Imagine The Hives were from the North Of England and were a three piece who could kick up an absolute shit storm be it on record or live, well? They’d be called Nosebleed and kick your backside with their brand of Garage punk n roll. Hailing from Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, these three gents are about to turn in one of the best records you’ll hear all year.

After the introductory punch to the eardrum from the fuzzed-out burst of energy that is ‘Dance With The Devil’ this album is a no holds barred rush of energy and a lesson in great songwriting. Careful those guitar chords are sharp as a chef’s knife. ‘Bad Magic’ is groovy as fuck and it doesn’t stop there because they’re all pretty much groovy as fuck but ‘Lost And Found’ is an energetic fucker that will rock your world from start to finish. these guys are on FIRE!

As the album settles down (well it doesn’t really but you know what I mean) ‘Let It Go’ is on a steady diet of rocket fuel and with the BV’s raising the chorus the shuffle of the verses as they shake rock and roll you into a frenzy only for the guitar solo to rock your world. This record was my companion on a long weekend recently and my train journey was a blast as the music kept pace with the train as it powered across the country moving faster than a 125 with more class and power.

They do add some shade to the white knuckle blinding light of the first few songs as ‘Under The Knife’ adds some Stooges piano tonking for good measure as the slower waltz of that fuzz guitar is an aural pleasure. “Were under the knife” is a hint of the fine Garage noise Brother Jim Jones dishes out.

 Initially recorded in 2019, the band stalled its release when the pandemic hit as their incendiary live performance was such an important aspect of what they do so with some years behind this release the live shows should be off the scale and if they busied themselves they should have the next album already in the can.

Twelve songs all different flavours of garage rock n roll but all rather tasty. I also love the fuzztones flavoured ‘All I Know’ with its shimmering guitar and fuzzed bass its melodic and massive sounding and a gear shift from their frantic tunes. The band do get more adventurous with the songs as the album grows twisting and turning down different avenues with ‘I Don’t Know’. Fear not speed freaks the thrash and frantic tempo of ‘I Got A Feeling’ has them chasing towards the end of the record.

To close of this rather exceptional record they dish up a howling funeral strut entitled ‘Make Up Your Mind’ and then they’re gone but not until one final wah driven freak out baby on that electric guitar. What a fine, fine record this is. some fantastic songs and hardly any drop in quality throughout and it would be remiss of me to not urge you to check this out and if they should roll into town get down the front for a frantic workout of the mind and body as you ‘Dance With The Devil’ excellent stuff indeed.

TNS Records Here

Author: Dom Daley

We’ve got a few suggestions this Bandcamp Friday and we’ve kept it lean for you so get yer credit card out and come with us on the Bandcamp Friday journey kicking off with a couple of recommendations from some artists we love and then a few labels who do such a great job of releasing some of our favourite records.  There are others that haven’t quite gone live at the time of writing such as a long out of sale Loyalties release you should go find and Steve Conte has an offer today



‘Be There’ (369 Music) is the next single from The Dowling Poole. Listen to the track on Soundcloud here.

It will be released on Friday the 7th of March for Bandcamp Friday when the music platform waives their fees and all revenue goes straight to the artists.

‘Be There’ features guest appearances from long time collaboratorAndy Lewis (Jackdaw4, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jocasta), on bass. Darby Todd guests on drums. Darby’s recently played with Martin Barr (Jethro Tull), The Darkness and Kee Marcello (Europe) and featured on the recent The Dowling Poole songs ‘We Are The Noise’ and ‘Slow Genocide’.

Recorded in different locations in France and the UK, Jon and Willie are busy writing their fourth album to be released later this year.

Author: Martin Chamarette


Another favourite round here is Rich Ragany & The Digressions so check out the latest tune Here

“There’s a place in the universe callled Boötes Void… where it’s near empty. It’s also been called “The Great Nothing”.  A supervoid. One of the largest-known voids in the universe. Surrounded by galaxies and light.

It is believed the scale of the void is such that if the Milky Way had been in the center of the Boötes Void, we wouldn’t have known there were other galaxies until the 1960s.
That’s how long it would have taken light to travel… to journey through the darkness.

The song is from the perspective of someone who is within darkness in their lives and can’t unsee it.
Then, sees it in everything. Maybe even becomes it. But finds that through the very act of experience, and through the struggle of moving forward, can begin to see the warmth and light that also exists.

I find it very moving and inspiring that, even in the expanses of space, where there is cold chaotic changes that routinely destroy, that life and creation can, and do, emerge.

The idea of all these galaxies and filaments surrounding Boötes Void is light giving it a frame that can eventually travel through to the other side, is a comforting thought.

Not always easy… but our eyes, our hearts and spirits can stretch to see something beautiful.

I try to remember this (with varying degrees of success) when things get really rough… old ghosts and doubts whisper in my ear and tell me I am alone, not worthy or with no direction.

Stretch to see something beautiful.  That was the feeling I had when writing it.  Please forgive me if it’s a clumsy metaphor.  It’s not so linear that it can’t be interpreted for your own experience (or hopefully, it will just sound pleasing to you).”  What more can we add to that?


Some others who should benefit from Bandcamp Friday would be those independent labels who are the beating heart of the underground scenes we all love so much.  A few of our favourites would be Beluga Records from out of Sweden who have their Bandcamp page and offer some amazing records we’ve had many an hour rocking out to some of their releases and records they put out.


Some of the recent records they’ve put out have been fantastic such as More Kicks, Jordan Jones, Mud City Manglers and most recently a nice compilation from Asteroid B-612 and most recently a cracking single from The Erratix.



Heading south you have Ghost Highway Records outta Madrid Spain.  They’ve long championed underground garage rock and all other sub-genres including power pop, punk rock and more.  Some of their recent releases that deserve people’s attention would be The Boatsmen and their superb ‘Verses The Boatsmen’ album they co-released as well as the tribute to the New Bomb Turks compilation.  They’ve long been champions of UK kings of garage noise The Hip Priests and given access to some of America’s finest in the shape of Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein and Pat Todd.  A worthy benefactor of anyone’s Rock and Roll coin on Bandcamp Friday.


How about heading across the pond to Spaghetty Town Records and a label who’s partnered up with their European brothers in vinyl.  they’ve also brought to the party some epic Rock and Roll records most recently in the shape of RMBLR who’ve just dropped their new EP and Spaghetty Town is the perfect label for these scuzzy rockers. The label has a wealth of great titles so you could do a lot worse things this Friday than delve through the Spaghetty Town wormhole and head off on a rockin’ discovery trip.


Heavy Medication Records have for a while had records reviewed on RPM and more recently put out a couple of really impressive releases primarily a New Bomb Turks tribute that’s available through their Bandcamp page.  Based in Warsaw Poland the label have been responsible for Doojiman & The Exploders record that’s a must-own as well as records from Poison Hearts.  Hit em up




What about some Taken By Suprise records?  Out of München, Germany the label does a fine service if punk rock n Power Pop is your thing then they have a big catalogue up on Bandcamp that deserves your attention.  Releases from The Briefs, Suspect Parts and more recently Neighbourhood Brats.  you certainly won’t be disappointed with your catch if decide to dip in.



TNS Records out of Manchester have some cracking offers up for Bandcamp Friday as well and in turn, help support some great punk rock bands such as Wales finest Pizza Tramp.  The new Jodie Faster is also a fine addition to their catalogue.  They also do a Spotify list of New Punk Friday where they champion the best in punk, Hardcore and Ska tracks released recently.  A label that does tireless work for a scene that deserves our attention.


Another German label that has always had the back of punk rock and roll is Wanda Records.  With some excellent releases from Peter & The Berlin Blackouts and Mom the label has always delivered brilliant product and ship anywhere (or the UK at least).  They’ll also be handling the Euro distro of the new RMBLR EP which is good for those having palpitations when faced with some of the overseas shipping fees.


Finally, another label releasing really good records is Drunken Sailor Records Banging out new bands and records like its nobodys business.  Drunken Sailor also struck a distro deal to handle Australias finest Stiff Richards that should be Sold Out but they don’t hang about and are also pressing up a couple of new records that are also available for you digital fiends in the shape of Australias Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters out on digital through the label but coming soon on vinyl.  They trawl through the worlds best underground bands to fit into their vision of what makes a great records and release it for our listening pleasure.  Head down to their Bandcamp page and get lost investigating what they have to offer and grab yourself a new favourite band.


Click Here

running a fundraiser this Friday to generate funds for food banks. The punk scene has donated loads of awesome prizes, including some items that are very hard to get your hands on. The draw includes big prizes from loads of DIY labels, Idles, Clowns, Signature Brew and many more. You could even win Pizzatramp writing a song about/for you. To enter just head to the TNSrecords bandcamp page and pick up a ticket for £5.

We felt a bit helpless about the state of the world right now, so tried to think of a way we could do something positive to at least attempt to help out those who are struggling. This is what we came up with. We will be donating all the money raised will be donated to The Trussell Trust

They support a nationwide network of food banks and together they provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

Below are the prizes that will be available. Huge thanks to everyone who has donated prizes.

Please help spread the word.

Signed IDLES poster. This is limited to 110 copies and was from the Ritz, Manchester show in 2018.

Pizzatramp song written for you or about you

All 12 TNSrecords vinyl releases from 2020

A set of 6 art prints by Alex from Wonk Unit

Signature Brew ‘Pub in a Box’

Two signed Clowns LPs

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Signed Aerial Salad. album and t-shirt

Make-That-A-Take Records vinyl bundle

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The Restarts ‘Uprising’ on Limited Edition Silver Vinyl

Warwound/Tied down 7″ Test Press + patch

Little Rocket Records Bundle

Two x guestlist from Anarchistic Undertones for 2021 Suicide Machines and Bad Cop Bad Cop gigs in Manchester

Four Brassneck Records test presses in unique sleeves

Pumpkin Records bundle

Knife Club ‘We Are Knife Club’ and ‘Acoustic Lockdown EP’ test presses and exclusive print

PI$$ER remix of a track by your band/your friends band (you must be able to provide the stems)

2 x Baby Moo‘s £15 vouchers

BOB Fest T-shirt, tote, 41 track double CD, iron-on patch, pin badges.

I first caught Brassick at the famous Slugfest, Can’t even remember what one as the years blur into one but they always stood out as a passionate bunch of punk rockers who were committed and 100% lifers to the cause and always gave nothing less than that when performing. In Nicola, they have a whirlwind and compelling frontperson leading from the front and never taking a step back. Their live shows often fly by in a blur of energy and noise and as uncompromising as it can often get but on record you do get to see behind that brutal live energy.

This is the second album from the Brum noisebringers but there is more to them than just kicking up a full-bodied volume assault that’s evident on ‘They Said’ that whilst does engage in power it does hold back and you get some pretty nifty Oi! bv’s. On the third track, they tentatively put one foot in the metallic riff-a-rama with a beast of a tune ‘It Could Have Been Any Of Us’.  If this doesn’t get the blood pumping round you then I’d be worried but they aren’t singing about dungeons and dragons or headbanging in unison they have lyrics that tackle real subject matters ones that matter to our lives every day  Brassick are deadly serious when it comes to being anti fascist, anti-capitalist and pro-equality and that’s the mantra of the lyrics. They’ve been a going concern on the circuit for the last eight years and they’ve grown as they’ve got more confident and on this evidence can easily stand toe to toe with their peers such as GBH whos Jock funnily enough guests on this very record.   There is some fine musicianship going on here and whilst it took an age to release (their words) the light at the end of the tunnel will be some fine recognition as people get to hear this album.

‘Half Life’ is hardcore but adding different textures to the lead vocals works well as does easing back to unveil a really good tune. But don’t worry they’ve not gone soft as ‘Nobody’ leaves you in any doubt which side of the fence these cats are on.  I love the breakdown as well.  There are fourteen tracks on offer here and I’m glad it has seen the light of day and what a better way to spend a lockdown than with some Brassick.  VFM, bang for your buck call it what you like I call it a fuckin’ banger so don’t delay kids get on it and turn it up! ‘Stagnate’ flys by in a blur of energy tighter than a gnats chuff but there is a lot going on over the fourteen tracks and ‘Pull Me Up’ works really well with a great chorus much like the crisp riff on ‘No Longer’. The world needs bands like Brassick and their ‘2.0’.  Enough waffle from me I’m going back in for some more.  Buy It!



TNS Records

Author: Dom Daley


In these strange times you can always rely on the RPM singles club to come up with a full basket of tasty Easter treats from the 7″ department of some of the best independent labels (and some major ones too) We have a slimmed download this month for obvious reasons but a pandemic won’t stop the rock, no sir. Let me introduce some of our picks from recent releases and ones about to come out from New York to Europe and everywhere in between check out these pretty pieces of plastic that came our way…

Watts – ‘Seventeen’ (Rum Bar Records) You want Rock and Roll in these tough times? sure you do what about FREE Rock and Roll? Hell Yeah! Well, hit up the link and download yourself some stonking foot-stomping bullshit-free Rock and Roll courtesy of those dudes Watts and rum Bar Records. It’s got keif Richards riff-a-rama on the guitar and those rasping hard-living vocals wrapped around a shitgrinning rocker get on it already.  ‘When The Party Ends’ is a more ‘morning after’ feel but it’s an absolute belter oozing Rock n Roll. Hit the link and grab it now and let the good times enter your life Here  Record of the week? Hell Yeah! not because it’s free but because it’s so damn good.  Watts and Rum Bar are a match made in heaven and this is as good as it gets, timeless and class.


Sin City – Hold On (self Release) Holed up in Alicante Spain Two Cavemen recorded a couple of bluesy American classics in the shape of ‘Hold On’ and ‘Broken Hearted Man’ obviously being quarantined has seen them open their beat-up soul.  Recorded with one mic, an acoustic guitar, an electric piano, a tambourine and whatever else they could find lying around the house. So plug it in, turn it up and let Sin City and their Mojo Machine get to work on ya! hit the link for the Bandcamp page Here Hell they’ve even worked out how to press record on their phone to shoot a video. It’s taken from a download album that’s rather tasty to be fair showing their not just drunken marauding animals who like fast n loose they can chill out and plonk da blues. Check it out Here




The Dollyrots – ‘Make Me Hot’ (Wicked Cool Records)  With a cracking chorus The Dollyrots have got themselves a banger of a seven inch single.  ‘Make Me Hot’ is a blast of power pop that should be heard across the globe this summer blazing from radios everywhere.  flip it over for a rip ride cover of Lisa Loeb ‘Stay (I Miss You)’ in all its unashamed glory pop music rocked up. This will sell out no doubt as the band go from strength to strength with a hugely confident single.  Buy Here




Mickey Leigh – ‘It Felt Like Love’ (Wicked Cool Records) If you want a distraction from the global pandemic it seems Wicked Cool has happened upon one antidote for the self-isolation blues and that’s by releasing a bunch of wicked cool singles.  Mickey Leigh being one such 45.  If your wondering who is he well, let me introduce you to Joey Ramones brother who has a wonderful slice of rock and roll with the A-side that reminds me of Stiv Bators solo era. A wonderful track that has a great hook on the chorus as the song just chugs along effortlessly. Keep digging though because the B Side is a real vibrant cracker ‘Trouble Man’ motors along.  His brother would be proud of these tunes and the playing is fitting and really impressive, I like this a lot.  Buy Here


Primo! – ‘Machine’ (Anti-Fade & Upset The Rhythm) Jangly Power Pop courtesy of Melbournes Primo! lifted off their album ‘Songi’ which will be released later this month.  Check out their hotrod video now

Electric Frankenstein / Scumbag Millionaire (Ghost Highway Records) If ever there were two bands best suited to do a split single then these two would certainly be contenders. USA v Europe yet bonded by a love of loud guitars and some Garage Punk Rock n Roll attitude. EF contribute the riff-a-rama of ‘One Step Away’ with its bruising riff its classic EF then on the flipside you have the brutal and rapid riffs of Scumbag Millionaire ‘Strike Me Down’ its reminiscent of when Hellacopters broke onto the scene with the same vocal style and crash bang wallop of the verses colliding with the chorus and then smash – we’re into the soaring solo.  Winner by a country mile!

Buy Here


Twisted Wheel – ‘I Am Immune’ (The Orchard Music (on behalf of Independent) Taken from their brand new album ‘Satisfying The Ritual’ Your left in no doubt that this is a right banger folks. Check it out and pre-order the album Here why don’t you?


Bloodshot Bill – ‘Its The Out Of This World Sounds Of…Vol 2’ (Ghost Highway Records) 1950 rockabilly inspired rock and roll just like The Cramps used to mess with your brain and some. ‘It’s A..Aa,a.Aaaggghhh!’ B Movie rock n roll from Bloodshot Bill its certainly out there from another planet ‘Moon Rocketing’ then ’50 Megaton’ sparse and authentic but totally fucked up and wonderful. Then you have the acoustic ‘Be My Satellite’ sounds like it was recorded on moonshine round an old wireless in the woods.  Its got whistling n all so whats not to like.  this is what makes the wonderful world of Rock and Roll so entertaining. Facebook



The Dahlmanns / Tommy & The Rockets – ‘Scandinavian Affair’ (Beluga Records/Ghost Highway Records) Yes through times of adversity you can always rely on some people to keep the spirits high.  Another great team up in splitsville as One side is the Dahlmanns with the power-pop piano lead of ‘Part Girl’  it’s like an early ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Music that should be on the radio playlists everywhere but isn’t but don’t let that get you down just let this ray of sunshine into your life. Then you have Tommy & his rockts turning the amps up for another slice of power pop but from another angle.  ‘you Don’t Know What You Do’ again like The Dahlmanns they just ooze classy power pop and if you ever had a hankering for something pop but with guitars then Tommy & the gang are for you.  Pick it up from Beluga or Ghost Highway before they’re all gone. Buy Here 


The Cocktail Slippers – Nighttrain (Wicked Cool Records) Oslo Norway isn’t the place I thought would throw up some cool street power pop not a million miles from Blondie rockin out had you said Queens then I’d have assumed it present and correct.  Its got the swagger of the lower east side These ladies have got themselves a catchy glam rockin slice of power pop.Buy the track Here  / Facebook






Aborted Tortoise – Scale Model Subsistence Vendor (Goodbye Boozy Records) 

Their new EP, ‘Scale Model Subsistence Vendor’, is one that backs this up once again. Arriving via cult-adored Italian punk label Goodbye Boozy Records, the EP brings together another four tunes bursting with energy. Moulding rock with heavy punk  It’s sharp and succinct, ‘Making A Mint’ is frantic and will get yer blood pumping then ‘Factory’ is more laid back (really? Laid back?) ok, its not so rapid on the verse and sounds like its hanging on by a thread as the guitars chop away its got Pavement meets the Dead Kennedys running through its blood stream but so much more going on besides.  Perth Australia has never sounded so inviting. Flip it over for the frantic ‘Violent Consumer’ before ‘Plastic Orgasm’ takes this EP home with its sharp romp to the finish line.  Aborted Tortoise make it sound easy but being this good isn’t easy.  Cracking EP from the artwork to the noise in the grooves buy it! . Bandcamp

Wyldlife -‘Automatic’ (Wicked Cool Records) I’ve not had the pleasure yet of hearing the new long player but have had a couple of glimpses through the window so to speak and of course I’ve loved what I’ve heard, why wouldn’t I?  I’ve always loved Wyldlife and on hearing the new single ‘Automatic’ I can fanboy swoon once again and tell everybody I know that the album is coming.  With the loud guitars and understated melody, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear in these dark times.  A band who are nailing it every time and this new Wicked Cool Record is going to blow away the opposition – great tune – simple buy it! Inspired by a mutual love of Jesus And Mary Chain with a friend this is Rock and Roll Year of the snake be damned it’s the year of Wyldlife get on it pop pickers it’ll brighten up your social isolation  Facebook


The BD3 – ‘Snowfake’ (Dischordia Records) Bradford ner do wells The BD3s have a double-sided single out and with the understated menace ‘Snowfake’ cruises along with a lovely slice of post-punk edge with a rasping buzzsaw guitar and spoken/chanted vocal jarring away its got some of the Fall happening its the audio equivalent of being poked in the chest and told whats what.  Much like Greater Manchesters Cabbage The BD3 have carved out their own niche and they sit comfortably in there or should that be uncomfortable?  the other tune on offer is the raging ‘Sypharus’ with a wicked riff and jarring lyrics its post punk for the 21st century and on this introduction, it sounds bloody good. Facebook



SHVPES – Lions Den (Spinefarm) Ahead of a decent UK tour and new record these rockers knock out another interesting video for ‘Lions Den’ Keep up to date Here


Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘Lightnin’ Bar Blues’ (King Outlaw Records) Tough times currently can be made easier by some sweet tunes and Tyla and his Dogs D’Amour have covered the classic Hanoi Rocks ‘Lightnin’ Bar Blues’ Tyla style.

Its all for a good cause don’t you know.  Get on over to the Bandcamp page and drop a virtual quid in the box and own this most wonderful take of a wonderful song. Originally Hanoi put the track on their ‘Oriental Beat’ album but this take on a classic is very different but totally Tyla (if you know what I mean).  Pour yourself some ripple wine and turn it up. You know it makes sense now what are you waiting for?  Fark Orf if you’d be so kind and click Here


L.A. Guns – ‘Crawl’ (Golden Robot Records) Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, the legendary L.A. Guns are set to release their new single ‘Crawl’ on April 20th‘Crawl’ Pre-Order / pre-save Not to be confused with the other band called L.A. Guns of course. Not really having a clue where I stand on this name game but as far as songs go this one is alright and sounds like you’d expect L.A. Guns to sound but don’t think its the Phil Lewis vocals because it’s not this one is Kurt Frohlich on vocals. With a very 80s sounding track ‘Crawl’ is turning back the clock for all you cock rockers. Facebook / Instagram / Label link



Johny Skullknuckles – This City (Self Release)  Free music? Johny Skullknuckles is giving away a tune? Today just got a lot better.  We love free music and we love Johny Skullknuckles and we love ‘This City’ as it drifts in on an acoustic strum and meanders toward the chorus with just a bass drum and occasional snare and acoustic (and a voice or two) Skullknuckles opens his heart about his town and how time moves on and places change and not always for the better.  Cheer up Johny you’ve still got yer memories and the ability to write proper rock and roll tunes keep it up and we look forward to your next offering already.  Get it Here kids you know it makes sense.




Brassick – ‘They Say’ (TNS Records) Brassick seem to have been around for an age and when they used to turn up and play Slugfest they always turned in a thoroughly convincing and passionate set and when I’ve seen them at Rebellion the same.  I did wonder what they would be like on record and don’t quite know how I managed to avoid it thus far and to be fair this is a belter.  You get taken on a roller coaster of a journey from the bass rumble that will loosen any fillings to the soaring chorus. To the Buy the track Here  ahead of the album release later this month.

Everything was better in the old days. Everything but Christmas who became more unstoppable from year to year. While other bands pop up and quickly burn away, CHRISTMAS just gets better and better. More resilient, more brutal and more like the cockroach after a nuclear holocaust.  It was said that if Motorhead moved next door your lawn would wither and die unless the next-door neighbour happens to be Christmas.  They wouldn’t give a shit the lawn was dead because they were going on tour anyway

Christmas has spent the last ten-year making music with over thirteen releases in those ten years, playing a mammoth 500 gigs across countless countries and gone through a spinal tap amount of band members. Rock ‘n’ Roll is said to be on its last legs and hardcore punk is a dying genre, funnily enough, nobody sent Christmas the memo and if they did they’d use it to light the stick of dynamite they’re about to throw into your speakers.

This album is ignited when ‘Turn Me Lewd’ kicks off in your speakers with a really addictive brass line running alongside the vocals and those guitars are white-hot like a rabid ‘Nasty’. I might be mistaken here but this seems to have upped a gear or two from previous recordings from Christmas ‘Hey Mate’ is cheeky whilst the title track is an exercise in how to riff.

‘Waterloo’ has a brown noise rumbling low end on that bass guitar before sounding like its been fired out of a cannon. Great stuff – classic Christmas.  Hold the front page ‘Elvis Is Dead’ if only he had sounded like this or he sang a song like ‘Fuck It Up’. Brutal and uncompromising Christmas go full tilt on us on ‘Born To Booze’. As we raise a glass to yet another top record from Max and co and if you were in any doubt ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ is a rocket ride of pure aggression and pounding hardcore that is done exceptionally well. Man, we’ve reached the end as there is only ‘Candy Me’ to play out. Max has got this down to a fine art now and he knows what it takes to pen a Christmas record and not a sleigh bell anywhere just hardcore punk rock done to perfection.  How long will it be before these guys are treated the same way as Bronx or Zugly for being as good as punk rock gets in the motherfuckin’ roaring ’20s.

Get on it people because they’re going to keep on regardless but Max needs to crowd surf and the more people who get into them the easier it will be to be carried around like royalty. It’ll be a ‘Hot Night’ anywhere if Christmas are playing any of these top tunes.


Buy ‘Hot Nights In Saint Vandal’ Here


Pizzatramp.  what can one say about a band like Pizzatramp who’ve in fairness been around for ages done some amazing shows and done some shit shows that were amazing and written a tonne of songs that are short shorter and shortest and love to use a profanity or two and aren’t keen on Bono, bad backs and Goths but quite like booze punk rock and drugs.

You know what you’re going to get with a pizzatramp record and that’s lots of short sharp hardcore punk rock they were good when they first started doing this and to be fair ‘Grand Relapse’ they’ve pretty much nailed it in the sound – the songcraft – and the performance.  when Dan didn’t turn up at Rebellion we did wonder but once we saw the videos for a couple of the new songs we just knew that these boys were on fire (I’m sure there are some who wish they were quite literally on fire).

The artwork is classic Pizzatramp and to open with the frantic drill down of ‘Captain Sea Org’ and the smattering of C Bombs appeals to my inner child and I love it its a fuckin’ rush of a song and in true Hardcore fashion it doesn’t hang about and with a massive FU Pizzatramp are in the house.


As we hurtle along the songs get better and better ‘Millions Of Dead Goths’ is a bit harsh but what a fuckin’ Banger of a tune Dan’s drumming is sensational as is the sound they ring out of those instruments. Sammy Two Cabs has perfected the hardcore glug and rumble on that bass guitar and captured it to perfection in the studio which is no easy task as ‘Gone Full Mitchell’. This is pure gold and Jimmy No Wammy is belching out those lyrics like Caldicot’s Beddis meets Tom Araya if Araya chose the Hardcore path and not the screaming diablo loving metal behemoth he chose (or chose him) ‘There’s bin a moida’ maintains the quality and I begin to wonder if they can continue this momentum or will they crash and burn? ‘137995’ is like their Van Halen I guess as Danny bang bang does his bang bang and if only Van Halen had played like this it’s almost prog-like clocking in at over two and a half minutes it’s like a pizzatramp rock – opera.

They manage to have two consecutive songs clocking in at 1:11 seconds which took some doing especially as ‘I Got Work In THe Morning’ sees the band take a mature turn as they get all conscientious and intro it with some trip hop boyzzz.

To be fair it doesn’t get boring at all and you’ll find yourself smirkin’ more and more as you realise the band has indeed maintained an incredible standard throughout the fifteen songs as ‘Neville Clartos’ thrashes into ‘Nappy Thrash’ which you won’t be hearing on the radio any day soon. and to finish the album with the brilliant left hook right hook of ‘Stop Being A Racist Cunt’ how nicely put and perfectly delivered (no say what you really think boys) I doff my cap and firmly jump inline with their view and it could only get better with ‘Nobhammer’ wrapping this fucker up with its bruising three and a half minutes of punk rock awesomeness.  Pizzatramp have delivered the good make no mistake about that and anyone who doubts them needs to have a long hard look at themselves.  A band who know what they like and know how to deliver on record exactly how Hardcore should sound whilst maintaining a sense of humour. Regardless of what they might tell you, They’ve been thoroughly professional about this record and I think it’s fair to inform you that there won’t be a better Hardcore album released all year I think I can safely predict that even this early into 2019.  ‘Grand Relapse’ is the fuckin’ Biz!

Buy Grand Relapse Here

Author: Dom Daley