RPM Online is proud to get the video exclusive of the new Brad Marino single ‘Even The Score’.  Its taken from the new album  “Looking For Trouble” Out April 21’ in the U.S. on Spaghetty Town Records (Vinyl) & Rum Bar Records (CD) On vinyl in Europe from Ghost Highway Records and Beluga Records.  With such awesome record labels on board, you know its a worthwhile record to invest in.  Brad Marino – ‘Even The Score’…

Brad Marino returns with his sophomore Full-Length release, jam-packed with power poppin’ rock and roll extraordinaire… ‘Looking For Trouble’.

“Can’t stop, won’t stop Brad Marino!!” – Natalie Sweet

“Let Brad Marino know how much you dig him.” – Genya Ravan

“Brad Marino is looking to ‘Even The Score’ in his latest garage rock effort, bringing us back to the kind of garage rock the Rolling Stones have made such a long and storied career out of! Rock n roll at its most enjoyable.” – Uber Rock

“What Do You Know?” meets at the intersection of straight-forward rock and roll and the poppier side of the Ramones – which has always been a sweet spot for Marino. In my fantasy world where millions of people still buy rock and roll records, this tune is a hit! If you dig rockin’ two-minute pop songs, you need to be all over Looking For Trouble – and every other record that Brad Marino has ever been a part of!” – Lord Rutledge

“What do I know? Well, if there’s one thing I know is that Brad Marino can do no wrong, and this single proves he just gets better and better with every release!” – The Ledge, Real Punk Radio

“‘What Do You Know’ is sent around the ether like a cannonball. Sure it’s got melody and a solid rockin’ backbeat and a whole heap of hooks and of course a raw guitar making it a must-hear track. Forging the way forward in powerpop circles. Don’t delay and be sure to hit Marino up and check this out you won’t regret it.” – RPM It’s A Revolution

What you have is a release filled top to bottom with tried and true rock n’ roll. Rockpile meets the Ramones, Mick and Keef get into a tussle with the Flamin’ Groovies, The Knack get all tangled up in blue. Hints of Chuck, shades of country, stabs of punk, and jolts of power pop, celebrated and created in the Garage… get the picture?

Brad Marino “Extra Credit” still available on Vinyl LP in limited edition color variants (Coke Bottle Clear, Blue & Black) & CD direct from Rum Bar Records.

Brad Marino “False Alarm” still available on limited edition 7inch Vinyl & CD EP direct from Rum Bar Records. …while supplies last!!

Motosierra (or Chainsaw for the English speakers in the house) may be a new proposition for many of us but these Uruguayan Death Punk Rock & Rollers have been kicking ass in South America for the last 20 years.

This seems to be the bands fourth album but my Spanish ain’t as great as it used to be so don’t count on it…..

Kicking off this twelve tracker is Buzo Nuevo, with its hard and heavy Motorhead vibe and a serious Deep Purple groove around the edges. Obviously I’ve no idea what they’re on about but the universal language of rock & Roll rings loud and clear. They are pissed right off !

The small amount of press blurb says “File Under: Dirty Rock & Roll” and they’re not wrong.  La Marcos has another great Motorhead feel, while Magia Negra has a James Hetfield snarl, all be it with a Spanish/Portuguese accent.

Lobo Del Aire is a far faster and angry affair, kind of Svetlanas with a bloke singer.  Sepuzombie gets a bit tribal, with a minute long drum intro running into a nice slice of hardcore, carrying on the flavour of the preceding tracks.


The halfway point is marked with  A B-512, as with the other tracks on the album, there’s a strong undercurrent of Turbonegro peculating through. Not the denim and sailor Hank era, more the first couple of records but then maybe a bit of Sexual Harassment’s growl creeping in too.

Todo Va A Salir Mal (Everything will go wrong) is a stand out track, so much so I immediately played it again a couple of times. It simply screams along with a kind of Suicidal Tendencies aggression. If I knew what vocalist Marcos Motosierra was so pissed off about I’m sure I’d be forced to agree with him.


El Socio has a straighter punk rawk feel to it. Not a million miles away from The Dwarves I guess. Punk/metal crossovers El Socio and Fuera De Juego notch up the pace, only for O Pelukão fling you right into Zeke/ Peter Pan Speekrock world.


This comes to a close with another stand out track, Nosferatu. It’s Motorhead. It’s hardcore. It’s great !!!

The album will be available around the world, in the US on Spaghetty Town Records, Europe on Munster Records (Spain) , AlgoRecords (Chile), Laja Records(Brazil), Little Butterfly Records (Uruguay) and Rastrillo Records (Argentina).




Author: Fraser Munro