The Candy Snatchers – ‘Shame Shivers’ / ‘Must Be The Cocaine’ (I-94 Recordings)  Formed in 1992 in Virginia Beach Their first new recordings in over 10 years!  Hans Molnar (of The Hellbenders) steps in to fill the big shoes of the dearly departed Matthew Odietus.  Larry May wails over it all. Larry’s unmistakable voice has held up perfectly well. This shit sounds like vintage Candy Snatchers even on a Trash Brats tune. It’s frantic punk rock and roll kids but you knew that didn’t you? 

The Candy Snatchers need to make a new record, a long player like now. So, Larry get those pipes in order and get to work the world needs a new album from Candy Snatchers. This is their first newly recorded material in 12 years! way too long! but they’ve lost none of their piss and vinegar and knock their tribute to the Trash Brats right outta the park. Fill yer boots with quality Rock n Roll Here Available in a bazillion colours of wax this is the shit we all need Get on it!

Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna – ‘Aint Nothing You Can Do About It’ (Wicked Cool Records) Wicked Cool Records label-mates Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna have teamed up for a single release, ‘Ain’t Nothing You Can Do About It’. Co-written by Des Barres and Label Owner Steve Va Zandt has shades of a Springsteen rocker going on from the choppy chords and the party going on in the rhythm section of course its quality.  ‘Waves’ is another uptempo rocker with plenty of foot-stomping Stones meets The Faces via the Georgia Satellites vibes going on its sunshine on a 45 kids upbeat, smiling and a rock n roll hoot. Pretty much everything a 45 should be! Go get it!

Check it out Here

Killer Hearts – ‘Doctor, Doctor / Demolition Love’ (Screaming Crow Records) Next in the Action Rock Jukebox 45 series are one of the best exponents across the pond of sleazy punk rock n roll the Killer Hearts. One cover one original that’s the deal and boy have they got a treat in store for you 45 rpm lovers. Doctor fucking Doctor sure it’s a tough one to get anywhere near the original but if anyone can this bunch of sleazy reprobates can and for a take on a classic they come pretty darn close. Monster version is done with all the respect and tribute to such an underrated band.

Killer Hearts dont need me telling you how fanfuckintastic they are they let the music do the talking and on ‘Demolition Love’ they knock out a cock sure slab of sleazy punk n roll from the vocals oozing with attitude and menace the band are killing it for sure. Had Larry May not been delivering a single this month then this would have been my pick of the pack for sure. Maybe it should be in for next month when it actually hits the streets but hey were punk as fuck round here.

Hell, they even have the shithousery to steal Motley Crue’s best riff and fuck with it! Killer 45. Killer Heart 45! Fuckin right it is.

The Penetrator’s-‘Time Is Mine’ (CODE 213RECORDS) What a banger this is. With a sound that’s as cool as Iggy the Penetrators cut the mustard with ‘Time Is Mine’ with its driving rhythm and slashing overdriven guitars its got a cool spoken sunk lyric that’s top drawer. the kings of basement rock is about right on the money having been doing this whole garage punk rock since the latter half of the 70s their endurance is admirable and their craft is of the highest standard.

The Speedways – ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ (Snap!!/Hurrah Musica & Beluga Records) Lifted from ‘Talk Of The Town’ which is released in November, this lush slice of power pop is more of the same from The Speedways who can’t put a foot wrong when releasing records they love and believe in starting out as a vehicle for Matts songs they’ve grown into the finest purveyors of the genre in the UK and probably wider world with a steady line up that really compliment the songs and never fail to deliver the good. Instant and long-lasting they understand what it takes to write genuine top-notch tunes as you can tell from this retrotastic video.

No Fun At All – ‘See The Splendor’ (SBÄM Records) Coming on like a European Bad Religion No Fun At All see the splendor in taking on the Swedish Royal Family. This track is their second single off their upcoming album. Founded in 1991, split up and re-united over the years, the 2022 album will be the first album since 2018. SBÄM Records based in Austria is releasing their new album exclusively since they have already re-released “EPs Going Steady” in 2021.

The album “Seventh Wave” ​will be released exclusively via SBÄM Records on ​October 14th.

Soraia – ‘I Seek Fire’ (Wicked Cool Records) Upcoming Shows with Joan Jett and Tours With Josie Cotton and Hayley and The Crushers Announced for these exciting Philly rockers. They’ve also go ta pretty cool take on the Kiss classic ‘Strutter’ coming this month that you should check out.

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The Slackers – ‘Second Best’ (Pirates Press Records) NYC ska vets The Slackers released their first album in six years, ‘Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya’, and now they’ve got a new video for one of its songs, ‘Second Best’ It’s a dreamy groove and one of the album’s slower songs, and the video is an animated deal that was directed and illustrated by Paulo Rocker and animated and edited by Fabricio Timm.

The Prize – ‘Easy Way Out’ (Anti Fade Records) Second single from young Melbourne champs ahead of their September tour with The Chats. It’s classic ’70s punk/70’s power pop style, with killer dual male/female lead vocals, twin leads and skills that bands who’ve been at this game for many more years would kill for. The ‘Wrong Side Of Town’ EP that this is lifted from is a killer addition to your collection and one that we highly recommend you check out.

It bears comparisons to a mash-up of quality from the likes of The Boys, Thin Lizzy and the Flamin Groovies they’re all in there somewhere coursing through the veins of The Prize and there is a fire raging in their guts as well. Single of the month? Hell yeah!

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Wax On Water – ‘Mexicola’ (Self Release) didn’t see this coming. Wax On Water cover QOTSA with their interpretation of ‘Mexicola’. The song is uniquely crafted by singer Maya Damaris to be a kind of ‘response’ to the protagonist in the original Josh Homme penned track Facebook

Paradise Alley – ‘Bad Timing And Silver Lining’ (Bombshell Records) Not content with releasing an excellent solo album Steve Vincent has got Paradise Alley in the studio for a four-track EP that shakes its shit from the off they ask if you dare close your eyes and be transported back – Hell, I can’t open my eyes from late night flashbacks from the early 90s and this slice of Rock n roll hits the spot with some nice gob iron honking from Steve on ‘Soho Daze’ the solo is straight outta Thunders guitar case for what makes a great opening tune.

To be fair this isn’t your bubblegum LA hairspray glam pop this is dirty fingernails sleazy late-night Rock n Roll its got silver-tipped cowboy boots on and staggering round Soho in some nice Chelsea boots vibe. ‘Backstabber’ sees the lyrics going for some rock n roll therapy sit back relax and let it all come out. ‘Walk Away’ introduces some acoustic strumming to add some variety to the EP and it works well with the gang vocals. Wrapping up this most enjoyable EP is the title track that’s the time and memorial hard lick story about exactly that Bad Timing and Silver Lining at least Steve has perspective and can look back fondly on what he did and not what he didn’t achieve. These songs are now out there forever and along with the other music released nobody can take that away from the boy. Take my advice and grab a copy and get the Thunderbird on ice. It’s only Rock and Roll but I love it! Buy Here

The Chevelles – ‘Something About You’ (Wicked Cool Records) Super cool garage rock from down under has a have love will travel vibe about it. the song is a slow burner that hangs on a cool garage rock vibe its got shades of Chesterfield kings about it and being on wicked cool shows exactly how good this is because the label doesn’t have duds amongst its ranks. Pick it up Here

Hell Diablo – ‘Push Comes To Shove’ (Self Release) OK so the name lacks originality but hey it’s just a name. You can imagine this foursome of Canadian reprobates get into mischief and love booze beer and birds Hell Yeah! they do. Fuck it I love a cliche who doesn’t? It’s got a dirty riff, tub-thumping and a freaking cowbell. It’s sleazy rock n roll kids don’t be afraid to throw them horns aloft and just enjoy it. I did. Hell Diablo – Nice. I like the piano hammering away and I love those Stonesy WooHoos. get on it! Lifted from the second album their upcoming album “Bad News Travels Fast” I bet it does. Bandcamp