While it appears most of the north-western world is rocking out to My Chemical Romance in Warrington tonight, we few in the know are being treated to a stellar evening of Punk Rock meets wrestling gimmicks and theatrics. The guys at Future Yard, Society of Losers Records and TNT Extreme Wrestling have come together to provide this extremely special spectacle of transforming the venue into a wrestling arena. Complete with a ring, an announcer, a commentator’s booth and worked over the top entrances.

First up on the bill we have the throbbing self styled Grunge of Mr Ted. Collectively looking like a roadside group of prisoners completing general highway housekeeping. The only crime the lads have committed tonight is not playing longer. Combining all the best bits of the dirtier sides of alternative rock, the band are far more formidable in the flesh than on record. I’ll certainly be checking them out live again in the future. 

And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here we have the main event. The reigning world’s champion, of Widnes. Salt the Snail! This show certainly does have it all. Not only are we being treated to an intense Punk Rock show in a squared circle, but we are given gimmick after gimmick which really pops the crowd. Ever seen the front man go out and crowd surf on a giant inflatable pizza slice lilo? Me neither, and I’ve never seen Jello Biafra do it either. Just saying. And if that’s not enough for brazenly mocking mortality, the crowd is constantly ‘serenaded’ from atop of step ladder. As you do. Then the audience is generously given some covid safe, free pizza to help keep the energy up. Marvellous. 

The show had it all tonight. Slips, trips and falls, but also extreme highs. A great Friday in anybodys book. Keep your eyes peeled for more Snail antics. Maybe next time they’ll break out the thumbtacks. 

Author: Dan Kasm