Marc Valentine – ‘Death Is Overrated/Break My Heart Anyway’ (Arcane Wires Records)  ‘Death Is Overrated’ c/w ‘Break My Heart Anyway’ is out This is his third solo single, ‘Death Is Overrated’ features special guess Wreckless Eric which both tracks are lifted from the superb solo album ‘Future Obscure’.

Marc said he wanted to release two tracks as a perfect taster to the album and show how varied the record is. The opener is a dreamy retro slice of power pop balladeering from Valentine, Exactly what you’d expect but to be fair its of the highest quality. The AA Side is more a party on your stereo as the band go for a steady backbeat and a real slice of sunshine Rock n Roll over a backdrop of perfectly labeled Summer trash pop! Wonderful track – Record of the week? It certainly is!

The Gong Rats – (I Want Some) Cereal’ (Dragstrip Records) What a banger. Plain and simple this is bullshit-free Punk Rock n Roll, Its Motorhead meets the Ramones with some twisted synth added for good measure. It’ll make you hungry for punk n roll if you diet on nothing but this noise. Rapid, energetic, beautiful noise is what it is.

Regardless of the wacky lyrics its got a bucket load of energy and that’s the point Feast on this

Chuck Norris Experiment – ‘All Your Bridges Are Burning’ (Bandcamp) A track that originally came out on their 7″ album – yeah? what of it? From sub-one minute to a full almost three minutes of hard rockin punk attitude loud rock and roll CNE are in the Club baby and they’ve brought their fleshed out big guns. It’s fair to say this ones is a banger, no-nonsense, Bullshit free Hard Rockin shit. CNE do it by the dozen. they simply don’t do bad records and one of our favourite Swedish exports are at it again. New music please gents you’ve had almost two years off now we want more loud guitars and we want them now and if they sound like this then play on! Now where did I leave my flame thrower? those Bridges aren’t going to burn themselves. Here

Dead Horse – ‘Hot Marty’ (Self Release) ‘Hot Martyr’ is the second EP from Dead Horse following up from their lockdown EP release ‘Dead Horse I’. It is also the first release featuring new Organ/Synth member Shallum Intonti. With its slow build-up before some cool horn honking it reminds me of Gallon Drunk in places with its brooding menacing undertones threatening to boil over but never quite breaking out. Excellent garage rock n roll now with added keys.

‘Choose’ adds a little psychosis to proceedings sounding a little unhinged is deffo a plus. ‘Snake Eyes’ adds some surf and is my pick of the pops on this splendid EP that gives it all in an exhausting five-song salvo of jittering, noisy, unhinged Garage Rock n Roll extravaganza. Play on please this is excellent. Pick it up off their Bandcamp page Here

As well as the digital release there is a limited edition run of 50 physical cassettes with four exclusive bonus tracks and a brand new Dead Horse Zine that has been specially created for the release

Gun – ‘Backstreet Brothers’ (Cherry Red Records) Glaswegian rockers GUN are back with a brand new album, ‘Calton Songs’ released on Cherry Red Records on 14 October 2022 and will be available on Cherry Red-coloured vinyl, CD, cassette and digital. ‘Calton Songs’ is a full-blooded celebration of the band’s career so far with enthusiastic and brand new acoustic reinterpretations of the songs that made their name and took GUN to the four corners of the world. These retooled classics are bolstered by the addition of the single ‘Backstreet Brothers’


The Recoils – ‘Breakdown EP’ (Coast Road Records) Sounding somewhere between a raw rough and ready Crazyhead and Early Nowhere League all wrapped up in a garage perfect sound this is something of a john peel wet dream as ‘Breakdown’ shows what its got right from the start – something of a banger from the barely “hanging on” verse. That raw guitar slashing away and the catchy punk rock n roll melody on the chorus is complete with the Diggle delicious guitar solo.

It’s old school and enjoyable just like it should be. Whilst the B side ‘Grifter’ rides the crest of a surf-like guitar lick. with some garage rockin vocals, this is a wicked tune with some synth fleshing out such a cool song. love how the guitar solo is hyper like a Cheetah Chrome lead break just because he can. As far as debut singles go this one is an absolute winner! Bandcamp / Website

The Special Bombs – ‘Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore’ (SBÄM Records) Is punk rock still cool? What was celebrated as a lifestyle by millions of kids back then has now become a small scene for the 30+ generation. You could say that it’s normal and that no generation has ever heard the songs of their parents. You could… You could also say that it is normal when people “grow up” their enthusiasm for music and subculture decreases. You could…You could also refuse to accept “the normal”

Mudfight – ‘Another Boy’ (SBÄM Records) Another Boy is the second single from Mudfight’s forthcoming debut album Time For Revolution. Anthemic Pop Punk leaning heavily on Green Day vibes makes for a pretty decent single – Don’t take my word for it hit the video link.

Black Star Riders – ‘Better Than Saturday Night’ (Earache Records) from the new album ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’, this is an upbeat slice of dueling distorted 70s Rock with a fair dose of hard rockin’ power-pop with undertones of Suzi Quattro meets Sweet. It’s an Excellent single, full of that summer sunshine rock and roll but with a modern twist. Anthemic and Glittery stomping Rock n Roll (if there’s such a genre this is it) out 20th January 2023 from Here. At the same time you could book for one of the dates on their extensive jaunt around the UK and Ireland around the albums release.

Rebel Priest – ‘Lesson In Love’ (Batcave Records / Thundermoose Entertainment) I just had to include this because I don’t know if I secretly love it or am horrified. I think they might have been trapped in a Batcave since 1986 and only just escaped suck is their image and those post NWOBHM riffs and the finger tapping rapid solo it’s retro alright but is it ironic or are they ahead of the next curve? My brain is fried I know that much. Flesh, Facial hair, flash bombs (probably), booze, boobs, and battered eardrums. Bang your head and throw them horns in the air Rebel Preist are coming to a dive bar near you and they’re bringing the R-O-C-K.