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Born way back in ’97 this three-piece of Rock and Roll energy took pieces from the good and the great to carve their own little niche.  Imagine Motorhead jamming with Mc5 with the a dash of boogie from early AC/DC rocking up with Nashville Pussy. Well, then turn it all up because that’s a part of what The Short Fuse are about.
Seems people like to label their music (which is fine we all do it) and Action Rock is a thing so I guess it would be fair to say The Short Fuse are indeed Action Fuckin’ Rock! They’re Fronted by Miss Georgia Peach on Vocals and  Bass duties and she has that bluesy soulful quality much like Lisa Kekaula of the Bellrays parish.
The band released a few records at the tail end of the ’90s and early naughties and then went their separate ways doing a whole bunch of things from acting to video directing but the call of the wild saw them reunite a couple of years ago with a little help from the legend that is Daniel Rey and that kinda leads us to where we are today with ‘Dawn Of The Deaf’ finally coming out in 2019 (Some Journey).
Loud guitars pounding bass with plenty of grunt and rolling drums that pound away with the best of em as those guitars pour petrol onto the engine that makes up this record as songs like ‘Galloping Ghost’ are ablaze as they just thrash and howl from start to end.  Marrying the Motorhead rhythm to some excellent guitar licks and some soulful vocals trying to contain this beast of a record that is ‘Rock Yo Self (until You Wreck Yo self)’ Catch your breath boys n girls because the rocking only gets harder and faster and louder than the last tune that hit the speakers with a cheeky bump. ‘Furiosa’ is its name and Rocking loudly is its game Never mind recording levels this just goes at it hard and fast much like The Bellrays as they head to encore time this is exceptional stuff it has the X Factor that was ‘Supershitty to the Max’ and such gems but wait, go nowhere ‘You Ain’t shit’ just turned the dial up a notch. Record of the week? Record of the month I reckon.  If I hear a song better than this in the next thirty days I might just spontaneously combust!
It’s fair to say this album starts off well but as it warms up it just gets better and better and ‘No’ might be a smidgeon more restrained than the last few tracks but it still rules. It’s like Debbie Harry had joined Wayne Kramers mob. If you’re raising an eyebrow then I suggest you go source it on a streaming service or wherever you get your downloads and put my words to the test, Rock and Roll isn’t dead its not even in the ER room – The Short Fuses are flying the flag for loud as fuck guitars and its in your face anyone who doesn’t believe. I won’t even mention ‘High Score’ they can have that one 😉

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Author: Dom Daley