This 7th record from the Psych Heavy Lords of Altamont and its a body of work that is as uncompromising as the first and one that follows their own beat from day one to the current time with a steadfast group of influences ranging from The MC5 and The Stooges through to the Stones catching shades of styles like Sabbath and Motorhead along the way.  It’s been 22 years of uncompromising single-mindedness that has evolved slowly into this possibly their finest hour yet. If Action Rock is a thing then this is the embodiment of Heavy Action Rock.


Recorded during a worldwide pandemic with members across the globe, its amazing that it ever saw the light of day as the Lords dedication to ‘the old ways’ and paying homage to their sonic forefathers wasn’t possible and having to Mail it in shows the lengths they go to deliver the goods.

‘TUNE IN, TURN ON, ELECTRIFY’ is the perfect title for what you should do when undertaking a listening session with the Lords.  With their emphasis on raw, aggressive garage punk that also takes in elaborate psychedelic trips. Get the sonic rush of “We’ll Never Leave (This World Alive)”, or get your mind blown with “Mud”, then come down again with “Soul In Flames”. Forty-Five minutes of honest heartfelt hard rockin that’s the guarantee you get from these four horsemen of the Apocolypse.

The band has evolved with lineups but has maintained their roots and ended up improving on each record they’ve made sure they’ve not reinvented the Rock and Roll wheel but they’ve kept it spinning and have gotten better at their craft.


Along with The Fuzztones these cats are top of the food chain currently still kicking out the jams and with a commercial edge to songs like ‘Burn Me Out’ with a great hook on the chorus and some quality organ tinkling from Jake Cavaliere.


The tunes keep rolling and are built on a great hook or a melody they just keep on giving.  With the title track or rather ‘Million Watts Electrified’  having a huge groove and hook on the chorus this is excellent stuff but it’s the stunning arrangement that holds the key to how damn good this record is. I’m hoping this Global lockdown has made bands like this hungry to hit the road and tour these records and we’ll be lucky enough to get an eyeful of this Rock and Roll trip because some of these songs would be nothing short of sensational through a huge PA and the billowing dry ice.


Side two starts off with some seriously hard rockin intent as the song’s flow ‘Blast From Kicksville’ is a stomping good time. Bullshit-free high octane rock and it feels great. But then you have your melon twisted with the kaleidoscopic ‘I Just Want’.  There is a Stooges cover just for the CD buyers out there as the vinyl snobs roll their eyes and tut but you can hear it on streaming sites (CD buyers and Vinyl junkies all roll eyes).

With just a pair of tracks left we get the high octane drag racing number ‘Moving (Goats Revenge)’ burning rubber and the well-worn path of denim and leather and Action rocks ties with fast big shiny engines are honoured here.  Which only leaves the epic six-minute ‘Mud (Wet Brain)’ hazy, bass-heavy, drug theme, wailing guitars, vocals dripping with echo.  It’s all here baby Tune In Turn On Electrify! it’s a theme baby and the Lords Of Altamont live it to the full extent if ya believe then throw your arms in the air like you just don’t care because in anyone’s world this is a belter, Buy it!


Oh, and did I mention the die cut sleeve is cool as fuck as well. oh well take it from me it is.


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Author: Dom Daley

 One of the best things about doing this website is hearing new music you possibly would never have come across if you’re not being sent emails, speaking to people who suggest a band they’ve come across or a band they’ve heard live somewhere around this beautiful globe. Besides during this lockdown whilst everything seems to have hit pause or slowed right down it has given us time to sniff out some great new bands and records getting released and one of those bands and records has to be this lot from Toulouse.


whilst that name didn’t exactly strike me as a grat name as soon as the sounds hit the ether I sat back and listened and inevitably turned it up,  then turned it up a bit more.  sure they use Rickenbackers and wear rollnecks and Winkel pickers because these cats play Garage Fuzzed up Rock and Roll and do it exceedingly well and it came as no surprise to find out they shared the stage with the likes of RPM favs The Lords Of Altamont and toured the States a few years ago with the likes of The Real Kids and were due to play with The Sonics.  So they demand to be taken seriously.

The album was recorded and produced by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Bellrays, The Sonics, The Fleshtones…) and they have that slightly reverbed production that’s raw and savage and has all that fuzzed up charm you want to hear from a Garage Rock record.

To see they shared a stage with the likes of The Lords Of Altamont will come as a good yardstick for people who’ve never come across the guys before because I’m reminded of them on songs like ‘No No No’ with its energy and sound. Another band I’m reminded of would be some of the earlier recordings from The Hip Priests they may not be as fast and certainly not as potty-mouthed but that attack is there on tracks like ‘Breaking Down’ and ‘Run Run Run’.  They really get on a groove for a lot of the songs and tub thumpers like ‘Don’t Need You’ are more traditional garage maybe steering clear of that classic Hammond or Farfisa organ whirling would be too much for these punks whist with one Cuban heel in the garage the other is in snotty fuck you loud Rock and Roll the likes of MC5 peddled and that’s always going to go down well around here. You can lob in a grenade of Motorhead to proceedings but only when they were a three-piece with Philthy and Fast Eddy as ‘Don’t You Try’ will testify its a formidable racket when you turn up those amps and just go for it.

From top til the bottom, this is a pretty relentless record where you’ve not got a slowie just to break it up its full-tilt zero bullshit and the sleazy ‘Fall For You’ is a great groove to set up the finale on and that finale is the cliched ballad,  Oh no it’s not.  Of Course it isn’t ‘Gonna Get You’ is a fine sign off of energy being expelled before the smoke finally gets wafted from the speaker that will smoke long after this has finished.  Take a break, lie down in a darkened room then get back on it.  Turn it up and kick out those jams motherfuckers!


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Author: Dom Daley

Fuzzville !!! # 6 once again lands in Benidorm, at the Magic Robin Hood resort, on the weekend of March 27-29! 25 national and international bands, the DJs that will star in the Junk Sessions, and the record labels that will be part of the Fuzz Market.Fuzzville !!! #6

A line up formed by stellar names like Black Lips that will take advantage of their presence in Fuzzville! to present their latest work “Sing In A World That´s Falling Apart” that is resulting in a true musical revelation, the mythical Man or Astro-Man? and Prettiest Eyes, for the first time in Spain. That’s just the start, though! Thee Hypnotics, The Dwarves, The Lords of Altamont, and many more will also grace their stage.

More than twenty labels and independent stores will populate the Fuzz Market in the sixth edition of Fuzzville including Dirty Water Records, Wild Honey Records, Munsterama, Bang! Records, Family Spree, Folc Records, Hurray! Music, Delia Records, Monastery of Culture, Ghost Highway, Rufus Recordings, Pipus Records, Holy Crow, Snap! Records, Pre-Columbian Records, Boy Sound, Oasis City, The John Colby Sect, Buzz! Guitars, Metalic´KO Leather, The October Press, and Old School Shoes.

Finally, the DJs of Fuzzville, or what has come to be known as the Junk Sessions, will be starring Diego RJ (The Basement of Radio 3), Franz Barcella (Wild Honey Records), Cheries DJs, Deborah Devobot (Family Spree Records ), Cosmetic Couplé, Inés and Juan (special V anniversary The John Colby Sect), Teenarama Powerpop, Alberto Charro Pinchadiscos (Pre-Columbian Records).

All this for only EUR 70!!