Episode 35 sees banger after banger from all corners of the Rock n ROll world ripping out of the speakers – so turn it up peeps and get down to the likes of openers Thr Drips who kick things off with the opening track of their album ‘Broken’.

After playing the A side last week it seems only fair to play the catchy ‘You Got Me Hummin’ from the wonderful Head Hunters. you need to get over to Bandcamp and pick this up before they’re all gone.

Quickly followed by a track off Californian punks Bloodstains who are singing about ‘Public Hangings’. This four-piece include Brothers David and Nick Espinoza. you should check em out.

Coming thick and fast we bring you a song off the brand new His Lordship live album ‘Live At The Lexington’ and it’s the opening track ‘I Live In The City’ turn it up and play it loud and look forward to their next jaunt around the country but until then this will do very nicely thank you very much. They very much take a traditional approach to Loud 50 and 60s rock n roll and turn it up and kick out the jams I’m sure JErry Lee and Little Richard would be down with these cats.

One of my favourite power pop bands over the last decade has to be Wyldlife and its great to have new music from them in 2024 so after last week’s track it would be rude to not play ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ and it’s an instantly satisfying rocker.

One of the best exports over the last 30 years from the UK has to be the mighty Dogs D’Amour and this new box set that’s on the horizon from Cherry Red Records that pulls together the bands entire China catalogue including B-sides and live tracks its eight discs of ragged Rock n Roll. I love this version of ‘I Don’t Want You To Go’ the band were peerless and have a catalogue of albums and singles that were a head and shoulders from Tylas unmistakable husky poetic lyrics and vocals to Jo Dogs distinct style and licks that elevated each and every track perfectly and when Jo left Darrell did a sterling job right through to Steves punchy Bass lines and excellent backing vocals to Bams flamboyant style that pulled it all together. It’s a magnificent song from a magnificent band that should have been absolutely huge.

Next on the playlist is a project from Chain Whip frontman Pack Rat who release the album on Drunken Sailor Records in a couple of weeks this is another fantastic slice of Power Poppin Punk rock. ‘Sleepless’ is the song played and I’m excited to hear the rest of the album. The artwork is magnificent and at Drunken Sailor Prices you’d be mad to pass this by.

Following that new song is a classic live cut from the Bob Mould compendium of solo or post Husker Du work that came out over several awesome box sets and this is a live cut from Distortion Live ‘New Day Rising’.

UK Subs have a new EP out with Dead Boys the EP is called ‘Carnaby Street’ and the track played is a cover of the Stones classic ‘Paint It Black’. Another new album on the way in August and some UK tour action is none other than Swami John Reis and his latest project Swami & The Bed Of Nails so its a no brainer we were going to play one of the new songs entitled ‘Privacy’.

Its no coincidence that Chain Whip feature this week as well seeing as Pack Rat is on the way and Chain Whip just put out their new album and to be fair Patrick McEachnie is on fire as ‘Call Of The Knife’ smashes out of your speakers. I delved back a decade next and played a track from the eclectic Brandy Row & The Troubadours who play the fantastic Thunders esk ‘Dirty Street’ Not enough music came from the former Gaggers guitar slinger but we live in hope.

Sonny Vincent has been around the block and back again with a wonderful catalogue from his Testors days through his solo releases and the collaboration called The Limit released also on Svart Records. The track is lifted from his last studio album ‘Snake Pit Therapy‘ and this is ‘Messed Up In Blue’. It seems right to play a track from someone who came out of the same scene as Sonny – none other than the legend Stiv Bator with ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ taken from his LA sessions.

As we head into the home straight how about some classic London power pop punk rock from Los Pepes who never ever let you down with their bright and breezy take of melodic buzzsaw punk rock. They’ve released an impressive catalogue and here’s ‘Still Belong To Me’.

As we head into the past three songs its our first band from Austria in the shape of Tours with their new single ‘Language School’ injecting yet more power pop goodness into proceedings.

Smokers is another new band with a new track called ‘Irish Tenor’ These Oakland punks released their debut LP, The Rat That Gnawed the Ropeand is a really excellent album that we’ll review over the next week. Finally, we reach the end with a cut from the brand new Torme box set released by Cherry Red Records it features predominantly the Phil Lewis era of his work with Back To Babylon and Die Pretty and the live Bootleg album which we’ve got the track ‘Star’ to play out Episode 35 and I hope another show where we’ve brought you a whole bunch of top tunes. Let us know what else we should be playing or what you want to hear. Like – Share and Follow

UltraBomb is back in the ring swinging big windmills hot on the heels of their debut that took longer to get in people’s hands than it should such are the times we live in. ‘Doggo’ is first out the gate and a bristling crash bang wallop it is. It’s punk rock but not predictable nu punk or old school even if they’ve managed to mix up some of that Husker DNA along side the heavy hitting dynamic drumming of Jamie Oliver and with a cool melody the album is off to a great start. Its equal part US alt rock from the likes of Buffalo Tom through the eprism of UK punk and it works. Loads of energy and a bloody good tune to boot. Nailed it.

Greg Norton, Finny McConnell and Jamie Oliver stick to what they do best and get down to business the jangly stripped bare rocker that is ‘Rage Bomb’ is like when Goo Goo Dolls first got it together. Think Ramones on ‘Sleep Tight’ its a race to the finish we’ll see you there but remember have a good time. This isn’t their first rodeo and these guys have been round the block its fair to say but they are attacking this with eyes wide open like a bunch o fkids playing with their mates for the first time and seeing where it takes them, non more so than the excellent ‘West In The Summertime’ from the ultrabright and clean guitar solo its like they’re having the best of time recording these songs and want to share it with the world.

‘Dying To Smile’ is a worthwhile investment its jammed full of great songs that hit you hard and offer you the best of times, the lyrics tend to be spot on and in ‘Woke Wars’ they hit the nail right on the head I can see this record growing and growing it has the potential to be one of the years biggest and best sleepers on slow release hell, even including the cover of ‘In A Rut’ doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Sure I love the song bu tI’d have preferred to head another original.

they do press the breaks occasionally like on the great ‘Isolation’ where they slow things down and contemplate and the record is all the finer for its sidestep. These boys have been paying attention over the years and being able to write records this good is testimony to their talents collectively and individually. If Ultrabomb weren’t on your radar you should make it a priority to check this record out. Don’t be a dummy pick I tup asap. Ultrabomb is the name you”d do well to remember that. Buy it!

Catch them on tour in the US with ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES. European tour dates coming soon.

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Author: Dom Daley

Twenty Three studio albums plus seventeen live albums (from A-Z and beyond), thousands of live performances, countless band members and one legacy that will undoubtedly outlive us all. When they announced they were calling time on touring I think it’s fair to say many didn’t believe it or took it for granted it would never be an issue. When that day arrived I guess it seemed like a no brainer to document the final fling and capturing the current line up in full flight was a no brainer. I caught them earlier on the tour and they were on fire, in fine fettle firing on all cylinders its fair to say. When this album news dropped I was delighted to hear they had indeed captured the fire, fury and quality of what they’d been delivering night after night on this tour.

UK Subs have seen it all, done it all, and conquered all, becoming one of the most well-respected, most loved bands to come out of the original ’77 punk rock movement. Five consecutive sold out shows at London’s epicenter for the punk rock revolution the 100 Club was chosen and it seemed fitting that this live album was recorded there. Its raw but not bootleg raw but in being left untouched they’ve captured that fire and fury from the band and Charlie is in fine voice throughout.

Thankfully, this superb finale was captured on both video and audio and is set to be released as a multimedia CD/DVD set on May 3 also there is a vinyl record of the night coming as well. Alvin Gibbs and newer members Steve Straughan and Stefan Häublein are on fire from ‘Scum Of The Earth’ they own the songs and give them a twist as well as adding their own take throughout. sometimes when line ups change songs lose a little heart and soul but that can’t be said here as the rhythm section give the songs energy and a beating soul whilst Steve Straughans guitar rips some of these classics a new backside ‘New York State Police’, ‘Warhead’, ‘Tomorrows Girls’ are all owned and sound fresh and exciting and its that energy that shines throughlike a burning sun.

The banter is left in which shows that the band having fun is a vital ingredient and them having fun is infectious. I’ll miss the annual Subs tour but I’ll make the effort to travel if need be to see them play for the umpteenth time.

The Last Will and Testament is a fitting live full stop for one of the finest bands from the genre, make no mistake about that and if you were on the tour or at the 100 club or if you missed out quite simply buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Farewell to touring then as the long anticipated UK Tour hits the road and a sold out Globe is bathed in sweat in anticipation for the regular South Wales show which has always formed part of the bands UK tours from way back the Subs have never done the easy tours they’ve always shown up in the nooks and crannys of the UK in the far flung forgotten corners, not that Cardiff is a forgotten corner of the UK but you know what I mean. Charlie has obviously thought long and hard about how he should spend his retirment and one of the hardest working frontmen throughly deserves to put his feet up and enjoy his retirment but theres one last huraah as the band who’ve become one of the finest live bands anywhere on this spinning rock regardless of age because Charlie is proof that it is merely a number as he pogos on the stage in stupidly hot venues.

Menace are on the stage with their 77 punk rock anthems and they seem to be having a ball it has to be said and the nicely filling venue is reciprocating the love being given the punks dancing down the front. Reliving the days of the Roxy with songs like ‘GLC’ which are lapped up by many in attendance. It must be great being in a band who were on the fringes of punk back in its inception still being able to knock out the songs you wrote as young men and still seeing older people singing back like not a single day has passed – call it nostalgia call it heritage whatever but remember these songs meant something to the writers back in the 70s and they still mean something to the listeners now almost fifty years on.

Anyway, the reason why I’m in attendance is to witness the South Wales date of the end of the road tour tour by the magnificent UK Subs and as the band take the stage and rip straight into ‘Scum Of The Earth’ and without the blink of an eye were into the drum intro of ‘Born A Rocker’ this school night Globe audience is determined to lap up every single sweaty second of this and the band minus a few guitar hic ups are giving it back in spades knocking out what is effectivly the longest encore I’ve seen in a while. It’s pretty much the very best of the UK Subs played by a band who are right on it and sounding fantastic as well as looking like their having the best of times as well. ‘New York State Police’, ‘Barbies Dead’, ‘Emotional Blackmail’ are all dispatched with aplomb.

Its fair to say Charlie sounds good and when he says humbly, thank you it means a lot you genuinely know he means it and its fair to say tonights crowd are giving it everything and its a joy to witness. ‘Kill Me’ and ‘Limo Life’ take things to the next level but when Alvin introduces the best song Guns n Roses never wrote there is much merriment in the room as ‘Down On The Farm’ is despatched with menace and venom that Guns n Roses never mustered no matter how hard they tried but good on them fo rdoing a good job on a monster song.

By the time we reached the singalong of ‘Warhead’ even the walls of The Globe were soaking wet but ‘Riot’, ‘Stranglehold’ and ‘Disease’ brought the main set to a crushing stop its hard to believe that almost an hour had just been dispatched. This could or shold go on for hours but then signing off leaving your audience wanting more is always a good place to be. I’ve been lucky enough to see the band over 30 times and its fair to say that this is easily as good as they’ve been at anytime in that period and they are nailing it time after time and it’ll be good to see how they sound after laying back on the touring which Charlie explains several times hes no tdone yet just no tdoing these mental long “get in the van” tours across europe and the UK year in year out which is cool with everyone in here whos beaming from ear to ear after winessing a band on fire.

The encore delves right back into classic Subs territory as ‘CID’ makes way for an emotional ‘I Live In A Car’ a song my son used to love hearing when he was a toddler and struggling to speak and would nag to hear the subs car song, fair to say I rather enjoyed hearing that again. As we neared the finale of ‘I Couldn’t Be You’ and ‘Party In Paris’ the band bounded off only to be hauled back on by the baying masses to play a well deserved second encore that almost brought the roof in – ‘Squat 96’, ‘Keep On Running’ because sing-a-longs before the curtain finally fell on a fitting ‘Teenage’ and then a beaming and clearly emotional Charlie left the stage. It was done the final night in south Wales as part of one of their ever winding UK tours was done and dusted.

Thank you for some epic shows along the way and I for one can’t wait to see the UK Subs live again somewhere sometime in the reasonably near future. what a fuckin’ band, and what a way to sing off. Brilliant!

Author: Dom Daley

Alex Hagen is the singer/songwriter and one of the guitar players in Baltimore Punk ‘n’ Roll band Ravagers who just managed an impressive romp across some of Europe showcasing their latest record ‘Badlands‘. We tracked down the frontman and threw a bunch of questions in his direction because we love Ravagers and everything they stand for. It’s Rock N Roll baby and these guys live it and breathe it and we want to help spread the word because the world needs Punk ‘n’ Rollers like Alex and his bandmates. So settle down and check out what went down when RPM Online caught up with Alex Hagen…

Give us a bit of a background to Ravagers. When did you put the band together? I notice only you and Ray survived the band from the first record to the current ‘album and tour.

Ravagers began in 2013 when me and Ray dropped out of high school to dabble in illegal activities and start our own street gang in Baltimore. All the corners were taken in our neighborhood so we started playing rock music to get rich. We’ve been through a couple members since then. Some ended up biting the bullet and others realized the harsh reality that is the long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

When did you first pick up a guitar? Did you always want to be a frontman handling vocals and playing an instrument? I played my first power chord in middle school on a neighbor’s busted practice amp and thought it sounded SICK but I ended up joining my first band on bass till I was confident enough with a guitar to write my own songs. That band ended up falling apart and I had started writing some songs on an old brown melody maker style guitar Matt Gabs set up for me. I got a corporate job for a short while to save up for a Marshall JMP and some celestion greenback speakers that I put into an old ampeg 4/12 cab and I still use it to this day.

When Gabbs joined he’d done the production on previous recordings was it the case of right time right place? I moved into Matt Gabs house around 2011 and when I was working on music I’d show him my ideas. We’ve always collaborated and bounced ideas off each other. When we would record I’d make him come in the studio to listen in and make sure everything was sounding good. He joined the band in 2018 when our guitar player at the time left.

The recent run through Europe you had Sam fill in on Bass is that a permanent thing now? Personally I think the pair of Gabs and Sam are perfect for the band both sound and look. Sam is working out great. He has a cool look on stage and loves the same music that inspires the band. On top of that he’s always down to play and go on tour. As long as he keeps it up he’s in!

You recently did an impressive shift around mainland Europe but missed out the UK are there any plans to visit shit island for maybe a couple of shows next time? I travelled to Barca for the show and thought the performance was excellent but the venue not so. How was the tour? This was our first time in Europe and it was hard enough to get the shows booked that we had working with two different booking agents. We had a great tour manager Gwinny, who on top of driving and selling merch actually booked some of the shows for us before the tour started. The tour seemed to be a gamble and we wanted to at least make the money to pay for our plane tickets back. We heard the UK taxed merch, required visas, and the shows wouldn’t give us places to stay so we opted out of it this time. The tour was a success so we are hoping to go back soon and do some UK dates next time.

Touring Europe was it what you expected? What were some of the highlights? We didn’t know what to expect. Gabs had been over a few times with Biters and Sonny Vincent so he knew but as for us I was shocked at how well the shows were attended and how well the venues and promoters treated us. Some of the gigs we were the only band and people expected us to play an hour every night so we gave it our all. I think it pushed us to grow as a band. Some of the highlights was a sold out show in Dresden, I had cut my finger that morning on a razor blade and when we played that night blood was gushing everywhere! With 28 shows our 2 days off were certainly highlights. Visiting the H.R. Giger museum in Gruyere Switzerland and having a relaxing day in Barcelona was awesome.

Going back to the recent album ‘Badlands’ how did you come to hook up with Wanda in Germany and Spaghetty Town Records two great fits for the band. We have been with Spaghetty Town since the 2018 Drowning in Blood single. They are based in Atlanta where we’ve played a lot and our great friends of ours. They partnered with Wanda on the new release so we would have European and US distribution. Q8. When coming to record a record with you being the main songwriter is it easier now there are other players in the band who also write will it evolve the sound of the band at all? We’ve always collaborated as a band. For the most part I’m the one who brings a song to the table. For example. Here’s the name of this song, Here’s the melody and hook I have in mind. Then we all play it and it grows from there. Things almost always change last minute in the studio when you hear everything over the monitors. We had a great producer (Tuk Smith) who also pushed us to take the songs to the next level. He helped a lot stepping in as a 5th band member and not letting anyone slack on their performance. I think we will do the next record with him as well.

You played some pretty cool covers on the tour from the UK Subs to the Lords of the new church what was it about those songs that made them fit into your set and what others would you love to play? Those songs are bangers and I feel like I have a deep connection with them ya know? They are dark and have powerful hooks with great lyrics. I’m not sure what we will cover next. Maybe something nobody knows so we can say it’s ours.

What are your plans for moving forward and the next album? Will this line up get recording soon and have you many songs already written? So far the plan is to keep coming up with new songs. We have lots but we only record the ones we think are worth it. We will see what makes it on the next record. I would like to get in the studio asap.

You hail from Baltimore is it a good place to hang out in a rock n roll band and is there much of a scene for you to feed off? Lots of great inspiration in Baltimore. I saw a guy last week try to rob my local grocery store with a machete and got chased out buy security with their guns out. I wouldn’t say there is much Rock N Roll these days, mostly hardcore and stoner metal, but there are some great bands. Total Maniac is my favorite Baltimore band and we like playing shows with them. Matt and our new bass player Sam live in NYC so we are going up there to play a lot now. We like playing with Mala Vista, The Trash Bags, Wyldlife, and Tuxedo Cats.

The two EPs you released is there any plan to press them onto one compilation album maybe? Do you have a favourite track you like to play live? I like those two EP’s as separate records. I don’t feel the need to consolidate them onto one vinyl. I like that they are pressed at 45 RPM because they sound better. I also like the art on each of the covers. The first record “Livin in Oblivion” is getting repressed and will be out this summer on Spaghetti town. It’s been remixed and mastered and sounds great.

Good luck to Ravagers for the future and hopefully I can catch you again on the road in Europe or the UK who knows and I look forward to your next record release. Keep on Keeping on. .

Facebook / Bandcamp / Spaghetty Town Records / Wanda Records

The U.K. Subs announce that joining Charlie, Alvin and Steve for next week’s Lewes and London gigs, and for the subsequent January/February European tour dates will be the multi-talented drummer Stefan Häublein, who is also the stickman for TV Smith & the Bored Teenagers.

Stefan previously played drums with Ava Adore from 2015 to 2020, the band of TV Smith’s guitarist Marc Carrey, with his other current projects being the drummer for Dexist, who are a post-punk band from Barcelona, where Stefan currently lives.

Photo: TCB/Chris Hill Photography

Stefan, who at present has committed to fill the Subs drum stool for all Subs gigs up to and including May 2023, had these few words for the Subs faithful when asked:

“I’m really looking forward to meeting all the U.K. Subs fanatics, I can’t wait to start as this is so fucking exciting!”

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“And now the end is near and so we face the final curtain”… or something like that. After completing the A-Z and then having a bazillion compilation albums come out, Two A-Z complete CD box sets, singles comps, live comps, covers Albums, 10” reissues. It’s certainly been a fantastic time to be a UK Subs fan (Even if it’s been heavy on the bank balance) we’ve arrived at the point where I believe the band has said time is being called on their recording career. Live shows are coming thick and fast and showing no sign of relenting.

If this is indeed to be the final record under the UK Subs monicker for Charlie and the boys then it’s fair to say they are going out in style and leaving us with a piece of work that stands tall next to their very best album and I sincerely mean that because ‘Reverse Engineering’ is an absolute fucking belter.

Charlie sounds better than he has for 20 years (the covid downtime must have helped his voice recover from all those hundreds of shows he didn’t have to sing at and if Alvin was paid by the note he’d be a millionaire. The songwriting is shared out and Straughan steps up and delivers one of my favourite Subs songs for many a year in ‘C60 Audio’ but more of that laters. The middle section of this album is some of the best Subs writing for years with the thumping ‘Hoist The Sail’ with its raw guitar intro and gang vocals as Admiral Harper rallies the shipmates for a battering ram of a verse that hacks and slashes towards the solo. Great stuff. It’s only the starter for the upbeat ‘Kill Me’ I know you wouldn’t think it by the title or the lyrics but the tempo and playing are excellent. It’s one of those happy-go-lucky Subs tracks. ‘Political Amo’ is an Oliver penned track that rushes out the blocks. As you’d imagine it’s a sprightly number with a modern feel to it with a strong melody.

There are a pair of Alvin-sung songs next with a smoldering ‘Slavery’ hitting you like a HGV. If you’re not familiar with Alvin’s style of songwriting now then let’s just say this one is uncompromising and full of big groove as the rhythm is rock solid and Alvin’s vocal is similar to his former employer Mr Pop and if this was to appear as a new Iggy single people would go nuts about it, the reality is, it’s laid to rest at the thick end of a UK Subs album that’s how good this record is.

The UK Subs aren’t signing out quietly with a whimper as ‘Statement’ testifies. They’re out of the trench and taking it to the enemy leading the charge, galloping along with this as the soundtrack again with some mighty fine musicianship with the guitar right up in the mix hacking and slashing away like a maniac – exciting stuff!

It’s not all galloping charging about mind. The intro for ‘The Night Holds The Key’ is low-key and restrained but it’s short-lived. The vocals leading to the chorus are superb and another classic Subs song unfolds. The record signs off with a real thumper written by Charlie. ‘Waiting For Godot’ with a cool verse-chorus set up where the band joins on the title repeat. its a more measured tempo that’s a fantastic way to wrap this album up. Go out with a track every bit as strong as the opener ‘Bad Acid’ that shows the UK Subs are still one of the very best the UK has to offer on studio recordings. They came out swinging over 40 years ago and sign off an incredible catalogue of records with ‘Reverse Engineering’ every bit as vital as at any period of their illustrious career. Trust me when I say ‘Reverse Engineering’ is an essential purchase. Get your mitts on a copy by any means necessary. Superb stuff just Buy it!

Buy Here or for those in the UK Time and Matter have limited copies Here

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The driving keyboard is what will get you in the end. Insanely catchy as the songs drive on mowing down everything in its wake. It’s like hypnosis through punk rock. ‘A Casual Death’ is anything but. Christ pre-pandemic (remember that?) there was a band out of Vancouver called The Corner Boys and they released one fantastic album then split. Another great record was Chain Whips well since Covid drummer/songwriter Patrick McEachnie has stayed as active as possible using his time to great effect by picking up a guitar and playing. Basically, he made an excellent record all on his own, and if you were paying any attention to his other releases you will know. Those who do just simply know what to expect, sure, of course, this is fucking right up there flat out excellent.

‘Coming After You’ is rapid and right to the point. Making a racket and finger-wagging and full of menace. The title track is a tub-thumping cross between some bedroom homage to the UK Subs and Tubeway Army it’s the synth that’s humming away throughout as the guitars sound like a twenty-year-old Tascam four-track at best only adds to the intensity and manic feel.

‘Two Sides Of Your Heart’ is akin to Chubby And The Gang in some ways – just thrashing away around a hypnotic melody and a blitzkrieg keyboard solo that is a face melter. The record isn’t hanging around either bopping til it drops with songs around the one and a half to two minutes long. Kick-off turn in an awesome melody – kick the listener in the tits then fuck off. Jobs a good un- Next!

When the tempo is turned down a shade (‘I’m No Sustitute’) it’s a killer with a twisted melody and that fuzzed-up synth. It’s not new at all, it’s not big or clever and it’s nothing to write home about if you’re after a polished modern production. Its infectious, banger after banger – twisted melodies layered upon thrashing guitars and monotonous melodies playing with your head. You know you like it but you haven’t the foggiest why? Is it the ripping pace? The Melodies? the mindless pogotastic beat? is it the Ramones love in of ‘Lost Cause’ and ‘Stay Away From Me’ reminding you what it was like to fall in love with punk rock? Of course, it’s all of it. A top tune is a top tune no matter what style it’s done in.

Hell, that was a blast! Ten songs in twenty-something minutes – perfect punk rock for the masses. Now how do we get to the masses? People need a face full of this DIY bad boy as soon as possible. Quality record – just buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley



HITS 25 – Celebrating 25 Years since Holidays In The Sun…



Despite Rebellion Festival being postponed again this year due to the ongoing restrictions with the Covid pandemic, one point that became clear to the dedicated organisers early on was that, festival or no festival, punks from all over the country were still going to head to Blackpool. Previously due to take place August 5th – 8th at the famous Winter Gardens, one of the things that makes Rebellion Festival different to many other music festivals is the undeniable fact that the audience, bands, promoters and everyone involved are all one big family. Long established as the world’s largest punk festival, the fact that so many regular attendees were still prepared to come to Blackpool and support the city that has always welcomed them, and spend time with their extended punk family, without the festival even being on, meant that if it was possible to host at least some kind of gig for the people heading down, Rebellion would.

So, when news came that covid restrictions were going to be lifted on July 19th, Team Rebellion went into overdrive and have successfully pulled together in record time ‘Hits 25 – Celebrating 25 years since Holidays In The Sun’, the event from which Rebellion Festival was originally born.

To be held in the Empress Ballroom and an acoustic stage in the Pavilion on Saturday August 7th, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs, GBH, The Barstool Preachers, Dirt Box Disco, Maid Of Ace, Gimp Fist, Fire Exit, Death Trails, Mille Manders and the Shutup are all confirmed to perform, whilst the acoustic stage in the Pavilion will see TV Smith, Atilla The Stockbroker, Carol Hodge and more provide a more relaxed soundtrack.

It’s testament to the goodwill that the bands and audience have for the festival and with thanks to the Winter Gardens and Blackpool Council that they’ve been able to bring together such a strong line-up in such short time, for the incredible value of only £21.50 on the door, or online in advance with booking fee.

Rebellion Festival tickets have nothing to do with this gig. Rebellion 2020 and 2021 tickets remain rolled over to 2022. It’s only a one stage main gig, so capacity is limited and therefore there obviously won’t be as many tickets available as usual.

The Winter Gardens, however, will have FREE ENTRY for Thursday / Friday and Sunday, giving everyone a place to meet up and hang out on those days.

Tickets are available from: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F005AE5C06D6E89

HITS25 is an All-Ages show with under 14s getting in free of charge. Everyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rebellion Festival 2022 is already well underway, and the promoters are rebooking many of the headline bands from the cancelled 2020/21 events and have also booked three bands that were not due to play either of those years. English rock legends The Stranglers and first-wave Los Angeles punks The Dickies are now confirmed to return to the festival in 2022 and are joined by Brighton folk-rock maestros The Levellers, who play the festival for the very first time.  The Levellers are still one of the most popular independent bands in the UK, and headlined Glastonbury Festival in 1994, where they performed to a record-breaking crowd of 300,000 people! Their anthemic, uplifting set is sure to be a highlight of Rebellion Festival in 2022.

These join returning and rebooked artists such as Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Undertones, Tom Robinson and Stiff Little Fingers, Ruts DC, Sham 69 and many more.

Rebellion Festival in 2022 will also see the welcome return of an outdoor stage, the council have agreed for the festival to have the area of the promenade right in front of Blackpool Tower (Tower Headland, on the ‘comedy carpet’). This is an amazing space for an outdoor stage. A straight walk down from the Winter Gardens. Rebellion can double the capacity with this area and have some fantastic plans to make both sites amazing.

For those who don’t have tickets rolling over from 2020/21, tickets for Rebellion 2022 will be available from August 5th.

Head to www.rebellionfestivals.com for more information.


Twitter: @rebellionfest 

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As my learned colleague, Craggy waxed lyrically when he reviewed ‘Honked’ the first of these Anniversary albums from Diamond Dogs, I went on a journey down the Rock and ROll highway and played every Diamond Dogs album released and the overriding thought I had was –  Damn this band was smoking hot when they got in that groove.

They were honking on the whole Faces early ’70s Stones vibe and they were killing it every time and the most important thing was they had the tunes to go with the swagger and if those five albums were my gift to the world I’d be so proud of my band and the songs we’d created. Its quite some collection and as the band aged like a good wine they changed taste but remained true to their roots and sound.

On reflection, it seems like yesterday the band were rolling into my small village and pitching up their amps in a restaurant at the rear of my local boozer on a Sunday night after having a show in the City cancelled they then proceeded to Rock the socks off the locals with a wonderful and impressive set. These sets are pressed on vinyl as well as CD and contain a plethora of bonus tracks (singles B Sides) to wrap up the tunes from that period in a perfect set.

As Your Greens Turn Brown: After the keys introduce the listener with a bit of ‘Bloodshot’ before kicking up a shitstorm in the shape of the fantastic no holds barred ‘Goodbye, Miss Jill’ even now it makes me smile a five-mile smile when the band kicks in and the harmonica starts honkin’.

The record ebbs and flows superbly with the highs being particularly high and when the band gets going man they sounded authentic and passionate.  The lulls when they’d kickback. Their blend of Hammond and Rock and Roll overdrive mixed with a few horns stabs here and there is timeless. Let the good times roll on the ballsy ‘Hardhitter’ and then they can drop a few gears as they venture off into Small Faces territory via ‘Singing With The Alleycats’ it’s easy to see how these guys got gigs with Punk rockers like the Damned or Rockers like The Cult and Nazareth when you hear the raw ‘Bite Off’ with its too fast to live riff and with that variety in mind you pick up the flavour of just how talented a songwriter Sulo is and he lives these songs and wears them on his sleeve you can’t bluff Rock and Roll this good which is why he attracted the likes of Darrel Bath and Steve Klasson into the fold.


The band were comfortable letting go and cutting loose as they were doing the jig is up country-tinged ‘Anywhere Tonight’ as they were doing the whole Thin Lizzy duel guitar kick-off that had songs like ‘Boogie For Tanja’ being so effortlessly good. Then when they needed to turn down the lights they could glide into ‘Yesterdays Nymph’ in one fell swoop. When Sulo took the mood down he has a wonderful tone on his voice and as far as taking on the Brits doing the whole R&B thing there’s no contest Diamond Dogs were more consistent than a lot of their contemporaries churning out albums of exceptionally high quality and this bad boy is right up there with the best of them and when your B Sides are as good as your A-Sides you know you’re onto something.

Fifteen songs of exceptional quality its like they once said Too much is never enough! Bring on the next one and I’ll get me filled up on more trips down memory lane and promise myself to play these records more often they deserve it and so do you – Buy it!


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Author: Dom Daley