Music fans from across the UK will be making their way to the Dolls House, Abertillery on 23 March to enjoy a day of rock while raising funds for Mencap.  The event has been organised by Rock & Roll Circus Events, working with Steph Rogers of Mencap.

Steph said  “I’m excited to be teaming up with Ceri Davies and Paul Cairns from theRock & Roll Circus Events in hosting a local fundraising event for Mencap. I’ve worked for Mencap over 16 years plus years and manage services in Blaenau Gwent.  The work we do definitely changes lives and we are able to offer lots of opportunities and choice to people with a learning difficulty which has supported people to have greater independence and control in their lives.  Personally, I’d like to thank Ceri and Paul for supporting Mencap and also for all the great work that they do for charity”.

Seven bands will be appearing at the event, representing a wide area of the UK as well as providing a platform for local talent.  “The entrance cost is just £4,” said Ceri Davies “a small price to pay to enjoy such a range of bands, and knowing that all proceeds will be going to an important cause.”


The full list of bands who will be appearing are Witch TripperWhite Raven DownBlack Tree VulturesLeft For RedFallen TemplesWho Knows Didley?The Philo Beddoe Band.

Further details of the Mencap Fundraiser event, including times and running orders, can be found on the events Facebook page,  Advance tickets can be purchased at Here

Coming out of Italy this three-piece peddle a loud incendiary blend of fucked up dark blues with a very healthy amount of Garage rock thrown into the mix. I guess a glance at the artwork isn’t going to tell you much either so the band has the job of letting the music do the talking. ‘Still I Am’ has a rough house Cramps backbeat and outta the Jon Spenser envelope this really gets motoring with appropriate amounts of feedback and howling background noise that motors this opener on.  It all gets a little clearer as the songs unfold because The Gentlemens can rock it up and kick up a good old shitstorm between them.

Having not come across the band before I was open-minded as to what to expect but I trust the fact they’re on Hound Gawd! is something of a pair of safe hands to be fair because they don’t do shit records and before the stonking ‘Sheltered’ had properly begun I just knew I was going to enjoy digging into this record. A lot of passion and enough power sees the band really motoring and they just ease through the gears on ‘Shamelove’ which has some fine guitar slinging.

With a slightly more commercial edge ‘Let You Die’ could and should have wide appeal.  The foot stomping doesn’t dissipate as ‘Out Of Here’ really ups the temperature with a fine riff and maybe a little too much cowbell! What? I hear you shriek how is there such a thing as too much cowbell? Man its just an opinion! I love the snake oil salesman ranting on the vocals its a really good tune and as it makes way for the funkier ‘A Second Coming’ which has shades of INXS if I might be so bold if they turned the distortion up a notch or three.

As we get balls deep into side two the rockin’ doesn’t relent and neither should it. I love the blues vibe dished out on ‘She Made Me Hard’ as the band sound like their easing back like a hot rod rockin’ and rolling machine and know they’re onto something here.  there is no big lazy ballad here to end the set but they do kick back into one of those smokey Dylan and the band kinda jams on the album closer ‘Sin-Love Prey’ and a mighty fine way to end the record it is too.  I entered this album with an open mind and no preconceptions and found my reward was waiting on the pick up of that old six string.  ‘Triage’ is a very strong album packed full of really impressive songs and if you’re looking for a band you probably haven’t come across yet then grab this with both hands and you too can rejoice to the Rock n Roll Gods for another slice of rock n roll goodness. Amen Gentlemens Amen!




Four bands, free admission and it’s Fraser Von Deathtrap’s 24th birthday… again! What more could you want from a Saturday night in your old home town?

Well not a lot really, as System Reset, who are late additions to tonight’s bill, open up proceedings almost as soon as I enter the venue, and with a pint of something cold and wet in my hand we’re straight into a 30 minute set of melodic hardcore punk music drawn from their RPM approved EP/mini album ‘Epidemic’.  With two of Trigger McPoopshute within their ranks you’d be forgiven for thinking System Reset might be just more of the same backdoor rock ‘n’ roll, but no, this quartet have a sound firmly rooted in the spirit of the skate park and tracks like ‘Feminazi’’, ‘Anxiety’ and set closer ‘PTSD’ could all have featured on the ‘Punk-O-Rama’ compilation series, something that should see them playing with the big boys at a venue near you very soon.

A couple of years on from their Dolls House debut the Deathtraps of 2019 are a much different beast to the one I first witnessed. Kickstarting proceedings with the lead track from their stonking ‘Gotta Get Some’ album, ‘Automatic Thrill’ sounds not so much like a direct lift from Gluecifer as a song spawned from a contract inked with Lucifer himself, and if newbie ‘Fuck The Cool Kids’ is anything to go by then Deathtraps really do have all the best songs just waiting to be unleashed on us. Taking us right back to the early shows though ‘Too Fast To Last’, and ‘Another Great Day’ sound almost reborn, and even if the suitably refreshed birthday boy forgets his basslines during ‘Hellbound’ it’s all dealt with in the flick of a wrist. Closing with the aptly titled ‘Fucked Up And Furious’ a song that does exactly what it says on the tin Deathtraps make a whole host new friends here tonight and you best make sure you catch them opening for The Hip Priests at various shows this spring.

With Trigger having been (by their standards at least) a bit quiet recently following the impromptu departure of Pix from behind the kit, it appears to have been their long overdue addition to the line up of this year’s Rebellion Festival that’s given Abertillery’s filthiest sons the much needed impetus to get back onstage, and most importantly write some new material. Bam from System Reset is the man they’ve recruited to drop his sticks during old faves like ‘Headfuck’, ‘Race Card’ and the fan requested ‘American Manc’ plus ‘Fish Or Bird’ once again sees the audience having their very own Only Connect moment.  Of the aforementioned new tracks you can take your pick from ‘Wank Palace’, ‘Self Righteous’ and ‘Shitfinger’ as to which one offends you most… but I can’t help smiling, no, laughing, at each of them. Sounding more like the bastard sons of Venom and The Macc Lads than ever before Trigger McPoopshute are on a mission to make life seem a little bit brighter, because as their set closing dedication to some recently lost friends (immediately before ‘Charity Snatch’) proves, for some of us it can be all over far too quickly.

Returning to the Dolls House for (what if my memory serves me correctly is) the fourth time, German satanic punkers Christmas are back in the UK promoting their white-hot 3rd album ‘Scum As You Are’ and I for one was not going to miss this. Kicking things off with the opening one-two salvo from said album – ‘Army of Losers’ and ‘The Old Man Tells’ – the band literally explodes in my face via this 3 minute (plastic) bomb of punk rock, before I’m instantly whisked right back to 2014 via the title track from their ferocious ‘Appetite For Selfdestruction’ debut. Granted only frontman Max Motherfucker remains from that line up but as the band has evolved and shed personnel, I feel it has only made them a leaner, hungrier beast, one that can write songs as tight and exciting as ‘You Bore Me’, ‘Good Times, High Fives’ and the Motorheadtastic ‘Sex Sells’ all of which are aired here tonight.

‘Skate All Night’, ‘Cracksong’ and ‘Moonshine Love’ all remain in the set from the band’s perhaps overlooked ‘Lose Your Illusion’ sophomore album whilst ‘No More Tears’, ‘Nothing But A Handjob’ and ‘Wolfpack’ from the aforementioned debut all take me back in fiery fashion to why I fell in love with the band in the first place.

The last time I saw Max live was on the massive Empire Ballroom stage at Rebellion fronting Reagan Youth where he couldn’t really practice his full contact audience participation routine, here tonight however he more than makes up for this, cajoling complete strangers into singing along to songs they have never heard before whilst scaring the diehards into not getting the lyrics wrong as his microphone is promptly shared around the audience front row like a punk rock hot potato. This is what makes Christmas so special and I guess its also why Max comes back to the Dolls House time and time again. Special mention too to the band’s stand-in drummer Jan who after just two rehearsals turns in a faultless performance hammering home each and every track like he’d been on the road with the band for months.

Nothing beats the true punk rock spirit of Christmas I tell ya… nothing.

Author: Johnny Hayward

On sale now! Please help support Cayden’s recovery.  You should all have heard about Sonny Vincent and what happened to his family and that’s why RPM is fully supporting this plea to all you Rock n Roll fans reading this to help out a brother and this time you get something in return.  Three CD’s of music from over seventy bands! how can you not jump on board with this one?  Use the links to make the payments and help out for Sonny and his family.  
Just looking through the list briefly should have any self-respecting punk rock n roller salivating at this compilation so jump on board and lets sell this one out

3 CD digipak USA $25 includes shipping,PayPal ( sent as gift family/friend) to

3 CD digipak all EUROPEAN countries $35 includes shipping, PayPal ( sent as gift family/friend) to

Be sure to include name and address in the paypal message.
See below for other payment methods.

The link below is for Venmo ( see above for PayPal address)

For personal check please PM sonny your address.

76 Bands come together to support Cayden and Sonny with a 3 CD digipack ‘Tribute To Sonny Vincent’

01 Rough Kids – Lights Out (USA)
02 The Dogs – Call My Name (USA)
03 James Williamson – Never Far From Where The Wild Things Are (USA)
04 Anti Cimex – Only In Dreams (SWE)
05 The Candy Snatchers – Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed (USA)
06 Legion Of Sadists – Pacto De Sangue (POR)
07 Eskorbuto – Cerebros Destruidos (ESP)
08 The Pagans – Hollywood Or Die (USA)
09 Knife For An Eye – Poison Out (SWE)
010 Victims – She’s So Hot (USA)
011 Bobby Liebling’s (Pentagram) Ram Family – Drop The Gun (USA)
012 The Boys – Walk My Dog (UK)
013 Tav Falco – Whistle Blower Blues (USA)
014 Pussy Galore – Seattle (USA)
015 Chaos UK – Hearts Of Noize (UK)
016 Jack Lipton (Penetrators) – She’s Gonna Remind You (USA)
017 The Chrome Cranks – Bloodshot Eye (USA)
018 The ‘B’ Girls – Mystery (USA)
019 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – Escape From New York City (USA)
020 Simon Chainsaw – Eight Times Lucky (AUS)
021 Sorrows – Bad Times Good Times (USA)
022 Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders – This Counterfeit World (USA)
023 Spent Idols – Creeps (USA)
024 Patrulha do Purgatório – Enterrado Na Loucura (POR)


01 Dark Carnival – Real Cool Time (USA)
02 Flamin’ Groovies – Don’t Talk To Strangers (USA)
03 The Bellrays – Mine All Mine (USA)
04 Viletones – The Screaming Fist (CAN)
05 Corpse Grinders – Anything Goes (USA)
06 The Black Lips And Khan Family – Too Much In Love (USA)
07 Electric Frankenstein – Welcome To My Town (USA)
08 Refused and Rise Against – Proficiency (SWE)/(USA)
09 Deadbeat Poets – It’s Summertime (USA)
010 New York Junk – I Ride A Subway Train (USA)
011 Zodiac Panthers – I Don’t Gotta But I’m Gonna Cause I Wanna (USA)
012 Clorox Girls – Vietnam (USA)
013 Sonic Angels – Love Is The Law (FRA)
014 Pretty Quick – Hit Me With The Reflex (USA)
015 Luigi And The Wiseguys – Johnny Ace (USA)
016 Moto – Lovers Landfill (USA)
017 White Mystery – Boy Next Door (USA)
018 Comando 9mm – Antisocial (ESP)
019 Gentleman Jesse – Romford Girls (USA)
020 The Kopek Millionaires – Punk Girl (USA)
021 Psychotica – We Are The Dead (USA)
022 Marion Cobretti – Viver À Margem (POR)
023 Carbonas – Nostalgia Buff (USA)
024 Dan Sartain – When I Was A Cowboy (USA)
025 Barreracudas – Stoned On Love (USA)
026 The Ricky C. Quartet – Bleeding Heart (UK)
027 Cellophane Suckers – Gimme That Ass (GER)
028 Sonny Vincent with (members of) Rocket From The Crypt – Bad Attitude (USA)


01 Jeff Dahl – Bang On (USA)
02 Flesh Rag – In Another Dimension (CAN)
03 Richard Duguay – Fuck You Fame Whore (USA)
04 The Cynz – Mean Girls (USA)
05 Crusaders Of Love – Shot To The Heart (FRA)
06 Soggy – Lay Down A Lot (FRA)
07 Electra Jets – Bomb Bomb Bomb (USA)
08 The Capaces – Shinning Soul (ESP)
09 Kevin K – Justify (USA)
010 Clockwork Boys – Selvagem (POR)
011 Rattlin’ Bones – Don’t Believe (USA)
012 RIP – Enamorado De La Muerte (ESP)
013 Steve Baise’s Sly – fi – She’s Got It (USA)
014 Dark Carnival – I Love You But You’re Dead (USA)
015 Sonny Vincent & His Rat Race Choir – Cinematic Suicide (USA)
016 The Black Widows – Neo Invictus (USA)
017 Les Lullies – Bored Sick Done (FRA)
018 Fur Dixon – If I Was Free (USA)
019 Cavalaria 77 – José Do Telhado (POR)
020 Spitfire Stevens – Hollow Inside (GER)
021 Rikki Bacchus – Goochi Boxer (USA)
022 The Crazy Squeeze – Hard Livin’ Man (USA)
023 Ravagers – Suzi (Has An Uzi) (USA)
024 Testors – Bad Attitude (USA)
025 Puma Pearl -September Blue (USA)

Rolling into the old school surroundings of Swansea’s Sin City Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres with Marc Eden in tow seems wholly appropriate and a wonderful aligning of the stars for this Travelling circus.  Eden takes the stage fashionably late and his very short yet to the point set entertains the audience with his minstrel musings.  ‘Debt Collector’ was up first and to be fair it sounded wonderful with just his voice and an acoustic guitar oddly its one of the standout tracks on the Peckham Cowboys ’10 Tales From The Gin Palace’ album but rather a different beast live with just a guitar and a voice.  Doherty’s audience didn’t quite know how to take Eden at first but with ‘Crackhouse Blues’ and a stunning version of Dylans One More Cup Of Coffee’ under his belt and the sold-out audience was certainly warming to the singer. Sadly as soon as it had begun Eden was introducing the final number or numbers as he ran through a brief medley to warm up this audience with ‘Wild Rover’ and ‘Dirty Old Town’ which seemed quite fitting under the circumstances. Nice to see Eden out amongst it as its been a while since he last rode through town with his Cowboys maybe next time?

Right after a fairly long interval, the room was about ready to burst as the band ambled onstage and broke into the set and whilst the band sounded tight I can’t help but smile with the feeling that they spend the entire set flying by the seat of their undergarments as Doherty does tend to adlib shall we say and wander off on a tangent.  I do however feel that  he is as sharp as a tack as he cottoned on to the Audiences tribal chants of You Jack Bastard aimed at young Jones wearing his local teams football shirt with Peter renaming ‘Last Of The Englsih Roses’ to ‘Last Of The Jack Bastards’.


The set was predominantly made up of tracks the band played the previous few nights of the tour with the likes of ‘Travelling Tinker’, ‘Albion’ all going down really well.  The first new song from the album to be aired ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’  sounded magnificent and it really captured the moment. Whilst I love hearing songs like ‘You’re My Waterloo’ and the jazzy ‘Always Something There To Remind Me’ was inspired it wasn’t until the encore that the audience was really able to cut loose during ‘Fuck Forever’ maybe had the set been peppered with a couple more uptempo rockers if you like this might have been elevated from a really good gig to a memorable I was there performance. Having said that ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose’ was spectacular and a youthful and energetic audience was as quiet as Doherty was ever going to get them no matter how many times he would have asked for hush.

It was however great to see Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres end their tour on the sunny sands of Swansea Bay and I love the fact it could fall off the edge of a cliff at any given moment or be the tightest magical night of Rock ‘n’ Roll ever, (isn’t that what makes this Rock n Roll business so diverse and magical?)  Now if only he could bring his other band down for a show that would be a right treat. In the meantime I look forward to the album coming out in April and whatever happens next.

Author: Dom Daley

Birmingham proto-punks BLACK BOMBERS have announced a new mini-album and a handful of dates to go with it.

The six-track 10” vinyl Vol 4 is due for release on Easy Action Records on 29th March and follows on from their three previous releases, their self-titled full-length debut and two 7”singles, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Rush’.

Black Bombers comprise guitarist and singer Alan Byron, bassist Darren ‘Birchy’ Birch and drummer Dave Twist. Between them, they have done time with the likes of The Prefects, Gunfire Dance, Brian James, Walter Lure, The Godfathers and seminal Birmingham garage band, TV Eye, and been compared to The Stooges, Third World War, Pink Fairies and early Motörhead

The trio laid down the tracks in the band’s lock up with engineer Simon Bishop and his Dragon Electric mobile studio. Vol 4 serves up five band originals, plus a striking cover of Paisley Underground band Green On Red’s ‘Hair Of The Dog’ from their classic 1985 album Gas Food Lodging.

“Al and I are fans of Green on Red and thought that ‘Hair of the Dog’ would sound great with a heavier treatment,” says Birch. “We imagined a cross between Crazy Horse and Blue Cheer…”

Vol 4 is preceded by the single/video ‘Relentless’…

“We’d had ‘Relentless for a while and recorded it for the debut album,” explains Twist. “But it didn’t feel right somehow, so we left it off. We got it right this time – cutting out anything that didn’t propel the thing forward.”

The band has a handful of shows lined up in April. Catch them live at…

4 April – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (w/ The Folk Devils)

7 April – Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough (w/ Eight Rounds Rapid)

14 April – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (w/ Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind)

18 April – Hope & Anchor, London (w/ Last Great Dreamers)

Pre-order Vol 4 from iTunes at Here

Black Bombers are on Facebook

New album Lowdown Ways released May 10 on Yep Roc Records


“…like Chicago blues fired at the moon, played by the demented children of the Pretty Things.” – Rolling Stone

Brooklyn, NY-based trio DADDY LONG LEGS  Brian Hurd (vocals, harmonica, guitar), Murat Akturk (slide guitar), Josh Styles (drums, maraca) – will make their Yep Roc Records debut May 10 with Lowdown Ways, their third studio album. Now they are announcing a string of UK tour dates through April and May. See the full tour below.

Thu 18 April  – Prince Albert, Brighton
Fri 19 April – Le Beat Bepsoke Festival @ 229, London
Thu 9 May – Audio, Glasgow
Fri 10 May – Black Box, Belfast
Sat 11 May – The Sugar Club, Dublin
Sun 12 May – Night & Day, Manchester
Tue 14 May – The Cluny, Newcastle
Wed 15 May – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Fri 17 May – NAC, Norwich
Sat 18 May – Esquires, Bedford
Sun 19 May – The Railway Hotel , Southend

Tickets are available to buy now HERE

Produced by Jimmy Sutton and engineered by Alex Hall (JD McPherson, Pokey LaFarge, Jake La Botz) at Hi-Style Studios in Chicago, the album features 12 original compositions with songwriting contributions from JD McPherson and Sutton. A new direction from their first two studio albums (released by Norton Records), Lowdown Ways sees the boys widen their sonic horizons with field hollers, gospel, Cajun, and Mississippi Hill Music, coupled with their renowned supercharged, harp-driven R&B bangers.

Frontman Brian Hurd describes “Mornin’ Noon & Nite” as “a Hoodoo Stomper in the vein of John Lee Hooker and is about one’s pure, savage lust for his or her lover.”

When asked by Village Voice “What is DADDY LONG LEGS?,” Hurd answered, “Rock and roll salvation through the spirit of roots and blues.” While influenced by the likes of Son House, Captain Beefheart, Howlin’ Wolf, MC5, and Dr. Feelgood, their sound personifies garage rock and punk with a contemporary raw twist performed in their own brand of supercharged R&B.

Since forming in 2010, the band has released two studio albums, a live album and two 45s on Norton Records. Their last album was 2015’s DADDY LONG LEGS Rides Tonight. The band has toured with Jon Spencer, Hurray For The Riff Raff, The Sonics, Nikki Lane, Nick Waterhouse, amongst others.

Lowdown Ways is now available for pre-order. The vinyl LP arrives on limited edition opaque white vinyl.

Don’t say we never have off the wall Rock ‘n’ Roll or we don’t go the extra mile for you good people because we certainly do. Weird Omen is a garage rock trio with Baritone Sax along with Guitar and drums being the weapons of choice for Weird Omen.  The sound, however, is a shimmering slab of Cramps meets Fuzztones meets psychedelic garage if there is such an axis. Sometimes it’s chaotic sometimes it’s trippy sometimes its killer but depending on what mood you’re in I guess will be the deal breaker.

I love the slow groovy blues harmonies of ‘The Goat’ but I haven’t got a clue what the fuck it’s about but I suspect it doesn’t matter one single Jott. The album kicks off with the echoing head fuck of Baritone Sax honkin’ like a good un as the guitar and drums join in and take you on a walk through some choppy waters. The song builds and builds and gets you in a right trance. It sets the tone and I love it.

I do think you have to be in the right headspace for a bit of Weird Omen as sometimes it can get overwhelming and the sound can take you under but the garage goodness of ‘Please Kill Me’ is most welcome anytime. ‘Earworm’ races like ‘Fortune Teller’ on jazz fags and acid.  By the time you hit the ’60s tinged San Fran psych of ‘Out Of My Brain’ if you’ve done it in one sitting then you’re doing exceedingly well.

Clocking in at just over half an hour I liked it I wouldn’t say I loved it but it certainly has its moments in both directions. I would however go and watch them live no doubt about that because in the moment I reckon they could be awesome with all that sax appeal.  Go check em out and see for yourself.




Author: Dom Daley

Having just completed a sold-out tour of the UK, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres have announced a UK and European tour to coincide with the release of their eponymously titled debut album on Friday 26th April through Strap Originals/Cargo Records.
Tickets for all shows go on sale at 9 am on Friday 1st March. Tickets for the European shows are available from: Here  To make sure you bag a ticket for the UK Tour, pre-order the new Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres album from Here and get access to an exclusive pre-sale starting 27th February at 9 am.
The full dates are:
3rd Friday Belfast – Limelight
4th Saturday Dublin – The Academy
5th Sunday Bristol – O2 Academy
7th Tuesday Glasgow – Barrowland Ballroom
8th Wednesday Leeds – Stylus
9th Thursday Manchester – O2 Ritz
11th Saturday Nottingham – Rock City
12th Sunday London – O2 Forum Kentish Town
15th Wednesday Paris (FRANCE) – Bataclan
16th Thursday Antwerp (BELGIUM) – Trix
17th Friday Cologne (GERMANY) – Kantine
19th Sunday Berlin (GERMANY) – Astra Kulturhaus
20th Monday Vienna (AUSTRIA) – WUK
21st Tuesday Munich (GERMANY) – Backstage Werk
23rd Thursday Zurich (SWITZERLAND) – X-Tra
24th Friday Fribourg (SWITZERLAND) – Fri-Son
Pete Doherty & The Puta Madres also play the following Festivals:
31st Sunday Rennes (FRANCE) – Mythos Festival
8th Saturday St Pierre (FRANCE) – Sakifo Musik Festival
19th Friday Amersham, Buckinghamshire – Penn Festival
21st Sunday Amstelveen (NETHERLANDS) – Amsterdamse Bos
A single, mixed by Cenzo Townshend, ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’, is available now when you preorder the album.
“We believe the act of creating public artworks is visual activism, punk
ethics have always been at the very core of it’s soul. We are arming an inactive society with an alternative knowledge, standing up to ongoing vilification by the press and their immoral standards, and to the authorities who encourage the soulless gentrification and social control in our public space, whilst ignoring their duty of care.”
‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ will be available on Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (SOLP1), CD (SOCD1), Cassette (SOCASS1), Deluxe CD (SOCD1X) & Deluxe Vinyl (SOLP1X) (including live album and film)and digital download.
‘Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres’ was recorded at a family home overlooking a fishing village in Étretat Normandy, over 4 days last summer and mixed at Urchin Studios (East London). The album is engineered by Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Thurston Moore, Florence & The Machine)and produced by Jai Stanley (longtime friend and manager). All the songs from the album were road-tested over the last 18 months across Europe at Festivals and headline shows.
Songs include the reflective ‘All At Sea,’ the raw ‘Punk Buck Bonafide,’ the upbeat and playful ‘Shoreleave,’ the joyous hymn of liberation ‘Paradise Is Under Your Nose,’ ‘Someone Else To Be’ Peter’s re-imagining of  the Velvet Underground’s ‘Ride Into The Sun’ and Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger, ‘Traveling Tinker’ an elegy to Peter’s friend Alan Wass and ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’ with dialogue from the 1948 film adaption of Graham Greene ‘Brighton Rock’ and the cheeky poke at his own notoriety…or is it,“Your so Rock & Roll.”
Peter Doherty has released three album with The Libertines (‘Up The Bracket’ (2002), ‘The Libertines’(2004) & ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’(2015) and With Babyshambles ‘Down In Albion’ (2005), ‘Shotter’s Nation’ (2007) & ’Sequel To The Prequel’(2013) and two solo albums ‘Grace/Wastelands’ (2009) and ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’(2017).
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres are Peter Doherty (Vocals/Guitar), Miggles (bass), Miki Beavis (violin), Katia DeVidas (Piano/keyboards), Jack Jones (lead guitar) and Rafa (drums).

Today we’re bringing three videos with a theme the theme is Hunt Sales first in the driving seat with a track taken off his stunning album ‘Get Your Shit Together’.

Second up today is this bad boy from 1977 and yup that drum beat. hit it Hunt.

Finally how about this slab of rock from Tin Machine and again the underrated track is driven by that huge drum beat from you know who.