’d be so kind and click Here


L.A. Guns – ‘Crawl’ (Golden Robot Records) Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, the legendary L.A. Guns are set to release their new single ‘Crawl’ on April 20th‘Crawl’ Pre-Order / pre-save Not to be confused with the other band called L.A. Guns of course. Not really having a clue where I stand on this name game but as far as songs go this one is alright and sounds like you’d expect L.A. Guns to sound but don’t think its the Phil Lewis vocals because it’s not this one is Kurt Frohlich on vocals. With a very 80s sounding track ‘Crawl’ is turning back the clock for all you cock rockers. Facebook / Instagram / Label link



Johny Skullknuckles – This City (Self Release)  Free music? Johny Skullknuckles is giving away a tune? Today just got a lot better.  We love free music and we love Johny Skullknuckles and we love ‘This City’ as it drifts in on an acoustic strum and meanders toward the chorus with just a bass drum and occasional snare and acoustic (and a voice or two) Skullknuckles opens his heart about his town and how time moves on and places change and not always for the better.  Cheer up Johny you’ve still got yer memories and the ability to write proper rock and roll tunes keep it up and we look forward to your next offering already.  Get it Here kids you know it makes sense.




Brassick – ‘They Say’ (TNS Records) Brassick seem to have been around for an age and when they used to turn up and play Slugfest they always turned in a thoroughly convincing and passionate set and when I’ve seen them at Rebellion the same.  I did wonder what they would be like on record and don’t quite know how I managed to avoid it thus far and to be fair this is a belter.  You get taken on a roller coaster of a journey from the bass rumble that will loosen any fillings to the soaring chorus. To the Buy the track Here  ahead of the album release later this month.