Everybody loves a compilation album, don’t they?  Even if its a taster that’ll put you on notice to never buy a Ted Nugent record ever after hearing Axe Attack as a kid.

When you hear some band from a far off land pre-internet and then have to go on a ten-year hunt to find that record that was only released in Australia we’ve all been there haven’t we?  Well in 2019 and with all the playlists under the sun I find myself getting quite excited with the release of a couple of compilation albums and The Last Testament is one of those records that has some bands I’m familiar with and some I’m not which has me intrigued and rather like my ten-year-old self quite excited at the prospect of maybe discovering my new favourite band.

I did chuckle to myself when I read the press sheet and it asked the questions are you fed up of wimpy kids with effects pedals?  Uh, Yes!  Do you like hard drugs and cannibalism?  Um, not really but I’m listening. and then do you want to punch a cop in the face? Fuckin’ Hell yeah!  How about six bands two songs each spread out over roughly twenty-five minute?  Not going to tax even the most easily distracted hipster.  If I were to inform you that the six bands were Black Mambas, the Cavemen, The Scaners, The Fadeaways, Les Lullies and Nave Nodriza. Now you’re interested!

Those Black Mambas are ‘Up All Night’ shaking their shit like its the last night on earth and they’re the house band.  Catchy and punchy as fuck Man I love Black Mambas. The Cavemen play fast live faster and get to the end of the tune fastest.  Its garage punk it’s lightning fast and it’s a fuckin’ banger if you know the band you know what to expect its a chaotic one and a half minutes that’s barely hanging on to reality let alone any sanity ‘My Baby Knows’ is a killer! the Scaners start off like a cold vintage car before igniting the jet engine and away we go.

The Fadeaways do slow it down on ‘I’m Useless’ with a groovy slice of garage rock n roll before Les Lullies turn the amps right up and slam out some rapid rock and roll like a cross between Sonny Vincent and Chuck Berry there are some awesome guitar licks in there and one of the best tracks on offer on this collection.  I’ve been blown away by Les Lullies and what I’ve heard so far.  Side one is closed with Nava Nodriza with ‘Destruyete’ that’s like Captin sensible joined Motorhead and just Destroyed it.  That’s side one shut down then now to flip it and see what’s cooking on the dark side.

Well, more of the same from the same bands (no surprise there then) What you do get is another six excellent tunes.  If I were to pick a winner it might go to Black Mambas for their Cramps meets Quo meets Stray Cats amped up rock n roll ‘Baby I’ll Give It To You’ which is just superb.  Dirty Water has released some fantastic records over the years and introduced some awesome bands that have lightened up a special corner of my life and no doubt countless others.  Compilation albums like this can only be a good thing no make that a great thing.  Check it out then check out the individual bands and we’re all winners.  Brilliant – loud – wild rock and roll just how I like it!


RPM was contacted by Razorbats as they had a brand new video and single hitting the streets and asked if we’d like to launch the video.  Of course, when they asked the only questions we had was when can we have it and how can we help you? Our favourite Norweigan band has released ‘The City’ via digital platforms and as a split 7″ with The Sick Things from Canada –  it’ll come out via Gods Candy in North America and the bands Norweigan label Rob Mules Records in Europe. UK fans can expect Glunk Records to carry copies as soon as they become available. As Well as reviewing the single in the 45 rpm round up here’s yesterday we can now exclusively reveal the video…  Fanfare please.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the excellent Razorbats and their brand new video for ‘The City’


From April through June the band will tour in support of the release, with a bunch of club gigs and festivals including the Call of the Wild festival in England with The Wildhearts/The Virginmarys/Hardcore Superstar and Odal Rockfestival with The Dead Boys/Nashville Pussy/Sator.

Razorbats: homepage
Razorbats: Facebook

As it was the old mans Birthday yesterday we thought this special Easter Monday Should be a three from one and not perhaps his most obvious performances either.  Firstly it’s

his guest vocal on ‘Punkrocker’ by Teddybears

Next up is a video for the awesome ‘Five Foot One’ and a video that just doesn’t get made anymore with Iggy looking like a Geography Teacher well for part of the video anyway.

Finally, an excellent song he collaborated on with Peaches.  Take it away the odd couple…


As a lover of all things punk’n’roll I couldn’t wait to listen to the brand new album from Swedish band “Demons”.

“Demons” are built around the songwriting genius of Mathias *Hep Cat Matt* Carlsson guitars/vocals and have been around for over 20 years and have never released anything short of quality music.

New album “Kiss Off” not only carries on with the quality stakes but in my opinion is “Demons” best album and also a contender for the title of album of the year.

The album kicks off with the track “Baphomet Briefs” and the listener is instantly caught with a great guitar riff, driving bass and crashing drums. Mathias’s vocals are spot on and the song is an instant earworm.

To follow up such a great opener is no easy job but “Mojo Rojo” a song the band has been keen to promote prior to this being released to give people a taster of what’s to come will give you the answer and its a positive, of course they can follow it by just writing another great tune. It’s another fast-paced track which hooks the listener in even more to what’s promising to be such a strong album.

“Bad Neighbourhood” has a slightly punkier edge with a great chanting chorus. This was released as a single so should be familiar with many. “Kids are gonna cry” starts off at a slightly slower pace but soon picks up speed and has a killer guitar solo in the middle of what can only be described as anthemic or maybe triumphant as we can all throw our fist in the air behind that chorus.

“Standing in for joy” sounds like a band that loves what it does as does “Hold sway” follows and these two tracks keep the album flowing at such high quality the addition of a swirling organ layered in the background is a great addition.

“Street corner of no return” is a great sing-along track which gets in the listener’s brain upon first listen. From the rumbling bass through the drum roll that drives the song on it has touches of old school punk rock n roll in it’s Slade like verses that lead towards the hook on the chorus -great stuff.

As the album sails gloriously into the second half ‘Hemisexual’ has some neat 12-bar and those gang vocals!  Mean Street Beat’ begins with a really crisp riff and you have to love the keyboards running with the melody into the chorus “Demons” have really hit the jackpot with this one.

“Blackhearted pearl of a girl” is another top-notch chunk of punk’n’roll – A  tune which picks up the pace as the track progresses and builds and builds.

“Keep on doing it wrong ( ‘til you’re getting it right)” closes out this great album on another high. It’s a great foot stomper which gets you humming along and goes out with a clap of thunderous Rock n Roll rather than a whimper or throwing in a slow ballad they go out as they came in.

It’s hard to put into words how great this album really is as it is quality from start to finish, and every tune on here is a sure-fire winner. Even after the first play, there is a feeling that something really cool is happening and you’ve just heard a most excellent record. Make no mistake about that.

Thanks “Demons” for such a great album. I can’t write anymore as I’m off to play this bad boy again and again and again.

Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper


“Demons” Matt interview: Here

Stephen Peter Marriott born 30 January 1947 passed away on 20 April 1991 at his home after a fire thought to have been caused from a discarded cigarette, the fire swept through his 16th Century home in Essex Marriott never survived the tragic accident.

Known for fronting not just one legendary band but two – The Small Faces and later Humble Pie.

Marriott was a born and bred A proper East London boy. Spending his formative years in East Ham Pie and mash, Jellied Eels, and Tate & Lyle ran through his veins this Mod was a walking talking cliche of the finest kind.  As a singer and songwriter Marriott will be remembered for writing some of the brightest songs of the ’60s and the British invasion songs that still resonate today and sound as fresh as the day they were written.  Songs like ‘All Or Nothing’, ‘Tin Soldiers’, ‘Itchycoo Park’ and ‘Lazy Sunday’ are iconic Mod classics In September 2007 Marriott, along with the other members of the Small Faces and manager Don Arden, were honoured with a plaque unveiled in Carnaby Street, on the site of Don Arden’s offices, the spiritual home of the band in the 1960s

His influence can be traced through music as the batton was handed down as the likes of Cock Sparrer, The Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Dogs D’Amour, and Oasis all took something from his songs and used his influence. there isn’t enough space to do someone like Marriott justice and get everything in.  He certainly lived a colourful life with several marriages hit after hit could turn his hand to anything he even had his brushes with New York crime families had it all lost it all and lived life to the full.  Rest In Peace Steve certainly worthy of being called a legend a word often overused and people not worthy Marriott certainly was.


It’s been a while but the 45 RPM fun bag has been opened and a new bunch of records fell out.  As is the case these days not all singles come out pressed on 7″ pieces of plastic some just drop out of the sky via the interweb on streaming services and some in the form of the video single.  Well worry not RPM has a varied bag of singles for you this April some your traditional 45 (hooray) others via video so dig in and check out what has been tickling our fancy at RPM HQ.


Christmas / The Skinny Millionaires – Split 7(LSD)

Buy Split Here

Only 250 copies of this split pressed it sees Christmas, doing their version of GG Allin’s ‘Don’t Talk To Me’. the band claimed to have seen  GG Allin as a big influence to the band, with this being their favourite track so a no brainer to be fair.

‘Negotiations Didn’t Go So Well’ The Skinny Millionaires, Rhode Island residents release their first track in five years. Singer Miky Millionaire might be a familiar face for many people. He plays the guitar in The Turbo A.C.’s as well. The fact these tunes are so different works well. A class split and one we’re delighted to include at the top of our roundup and cool that after Christmas and turbo AC’s have split a 7″ before its a cool introduction to the Skinny Millionaires. Two top tunes

Razorbats / the Sick Things (Gods Candy Records and Rob Mules Records). ‘The City’ is the lead track from this most excellent split single featuring two really exciting bands currently writing really strong material one from Norway and the other Canada but both singing off the same rock and roll hymn sheet. With a thumping Bassline and some 80’s inspired riff-a-rama Razorbats are on fire.  With a settled line up the band release these two songs before tipping up at a couple of great festivals you can expect a great hook and catchy chorus which is the staple of Razorbats work.  It sounds like you’ve been listening to these songs for years but you haven’t of course.  However, I love the riff of ‘Summer OF Head’ it’s got a bunch of Stiv Bator meets cheap trick and who doesn’t love those teenage lyrics complete with gang vocals.  A big winner in my book and a real feelgood song.  Buy it and let some sunshine into your life because Razorbats are like a big ball of blazing sunshine and songs this good make me feel all warm and happy. Go to the band’s Facebook page to find out how you can get your hands on a copy before their live shows so you can sing along. Facebook

D-A-D ‘Burning Star’ (AFM Records) Next up is a new song released from Denmarks favorite hard-rockin’ sons D-A-D.  It’s their first new music in eight years and a spikey angry tune it is too as you can hear from the youtube clip. Facebook


The Briefs – I Hate The World (Damaged Goods Records) A new album and new single released the same day makes for one hell of a good day in my house and picking up this one was a no brainer.  So the A side is the second single from the brand new album ‘Platinum Rats’ its a short sharp slab of Briefs punk rock.  It’s catchy with a great hook and gang vocals a chorus a child could remember what’s not to like?  The louder the better as well. the B Side features another new song ‘Lonely Satellite’ which makes you wonder how the hell this slipped off the album and onto a B Side which is another reason to pick this up.  ITs a must have single – it’s The Briefs for Gawd’s sake! Facebook


Iggy Pop – The Villagers (Caroline International) A really curious RSd single this one.  Taken from ‘Zombie Birdhouse’ this Chris Stein produced pair of songs is pressed on a green vinyl sees a previously unreleased version of ‘Pain And Suffering on the B Side which made it a must-have for RSD for us Iggy Completists.  The B side also features Steins Fellow Blondie bandmember Debbie Harry on backing vocals which incidentally isn’t the first time they’ve sung together on record.  they dueted on ‘Did You Evah!’.  If you can pick up a copy of this for its original price then do so it’s from an underrated album as well.  and for no other reason than its Iggy fuckin’ Pop. Pain & Suffering did, however, get released on the two-disc 2003 CD of ‘Zombie Birdhouse’ a little fact for all you fact geeks there.




Press Club – Get Better (Hassle Records) Australian rockers Press Club unleash new track before heading to this side of the globe to entertain Europe and the UK with their Guitar based alternative post-punk songs.  Having released their debut album in January this is a new track written and recorded by the band in their own studio in Melbourne.  Natalie Foster has a great voice full of passion and paints great images with her delivery and energy.   Facebook 


Ming City Rockers – Lolli Popper (Mad Monkey Records) Whatever happened to Ming City Rockers you might well ask yourselves they seemed to have the world on a string then they went to the US of A to record with Steve Albini and then it seemed to go a bit tits up and they sort of went away for a while.  Changed bass player then changed again and then we arrived here.  An Instagram campaign of weird messages than a single then some canceled shows then this a RSD single called ‘Lolli Popper’.  I missed ’em, I thought ‘Lemon’ was good and this is a lot rawer with a guitar sound that’s like sandpaper on the speakers its the first glimpse into the new album that should be along any time soon (i Hope)



Where We Sleep – Experiments In The Dark (Self Release) Five track EP From the ashes of London’s beloved indie rock outfit BLINDNESS comes WHERE WE SLEEP. Vocalist-guitarist BETH RETTIG is at the helm with a rotating cast of guest musicians. The debut EP ‘Experiments in the Dark’ does feature a guest appearance by DEBBIE SMITH (Curve, Echobelly, SPC ECO and Snowpony with My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe and Moonshake’s Katharine Gifford). BEN PRITCHARD (The Fall, Manc Floyd) also contributes, as does AXEL RAY (United Ghosts, The Black Windmill, Cadet A), the latter spinning gorgeous lead guitar on the first single ‘The Desert’. Sure there are elements of Garbage in the smooth production and arrangments as well as a shade of Polly Harvey in the vocal delivery but its engaging and enjoyable as the video for the lead track the Desert will testify. It’s dark atmospheric and engaging – Check it out Facebook

Plague Vendor – All Of The Above (Epitaph Records) The second taste from their upcoming new album ‘By Night’. The brooding track is an internal monologue that’s disintegrating over a sci-fi punk drumbeat or something like that. Bla Bla Bla goes the press blurb but I’d rather just listen and make my own mind up.

It can’t always be crash band wallop, can it? No, which is why we like to venture out into the big wide world of alternative music and see what’s happening.  The new record is out early June and this is the second taster from it.  It might not be as instant as ‘New Comedown’ but it’s got some 80’s Bowie going on and that’s never a bad thing. Plague Vendor might just have one of the best names in music at the moment and by the look and sound of it they have one hell of an album up their sleeve as well. Facebook

We Are Interview – ‘Chicago’ (Self Release) Swiss rockers release a new single on digital platforms.  The band plays impressive garage rock with inspiration from the likes of QOTSA and Foo Fighters as well with its wall of guitars ‘Chicago’ follows on from the impressive ‘Thunder Cry’. The track was released on an EP entitled ‘Monster Monster’ which features five tracks all entitled after cities around the world that came out last year. The track has a bit of Sabbath happening in the riff and the ebb and flow is excellent and for only a few Swiss francs whats to lose?  check em out here 




To shut up this shop of 45’s we have to draw the line somewhere so it might as well be with an absolute banger in the shape of Cheap Gunslingers and their ‘Good Times’…

Cheap Gunslinger – ‘Good Times’ (Rum Bar Records) ITs a fantastic slice of new wave rock and roll with loud guitars a fantastic melody not too dissimilar from The Boys with backing vocals like the good old days of 45’s when bands wrote songs to get in the charts and made em catchy and with some swing and a lot of punch.  Cheap Gunslingers have all of that and more and if the rest of their album is half as good as this then bring it on it’s going to be amazing but then its no surprise as Rum Bar can’t put a foot wrong and have their finger on the pulse of good time rock and roll! ooh, and did I mention this one is for free! so you have nothing to lose go fill yer boots at the link –Rum Bar: Free Track


So until next time keep spinning those 45’s – watching the videos – downloading the tunes and keep supporting the bands who make the music otherwise there won’t be any music. 


Another day another Fuzztones long deleted on record gets a rebirth and once again Easy Action does the biz.  You’ve not been able to get your grubby mitts on this bad boy for over a decade but nows your chance and with the added bonus of a 7″ single featuring Alice Cooper track ‘Don’t Blow Your Mind’  and on the flip side Black Oak Arkansas ‘Lord Have Mercy On My Soul’ that are recorded at the Batcave in LA.and all on a cool as you like purple record.

‘Salt For Zombies’ also features guest slots from The Seeds Sky Saxon and James Lowe of the Electric Prunes. Man, it’s fantastic to hear this record loud on vinyl.  As always Easy action does a fantastic job in bringing alive otherwise unobtainable records.  How can you not love ‘Johnson In A Headlock’ with that snappy snare and that fender Contempo keyboard with all its B Movie magic?  The energy is incredible as is the arrangement from Rudi Protrudi.  A much-underrated songwriter no question about it.

As far as garage rock and roll with that iconic Vox Phantom Those bones necklaces The Fuzztones can’t be beaten Also I feel that the songs penned by Petrudi are the pick of the bunch here and that’s not to say any of the songs not written internally are bad because that’s not really possible as The Fuzztones always take ownership and Fuzztone up any song man they could sing anything and make it sound great. Your chance to indulge in the masters of Garage Rock is here and this is how it was meant to sound.  Don’t deny your hips a little wiggle as Lowe brings his magic on ‘Hallucination Generation’ one of the few penned by Petrudi  (I’m baffled why he doesn’t write more) its a touch of class and a quality that’s undeniable if the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us I’ve got my copy to repel any undead intruders and I’m stocked up on salt.  What are you going to do?  Arm yourself with this Re-Issue of a classic Fuzztones album often imitated never bettered.

Buy ‘Salt For Zombies’ Here

Easy Action Records

I know some people will be grumbling about this version of the Dogs D’amour celebrating the 30 year anniversary of ‘A Graveyard of Empty Bottles.’ While I absolutely love the original, I actually tend to listen to the last version that was released seven years ago (how has it been that long?) which included 5 bonus songs more often. Now, we have the first double a-sided single from this current version of the Dogs whose musical chemistry is as hot as hellfire.

‘Comfort of the Devil’ has always been one of my favorites by the Dogs, and this version simply smokes from start to finish. It hits a groove with Tyla singing in prime form with solid guitar work here by Gary and Tyla. Tip of the hat to the band for the great slide guitar work as well. This is exquisitely produced with Matty’s bass and Simon’s beat being right on the money and expertly placed in the mix. This one sounds more like the version on the most recent version of the album than the original to my ears.


‘Errol Flynn’ is another Dogs’ classic that demands audience participation. Where the original version was acoustic, this one adds more electric power to the song, which makes me wonder if the upcoming version of ‘Graveyard’ will be this hard hitting across the board. This should have been a single 30 years ago so it is nice to see it getting that recognition now, even if it is something of a forgotten concept these days.


These two songs have me craving to hear the whole album as it appears the guys have followed up the brilliant ‘In Vino Veritas’ album with an energetic electrified classic version of an already classic album. Do you need a new version? Based on this, you most definitely do. Fall in love with these songs all over again. I suggest you get over to the Tavern and start placing your order.


‘Devils Flynn’ is available for preorder in multiple formats  http://www.tylasarttavern.com/




Author: Gerald Stansbury

In VIno Review

Tyla Interview Here

Do you want Rock n Roll? Well, How about an amazing performance from Lou Reed from way back in ’78 recorded on the West Coast in San Fran and Ohio this is arguably the guy in his pomp tearing it up with an incredible band behind him it contains a set of some of his finest songs no question about that.

‘Gimme Some Good Times’ sounds huge with all the swagger of New Yawk City fizzing through the airwaves. With being way too young to even remember seeing any band in 78 let alone how it must have felt like seeing something like this from the saxophone and that carefree swing on the drum kit to Reed in his prime its a real pleasure to see Easy Action taking such good care of our musical history.  It’s an immaculate recording and really capture the raw beauty that is songs as amazing as ‘Satellite Of Love’ never mind your Bono’s tucking up Reed’s legacy get an earful of this.  Spread out over two records with either two or three tracks per side has really let the sound come flooding out on these pressings. Hell, You can close your eyes and get transported back in time. Reed could rock it up with the best of them as he demonstrates on ‘Leave Me Alone’ as the band kick seven shades out of the backbeat whilst the guitar (Stuart Heinrich) and saxophone courtesy of Marty Fogel duke it out – out front. Man, this band had groove and feeling.  The ‘Street Hassle’ tour in support of that fine fine album is the order of the day and it’s hard not to love what was the guy on top of his game.  It might get a little jazzy at times as the players take a turn in jamming out from the piano to sax to guitar but boring it certainly isn’t.

You also get the most incredible groove from this band hell I can understand Reed wanting to introduce them they’re so good they embrace the songs and own them whilst breathing unbelievable amounts of energy in them and with all that style they still maintain a grittiness and back street punch up if you want it attitude.  Take ‘I Want To Be Black’ as a shining example.  Amazing musicianship but attitude and toughness. Glossy and shiny it isn’t (thank god)

‘Walk On The Wildside’ is funked up and the title track of the tour ends the recording taken from Ohio there is a drop in audio quality for the Frisco show but the change in sound doesn’t detract from the performance that Reed and his band makes. To be fair side four does offer up ‘Coney Island Baby’, ‘Sweet Jane’ and album closer ‘rock and Roll’ which isn’t to be sniffed at by any means.  Imagine being responsible for writing those three?!  It’s commendable the love and attention Easy Action pour into their reissues and this is no exception with some great sleeve notes from Dick Porter perfectly summing up where Reed was at.  78 was the pinnacle of punk rock and Reed just did his own thing as he had always done and this collection shows he was right to continue to lead and never follow.  Excellent live double album and one I’d safely recommend to anyone with even the slightest bit of taste and rock and roll in their soul. Love hasn’t gone away at all – buy it!


Author: Dom Daley


Buy Waltzing Matilda Here

‘Nature/Nurture’, album number four from Australian punk rockers Clowns, not only sees the band further shape their unique twist on a well-worn genre but also get a (clown-sized?) shoe in the door of the mainstream by signing with Fat Wreck for distribution outside of Australia/New Zealand.

Not being what you might call “your typical Fat Wreck type of band”, I had feared that signing for such a well-known label might have meant that Clowns would be required to come up with more commercial tracks to suit their new paymasters, however it takes just a few bars of the explosive opener ‘Bland Is The New Black’ to put my mind at rest that this is certainly not the case. This is the sound of one angry bunch of muthafuckers as Stevie Williams spits out the lyrics with just as much venom and intensity, as he did on the band’s corrosive ‘I’m Not Right’ debut.

In the six years that have passed since that amazing debut album first impressed the hell out of most of us back over at our old Uber Rock haunt, Clowns have certainly broadened their palette of sound and in many ways ‘Freezing In The Sun’ (the lead single from the album which I first saw live back at last year’s Rebellion Festival) is the benchmark by which they are likely to be measured on subsequent releases. Largely because this track is the perfect example of how to play heart and soul punk rock music whilst adding your own identity into the mix.

I’ll admit there’s a moment during the intro to ‘I Feel Again’ where I fear that the five-piece may have taken the “light” (in their light and shade sound) a little too far and during the aural onslaught that is ‘May I Be Exhumed?’ they perhaps go a little too dark, but you know what, in the context of the album it all fits together perfectly, and that ladies and gentlemen is what makes ‘Nature/Nurture’ such a thrilling listen.

Influences fly at you thick and fast just like the eleven tracks that make up the album’s 35 minutes running time and you’d be pretty ambivalent to what constitutes great music if you didn’t get reminded of bands like The Bronx, Fucked Up, The Explosion or (yes I admit it) Jane’s Addiction along the way. The thing is Clowns don’t merely imitate these great bands they innovate and that is what makes them oh so special, whilst only adding to the ‘Nature/Nurture’ debate you could have about the band themselves.

Whether it’s the brutal Clowns of old that you are looking for (in which case check out ‘1:19’, ‘Soul For Sale’ or ‘Prick’) or the more “polished” Clowns of 2019 (which is perhaps best exemplified by album closer ‘Nurture’ which even contains a hint of The Verve about it) this a record designed to make you stop in your tracks and think.  This is music for people who want to change the world, and if one listen to ‘Nature/Nurture’ doesn’t immediately make you appreciate these guys are the real future of rock music in 2019 then you might as well just go buy a fucking Greta Van Hire (or whatever the fuck they are called) album instead.

‘Nature/Nurture’ is quite simply essential listening.


Buy Nature Nurture Here


Author: Johnny Hayward