Now, it could be said that a band releasing a compilation of their three studio albums, which includes four re-recorded songs, sounds a bit suspect. But, hold your horses, because you can always trust The Speedways. While this album is aimed at a fresh audience in the States and elsewhere, for the uninitiated, it’s a perfect introduction to the Kings of UK power pop.

For a start, their debut album ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ was written and almost entirely played/recorded by Matt Julian, after which he found a solid band line-up with Mauro, Adrian and Kris. Hence, four tunes re-recorded as a band with a fair few gigs under their belt. ‘In Common With You’ is still one of my favourites, and while I love the original recording, the 2023 version gives you what you’d hear at the gigs, a fleshed-out sound. ‘Seen Better Days’ also benefits from added keyboards and hand claps, and ‘Tonight You’ll Find Love’ now sounds radio ready. ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ has clearer backing vocals and more gloss, but doesn’t lose it’s charm.

The ever reliable Jez Leather has also used his production skills to brighten up four songs from ‘Radio Sounds’; ‘Kisses Are History’, being a near perfect pop song, is a joy to hear again, melancholy and beautiful. ‘In A World Without Love…’ and ‘Number Seven’ are already etched into my memory, whilst ‘The Day I Call You Mine’ should be in every record collection, exquisite stuff.

All this plus four songs from the recent ‘Talk Of The Town’, of which ‘Shoulda Known’ is another case of “I wish I’d written that one” syndrome. I really hope this wins them yet more followers around the world. There are a few, great bands playing similar music at the moment, but The Speedways are still ahead of the pack.

The Speedways Big Cartel Shop

Beluga Records


Author: Martin Chamarette

THE SPEEDWAYS have announced a new compilation album ahead of their first US Tour. The 12-track album entitled ‘Triple Platinum’ features four newly rerecorded tracks from the 2018 debut ‘Just Another Regular Summer’, with four from 2020’s ‘Radio Sounds’ and finally four from their latest offering, ‘Talk Of The Town’. the album is set for release next month through Snap!! and Beluga records, ‘Triple Platinum’ and you can pre-order here.

The November US dates cover the East Coast and they’ll be accompanied by Kansas City’s THE WHIFFS.


If power pop is your thing, The Speedways are already on your radar. And with this, their third ‘proper’ album, I’m running out of superlatives fast. Put simply, since ‘Just Another Regular Summer’, they haven’t put a foot wrong. Quite how Matt and the boys come up with so many ear worms, I have no idea.

‘Dead From The Heart Down’, from the first heartbeat, will have you hooked. It’s like the first time I heard the debut album by The Jags, the attention to detail is fantastic, but it’s the tunes that stay with you. ‘Secret Secrets’ is the kind of song that I wish Johnny Marr would write, the guitars weaving between the sweet backing vocals.

‘Shoulda Known’ is one of my favourite songs this year, another that should be on the radio. Here comes the key change…classic. 1979 was an amazing year for pop music, and The Speedways, while not chained to the past, have absorbed the very best bits of the era to create essentially timeless pop songs. ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ starts with a Kinks ‘So Tired’ which wrongfoots you before the song proper begins. Another slice of romantic pop.

Thirteen songs and no need to fast forward. That doesn’t happen often, and guitarist Mauro has plenty of experience in this from his time in Jonny Cola And The A-Grades. From ‘Kiss Me Goodbye’ to ‘Strange Love’, you can just immerse yourself in perfectly crafted pop. It sounds effortless, but really isn’t.

‘Weekend 155’ is this album’s ‘This Is About A Girl…’, taking the band in a slightly different direction, which satisfies more with each listen. The title track gets a bit funky, which reminds me of some of Hanoi’s early tunes, a big compliment! It’s subtle but classy. ‘A Song Called Jayne…’ is the kind of riff you try to write, but never quite manage. Unless you’re Matt or Mauro.

‘Monday Was The Start Of The Stars’, with its conversation intro, and ‘Summer’s Over’ provide melancholy, bittersweet moments, with a hint of Jimmy Scott in there somewhere. Class.

I’d be very happy to have written only ‘Taken’ or ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, and would retire. The Speedways have written an album chock full of ‘em. You think I’m exaggerating? Listen, then order. Treat your ears. Undoubtedly ‘Power Pop Album Of The Year’.

Buy Here / Beluga Records

Author: Martin Chamarette

The Candy Snatchers – ‘Shame Shivers’ / ‘Must Be The Cocaine’ (I-94 Recordings)  Formed in 1992 in Virginia Beach Their first new recordings in over 10 years!  Hans Molnar (of The Hellbenders) steps in to fill the big shoes of the dearly departed Matthew Odietus.  Larry May wails over it all. Larry’s unmistakable voice has held up perfectly well. This shit sounds like vintage Candy Snatchers even on a Trash Brats tune. It’s frantic punk rock and roll kids but you knew that didn’t you? 

The Candy Snatchers need to make a new record, a long player like now. So, Larry get those pipes in order and get to work the world needs a new album from Candy Snatchers. This is their first newly recorded material in 12 years! way too long! but they’ve lost none of their piss and vinegar and knock their tribute to the Trash Brats right outta the park. Fill yer boots with quality Rock n Roll Here Available in a bazillion colours of wax this is the shit we all need Get on it!

Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna – ‘Aint Nothing You Can Do About It’ (Wicked Cool Records) Wicked Cool Records label-mates Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna have teamed up for a single release, ‘Ain’t Nothing You Can Do About It’. Co-written by Des Barres and Label Owner Steve Va Zandt has shades of a Springsteen rocker going on from the choppy chords and the party going on in the rhythm section of course its quality.  ‘Waves’ is another uptempo rocker with plenty of foot-stomping Stones meets The Faces via the Georgia Satellites vibes going on its sunshine on a 45 kids upbeat, smiling and a rock n roll hoot. Pretty much everything a 45 should be! Go get it!

Check it out Here

Killer Hearts – ‘Doctor, Doctor / Demolition Love’ (Screaming Crow Records) Next in the Action Rock Jukebox 45 series are one of the best exponents across the pond of sleazy punk rock n roll the Killer Hearts. One cover one original that’s the deal and boy have they got a treat in store for you 45 rpm lovers. Doctor fucking Doctor sure it’s a tough one to get anywhere near the original but if anyone can this bunch of sleazy reprobates can and for a take on a classic they come pretty darn close. Monster version is done with all the respect and tribute to such an underrated band.

Killer Hearts dont need me telling you how fanfuckintastic they are they let the music do the talking and on ‘Demolition Love’ they knock out a cock sure slab of sleazy punk n roll from the vocals oozing with attitude and menace the band are killing it for sure. Had Larry May not been delivering a single this month then this would have been my pick of the pack for sure. Maybe it should be in for next month when it actually hits the streets but hey were punk as fuck round here.

Hell, they even have the shithousery to steal Motley Crue’s best riff and fuck with it! Killer 45. Killer Heart 45! Fuckin right it is.

The Penetrator’s-‘Time Is Mine’ (CODE 213RECORDS) What a banger this is. With a sound that’s as cool as Iggy the Penetrators cut the mustard with ‘Time Is Mine’ with its driving rhythm and slashing overdriven guitars its got a cool spoken sunk lyric that’s top drawer. the kings of basement rock is about right on the money having been doing this whole garage punk rock since the latter half of the 70s their endurance is admirable and their craft is of the highest standard.

The Speedways – ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ (Snap!!/Hurrah Musica & Beluga Records) Lifted from ‘Talk Of The Town’ which is released in November, this lush slice of power pop is more of the same from The Speedways who can’t put a foot wrong when releasing records they love and believe in starting out as a vehicle for Matts songs they’ve grown into the finest purveyors of the genre in the UK and probably wider world with a steady line up that really compliment the songs and never fail to deliver the good. Instant and long-lasting they understand what it takes to write genuine top-notch tunes as you can tell from this retrotastic video.

No Fun At All – ‘See The Splendor’ (SBÄM Records) Coming on like a European Bad Religion No Fun At All see the splendor in taking on the Swedish Royal Family. This track is their second single off their upcoming album. Founded in 1991, split up and re-united over the years, the 2022 album will be the first album since 2018. SBÄM Records based in Austria is releasing their new album exclusively since they have already re-released “EPs Going Steady” in 2021.

The album “Seventh Wave” ​will be released exclusively via SBÄM Records on ​October 14th.

Soraia – ‘I Seek Fire’ (Wicked Cool Records) Upcoming Shows with Joan Jett and Tours With Josie Cotton and Hayley and The Crushers Announced for these exciting Philly rockers. They’ve also go ta pretty cool take on the Kiss classic ‘Strutter’ coming this month that you should check out.

Pre Order Here

The Slackers – ‘Second Best’ (Pirates Press Records) NYC ska vets The Slackers released their first album in six years, ‘Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya’, and now they’ve got a new video for one of its songs, ‘Second Best’ It’s a dreamy groove and one of the album’s slower songs, and the video is an animated deal that was directed and illustrated by Paulo Rocker and animated and edited by Fabricio Timm.

The Prize – ‘Easy Way Out’ (Anti Fade Records) Second single from young Melbourne champs ahead of their September tour with The Chats. It’s classic ’70s punk/70’s power pop style, with killer dual male/female lead vocals, twin leads and skills that bands who’ve been at this game for many more years would kill for. The ‘Wrong Side Of Town’ EP that this is lifted from is a killer addition to your collection and one that we highly recommend you check out.

It bears comparisons to a mash-up of quality from the likes of The Boys, Thin Lizzy and the Flamin Groovies they’re all in there somewhere coursing through the veins of The Prize and there is a fire raging in their guts as well. Single of the month? Hell yeah!

Get it Here

Wax On Water – ‘Mexicola’ (Self Release) didn’t see this coming. Wax On Water cover QOTSA with their interpretation of ‘Mexicola’. The song is uniquely crafted by singer Maya Damaris to be a kind of ‘response’ to the protagonist in the original Josh Homme penned track Facebook

Paradise Alley – ‘Bad Timing And Silver Lining’ (Bombshell Records) Not content with releasing an excellent solo album Steve Vincent has got Paradise Alley in the studio for a four-track EP that shakes its shit from the off they ask if you dare close your eyes and be transported back – Hell, I can’t open my eyes from late night flashbacks from the early 90s and this slice of Rock n roll hits the spot with some nice gob iron honking from Steve on ‘Soho Daze’ the solo is straight outta Thunders guitar case for what makes a great opening tune.

To be fair this isn’t your bubblegum LA hairspray glam pop this is dirty fingernails sleazy late-night Rock n Roll its got silver-tipped cowboy boots on and staggering round Soho in some nice Chelsea boots vibe. ‘Backstabber’ sees the lyrics going for some rock n roll therapy sit back relax and let it all come out. ‘Walk Away’ introduces some acoustic strumming to add some variety to the EP and it works well with the gang vocals. Wrapping up this most enjoyable EP is the title track that’s the time and memorial hard lick story about exactly that Bad Timing and Silver Lining at least Steve has perspective and can look back fondly on what he did and not what he didn’t achieve. These songs are now out there forever and along with the other music released nobody can take that away from the boy. Take my advice and grab a copy and get the Thunderbird on ice. It’s only Rock and Roll but I love it! Buy Here

The Chevelles – ‘Something About You’ (Wicked Cool Records) Super cool garage rock from down under has a have love will travel vibe about it. the song is a slow burner that hangs on a cool garage rock vibe its got shades of Chesterfield kings about it and being on wicked cool shows exactly how good this is because the label doesn’t have duds amongst its ranks. Pick it up Here

Hell Diablo – ‘Push Comes To Shove’ (Self Release) OK so the name lacks originality but hey it’s just a name. You can imagine this foursome of Canadian reprobates get into mischief and love booze beer and birds Hell Yeah! they do. Fuck it I love a cliche who doesn’t? It’s got a dirty riff, tub-thumping and a freaking cowbell. It’s sleazy rock n roll kids don’t be afraid to throw them horns aloft and just enjoy it. I did. Hell Diablo – Nice. I like the piano hammering away and I love those Stonesy WooHoos. get on it! Lifted from the second album their upcoming album “Bad News Travels Fast” I bet it does. Bandcamp

A Bubblegum Punk band from Brighton, England, Young Francis Hi Fi play 2-minute songs about talking to girls, getting high, and hanging out. Though not necessarily in that order.

Young Francis Hi Fi play a high speed, sugar-sweet mix of ’70s American Punk, ’60s Garage Rock, and Bubblegum Pop.

They aren’t just a band, Young Francis Hi Fi are a gang, like their heroes Ramones and The Monkees. Young Francis Hi Fi signs with Dirty Water Records! so expect new music any day now

Next up is the brand new video from power pop rock n rollers The Speedways, taken from the forthcoming LP ‘Talk Of The Town’ available on Snap!!/Hurrah Musica & Beluga Records in November or

My love for The Speedways is no secret. You should shout about the bands that you love. So, while we wait for album number three, they’ve used the time to release an EP of well-chosen cover versions.


Hanoi’s ‘11th Street Kids’ is a perfect choice, especially on the cusp of summer. It suits the band’s style and Matt’s voice. A less obvious choice, perhaps, is ABBA’s ‘S.O.S’, but it works perfectly, the change from minor chord verse and major chorus being used to full effect.


Included here are the two covers from previous singles; they pull off the rare feat of covering a Kirsty MacColl song without lowering the standard. ‘They Don’t Know’ is one of my favourite songs, and I’d be obliged to say if it didn’t work, but it’s an absolute treat. And Billy Ocean’s ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’ will get your feet bopping, it’s a belter.


I wasn’t aware of ‘Starry Eyes’ by Roky Erickson, but, to be fair, it sounds like a Speedways song, so it’s a natural choice, and will make me check out his poppier tunes. Five songs, 5 out of 5 for me, pop pickers? Nod arf! Get on it now.


Buy Here


Author: Martin Chamarette




Warped – ‘Match Fit’ (Golden Robot Records) Hailing from Geelong Australia, Warped are a 3-piece band that have been around the traps for 30 years and are highly respected scene veterans.  ‘Match Fit’ is a right banger in the garage rock mould that those Stooges knocked out many moons ago that seems to have been embraced down under.  ‘Match Fit’  is a bruising grinding slice of chaotic rock and roll that’s delivered to great effect by Warped who clearly know the score when pumping out loud uncompromising rock n roll in a similar vein to the likes of  Bored and Asteroid B612.   Out via Golden Robot Records, available on all digital platforms.




Steve Conte – ‘Recovery Doll’ (Wicked Cool Records)  New music from the super talented Conte out on May 28 on Wicked Cool Records.  This is Conte’s follow up to the rockin ‘Gimme Gimme Rockaway’.  It features Conte’s 11 year old son, Zia, on backing vocals, the track has Conte’s brother, John on bass and Charley Drayton (The Replacements, Keith Richards’ X-Pensive Winos, Divinyls) on drums.  The b-side is a demo of ‘Rock and Rye Queen,’ a track off of his ‘Steve Conte NYC’ album.  Of course, it’s quality we wouldn’t expect anything less than exceptional here. I love the groove and vibe brought to the party by Drayton who added the Roll to the Keith Richards Expensive Winos Rock.  It goes without saying this is a must buy single.



Kris Rodgers And The Dirty Gems – ‘I Can Still Feel It’ (Wicked Cool Records) Portland, Maine’s Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems Releasing Wicked Cool Records Label Debut ‘Still Dirty’ on July 23. The first single lifted from the record is the horn-heavy rootin tootin rock and roller that shows the very talented Rodgers who has busied himself in the past performing with the likes of RPM favourites  Scott Sorry,  Bullet Proof Lovers, and Kurt Baker.  ITs a real blast of summer sunshine and we can all get excited for the summer when we have tunes like this to blast out.  ‘Still Dirty’ Album Pre-Save link: Here


Velvet Insane feat Dregen & Nicke Andersson – ‘Backstreet Liberace’ (Wild Kingdom Records) Swedish rockers Velvet Insane goes wam bam glam and turns the clock back to 1973 in the new music video for “Backstreet Liberace” and with guest appearances from Dregen and Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters. With a big sing-a-long chorus, Sulo has really captured the mood on this one. From the low horn honk to the rampaging keys its a real feel good banger.

If this is an indication as to where the album is going then bring it on – Great stuff. the upcoming album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit”is out soon!


Hear the single and pre-order the album:



City Saints – ‘Evil Conduct’ feat Han (Sunny Bastards Records)  Oi Oi! A trio of tracks from another Swedish entry it’s like Eurovision but with decent tunes this weekend. City Saints pay tribute on this EP to Evil Conduct.  With 3 tracks. One original and two covers it’s loud and proud (as you’d expect) The band mixes up rock and roll and some proper punk rock.  It’s pretty much perfect Oi! and ‘Home Sweet Home’ (no not the Motley Crue tune) is respectfully delivered and justice is served by City Saints it also features Han from Evil Conduct.   Facebook


Poison Boys – ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ The third single from our upcoming second full length, “Don’t You Turn on Me,” out Summer 2021.

This is the anthemic Rock and Roll from these Chicago punk rock n rollers. It’s  for everyone who’s ever had a missed connection and couldn’t shake the feeling that it could have gone better.  Its a thumping tune and an indication of whats to come when this album drops its time to get excited kids – the world needs more bands as good as Poison Boys. A catchy hit brought to you by rock n roll punks the Poison Boys.

Buy Here




You Filthy Dog – ‘Dreamboats Annonymous’  Solo project from Liam Hill is like a welcome ray of power pop sunshine and from the opening salvo of ‘Face The Wave’ your attention is immediately grabbed.  An excellent constructed tune that ebbs and flows wonderfully.  With a hint of Wildhearts and a chorus that’s more Ash and that indie kid pop melodic goodness. ‘Loved’ is another melodic chunk of loveliness that’s pure summer sunshine.

The mood drops and becomes more sullen and dreamy on ‘Bitter Days’, halfway through it gets decidedly louder with a crescendo of goodness to go with the grandness it envokes – great stuff! Variety, beauty, melody everything you want when being introduced to a new band.  A top EP to be fair and well worth checking out Here


SHLUG – ‘The Scent Of Roy Keane‘ (Disobedient Records) What a lovely noise this is from that thumping bass line to the qwerky chorus its a thrash, bang, wallop, and all in the best possible way for this Cardiff lot.  The curious title is explained away by vocalist Ellis Acton-Dyer: “Written in a point of adolescence, ‘The Scent Of Roy Keane‘ tackles masculinity along with the question – what really turns a boy into a man? Is it through protein shakes? Or is it by pissing all over the seat? Either way, you decide. Just get the conversation going.” Another introduction to a new exciting band who makes a wonderful noise – check it out! Here

Social media: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp


GOB PATROL – ‘Bad Vibes’ (Riot Records) inspired by bands such as Black Flag, GBH, and The Germs, Gob Patrol stay true to the genre it’s like a step back in time but its delivered with aplomb, and who doesn’t love the gurgling bass and a vocal spat out in true Dwayne Peters fashion. Gob Patrol knows what they’re about and delivers for anybody looking for a slice of retro punk 82 style. Facebook

Well, finally 2020 is running out of time but here in the singles club we’ve seen a late flurry of quality singles getting released, and whilst I’d imagine it being the last one for the year we’ll see you again in January all being well.  Thanks for checking in and we hope you found more than a couple of singles that tickled your fancy.
Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘The Powder Dry’ (King Outlaw) An absolute triumph. Tyla’s songwriting skills are in rude health here. With a real laid back ballad of sorts with some fantastic backing vocals that sound like a late-night backroom choir before sailing off into the moonlight. Big acoustic chords and wonderful piano fills before a scorching electric guitar break that is an excellent payoff to a really strong song that opens this EP.  Then to follow it up with the western canter of ‘Stole My Love Away’. Another cracker to be fair as it gently saunters by.  There are four tracks in this here EP and the classic ‘Mad Bad Jack is also involved lifted from Tyla’s visit to Tokyo from earlier this year.
Then wrapped up with a solo acoustic take of the opening song that sounds epic stripped bare and takes me back to when The bard of Wolverhampton first cut loose with his ‘Nocturnal Nomad’ demos. Buy It Here
The Hip Priests / Supersuckers – Split (Ghost Highway Records) Order Here
Now then kids, the kings of the 7″ single returns to take their reward for best single releasers in all of Rock and Roll and this time they’ve got their pals from Supersuckers to take control of one side of this single.
Of course, it’s worth picking up its the fucking Hip Priests, they ain’t ever gonna die again. Its crash bang wallop! as the guitars get wrung to within an inch of their lives you’ll be joining in on the chorus before you know it. ‘Ain’t Ever Gonna Die Again’ should be a promise from Nottingham’s finest purveyors of filthy noise as they continue their trajectory of unrivaled quality singles.
As for Eddie and the boys well ‘Deceptive Expectation’ is the best AC/DC song they’ve done since back in black. Great distorted lick that rolls and grooves along very nicely with a wonderful guitar solo to boot and Eddie’s vocals are spot on.  Of course you should buy it
The Heck – ‘Hate It Here’ b/w ‘I Like It Here’ (Sour Bomb Records) This is an autobiographical song about feeling socially completely out of place. So you’re hating everything and everyone around you and life itself in general. Not because you have a good reason for it. Just because you have to because you can! So a song full of HATE is the result; what’s not to LIKE about that? If punk rock is your poison, you should check this out! For fans of Dead Kennedys, Gun Club, NOFX, Reatards, Oblivians. And for grandparents who hate their grandkids.

“Hate It Here” is the third gunfire of The Heck’s upcoming 2nd album. The Heck are another of Henri Soulmann’s brilliant bands alongside De Keefmen, The Miracle Men, and The Sensational Second Cousins.

The Speedways – ‘This Is About A Girl Who Loves The Sun​/​The Day I Call You Mine’ ( Snap! Records/Hurrah Musica) A bit of a departure with a more dreamy Johnny Marr style on the intro into the chorus.  It’s one of the stronger songs from the album ‘Radio Sounds’ very understated and the more you play it the better it gets.

Then a more power-pop song you won’t hear this year from the overdriven guitar to the gang vocals ‘The Day I Call You Mine’ is like a little ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s morning. For good measure, there’s a lo fi live recording of ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ If you needed further encouragement to pick up this bad boy it comes with a download code for their live Radio broadcast for WFMU.  Bargain!

Buy it Here
Full Tone Generator feat Nick Oliveri – ‘Without A Sound’ (Golden Robot) What a fuckin banger! Loud, in your face and chuffin’ rockin.  Without a Sound is bad ass and dangerous to know. Australian desert rock at its finest with added Oliveri for insurance.  If you needed to ask the flip side is a roaring beast. ‘If You Want Me’ is punk as fuck. Buy It! Stream/buy Without A Sound HERE






WARPED – ‘Raised By Goats’ (Golden Robot Records)  Ok so we’re ending the year with another awesome bunch of singles so its fitting that Warped join the gang with this heavy as a fuckin anvil dropped from an airplane.  Hailing from Geelong, Australia WARPED are a 3-piece band that have been around the traps for 30 years and are highly respect scene veterans even if we’ve never heard of them now is as good a time as any to become introduced.  Facebook





Bigspin – ‘Bottomless’  Punk as fuck Facebook / Bandcamp  Taken from the bands new album it’s skate punk or whatever you want to call it but it’s a slice of Californian punk style but from Mexico City that’s been missing for a while.  With that huge heavy bottom end as the song sprints towards the end via a sing along chorus.  It’s a tidy tune to introduce you to the band who’ve been absent for many a year and even though the album sneaked out in the opening of 2020 it makes sense they see the year out with a neat video.


Ghosts Of Sunset – ‘Another Rock N Roll Show’ (Golden Robot Records)  Hold onto those leather trousers lads Ghosts Of Sunset are turning back the clock with a hefty sleazy slab of Glam Rock with it’s catchy chorus.  You know what the lyrics are about obviously a lot of tears when this one gets aired. 

Featuring Tim Mosher from Junkyard on Lead Guitar.  It’s unashamed glam rock from multi-instrumentalist Todd Long. Hit that play buttonWhy not Pre-order/pre-save the EP ‘Headed West’ HERE




Come Closer ‘Get It Wrong’ (Pirates Press) Southern California’s COME CLOSER has released their debut single “Get It Wrong” which comes from the band’s upcoming album ‘Pretty Garbage’ which will be released in early 2021 on Pirates Press Records.

Indie rock sensibility, with influences from legends like Husker Du and early Lemonheads, Come Closer’s knack for creating lo-fi, hook-laden tunes will make you want to instantly hit the “replay” button and if this is a taste of what’s to come they can definitely abandon the social distancing rules and come closer.

You can listen to “Get It Wrong” on all major streaming services, Bandcamp, and YouTube: Here.


Delilah Bon – ‘School’ (Self Release)  Not content with writing a few acoustic covers or doing a livestream or two during this ole pandemic, Hands Off Gretel’s Lauren Tate went one better and invented a whole new alter-ego she christened Delilah Bon. Motivated by the backlash she endured online when she spoke out about women and young girls getting harassed at gigs (remember them), the Barnsley based songwriter channeled her fury into a new project. This day-glo collision of hip-hop beats and bratty punk attitude has already spawned 5 singles since its inception back in July.

New single ‘School’ is the dread-headed singer raising a middle finger to the school bullies and teachers who said she would amount to nothing. While it’s not as instant as the likes of ‘Bad Attitude’ or the excellent ‘Devil’, it’s still a quality diatribe from the potty mouthed, punk princess. It’s like if Eminem and Pink had a baby and bought her up on a diet of Public Enemy, L7 and Gorillaz, and that’s a good place to be.

This project is all self-written, self-played and self-produced. As Delilah Bon, Lauren Tate continues to excite with music and attitude that pushes boundaries in her quest to be the poster riot grrrl for the jilted generation. Bring on the album!

(Reviewed By Ben Hughes)


Paul-Ronney Angel – ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ EP (Gypsy Hotel Records)  Following his debut solo single ‘One Horse Town’, The Urban Voodoo Machine main mouthpiece Paul-Ronney Angel has ditched the horse, grown wings and flown the coop with James Brown’s wife Tomirae Brown! While not strictly true, this single is a cover of the old Willie Nelson/Ray Charles duet ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ and is a collaboration with the Godfather Of Soul’s widow. Recorded at Space Eko Studio in London by Alex McGowan, the acoustic-driven single is full of raw emotion and countrified blues. PR’s raw vocals mix well with Tomirae’s sweet tones, like the devil and the angel taking us to church with handclaps, acoustic guitars and a bottle of whisky. He’s even dressed as a dandy highwayman in the video!

A cover of Linda Gail Lewis’ recent (and topical) single ‘Oh Pandemic’ fits the Urban Voodoo groove perfectly with brass and banjo adding rustic charm to PR and Tomirae’s vocals’. Also, the acoustic reworkings of ‘Goodnight My Dear’ and ‘Pipe & Slippers Man’ are suitably ramshackle and the spaghetti western style instrumental ‘The Flattened Earth’ make this a value for money purchase and the perfect stocking filler for all those ne’er do wells craving some rock ‘n’ roll salvation. Buy ‘Seven Spanish Eyes’ Here

(Reviewed by Ben Hughes)


Is this Power Pop?

A question that is often all caps shouted across screens by keyboard warriors defending their record collection decisions.

Power Pop. A holy grail whose contents are loudly proclaimed obvious (depending who ya ask) and essential.  Apparently sacred (yet neverendingly argued) since the storied days of Peter Case losing his Nerves to then lace up his Plimsouls. Somehow important yet almost impossible to achieve… one wrong move, a drink too far, a chord eschewing a jangle and you’re “just rock n roll”.

Or so it seems…

The Speedways. The members languidly lean on the bars of darkened London pubs or float like spectres in corners of Some Weird Sin and Garageland gigs. Striped shirts and leather jackets. Dirty street-tamed Chucks and scuffed Thunders boots carry them from one late night heartache to another.

They are true believers who take their turn on stage with hearts outshining the Cheap Trick badges.


How do you capture it? How do you?

This album is a stellar example of doing just that. It is the emotion, the essence of love (lost and yearned for) that makes special songs, damn the torpedoes and neat classifications.

This is their second full-length album and the growth since ‘Just Another Regular Summer’ is apparent right off the opening track. ‘This Ain’t A Radio Sound’ opens with a playful ‘80’s Cars ‘Heartbeat City’ keyboard that is somehow right at home alongside the dirty street jangle of Mauro Venegas’ guitars. Then Matthew Julian saunters in, his vocals accomplishing a feat in common with that of my favourite singers. It is instantly recognisable. Equal parts world-weary and up to the fight. Like how Phil Lynott would somehow whisper your thoughts back to you. At once like a friend and someone you wish you had the nerve to approach. A very rare and special dichotomy that gains trust from the listener. People will say you’re born with that. I can see here that you can earn it.

‘The Day I Call You Mine’ shakes off the skinny tie and gets tough. And sweet. The rhythm section of Kris Hood and Adrian Alfonso are like a modern day Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke of The Smiths. Taking the gorgeous songcraft and walking it home like schoolyard best friend bodyguards. In fact, every melody and arpeggiated chord on this long-player is kept safe in their scrappy hands.

“Daydreaming’ opens with razor-sharp back alley chords and a streetwise snarl that has me all of a sudden thinking, “Is this ROCK N ROLL???”

Speaking of that… ‘Your Brown Eyes Look So Blue’ comes dangerously close to sounding like a forgotten outtake from the soundtrack to “Grease”. High School dancing itself right to the edge of the parking lot of kitsch to puke, but teetering there and miraculously feeling much better, thank you! It was a close one boys, but then again, some imminent peril makes albums and nights out exciting.

The track order on this album has a great arch to it. The way it builds to a cinematic centrepiece starting from the dreamy fade into focus intro of ‘This Is About A Girl Who Loves The Sun’. It builds wonderfully into widescreen guitar pop. The song takes you off the dusty and noisy summer city streets and into the cinema to catch your breath and “to stop taking it out on yourself” as Matthew reminds you in the lyrics.

The exuberance of ‘Number Seven’ kicks the cinema doors wide open and the sunlight comes streaming through. We’re in The Speedways’ neighbourhood now, and there’s a place they know that’s perfect for an afternoon drink. Matthew puts his arm around you on the walk and lets ya know that you’ll get by… it doesn’t matter who believes you.

Another standout track is the band next door sound of ‘Empty Pages’. Effortlessly cool and just the right riff for just the right lyrics (“On Halloween I couldn’t hide”… who hasn’t felt that way? Vulnerable and surrounded by Pound Shop devils and clowns) The song is the sound of hanging out. Pure and simple.

The whole set does an excellent job of establishing a recognisable sound while crossing gang lines into territories that may feel like defection. The early Petty and almost ‘50s stomp intro of ‘Had Enough This Time’ giving way to a sun shower of cascading guitar shimmer and a riff that steps right off a beach to join in? Really? It works. Really well.

The album closer, the rather magnificently titled ‘In A World Without Love It’s Hard To Stay Young’, is a perfect bookend. A pocket symphony of guitars that shine like the afternoon sun reflected off a Camaro’s dashboard. Its harmonies sonically answer Julian’s proclamation, “I thought I was the only one to feel this way, until…” with the easy embrace of a close pal.

No. You’re not the only one who does, Matthew. You just have a timeless way of expressing it. Your band is right there with you bringing these songs into brilliant focus as well.

Pretty happy that a band like this exists, making albums to this calibre.

It sounds awfully good with a cold one or a double too!

OH! Power Pop?

I ain’t getting’ into that! Whaddya think, I’m crazy?


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Author: Rich Ragany

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Posted by The Speedways on Thursday, 18 June 2020