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Trust Me, This Is Going to Hurt” is the Killer New Album from London Glam Punks, The DeRellas. 

Infused with the spirit of Dead Boys, Heartbreakers and MC5, it’s been three years since The DeRellas last studio album, and after tearing up stages across the UK and Europe, They’re ready to unleash another glorious slab of fiercely independent, in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll.

With a darker edge than 2021’s Something’s Got to Give, “Trust Me, This Is Going to Hurt” is fishnets and fag ends, heartaches and hangovers. It’s a glam-punk goldmine. 

They funded two of their earlier albums through Kickstarter.  Your support has kept them independent and built a community of great people around the world who are more than just fans, you’re their friends and your belief means everything.  

By helping them fund ‘Trust Me, This is Going to Hurt’ you’ll be one of the first to hear and to hold the new album, and it means they can pay for studio sessions, pay for the best production – They’ll be recording at the legendary Pat Collier’s studio to ensure the album sounds as massive as it feels.  They’ll also be able to wrap it all up in quality artwork and packaging to make sure it looks as good as it sounds.  

Most of all you’ll help Keep Music Alive!

Rewards from CD’s to vinyl, Studio visit to private performances and more hit em up at the link – Here


Is it really Sunday already? We’re only just warming up. Having taken a measured approach to this years post covid proceedings we’ve reached the final day and our party of scribes have eased back on the beers and late nights and are raring to go for one last push.

After another of those exceptional breakfasts, it was straight into the Arena to catch the excellent Thee Acid Tongue hoping that the sound we had witnessed for The Chisel was an isolated incident but sadly once again it was volume over any definition and it really hindered front of house sound. Gone was any subtlety in the guitar sound and it was almost a single low-end blast with the vocal becoming an ear-shattering hum which is such a shame because there were five of us hoping to catch the band live for the first time all agreeing that the sound did them dirty. Note to self (please can they play next year with a good mix – thank you) The band clearly had energy in their performance and if they had a good onstage mix it wasn’t the case out front – shame that because they have some really top tunes so I’d love to have to opportunity to watch them next year on the Pavillion stage chopping out those top tunes they have.

Whilst mulling over the sound in the Arena we headed to the Casbah for some of The Insane at the Casbah where they were playing their first gig in 40 years and the track ‘El Salvidor’ stood out next to their cover of the classic ‘Chinese Rocks’ now every year we like to predict how many bands soundcheck their guitars to the opening riff of ‘Sonic Reducer and how often we get to hear it played this year we had to wait until the final day to hear it even once which must show how the festival is evolving and talking of evolving we now head back to the Literary stage for some chatter that matters and another unique feature of Rebellion.

That was half twelve mid-day but we’re not going to moan about it (too much) we have a busy schedule and we’re onto the next. The Literary stage for some Jeff ‘Stinky’ Turner and his no hold barred stand up. In the brand new conference center that housed the art displays and a moving wall of remembrance, it was also kitted out for interviews and stand up which is where we found ourselves along with plenty of others. With not a single spare seat Turner was to talk us through the life and crimes of a Reject and his firm of equally unhinged nutters. Now, the lead throat of The Cockney Rejects Jeff Turner has wandered through life ducking and diving and along the way upset and been loved by equal amounts of people I’d imagine. I found myself giggling and belly laughing as he doesn’t hold back regaling us with horror stories of touring with the Rejects and growing up in the East End and along the way dismantles many celebrities along the way mainly for faking it and not being stand-up people if you’ve not seen Stand up and be counted then I suggest you do so, partly as a cautionary tale and partly because Jeff is a funny guy and I’m sure he would forgive me for saying this but I find myself laughing with and at him, what a life! He’s honest and keeps it real and when talking about his beloved ‘ammers he chokes back the tears which was wonderful to see and hear as the real human side came out but obviously I can’t condone some of his more violent stories but it was what it was and Jeff owned his darker side along with his warm and caring side which also came through. To be honest the literary stage was packed with awesome turns today from Billy Bragg and Alvin Gibbs to Stuart Pearce the footballer , Steve Diggle and Tom Robinson its a shame I couldn’t stay here all day it would have been fascinating and another wonderful side to this festival that makes it so unique.

Where was I? oh yeah, damn you Jeff Turner making me laugh meant I missed my visit to the pavilion to watch The DeRellas who went down a storm from a few people we spoke to who attended the performance which didn’t help. So many things to see so little time and soooo many clashes.

Anyway, where was I? Our schedule was now in the bin as choosing between who to see and where we were supposed to be was now futile so I missed the almost acoustic performance from Dave Sharp interviews with Alvin Gibbs and Steve Diggle. Buzzcocks outside at R Fest and The Avengers in the Empress. it was time to assess who what where and when so it was Chelsea in the Empress as Gene led the band through a solid set kicking off with a sprightly ‘Evacuate’ and an impressive ‘War Across The Nation’ before finishing the set with the classic ‘Right To Work’. We then maneuver ourselves across the Winter Gardens for former Misfit Doyle who is in the Casbah and was also the first act to take twenty minutes to get onstage which was disappointing. It was a well-choreographed thrash fest from the former misfit and his band who did the whole punk/metal thing as well as expected with frontman Alex Story prowling the stage like a madman helping pass half an hour before we headed back to the Empress for the mighty UK Subs.

It was now the final straight for us this year and we nestled ourselves down the front to witness another fantastic set from Charlie and the boys. They treated the packed Empress to a tight – no fuss – zero bullshit, rapid best-of set that took in UK Subs classics such as ‘I Live In A Car’, ‘Down On The Farm’, and the sing-a-long that has become the subs anthem ‘Warhead’. It’s been a while and the Subs are masters of playing Rebellion and what is required of the established bands and their back catalogue.

There were a few moments during the set that encompassed everything that is held special about the band where crowd surfers caught the eye of Alvin, Carlie, and Steven and it seemed to spur them on and raise the already volcanic temperature even higher creating one of those moments and Charlie fuckin up the lyrics here and there much to the amusement of Steven and Alvin its these glimpses into a world where Charlie has sung ‘Barbies Dead’, ‘Limo Life’ and ‘Emotional Blackmail’ a bazillion times yet caught in the moment it can and does happen. The Subs have become something of an institution and Rebellion stalwarts deserving of their elevation up the bill and on the biggest stage. Tonight they were fantastic, they gave the fans exactly what they wanted and some and provided a real weekend highlight for me -long live the UK Subs.

We decided to zig-zag our way back to the Casbah to catch NYC hardcore legends the Cro-Mags for their set but without John Jospeh I can’t help but feel the intensity and performance was missing something. With him prowling the lip of the stage leaving Flanigan to get on with what he does would have been something to behold. However, the set kicked off with a thunderous ‘We Gotta Know’ and that intensity was raised for ’20/20′ but it was a ten-song set that featured four tracks from the classic ‘Age Of Quarrel’ album. It was great to catch them finally. Get em back in the Arena (with a good sound) alongside Sick Of It All, Bloodclot, Stigma and Agnostic Front and I’ll get in training right now, that would be insane. If only eh Hardcore fans?

Right, this was it one final hurrah! Empress Ballroom for Stiff Little Fingers then the hell outta dodge and the nine-hour bus trip from hell home haha! Again the Empress is packed to the rafters for this performance and again SLF didn’t disappoint. Covid might have delayed and derailed their anniversary celebrations but tonight the band was determined to make up for those lost couple of years and the Empress was about to join them for a huge celebration. Opening with the awesome ‘Suspect Device’ followed by ‘At The Edge’ this was shaping up to be an awesome set already. No bullshit nor fucking about it was down to business and hit after hit rattled off the balcony and around this cavernous and beautiful venue. ‘Nobody’s Hero’ followed by ‘Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae’ sounded fresh and as we headed through ‘Strummerville’ towards ‘Gotta Getawy’ it was time for the no-encore encore and a final salvo of ‘Tin soldiers’ followed by ‘Alternative Ulster’ and the band left the stage to rapturous applause and another fantastic Rebellion Festival set. Me I was soaked through and done. My body battery was registering extreme lows and another year was over and an exceptional four days of friends, fun, fantastic music, and everything besides was locked into the goldfish-like memory bank. We discussed highlights of which there were many, regrets of bands we missed and simply couldn’t see, and discussed next year’s wish lists of who should be added to what still is the best punk and alternative festival on the planet. Adios amigos same time same place next Year? Fuckin’ right it is…

If I could be so bold and suggest some bands for next year I’d love to see a return of Clowns from Australia and whilst their at it maybe pack a flight from down under and get Grindhouse, Civic, Stiff Richards, the cosmic Psychos, Coffin on board just for good measure. I’d also get The Lords Of The New Church with Michael Monroe into headline one night there are a plethora of great UK bands we need to see play from The Hip Priest, Deathtraps, Black Bombers, Continental Lovers and Rough Gutts to some from the States like Wyldlife from NYC, Guerilla Teens and about a hundred more I could name but maybe some will be entertained and make Rebellion 2023 better than this year’s event. So without further waffle RPM Online would like to Thank Rebellion Festivals for what must be a terrifying experience yet equally rewarding, James Sherry @ Division PR, Stu Taylor at the Rebellion merch table and all those who put in the hard yards behind the scene and of course all the bands, stall holders and staff at Winter Gardens & R Fest for another truly unique yet excellent festival. Oh, and before I forget, to my traveling companions and roommates for looking after me and making it such a great time, again. Love you long time…respect!

Why not buy tickets for 2023 and come join us by the seaside beside the sea Here

Rockaway Records announce the release of the brand new single and video for ‘Underground LUV’ taken from The new album ‘Something’s Got to Give’.

Produced at Perry Vale Studios by the legendary Pat Collier. The band has never sounded better. ‘Underground LUV’ is set in a world of isolation, where subway dandies strut the streets, where passion ends in fashion in a Clockwork Orange dystopia, spray-painting life in dayglo pink and yellow. This is a song of defiance and hope, fear and LUV for the 21st Century. Underground LUV is available on download from, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.,..

23The mainstays of The DeRellas Timmy and Luca decided before Covid hit the world that the band must evolve and a shake-up of personnel was undertaken.  It was both a brave and bold move considering how well the lineup was producing the goods in the studio and on stages up and down the country but you snooze you loose and so we entered Lockdown 2020 with plans afoot for The Derellas to enter the studio to follow up the excellent High Rise Supersize single.  A successful Kickstarter campaign ensued and the band entered Perry Vale Studios with the legendary Pat Collier to begin work on the ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ album and finally, in August of 2021, it will hit the streets with a bang! Crash! & bit of a Wallop!


Right from the off it is fair to say the production is top notch and a fuller more hard edge to the songs takes DeRellas 2021 in a different direction maybe less Glam punk and more focussed punk rock sounding DeRellas.  Sure the song topics are about the down n dirty, Glam Punk staple diet of love, life, booze, one night stands and rolling from day to day enjoying life.  ‘Don’t Tell Me What I Did Last Night’ has Timmy delivering a sympathetic vocal and to be fair he does it very well and its the one or rather one of the most notable things is the vocals suit the songs very well and the Subs influenced tones sit very well on this record.


Its got a dash of early Manics very mich in evidence on songs like the sleazy ‘Underground LUV’ which is an excellent laid back ode to love L-U-V. Lucas tone and solos sit very nicely in the mix and to be fair is the shining star on the record.  Its like the DeRellas coming of age album and finally after all the line up changes have finally cracked the code for whatever it was they were searchign to destroy.  ‘Emergency 2020’ deals with the current times in a nutshell with a great Stonesy riff and melody up to the Sonic Temple like solo leaving just enough headroom for the Sweet like breakdown to take this one back to the chorus.  Great stuff.

I guess fitting in all your influences and whats in your DNA into a decent song is what every artist is searchign for and whilst this isn’t perfect its the best thing the DeRellas have naild onto tape by some considerable length.  The flow of the album in its pace of each song is well lthought and the studo shine from Mr. Collier is most complimentry and will give these songs longevity long after the dayglo spray paint has dried and the guyliner has faded.


The tip of the hat to the mid 80s glory days when every turn was a Hanoi Rocks or A Lords Of The New Church or a Dogs D’Amour slamming into a Soho Roses and a Cheap and Nasty filled the gaps its been a long time for bands to delve into the best that period had to offer and ‘Lifes Crashing’ fills that void very nicely in style and delivery. ‘Pressure Gonna Get Ya’ is another that sails on the influence of maybe a ‘Holy Bible’ era preachers and Timmys distressed vocal is perfect for this and he delivers it in spades some fo his best lyrics to boot.


If you just want snotty punk the ‘Sonic Detonator’ will get you pogoing, along with the wonderfully glamarous Jonesy chug of ‘Soho Hotel’ it’ll give you the chance to join in on the chorus and punch the air and rejoice. One of the albums best songs for me is the laid back ‘Our World Tomorrow’ and as it builds like the bastard child of Stiv and Billy Halo its something that sets this album apart from the previous albums and confirms that maybe this was indeed the right path for the band to head down.


The album isn’t front loaded as we head into the home straight and an updated version of a fantastic glam punk stomp of ‘High Rise Supersize’ signs of a really impressive album thats been well worth the wait.  I leave you in no doubt at all that if you were undecided about this then fear not because you wont have any regrets at all because as a listener nothings gotta give because ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ gives everything and more.  Get It!



Buy Here

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Author: Dom Daley

London Glam Punks, The DeRellas, are back with a new album “Something’s Got To Give” is gonna be a glam-punk killer album and they need your support to get it recorded.

It’s been a few years since The ‘Freak Show’ EP.  With a rejigged line up founder member Timmy DeRella has taken over vocal duties, The new album ‘Something’s Got to Give’ will be THE definitive The DeRellas album.  The songs are written, the artwork is done, the running order is decided. They’re ready to unshackle the beast and release it to the world like King Kong with a king-sized hangover.

So this is where YOU come in. So that they can get ‘Something’s Got to Give’ out to the public, They’re asking you their fantastic, fanatic, freakshow fans from all corners of the world to join the Kickstarter campaign. You can pre-order the album, buy special bundles with exclusive signed goodies, and they’ll also be giving Kickstarter supporters regular reports from DeRella world.

2020 has been a hell of a year, and they’ve have missed playing and hanging out with the fans much more than they thought possible.  You can join them in the process Here

The DeRellas – ‘Inner City Rock ‘N’ Roll’ (Rockaway Records) produced at Perry Vale Studios by the legendary Pat Collier.  Set in a world of isolation, this is a frantic underworld of Trash as The DeRellas set their time machine for the Bowery and a table booked next to the Dolls and Bowie.  Its brash and the most in your face dirty punk n Roll the band has ever sounded and its a gas gas gas!  Timmy and Luca dish up an appetizing dish of Inner City Rock ‘N’ Roll its a dash of glamour in a seedy dark nighttime world thats just been set on fire and this is the soundtrack blairing across the city.  The new album ‘Something’s Got To Give’ will be out at the end of 2020. so until then this will be Available on download at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.,



Stevie R. Pearce & The Hooligans – ‘Rip It Out’ (Self Release) Rip it out for Rock and Roll! Stevie R Pearce & The Hooligans are in the house kids and they’re locked and loaded with a truck full of huuuge Riffs as this lead track set to be released later this month testify being locked up has fueled the fire of a beast of a band who are ready to Rock. Big stomping Riff with a super steady rhythm pounding away as Stevie swings from hushed vocal verses to the soaring chorus.  Rock is not dead and a global pandemic can’t stop this juggernaut.  Get ready kids its a coming!  Pissed off and ready to let you ‘ave it!




Volcanova – ‘Sushi Sam’ (The Sign) Volcanova released an interesting and amusing music video for the single “Sushi Sam”, the first taste of their upcoming album “Radical Waves” out August 21st.  Facebook

R.M.F.C. – ‘Reader’ (Anti Fade Records) R.M.F.C. (or Rock Music Fan Club) is the brainchild of 18-year-old Buz Clatworthy, who writes, performs and records all of the group’s output himself in his bedroom in South-east NSW.
The project began in late 2018 after showing a friend a demo, in which they encouraged a proper release.  A hypnotic rhythm rattles along, an extremely listenable tune that has a great raw guitar hanging in tune by a thread but as the Buzzcocks type tune also hums with a sweet keyboard.  Not an instant hit to be fair but worth investing in for sure.

Buy The single Here




Nico Bones – ‘Cheatin Heart’ (Dead Beat Records/ Wanda Records).  We occasionally miss a great release and for that, we can only beg your forgiveness.  Originally released late 2019 this Cali based bunch of punks showed up on our radar when Dead Beat picked it up and put it out in this month’s releases. Nico Bones plays a  blend of American Rock ‘n Roll influenced by the sleazy original punks like the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, and the New York Dolls.  The first song sounds like an upbeat Ramones outtake circa 1976…  rambunctious and rockin’.  They follow it up with 3 more cheatin love songs with snotty vocals, supercharged leads, and catchy melodies that sit somewhere between Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators, Sonny Vincent, and Jeff Dahl.  Facebook / Bandcamp


The Hip Priests – ‘ZFG 2020’ (Shitpark Records)  Nothing new going on you say? well, you might be half right but this is the 2020s latest line up of The Hip Priests taking to task one of their finest songs, ‘Zero Fucks Given’. What was already an absolute banger of a tune one of their finest I don’t mind admitting.  Is it possible to love a track more? possibly. This sounds huge and I mean colossal huge but not production huge. It always had that Stooges groove but I’m sure if Iggy were to hear this he’d doff his cap and prob ask if he could cover it on his next album and bow out on top. In recognition of what was built on the Stooges foundations this raw pissed off anthem is still a fuckin’ beast. On the flipside is ‘Social Hand Grenade’ taken from the bands last album ‘Stand For Nothing’ and it seems and sounds more apt with every passing day. One of the albums standout tracks (on an outstanding album it has to be said)  With a limited number of these available you have to be quick to jump on this one as the gang of believers grows with every passing day. One day they will blow up and explode on the wider public. Shit Islands finest are back in the groove. Facebook


Mäsh – I Don’t Want You’ (Wanda RecordsFacebook / Bandcamp Alright let’s go! a sloppy twelve-bar Quolian riff gets proceedings off to a flier and by the second verse they’re running through the Chuck Berry guitar lick 101 handbook and we’re down with that all the way.  The song fizzes like a good un and is catchy as hell.  Love the breakdown all it needed was more handclaps and possibly some cowbell and it might have become the blueprint for all future punk rock n roll sleazy singles but we also understand you don’t want to shoot your wad early doors and keeping something in reserve is cool. The B Side ‘Whisper’ is like a really good Diamond Dogs tune I’m sure Sulo would be down with these cats as they shake their shit on another top tune.  Rock and Roll can’t always be serious or dark sometimes its fun and living in the moment and Mäsh have got it going on and even double denim is cool as fuck just like this singe is.!


PizzaTramp / Incision – ‘Split’ (Self Release) Imagine being bludgeoned to death by a blunt weapon but quite enjoying it as long as it doesn’t hurt too much and doesn’t last more than 3 minutes.  That what this Split is like.  Repeatedly smashed on the head by a few guitars and a bass drum pedal and some throat-clearing its not painful though and it’s quick but like I say its enjoyable.  Two songs each and Pizzatramp win by virtue of being Welsh and their two songs last a progtastic four minutes but fair play to Incision ‘Jennifer Anniston’ is fuckin’ brutal.   Buy Here




Wonk Unit – ‘Summer Time/You’re Sick’   (Plasterer Records) Laugh I nearly went to Ethiopia.  Fair play to Alex and the gang this is a fuckin hoot. One of if not the most surreal and barmy summers ever now has a soundtrack.  Maybe inspired by the likes of Blue doing ‘Girls and Boys’.  Part dance euro-pop trash but obviously with a huge dollop of Wonkiness.  “Sexy boys sexy girls touch yourself” had me holing I have to be fair. but once it’s in yer noggin’ it’s not leaving any day soon. To cleanse the palate for many is the classic slice of Wonk with ‘You’re Sick’ bringing up the rear.  With a steady beat and familiar caustic guitar riff-a-ram Wonk Unit knock it out of the park as they say in ‘merica   Buy Here


Godfathers – ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ (Self Release)    The Godfathers’ brand new, double A-side – ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ & ‘Wild And Free’ Available in limited edition, clear red vinyl single & also limited edition 4 track CD that features the 2 songs, plus demo versions of both songs unavailable in any other format!!  pre-order NOW only from Here This release is for the 35th anniversary of the band’s existence. From the iconic debut to this, there has always been a recognisable sound with crisp, driving guitars and a tight rhythm section and its pleasing to say ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Godfathers tune. The other side is a steady anthem in the shape of ‘Wild & Free’ following a healthy linage of rockers with attitude from the gang vocals in the chorus to Coyne’s spoken vocals its got groove but I tip my hat to the guitar soloing that’s on display here.  Interesting times as the next chapter of The Godfathers unfolds.


The Mercy Kills – ‘Alone’ (Golden Robot Records) Melbourne’s THE MERCY KILLS release their newly remastered single ‘Alone’.   The track is taken from their debut album ‘Happy To Kill You’  and has been remastered and re-released as a single for those reaching out digitally in COVID-19 isolation. The message is simple, “You can’t make it alone!” Mixing up the influences of the likes of L7 from the Grunge heyday along with something more rock such as Faster Pussycat with attitude born from the likes of The Ramones. Facebook


The Dust Coda – ‘Early Days – Raw & Unplugged’ (Self Release) In this almost surreal pandemic world, the band decided to brush the dust off some old recordings and release a collection of four acoustic tracks, which will give fans an intimate listening experience. This EP further unveils The Dust Coda calm soothing acoustic works. Each song as gentle as the previous with an almost Southern rock warmth akin to the lighter workings of The Black Crowes sound and style. Throughout the EP mellow guitar riffs combined with the gritty vocals are the key elements setting the scene for an intense acoustic journey. Electricity was used to power a guitar but not a lot.  Chill out in the sun and socially distance kids this retro southern rock will do the job. Facebook


Larkin Poe – ‘Back Down South’ (  ) Featuring guest appearance from fellow Nashville musician Tyler Bryant this is another slice of Southern Roots-Rock with some really strong vocals all round and with subtle swirling Hammond thrown into the mix it’s not just about the cotton-picking guitar licking as it approaches the crossroads from the fuzzy slide, these sisters have got it going on with a tune thats got an air of extreme confidence it never breaks out remaining laid back right to the bitter end.  Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Self Made Man’ this will only add to the expectations of the long player.




Onslaught – ‘Religioussuicide’ (AFM Records)  U.K. Thrashers present their new single ‘Religiousuicide’,  The song is taken from the upcoming album ‘Generation Antichrist’, which will be released in August.  ‘Religiousuicide’ marks the debut of new vocalist Dave Garnett who recently replaced long term frontman Sy Keeler. They’re not reinventing the wheel here kids its Thrash Metal as we know it and its exercised to perfection from the rumbling gutwrenching bass to the pneumatic drumming Dave Garnett settles in nicely as the guitars buzz around the speakers towards the dueling solo.  thrashtastic and you know it dives bombs rapid tapping, frantic double bass its all here present and correct and it also has the gang vocals – job done.



Dead Horse – ‘Night’  The first cut from Londoners Dead Horse EP released next month.  Dead Horse formed in 2019 when former Love Buzzard frontman Kevin Lennon (bass/vox) returned to London from Brighton, meeting up with long time bandmates (Rumour Mill/Kids From K Hole) Duncan Clark (drums) and Josh Kemp (guitar) via a mutual interest in garage rock/punk, old and new.  Facebook

Having played the last couple of Rebellion Festivals and turning the Opera House into the DeRellaDome we thought it was time to fire some questions at founder and Bass player Timmy DeRella. When we spoke at the last Rebellion last August with one thing or another we never quite got together to have that chat.
As we leap into a brand new decade we finally catch up and all isn’t as it seems in camp DeRella with the ever-revolving Revolving door turning and another two new faces emerge with big changes in the band.  I’ll let Timmy fill you in…”As you know, I’m now fronting The DeRellas – which is probably something I should have done when Robbie left the band.  It’s a pity things didn’t work out with Joe, he’s a good guy, he has great style and we did some brilliant gigs together, but we had different ideas.  The new lineup is fab – we have Luca on lead guitar of course and a new rhythm guitarist – Marky T, formerly in London glam band The Bad Girls and more recently starring as Steve Jones in The Sex Pistols Experience  (he looks very fetching with a knotted hanky on his head, how could we say no..?!).  And I’m pleased to say that Steve Grainger (Chelsea) will be playing drums on the new album and hopefully playing a few gigs with us – true rock n roll.  So I might fall on my arse with the singing but it’ll be 100% the band I want it to be.”
So there you have it folks that’s where we are as of February 2020. Soooo, onto the questions, I originally had seeing as a whole bunch are now irrelevant.
Tell us when did you first pick up the bass and why the bass?
Not until I was 21 – I had tried to play drums and keyboards first, I just wanted to get a band started as quickly as possible.
You’ve put out a couple of albums on cd and vinyl and a few singles you always kept it real and never bowed down to going digital and kept true to releasing records.  Is it important for you to keep making records? And 7″ singles?
Vinyl rules but you have to be realistic about the future and about costs.   Our new single ‘Soho Hotel’ is currently on download only (check it out on CDBaby), but it will defo be on the shiny new vinyl album.  
Yourself and Luca have been the mainstays in the band how does the writing process go?
Luca and I just get together – I will have some lyrics or even just a title, he’ll have a guitar riff and we come up with songs.  We’ve always worked well together.  Sometimes some lines or a riff will be sitting around for a while until something clicks into place.  
The latest line up of the band is really strong and the last Rebellion Festival performance was by far the best I’ve ever seen you guys or any line ups that have performed under the band name. How do you see that performance?
Obviously the line up has changed since you asked me that question!   Billy’s joined The Godfathers and I’m now fronting the band.   Last year’s Rebellion was brilliant, but we can only get better.   
It’s a big old stage in the “DeRella Dome” that is the opera house but you guys made it feel intimate what other venues have you loved playing?
We’ve played some legendary venues – although one of our most mental nights was in an old garage in Liege!   Favourite places – Freakshow in Essen, 100 Club in London of course, Bannermans in Edinburgh, Wild at Heart in Berlin, Mondo Bizzaro in Rennes, the Wurlitzer in Madrid.. and I have to mention Rockaway Beach at the Hope & Anchor, Islington (the club night I run with my missis).  But it’s down to the people – the punters of course, and the owners and promoters who put their heart and their wallets on the line to keep a venue alive.  It’s tough and good places are closing all the time because of developers, local noise laws, etc..   Support your local venue, kids!
What’s next for the band? A new album?
Yep, the new album is well underway — hopefully out this summer.   The new songs sound brilliant.   We have a video out any day now for Soho Hotel, and we’ll be promoting the album in the second half of the year, but before that, we are booked for Scotland Calling in April and we’ll do a few dates around that.  And we’ll be back at Rebellion again of course.
Who would you say are your biggest influences musically and bass playing-wise?
Clash, Manics, Hanoi, Bauhaus, Banshees, Heartbreakers, Adam and the Ants, Lords of the New Church…  
You guys always look as if you’re having the best time onstage is it as much fun as it looks?
It has to be fun.   Like Viv Savage (Spinal Tap) says “have a good time all the time”
The last ep was your strongest work and ‘high rise’ is a great track are there many new tracks demo’d?
The new album is going to have more of a High Rise Supersize feel.   We got a little bit of stick for being political when High Rise came out, but it’s a tough world out there.  We just want people to have a voice, not take things lying down, to ‘stick it to the man’.  
That’s all for now from The DeRellas but rest assured we’ll be back for more when the record is ready for release until then check out the most excellent ‘Soho Hotel’ and we wish the band all the success and extend that to Billy and Joe.
Currently only available on download through CD Baby
Pic of Timmy courtesy of ‘David Newbold’

Another day another week flys by.  Here check out these for good measure. First up is this brand new one from Saint Agnes.

So another day another lineup change for The DeRellas and this time it’s for keeps.  With a brand new single available check out the video right here right now!

RPM loved the album ‘Top Rock‘ if that doesn’t convince you then check out this video taken from the album.  ‘Fading To Grey’ is a great way to start any week.  What are you waiting for? Click it!