Kickstarter Album Launch – Here

Trust Me, This Is Going to Hurt” is the Killer New Album from London Glam Punks, The DeRellas. 

Infused with the spirit of Dead Boys, Heartbreakers and MC5, it’s been three years since The DeRellas last studio album, and after tearing up stages across the UK and Europe, They’re ready to unleash another glorious slab of fiercely independent, in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll.

With a darker edge than 2021’s Something’s Got to Give, “Trust Me, This Is Going to Hurt” is fishnets and fag ends, heartaches and hangovers. It’s a glam-punk goldmine. 

They funded two of their earlier albums through Kickstarter.  Your support has kept them independent and built a community of great people around the world who are more than just fans, you’re their friends and your belief means everything.  

By helping them fund ‘Trust Me, This is Going to Hurt’ you’ll be one of the first to hear and to hold the new album, and it means they can pay for studio sessions, pay for the best production – They’ll be recording at the legendary Pat Collier’s studio to ensure the album sounds as massive as it feels.  They’ll also be able to wrap it all up in quality artwork and packaging to make sure it looks as good as it sounds.  

Most of all you’ll help Keep Music Alive!

Rewards from CD’s to vinyl, Studio visit to private performances and more hit em up at the link – Here