As a lover of all things punk’n’roll I couldn’t wait to listen to the brand new album from Swedish band “Demons”.

“Demons” are built around the songwriting genius of Mathias *Hep Cat Matt* Carlsson guitars/vocals and have been around for over 20 years and have never released anything short of quality music.

New album “Kiss Off” not only carries on with the quality stakes but in my opinion is “Demons” best album and also a contender for the title of album of the year.

The album kicks off with the track “Baphomet Briefs” and the listener is instantly caught with a great guitar riff, driving bass and crashing drums. Mathias’s vocals are spot on and the song is an instant earworm.

To follow up such a great opener is no easy job but “Mojo Rojo” a song the band has been keen to promote prior to this being released to give people a taster of what’s to come will give you the answer and its a positive, of course they can follow it by just writing another great tune. It’s another fast-paced track which hooks the listener in even more to what’s promising to be such a strong album.

“Bad Neighbourhood” has a slightly punkier edge with a great chanting chorus. This was released as a single so should be familiar with many. “Kids are gonna cry” starts off at a slightly slower pace but soon picks up speed and has a killer guitar solo in the middle of what can only be described as anthemic or maybe triumphant as we can all throw our fist in the air behind that chorus.

“Standing in for joy” sounds like a band that loves what it does as does “Hold sway” follows and these two tracks keep the album flowing at such high quality the addition of a swirling organ layered in the background is a great addition.

“Street corner of no return” is a great sing-along track which gets in the listener’s brain upon first listen. From the rumbling bass through the drum roll that drives the song on it has touches of old school punk rock n roll in it’s Slade like verses that lead towards the hook on the chorus -great stuff.

As the album sails gloriously into the second half ‘Hemisexual’ has some neat 12-bar and those gang vocals!  Mean Street Beat’ begins with a really crisp riff and you have to love the keyboards running with the melody into the chorus “Demons” have really hit the jackpot with this one.

“Blackhearted pearl of a girl” is another top-notch chunk of punk’n’roll – A  tune which picks up the pace as the track progresses and builds and builds.

“Keep on doing it wrong ( ‘til you’re getting it right)” closes out this great album on another high. It’s a great foot stomper which gets you humming along and goes out with a clap of thunderous Rock n Roll rather than a whimper or throwing in a slow ballad they go out as they came in.

It’s hard to put into words how great this album really is as it is quality from start to finish, and every tune on here is a sure-fire winner. Even after the first play, there is a feeling that something really cool is happening and you’ve just heard a most excellent record. Make no mistake about that.

Thanks “Demons” for such a great album. I can’t write anymore as I’m off to play this bad boy again and again and again.

Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper


“Demons” Matt interview: Here