Written and recorded around the pandemic period, System Reset’s first recording since guitarist Shovel (he of Trigger McPoopshute notoriety) and drummer Sturdy joined the fold, sees them rip out seven tracks which put many of society’s ills under the microscope. Mini LP or bulging EP it matters not, what does matter is the quality of the material and once again System Reset hit the nail squarely on the noggin with a well-produced slab of molten punk rock. From the opening ‘March’ tackles the subjects of the day with a UK Government set on making the divide wider and taking away fundamental rights you and I have and crushing them without so much as a whimper as the media ignores what is going on under our noses whilst the clowns in power divert and divide System Reset have their eyes on what’s going on and they let rip.

Covering other powerful topics such as domestic abuse (Crack My Head) is one of the standout tracks on offer. whilst its a difficult lyrical topic to get your head around the soundtrack is brutal but riveting and draws you to the lyrics., mental health gets covered with (Anxiety and Fail-Safe), the rise of the right-wing (Cut The Ties) with a filthy spirit of 82 punk rock bass line that isn’t so much a tap on the shoulder but a thump to the back of the head. work/life imbalance is dialed in on ‘Dead On Your Feet’. Big business gets a poke in the eye courtesy of, well, ‘Big Business’. The EP is a word in your ear put to some fantastic punk rock and it’s a frank soundtrack to a fucked up, post-pandemic world. The more I play it the better it gets which is always a good sign of a quality release.

With current and ex-members of Da Capo, Four Letter Word, Trigger McPoopshute, Red Riot and drawing on a myriad of influences it’s a record that covers many musical bases and has a great flow.

The EP will have a CD and limited 7” of the tracks ‘Fail Safe’ and ‘Big Business’ coming in early 2022 but for now it’s digital only.

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Author: Dom Daley