The lineup of Thee Acid Tongue sees Tracey shift to vocals on this sparkling half-dozen bangers. It’s a dirty half dozen sleazy anthems delivered with some snot n lip gloss, made up of some new tunes and a wonderful rework of FD4 ‘Lorraine’ and ‘Monkey At Sea’. They’ve found their natural home with Tracey’s sneering vocals on them and boy are they delivered with a sneering rasp that fits perfectly.

If that’s not enough to make you sit up and take notice we mustn’t get carried away, because it opens with the magnificent ‘Bullets’. What a kicks off that is. With a sleazy bottom-end rumble that sounds like a stolen dirty T Rex riff and supercharged it to within a hairs breath of overheating. The vocals sounds fantastic man and with some really sharp riffing and that bass (which is filthy!) It’s the solid tempo that evolves and rolls around your head dropping off earworms left right and center. A top opener that sets the tempo for what follows.

Thee Acid Tongue have recorded an absolute Banger here, pure fire (as the kids say) ‘Electric Head’ roars in on the back of ‘Bullets’ with an appetite for mischief and sounding like its about to kick off just for shits n giggles.

‘Electric Head’ gives off an air of pulverising attitude, and punk rock grime that spits and snarls like a good un, don’t get too close kids this one bites. Right, where were we? oh yeah, ‘Lorraine’ this song needs to be heard far and wide and it bugs me so much so that I’m mentioning it again. What a stupendous tune and this version reigns supreme. This take is delivered with an iron Fist in a velvet glove and again Tracey’s vocal takes it somewhere different all together and I like it, I like it a lot.

‘Monkey At Sea’ has me thinking ‘Punishment Fits The Crime’ by the mighty Ramones, nothing wrong with that I might add. The breakdown and that bass slide is disgusting in the best possible way, boundless energy much like most of the release.

With only a couple of tunes left ‘Lake Of Tears’ sounds like it could be the big rock ballad, Nah, course it isn’t its a galloping beast, prowling around my speakers and straining at the leash like the bastard child of classic Motorhead.

My only complaint is there are only six of the fuckers. Each one is as good as the last one with the furious ‘Blood Sex & Alchol’ thrashing about refusing to go quietly Sounding like a top night out to be fair Like if the Runaways are waiting in some sleazy dive bar waiting for Filthy Phil and Lemmy to rock up in a rock n roll taxi from Hell and that’s a mighty fine place to be sonically speaking. Fantastic stuff, boundless energy, really well-crafted songs delivered with blood, sweat, and passion. Don’t stop keep recording and give the people what they want and need – top tunes all the way. Thee Acid Tongue deserves to be in your collection it’s as good as anything you’ll hear in 2023 (someone should also press it up on record it needs it – Go buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

The Midlands, Home to England’s second city, and a stone’s throw from London yet far enough away from all the Capitol city’s dramas and egos.  From an outsider’s perspective it’s a grounded part of the world yet a hotbed of talent always has and always will be.

It’s the home of Thee Acid Tongue featuring members of Fuckdust 4 and Skanks as well as a drongo and a Maximum Rock and Roller. As soon as the music hits the air they sure as hell rattle and roll my speakers as the full audio assault of Thee Acid Tongue hits you square on the jaw.

The dual guitar assault of Ohms and Mauronik is like a snarling dog straining at the leash but in order to be so ferocious, the rhythm section of Tracey Skarzynska on Bass and Steve Gameson on drums are the B2 bombers carpet-bombing their rhythms at the low end leaving Tommy Farrell the freedom to sing over the top.

The second ‘Lake Of Tears’ leaps into the ether the track sees the band boogie at volume and already you’re punching the air and joining in with those gang vocals. But hold on to your hat because the band is just settling into their groove as ‘Get Some’ brawls its way through before ’36 Needles’ pokes its dirty Rock n Roll into proceedings.

Sounding like a thunderous cousin to Sorry & The Sinatras or the bastard children of Lemmy and Charlie Harper at the peak of their powers Thee Acid Tongue clearly has a knack for penning great melodic loud Rock and Roll songs and that’s a fine art, It’s one of those things you either have it or you don’t and never will. It’s just a gift that is way beyond a lot of bands but not it would seem Thee Acid Tongue who have it in spades.

They then borrow a few absolute, stone-cold bangers from the ghost of Fuckdust 4 as ‘Radio’ paves the way for ‘Lorraine’ to strut into the ether and what was or is one of the finest Rock and Roll tunes to break out of the underground in many a year has gotten herself a lovely makeover,  and if I might be so bold it seems to have benefitted from the surgery with a wonderful solo and backing vocals to die for (ok maybe not die for but you get the picture) Damn, I can’t get the melody out of my head and now I’ve managed to piss off the kids, the wife and half the street they’re probably wondering who the fuck Lorraine is.  If only they knew they’d be dancing too.

‘Monkey At Sea’ has the benefit of some fantastic Bass bomb drops and the Hanoi Rocks breakdown is fanfuckintastic!  If you thought this album couldn’t get any better then wait for the Motorhead chug of ‘Bullets’.  With all these lockdowns and constantly being kicked in the knackers by lying politicians everywhere you look I wanted an album to grab me by the throat and kick me up the backside and by jove Thee Acid Tongue have gone and given me that shot of energy.

Man I’m already at the adrenalin ride of ‘Blood, Sex & Alcohol’ and there’s only ‘Nun With A Gun’ which is like The Beastie Boys if they cut their teeth in Edwards Number 8 and played three and in in Walsall rather than rapping in Queens and shooting hoops.


I love Rock and Roll when it’s loud, fast and a little bit grubby and it makes me smile because the writers have obviously grown up on the same tunes as me and have had the skills to Rock and Roll them onto a record or CD. Me,  I’m going back to the replay button and I’m going in for some more and then some more again.  When all this virus stuff has gone I’m gonna go see these good people and buy em a beer and sing along to their tunes because they bloody well deserve it.  Excellent album, Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley