UltraBomb is back in the ring swinging big windmills hot on the heels of their debut that took longer to get in people’s hands than it should such are the times we live in. ‘Doggo’ is first out the gate and a bristling crash bang wallop it is. It’s punk rock but not predictable nu punk or old school even if they’ve managed to mix up some of that Husker DNA along side the heavy hitting dynamic drumming of Jamie Oliver and with a cool melody the album is off to a great start. Its equal part US alt rock from the likes of Buffalo Tom through the eprism of UK punk and it works. Loads of energy and a bloody good tune to boot. Nailed it.

Greg Norton, Finny McConnell and Jamie Oliver stick to what they do best and get down to business the jangly stripped bare rocker that is ‘Rage Bomb’ is like when Goo Goo Dolls first got it together. Think Ramones on ‘Sleep Tight’ its a race to the finish we’ll see you there but remember have a good time. This isn’t their first rodeo and these guys have been round the block its fair to say but they are attacking this with eyes wide open like a bunch o fkids playing with their mates for the first time and seeing where it takes them, non more so than the excellent ‘West In The Summertime’ from the ultrabright and clean guitar solo its like they’re having the best of time recording these songs and want to share it with the world.

‘Dying To Smile’ is a worthwhile investment its jammed full of great songs that hit you hard and offer you the best of times, the lyrics tend to be spot on and in ‘Woke Wars’ they hit the nail right on the head I can see this record growing and growing it has the potential to be one of the years biggest and best sleepers on slow release hell, even including the cover of ‘In A Rut’ doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Sure I love the song bu tI’d have preferred to head another original.

they do press the breaks occasionally like on the great ‘Isolation’ where they slow things down and contemplate and the record is all the finer for its sidestep. These boys have been paying attention over the years and being able to write records this good is testimony to their talents collectively and individually. If Ultrabomb weren’t on your radar you should make it a priority to check this record out. Don’t be a dummy pick I tup asap. Ultrabomb is the name you”d do well to remember that. Buy it!

Catch them on tour in the US with ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES. European tour dates coming soon.

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Author: Dom Daley