Check out this interview with The Damneds Bass maestro Paul Gray. Starting his career back in the 70s Paul first crossed paths with his current bandmates in The Damned when his band’s picture was printed on the flip side of the debut Damned album (good luck finding a copy) since then Paul has thumped his Rickenbacker in Eddie And The Hot Rods, Played with Motorheads Larry Wallis, Johnny Thunders around the time of his classic ‘So Alone’ sessions. He then followed Algy Ward into the Damned lineup and recorded two hugely impressive studio albums ‘The Black Album and ‘Strawberries’ as well as the iconic ‘Live At Shepperton’ record that captured the often chaotic but always exciting sound of The Damned live.

After quitting The Damned he had a stint with hard rockers UFO followed by stints with Andrew Ridgely as well as stints with the musicians union and tutoring Gray then returned to public prominence with Damned bandmate Captain Sensible as one-third of the wonderful Sensible Gray Cells.

Gray was also diagnosed with Throat Cancer before returning to the live stage he played with another Damned bandmate this time Rat Scabies in Professor and the Madman in 2017 before stepping back into the Damned following the departure of Stu West where he’s been an ever-present as the band have raised their profile and delivered several studio albums bringing you up to date with the impressive ‘Darkadelic’. He’s also found the time to record and tour with Wingmen alongside a Moped, Strangler and a Ruts DC. Without further fanfare let me introduce Martin Chamarette our intrepid interviewer and the one and only Paul Gray who it was once said if he was paid by the notes he hit he’d be a millionaire.

The sad news has reached us that one of his generation’s most iconic and influential musicians has passed away. the private man that was Alasdair Mackie “Algy” Ward is thought to have passed away in Hospital last Wednesday after a long illness. His contribution to music should never be underestimated. Having played with the iconic Australian punk rockers The Saints when he played on their single in 77 ‘This Perfect Day’ and also playing on the classic ‘Eternally Yours’ and its follow-up album before being replaced in the band it was in 79 he joined the mighty Damned.

Ward played on their iconic, classic post-James era album ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’. His formidable bass line intro on ‘Love Song’ cemented the album as many fans’ favourite thanks in no small part to his driving, take no prisoners, sound that fit in with the band’s MO at the time. Wards Lemmy-inspired attack made the album’s core sound and the second phase of the band’s many different genre-changing periods. His time however, didn’t last too long after internal wranglings and The Damned being The Damned, Algy left and went on to form the much underrated NWOBHM bands, Tank.

Tank was at the sharp end of NWOBHM and in 82 they released their iconic album ‘Filth Hounds of Hades’ again the band went through many lineup changes but did manage to make five albums of metal/punk but due to a lack of commercial success and the old faithful internal disputes then band fell apart and by the end of the 80s Algy wasn’t seen or heard of performing until the late 90s when he reformed Tank with Bruce Bisland on drums, and Tucker and Evans on guitars when they released one more LP ‘Still At War’ (of course they were) the band limped on into the naughties making several albums before Ward teamed up with fellow metal/punk legend Evo to record an EP ‘Damned Unto Death’ then his final record was released in 2018 the eighth studio album ‘Sturmpanzer’ and so it was done.

Rest In Peace Algy, that iconic intro on ‘Love Song’ will forever be etched into my brain where Algy with his leather jacket, cheeky grin and thumpingly effortlessly cool bass line led the way on one of the best albums ever made on this spinning rock. Alasdair Mackie “Algy” Ward your work here is done may you rest in peace.

Half a century of Anarchy and Chaos and a bit of downtime as well to be fair, but in the main, The Damned have never let me down and when their output has been; shall we say less than palatable they’ve delivered live over and over and they’ve kept evolving and therefore keeping themselves relevant as they move into the twilight years disgracefully still making new music and hit or miss doing it their way and I love that about the band. A friend once described The Damned as his Beatles or Elvis and I totally got that because their my Rolling Stones as well God Bless them and all who sail under the Damned flag.

Anyway ‘Darkadelic’. Seemed to rise like a phoenix with the first couple of tracks leaked out into the ether with videos and like Marmite fans either loved it or loathed it there can be no in-between it would seem. The recent tour they’ve undertaken was punctured mid-set with the whole album played in its entirety and for some it was unwelcome and for others (like me) it was most welcome (let’s be honest here whilst its always nice to hear New Rose and Smash it up I want to hear new songs especially if they are decent and that’s where I have to begin these songs are indeed pretty bloody decent).

This is not The Damned who released ‘Machine Gun Etiquette those days are gone – time moves on and that is their past neither is it The Damned who hit paydirt during the MCA years of lift music and if I’m honest I didn’t much like the last studio outing either but this is a more focussed record, a more energetic record and the songs stand tall and have plenty of punch that was certainly missing off the last release. These guys don’t sound like men who should be on their allotments rather than making a racket in Acton studios weaving their Gothic, psychedelic ditties that have melody and relevance in the year 2023.

Starting with the mid-paced ‘Invisible Man’ is Vanian rolling back the years and delivering a masterclass in Gothic vocal and melodies that is instantly recognisable whilst Sensible again shows he has the chops that he probably doesn’t get enough credit for as far as openers go this one is strong.

One of the songs that worked best on the recent live shows was the energetic ‘Bad Weather Girl’ where a Sensible vocal works best and the swirling keys add atmosphere to a top tune punctuated by that unbelievably hypnotic flurry of bass notes courtesy of the maestro Paul Gray as the song weaves its course through some impressive soloing from the Captain. To follow it up with the riff-heavy ‘You’re Gonna Realise’ with its sumptuous chorus that changes gears in a classic Vanian way and the trinity of Sensible Riffola meets Gray’s thump topped off with Vanians ear for a twisted melody is majestic.

Next up is the Damned doing their best political commentary on ‘Beware Of The Clown’ built around another impressive chop from Mr Sensibles six-string as Gray weaves in between the strokes. There is more than enough dirt being spat from the speakers as Vanian strokes your ears with his lush deep tones.

So far so good, I hope we’re all sitting comfortable and used the bathroom as ‘Western Promise’ has a ‘Black Album’ meets ‘Phantasmagoria’ feel to it. Another excellent vocal for Vanian. That Gothic haunting style the band do so well jostles to be heard on ‘Wake The Dead’ and half way through this record and I’m quietly impressed so far. This record is instantly gratifying and also slow burning therefore messing with my reviewers ear. I’m waiting for the next one to maybe hit the buffers but its not happening and there is a little voice inside my old head screaming at me, “this si why I love the Damned” they deliver the good when I wasn’t expecting it and thus far in there is no filler only songs that are taking me to various places through their career and dumping me in the here and now 2023 The Damned are churning out excellent songs on an excellent album and I love it.

‘Follow Me’ is a bonafide garage rock stonker. Then, follows that with the barking rabid dog that is ‘Motorcycle Man’ and give to give Monty his props he fingers a mean swirling Garage organ (oo-er Mrs) throughout and it’s not overpowering but sympathetic to the songs and works a treat adding another texture to the most welcome guitar heavy songs. ‘From Your Lips’ lays back as the penultimate offering is lowering the heart rate with yet more sweet solos that elevate already impressive songs.

Finally we reach the end and ‘Roderick’ sees Vanian get his brushes out to paint one last gothinc masterpiece, his tongue firmly in his cheek for a candlelit finale of epic, not too overstated grandiousity that only the Damned can get away with and once again Vanains vocals deliver sounding like a man half his age. since James left Vanain moved forward from the shadows and grew into his role and has spent the last 30 years showing why he is at the top of his trade and has no equal, a masterclass of dark arts and velvet smooth tones a great twist at the end of a very impressive album.

It’s been a crazy half-a-century journey for Vanian and Sensible and all who sail on the good ship Damned. If this is to be their last studio recording then they’ve delivered a smouldering, punchy masterclass, at times sensitive others astute and always on their terms. God I love the Damned and ‘Darkadelic’ is a welcome release into a catalogue that has more ups than downs as well as a smattering of magic moments that haven’t been equalled by anyone. It once again shows how bloody good they are at their chosen craft. Long Live The Damned and their Darkadelic brilliance.

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IT’s been a looooong time coming but finally the evening has arrived where Michael Monroe pays tribute to The Lords Of The New Church. This has been hanging around since the pandemic first broke and the will they wont they questions were asked. I’m so glad it wasn’t shelved or kicked to the long grass because those Lords songs are too good to be resigned to history and whilst Brian, Dave as well as Mark Taylor are still with us we need to celebrate them and who better to stand in for Stiv than his old mucca Michael Monroe. Whoever pulld this off give yourself a big pat on the back because I’m sure Stiv was looking down and tipping his hat in approval. anyway I get ahead of myself. Whilst it was all about The Lords for me there was plenty going on besides as a well attended Shepherds Bush Empire will testify.

The first VLRockers set involved a couple of covers fronted by Paul Ronney Angel the choice of the two being a riproaring ‘Teenage Depression’. Then they were joined by Kim and Jackie for the HeadGirl EP with Beki Bondage adding vocals for ‘Please Don’t Touch’. The final track of the first 30 mins was ‘God Save The Queen’ with Millie Manders and Gaff which was dedicated to Lydon as the news that Nora had just passed away filtered through. The real highlight of this set I would say was the brass section which really added to this song selection…making it sound so much more than a mere covers set. A most lively of starts….

To be fair to the VLRockers house band they were in fine form all evening and did some sterling work when playing ‘Pipeline’ or having Jim Jones join them to tear through some Rock n Roll standards like their rcollective tails were on fire. The special guests were prompt and the awards were handed out in fine Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox fashion which led to the live bands for the night and collecting an award the Cockney Rejects then performed a very brief set of their material with new tunes wedged between old classic Rejects culminating in a fine rendition of ‘Badman’ the only downside was some plonker in the audience chanting Chelsea at the boys from Canning Town and I’m sure he wouldn’t have been so edgy had any of the band heard his foul tirade, there’s always one.

Anyway, next up was Neville Staples Band and after catching this band perform an incredible set at Rebellion many moons ago they once again didn’t disappoint plucking Specials hits left right and centre and in thirty minutes the whole venue was moon stomping and singing along to classics like ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Monkey Man’ once again I’d seen a fantastic set from a fantastic band whose energy and positivity was boundless.

It seemed like the years were pealing away and I was taken back to when I’d seen The Lords Of The New Church with the most incredible of frontmen in Stiv Bator but alas he has long since departed and all that is left is his memory and his music and if you were to pick one man to perform those songs with the band then it had to be the one and only Michael Monroe. As the house lights went down and Mark Taylor fired up the synth for the intro of ‘New Church’ I swear a warm glow descended over this theatre in West London and a gift from the rock n roll Gods fell down. Dave Treganna fired up that bass throb in time with Terry Chimes’ drum beat and we were off before the unmistakable roar of Brian James’ guitar filled every corner of your soul, we have lift off as Monroe danced to the front centre and it was finally happening. It was, however, an all too brief set and being greedy I could have heard them play every single track the Lords had recorded and still wanted more but alas I’ll take this however brief it might have been. ‘Livin’ on Livin’’, and ‘Method To My Madness’ Were fired out of the PA with aplomb as were classic Lords ‘Dance With Me’ which was well deserving of the Moroe saxophone

It was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned, this was never going to be a car crash of any description the players and the music was far greater than that possibility was ever meant to be. Let’s not forget for a minute these songs are 30-plus years old and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since they were last played in anger by Mr James or anybody for that matter. It truly was a joy to close your eyes and feel the weight of ‘Russian Roulette’ or ‘Dance With Me’ filling the air of a concert hall again.

The band were then joined on stage by none other than Mr Rat Scabies who presented his old pal Brian with an award before ordering mr Chimes to Fuck off the drum stool so he could sit in and hammer out a mighty fine rendition of ‘New Rose’ as Michael Monroe looked genuinely star struck having to sing the song. It was a magical moment amongst several magical moments that had occurred over the last thirty minutes. Some of my favourite performers over a lifetime of music, on a stage playing some of my favourite songs ever. It was something I was trying to compute in real-time but I don’t know if I’ve taken it all in I do however know that I was delighted this evening had finally taken place and seeing the living Lords reform with Nick Turner standing on the stage left to supply tambourine and backing vocals was the icing on the cake. It was then abruptly brought to an end after an impressive Bo Diddley/New York Dolls’ ‘Pills’ and then they were done.

A tremendously entertaining night from Vive Le Rock with some fantastic performances topped off by The Lords Of The Fucking New Church Revisited Can we do this again sometime? pretty please.

After last year’s successful dalliance with the old flame of Scabies – James – Vanian & Sensible it seemed about right and proper that the Modern Damned got back in the saddle for some live shows in support of their new album. This the first night of the UK tour sees the band return to Cardiff Uni the city of many great nights in Damned history being the city that had four Damned bassists on stage at once (The now long gone Point Venue) New Ocean Club was the venue where the MCA years took off and who could forget the Night Vanian decided not to go on tour and carnage ensued at the hippo club.

The Damned in 2023 are a more altogether (cough cough) professional unit. With New drummer Will Taylor sitting in the band launch into ‘Street Of Dreams’ to open the show with a sound system that is absolutely top of the shop and every clanging Paul Gray note and the deft touch of the new boy that was seamless and a pleasure to hear driving the songs on in the engine room letting Sensible do his usual sterling job on the guitar.

The second track was ‘The Invisible Man’ before shifting gears through some old classics from ‘Wait For The Blackout’ and an epic ‘Lively Arts’ Vanian then introduced the audience to tracks off the new album thats coming out next month but it wasn’t going to be one or two new tracks the band were going to showcse the flaming lot! Now I know there are your hardcore who will never be pleased with whatever they decided to delve into from their almost half a century of songs but we’ve done the original line up, The Paladium extravaganze the the Black Album anniversery or the Machine Gun in full sets so it seems right and fitting that the band throw a curve ball and play the whole new album. Me, I’m well up for that I’ve seen the band play almost 100 times and as much as I love a ‘Fan Club’ or a ‘Limit Club’ or recently getting a raft of ‘Music For Pleasure songs on the reunion shows this was something else and I love that about the Damned so bring it on.

‘Motorcycle Man’ sounded fantastic and overall I know it was live but the songs knocked spots off the lukewarm last album and they had more bite and energy about them. and before you knew it ten new songs out of the opening thirteen were done. If you left the venue then it’s your loss but the Damned audience can be a tough crowd sometimes but I think the majority were with me and love it.

There was still time as the band sounded tighter than usual and certainly looked to be enjoying the set and the reception they were getting new boy Will was certainly driving them on with a performance that was more Rat like than I was expecting and it only helped spur on the performance. ‘Born To Kill’ kicked into an epic ‘Love Song’ which in turn segued into ‘2nd Time Around’.

There was time for two encores consisting of ‘Eloise’before ‘Smash It Up’ was ruthlessly played before the excellent ‘Girl Stop’ bowed out, leaving us where it always began with ‘New Rose’ and we were done. Captain showed his appreciation and promised to return if they were all still alive at some point down the road and I left happy. Another day another impressive Damned show – Me I fuckin love em and if I could only see one band again it would be this bunch of rogues and their immense catalogue of songs.

Author: Dom Daley

CC Voltage – ‘Berliner Pilsner’ (Snap Records) Vancouver-based songwriter C.C. Voltage has just released his newest single ‘Berliner Pilsner’ b/w ‘Bummer Party’ on Ausländer Music and on 7-inch vinyl via Spain’s Snap Records. Voltage has a penchant for power pop. The song comes from when Voltage lived in Berlin and his favourite Beer company had a contest to write a theme song. Whats not to like I ask you? Beer and Rock n Roll its timeless and classic. Its Berliner Pilsners loss they never picked this one. It sounds like its been poured outta a can of cold 7.5 and you get carried away on the fizz and froth as it spits out of the can. A good time in a beer can what could possibly go wrong? Hang on a minute because the flip side is a slab of street fighting power pop with added 70s Lizzy happening for good measure. Go check it out and get involved CC knows how to pen a banging tune.

The Dahmers – ‘Ghouls In The Garage’ (Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Records) Gotta love some Horror Rock n Roll and nobody does it better then The Dahmers. Its a limited run so don’t muck about or you’ll miss out. Its sharp – to the point and packs a punch. I love ‘Bats Need Friends’ its a banger but thats not to say the others aren’t because they’re not.

With their back catalogue getting a reissue on various coloured vinyl this is a good time to get into The Dahmers. As for this EP its four tracks of glittery goth power pop and these tunes are excellent as an introduction to the band. Get on it kids you won’t regret it.

Civic – ‘End Of The Line’ (ATO Records) One of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2023 is ‘Taken By Force’ and if you’ve been paying any attention over the last few years they’ve been top of the pile outta Australia along with Stiff Richards, this is a slow burner that will wet your apetite for the album thats just been released. Hopefully this album will set the band on fire far and wide and everyone will sit up and pay attention. This and ‘Blood Rushes’ are smouldering classics. Get on with it and pre order, Civic are coming you wont be able to ignore them.

Civil Rats – ‘Your Dummest Friends’ (Bandcamp) Straight outta Philly this three piece of nerdowellers rock up with their EP of Ramones inspired Punk Rock. Its rough as a badgers arse but its a lotta fun as most of this kind of punk rock can be. They’ve grown up on Ramones melodies and Dee Dees style of playing. They’re aren’t going to change the world but they’re gonna have a good time as much as is humanly possible and thats always cool with us at RPM HQ.

‘Don’t Know Your Name’ is from the Undertones playbook who were all worshipers at the altar of da Brudders so you know the drill. ‘Party Mood’ if I was lazy (which I am) is in the ball park of Joan Jett and again thats always cool. There are an endless supply of riffs to write songs in this vein and bands like Civil Rats can geep mining those riff forever, so keep being you and keep going. 1-2-3-4 Go!

RILEY’S L.A. GUNS – ‘Rewind’ (Golden Robot Records) The other La Guns have also been in the studio it seems and kicking up a shit storm of hard rock n sleazy roll. Rileys version features Steve Riley, Kelly Nickels, Scott Griffin and Kurt Frohlich. Lifted from the forthcoming album ‘The Dark Horse’. You know the drill by now they play sleazy hard rock and to be fair they do it really well and the last album was impressive, not that we should be suprised. A tale as old as time ‘Rewind’ is about somethign so sweet turning sour according to Riley. Click the title to pre save on a streaming platform of your choice.

The Damned – ‘Invisible Man’ (Ear Music) The Damned releases the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Darkadelic’ and another reinvention of the finest band shit island has produced with Vanian in fine voice and Sensible knocking out his psycadelic Riff-a-rama throughout, it’s a bit of a grower and not a shower maybe if the Doors were from Sarf of the river and not San Fran and grew up in 70 England they’d sound a little like this. Hopefully the album will deliver yet more delights from the Damned.

Brock Pytel – ‘Anemic Heart’ (Scamindy Records) Sounding not a million miles from former Husker Du frontman Bob Mould on this dreamy slice of alt rock for ex Doughboys drummer Brock Pytel. Hit up this single and his previous release on Bandcamp hopefully, an album is somewhere down the tracks because this is a fine slice of music that gets better on each play. Its a real ear worm burrowing into your brain building as it meanders out of the speakers.

Automatics – ‘I Swear’ (Self Release) A dreamy ballad from punk survivor Dave Philip who has kept the Automatics band name alive and kicking over the last few years with a string of releases. Dave has covered the spectrum of rock n roll and this more gentle and dreamy number will resonate with a lot of power pop fans far and wide. Hit em up at the link.

Les Lullies – ‘ Dernier Soir’ (Belugar Records) Belugar don’t release bad records (look at their roster) this slice of European power pop is a wonderful terrace chanting slice of bop – n – power pop. I haven’t a clue what their singing about but it doesn’t matter because it makes me happy to hear an uptempo bit of loud pop with fist pumping chorus sing a longs. Les Lullies, hail from Montpellier France, they play with passion and style and make great tour partners with th elikes of the Speedways from the UK or Guida from Italy. They have the chops alright – get on it and turn the collar up on your jacket and suck on your lucky strike Les Lullies are coming and a full album will be here springtime on the wonderful Slovenly Records.

Catholic Guilt – ‘Live For The Rush’ (Wiretap Records) Melbourne alt-rockers Catholic Guilt mark their return with the new banger “Live For The Rush,” off their upcoming sophomore LP due out later this year on Wiretap Records.

The Black Halos are back and the Darkness has Doubled! since ’94 The Black Halos have been at the forefront of punk n roll when the world was shoegazing and not wanting to look or sound like they were in a gang or band of brothers, bands like The Black Halos were a much-needed shot in the arm and above all they had songs. Plenty of em and they were fan-fuckin-tastic!

The self-titled debut was a much-needed shot in the arm and to follow it up with the magnificent ‘The Violent Years’ the band could do no wrong. They were on MTV and all was good.

With two further albums and some line-up changes, they were still contenders and I loved those albums but something was missing. Now original members Billy Hopeless, Rich Jones (guitarist with Michael Monroe, Ginger Wildheart, AMEN), and Jay Millette, have got the mojo back for the band and that X Factor is right up front and centre on this new album. Joined by new boys John Kerns (The Age Of Electric) and Danni Action (ACIIDZ) the rhythm section is on fire and stoking the furnace in the engine room for the band to truly set ablaze these new songs.

After a few singles that came out ofver the last couple of globally troubled years, we need bands like The Black Halos out there doing it and leading the way for honest, beautiful punk n roll. when they released the singles the sound was there and the tunes were easily some of their best ever written and recorded – maybe their time apart was needed to rebuild and come back stronger and wiser.

The album, recorded in Toronto and mixed by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, The Professionals), as the guitars kick in on the opener ‘A History Of Violence’ the years just peel back and twenty years melt away. Its got adrenalin, melody, and the familiar Black Halos gang vocals and we’re underway with a Cheshire cat grin knowing that shit just got serious and The Black Halos are in the fuckin Room!!!

the record sounds amazing and ‘Tenement Kids’ opening lick sounds like classic Manic Street Preachers if only they had the bollocks to turn up their guitars its a belter of a song that will leave the intro lick inside your head to just sit dormant before growing over time and before you know it your singing along – classic Halos. A couple of the previously released singles get a look in with the lyrically astute ‘Uncommonwealth’ that just rumbles along like a prowling hungry pissed-off beast. It was a great single but in the mix of this record, it sounds brilliant. The relentless slap of the snare and repetitive chant is pure Halos.

‘Forget Me Knot’ is a confident stab with some magnificent backing vocals and the whole arrangement is one of their finest – its fair to say these gents live it and love it and on songs like this champion it and so they should. They mix things up on the song ‘Better Days’ adding variety on the guitars and it has to be said Billy’s vocals are sandpaper wrapped in a velvet glove his melody is exceptional and again I have to return to the arrangement – its so well delivered it sounds like we’ve been playing it for years never mind a mere couple of weeks, these are better days indeed with a soundtrack like this.

With eleven originals and one amazing cover, this record is unquestionably one of the best records I’ve had the pleasure of all year and it’s so pleasing to hear a band I love absolutely deliver the goods and some. There isn’t one second that doesn’t deserve praise and I’ve heard a lot of music this year but this sounds special and the more I’m playing it the more songs are jostling for positions with a solo that stands out here or a melody there it’s honestly that good. ‘All My Friends Are Like Drugs’ or the epic and heartbreaking ‘Ain’t No Time To Say Goodbye’ written for Mr Chi Pig (SNFU frontman) it was and is one of the best singles I’ve heard for several years, I must have played this song a thousand times since it was released on yeah right! records back in August 2020 if you’ve never heard it then there is no better reason to get a hold of this album right now its one of the best songs the band has ever written and that’s not even up for debate.

In the belly of this here record, you have a cover of The Wanderers ‘Ready To Snap’ which was a fantastic tune, and roping in legend Michael Monroe to handle vocals alongside Billy makes perfect sense, and boy this is how to do a cover from the passion in both vocalists delivery to those backing vocals this song goes to the next level. If I haven’t done my job and whet your appetite for this album then I can only apologise to the band, the label, and to people who still believe in Rock and Roll and its amazing powers if you only buy one record this year then I suggest you beg, steal or borrow a copy of ‘How The Darkness Doubled’because it is a relentless, high-octane blast of classic Halos punk rock ‘n’ roll! and one of if not the best record released in 2022. How’s that for leaving on a ‘Positive Note’ now getoutofhere! you beautiful bastards! The Black Halos have just nailed it…again!

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Author: Dom Daley

Fast-rising Italian punks SMALLTOWN TIGERS return to the UK next month for the first time since their debut shows of October 2019. The girls from Rimini turned a lot of heads on that tour and plans were quickly made for a return. Covid put paid to that, however, and the dates had to be abandoned.

They refused to delay the release of their debut mini-album Five Things, though and were rewarded with fantastic reviews across the board. The icing on the cake was an invitation from The Damned to open for them on their original line-up reunion tour. Postponed twice, those dates are finally set to go ahead in October and November.

In the meantime, the girls are booked to play the Pump It Up Powerpop Weekender at London’s Lexington on Sunday 3 July. The two-day event will also feature sets by NYC’s Baby Shakes, Norway’s Yum Yums, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, The Speedways and more.

Speaking about the show, singer/bassist Valli says…

“It’s a wonderful time of the year over here at the Smalltown Tigers camp. First, Summer is here so we can surf. Second, after an almost three years hiatus, we’re about to come back to London. And, more important, to play at one of the most significant events we ever played in our career, the Pump It Up Powerpop Weekender at the Lexington.

“It will be great to share the stage with so many great bands, some of them for the first time and some others like The Speedways and The Baby Shakes we already shared the stage with. Moreover, the fabulous NYC girls (and boy!) The Baby Shakes were the band we opened for in Italy on our first tour ever… ah, sweet memories. Can’t wait to be in London again. It’s gonna be a blast! Be sure to buy your ticket in advance, it’s gonna be a busy Saturday and Sunday night on the 2nd/3rd of July!

“Other than that, we can’t wait to play some songs from the brand new album we’re currently preparing and which will be out next year. We think it’s the best material we ever wrote and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. See you at the Powerpop Weekender people! Stop by and say hi!”

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Italian garage-punk tearaways SMALLTOWN TIGERS are back for the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

To celebrate, they’ve just released a video of their cover of Columbus OH action-rockers New Bomb Turks’ ‘Girl Can Help It’.

The track was originally recorded for the album ‘Defiled! A Heavy Medication Tribute To New Bomb Turks‘, released last year.

The band dropped their debut mini-album Five Things to worldwide acclaim in the Spring of 2020, deep in the first lockdown, meaning their accompanying UK tour was first postponed and then cancelled. The girls from Rimini are now determined to make up for it.

As previously announced, they’ll be opening for The Damned on their reunion dates in the Autumn. They’ll also be playing Some Weird Sin’s Pump It Up! Powerpop Weekender in July, alongside Baby Shakes, Duncan Reid & The Big Heads and more…

Dates so far are…

3 July – The Lexington, London (Pump It Up! Powerpop Weekender)

28 Oct – Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London (w/ The Damned etc)

29 Oct – Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London (w/ The Damned etc)

3 Nov – O2 Apollo, Manchester (w/ The Damned etc)

4 Nov – O2 Academy, Glasgow (w/ The Damned etc)

5 Nov – O2 Academy, Birmingham (w/ the Damned etc)

More dates TBC

Buy Five Things here

Buy Defiled! here

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