Airbourne will release their fifth studio album Boneshaker on October 25th via Spinefarm Records. The band revealed the cover artwork for BONESHAKER, which was a collaboration between Matt Read of Combustion Ltd, and Sean Tidy of Design House Studio Ltd.

On the topic of the artwork, guitarist Matthew Harrison states: “The whole sentiment we were after was about rock n’ roll for life. We wanted to create something tattoo worthy, and that the artwork was classic and stood the test of time.”

With the creation of Boneshaker, all-action Aussie rockers Airbourne decided to take the bolder path; to align with Nashville’s Number One producer, Dave Cobb, whose credits include both Chris Stapleton and the ‘Star Is Born’ soundtrack, as a way of staking out new turf away from comfort zones and safe havens…

“It’s a live gig in the studio. This is always something we wanted to do – find a way to bring the soul and power of an Airbourne live show into an album. Cobb caught our lightning and put it in a bottle.” states bandleader Joel O’Keeffe.

Relocating to historic Studio A on Nashville’s Music Row, six-time Grammy Award-winning producer Cobb’s natural home and one of Music City’s most prized creative hubs, the four musicians set themselves a challenge: to make a record cut from the same frayed cloth as those classic late-’70s recordings from Australia’s legendary Albert’s house of ‘Oz Rock’ that inspired the band so much.

There are no weird tangents here, no un-called for asides, no messin’ about. This is straight-down-the-line pure rock ‘n’ roll drama smelling of burnt rubber, spilt gasoline and valves glowing red hot. No ballads, no acoustic guitars, no keyboards. 10 tracks, 30 minutes of music. Everything lean an’ lethal, stripped to the bone, to those essential elements that rock ‘n’ roll requires to properly do its work: raging guitars, pounding bass ‘n’ bass, vocals packed full of real personality – the kind of passion that only comes from willfully pursuing a life on the line.

Pre-orders for Airbourne’s fifth studio album Boneshaker are now live, with an instant download of the first single & album title-track and special bundle options including t-shirts, hoodies, enamel badge and poster. Boneshaker was premiered live at Wacken 2019 in front of 80k+ people, their fourth time at the legendary festival, which felt like a homecoming for the band. Order your copy HERE.


As always, you can find Airbourne on the road. They will be crisscrossing the planet, in true Airbourne fashion until 2022.

“We are pumped about playing these new songs live, it’s always cool to do that first tour on the album cycle, especially that first run of shows. The first time you hear people singing the words back at you to a new song, it makes us really appreciate how much our Airbourne family around the world supports us. “ states drummer, Ryan O’Keeffe. “2020 is already shaping up to be a jam packed year.”

Airbourne Live Dates 2019:

23.08 – Reload Festival – DE

24.08 – Le Cabaret Vert – FR

24.09 – Ucho – Gdynia PL

25.09 – Proxima – Warsaw PL

26.09 – Kwadrat – Kraków PL

28.09 – Club Zal – St Petersburg RU

29.09 – Station Hall – Moscow RU

02.10 – Roxy – Prague CZ [SOLD OUT]

04.10 – Amager Bio – Copenhagen DK [SOLD OUT]

05.10 – Münchenbryggeriet – Stockholm SE

07.10 – Pakkahuone – Tampere FI

08.10 – Circus – Helsinki FI

10.10 – Rockefeller – Oslo NO

11.10 – Trädgår’n – Gothenburg SE [SOLD OUT]

12.10 – Voxhall – Aarhus DK [SOLD OUT]

15.10 – Melkweg – Amsterdam NL

16.10 – Trix – Antwerp BE

17.10 – La Laiterie – Strasbourg FR [SOLD OUT]

19.10 – La Cigale – Paris FR [SOLD OUT]

20.10 – La Cigale – Paris FR [SOLD OUT]

22.10 – Santana 27 – Bilbao ES

24.10 – Paris 15 – Málaga ES

25.10 – La Riviera – Madrid ES

26.10 – Razzmatazz – Barcelona ES

28.10 – La Paloma – Nimes FR [SOLD OUT]

29.10 – Alcatraz – Milan IT

31.10 – Komplex – Zurich CH

01.11 – Haus Auensee – Leipzig DE

02.11 – Orpheum – Graz AT

03.11 – Tonhalle – Munich DE [SOLD OUT]

05.11 – Barba Negra – Budapest HU

06.11 – Arena – Vienna AT

07.11 – Columbiahalle – Berlin DE

09.11 – Schlachthof – Wiesbaden DE [SOLD OUT]

10.11 – E-Werk – Cologne DE [SOLD OUT]

13.11 – UEA – Norwich UK

14.11 – Rock City – Nottingham UK

16.11 – Academy – Manchester UK

17.11 – O2 Academy – Newcastle UK

18.11 – Beach Ballroom – Aberdeen UK

20.11 – Ironworks – Inverness UK

21.11 – Barrowlands – Glasgow UK

22.11 – O2 Academy – Liverpool UK

24.11 – Cardiff University – Cardiff UK

25.11 – O2 Academy – Bristol UK

26.11 – O2 Forum – London UK

28.11 – O2 Academy – Sheffield UK

29.11 – O2 Guildhall – Southampton UK

30.11 – O2 Academy – Oxford UK


04.01 – Summernats – Canberra AU

08.02 – RAC Arena – Perth AU*

11.02 – AEC Theatre – Adelaide AU*

14.02 – Rod Laver Arena – Melbourne AU*

15.02 – Qudos Bank Arena – Sydney AU*

18.02 – Entertainment Centre – Brisbane AU*

20.02 – The Trusts Arena – Auckland NZ*

22.02 – Horncastle Arena – Christchurch NZ*

* Denotes Special Guest on Alice Cooper dates

For 2020 and beyond – watch this space…

Tell us how you guys got together what’s the common musical ground?

Craggy: I was out here in Brno playing a few acoustic shows and was introduced to Veronika by a mutual friend of ours – an interesting writer called Jan Sestak, who recently wrote a book with Tony Prince about Rock ‘n’ Roll in both Britain and Czechoslavkia during the Soviet Era. About a year after we met I’d grown quickly bored with the acoustic and took a punt by asking Veronika if she’d join me in making some noise. She’d been to a few shows and I thought, why not? Turned out it was the best thing I could’ve done.

Veronika: I studied in Brno and I was going around to different shows and gigs. In a pub, where we used to go with my classmates to see the great rock’n’roll DJ shows Jan Sestak, there was an acoustic show of an Englishman called Craggy Collyde. I went to see it and loved it! I truly admired Craggy’s music, I loved the songs… then when he wrote to me after four years to play drums with him, I almost fainted, haha.


Is there going to be a bass player or second guitarist added?

Veronika: One day, maybe…? We don’t say no to a new band member.

Craggy: Well, a bassist is likely, if they can get down with the balance we have – we’ve got a great relationship here. A second guitarist? One is too many, and that’s just me!

Tell us about the single ‘Sorry Now’ and how you put it together?

Craggy: In some ways it’s one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written. Certainly the lyrics, before a little tweaking. I have two good friends who were separately going through complicated times, and although they are nearly 20 years apart, they were both looking at the past. Nostalgia does strange things to one’s perception. I guess both songs on the single (the b-side ‘Go Ahead and Break Me’) are about nostalgia from various points of view.

Veronika: Yeah, the song Sorry Now went quite smooth, it asked for the drums I play there, it was ready in a few rehearsals… the same for Go Ahead and Break Me, that was great fun to play – and still it is! We chose these two songs for the single to best represent the music we do at the moment.


You also got a local artist in for the striking artwork on the sleeve. How did that come about?

Veronika: It’s Craggy’s credit…

Craggy: Yeah, the art is done by a friend of mine, Amy Chapman. She’s an incredible artist, so I was pleased when she agreed to provide us something for record.


You’ve recently injured yourself. What have you done?

Craggy: Veronika pushed me down the stairs because I got the opening chords of ‘Sorry Now’ wrong. Broke my wrist. We had to cancel all our gigs and she’s the one who’s sorry now – she hasn’t eaten for three weeks…

Veronika: Obviously that’s not true.

What about playing live, how is that going to work?

Veronika: I enjoy playing live even though I am quite a shy person. As Lydia Lunch said – performing is where the magic happens.

Craggy: Well playing live isn’t working right now! My wrist should be repaired enough to play our next show on 24th August in Kosice in Slovakia. We’re two-piece, but as one friend told me – our two-piece sounds bigger than most four-piece bands.

You’re living in Brno, and Veronika in Bratislava. What’s the scene for rock and roll like there?

Craggy: It’s better for having us in it! There are a few good bands here in Brno such as our friends Supertesla. Brno is a place full of great musicians and we’ve got some excellent venues such as Kabinet Muz. The scene is developing. Veronika is at the centre of all things Bratislava…

Veronika: We have some great venues in Bratislava that bring punk legends and also local bands often like the Randal club. It seems to me the scene is quite big here for hardcore or metal fans, but also punk and rock’n’roll scene is quite decent. Some new great rock’n’roll bands are being put together recently, as Parketový lev or BOX.


Is there a decent rock and roll community there if not where do you get your fix?

Veronika: As said, usually it’s Randal or eventually one has to travel to Vienna, Prague, Brno or further away to see some artists that don’t perform in Slovakia. There are local venues in other cities in Slovakia, for example Mariatchi club in Nitra, Klub 77 or Bosorka in Banská Bystrica and I can’t wait to explore them more with Craggy Collyde!


What next with regards to recording? You recently uploaded pics of working with some other musicians what was that project for?

Craggy: Yeah we’ve been recording in an incredible studio in Brno – at Divadlo na Orli. It’s actually just one song we did for a group of producers who are studying at university here. I have no idea when it will be available. We’re planning a new EP though – the songs are chosen and near ready. Just have to get my hand out of this cast.

Veronika: Yeah, our next step is to focus on recording – we have a couple of songs ready and can’t wait to put it out!

Do you write alone? What about collaborating with other players?

Veronika: Craggy writes the songs…

Craggy: Well I tend to write most of a song and then we finish it together. I’m not a perfectionist. I’m too impatient. So I rely on Veronika to sort it out.


Any chance of an album? What about live dates back in the UK?

Craggy: Yes, definitely an album. We have some possible support for it too. We have something to iron out and we’ll look at next year. As for the UK, if we can find someone to help us out back there and someone to tour with then sure. Otherwise we might just pop over for one or two shows. Don’t know when yet.

Veronika: That would be absoluty awesome to play some gigs in UK.

Anything you’d like to add?

Craggy: Buy our record and give us a hot meal.


You can pick up a copy of the single Here

or email if you’re in the UK


The third album from these Yorkshire punks sees them dish up a really strong starting Eleven. From the front to the back they never offer anything other than their best and the sound is as you’d expect from a Cyanide Pill its got plenty of sharp edges great lyrics and loads of punchy tunes.  its got pace and an eye for goal as every tune has a bloody cracking hook and as the songs bounce into one another its got stamina and a hell of a lot of go.

Take ‘Hallelujah‘ its a full-on assault with a chaotic pace and hypnotic riff it’s thundering towards the chorus as it offers up praise to the punk rock Gods and gets rewarded – Amen to that!

‘E.V.I.L’ is garage rock n roll like the Hellacopters used to dish up on supershitty.  It’s dirty and has a killer riff that rolls along with the drums.  the track is a rush and great to hear a band tackle this dirty punk n roll with such enthusiasm. There’s a smart amount of 70’s glam pop pressed into the mix like ‘I Think I’m Ready Now’ its got some early Hives cockiness in its makeup and I love the bass throb on the breakdown.

Sy, Amir, Jock and Deany have got it nailed down and rip through song after song with verve and enthusiasm that only comes from a band doing this for real and 100% playing like their lives depend on it. ‘Trouble’ is punchy like a stomper from Slade but rather than being Glam it’s punk rock in attitude. A hint of on a rope in the riff which is never going to be disliked at RPM HQ.

There’s a lot of music to get through and you might need a banana or some water by the time you reach ‘Afraid Of You’ with its driving bassline and new wave vocal on the verse.  It only leaves ‘Tried And Tested’ to wrap this one up and again the X-Ray Eyes have delivered a sharp and thoroughly entertaining album full of quality tunes. ‘Destiny Is Depressed’ is well worth some coin from your pocket dear me you can have a CD for less than the price of two pints of bitter (unless you’re reading this in London) don’t be a dummy and check em out they’re good no make that very good!

Buy The X-Ray Eyes Here


Author: Dom Daley

Forged in steel in the dark woods of rural Sweden, Screamer flies their banner high! With their feet firmly planted in the deep traditions of Heavy Metal, Screamer never lose sight of what’s really important; good tunes, good brew and good times! ‘Cause with Screamer every night is Friday night and every Friday night deserves to be a party!


SCREAMER TO RELEASE HIGHWAY OF HEROES ALBUM. Screamer never strays far from the proven sound of roaring guitars and pounding drums that works equally well in the war pit in front of stage as when blasting through your stereo. In Screamers music you can hear the classic foundations laid down by the hard rocking heroes of old. With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of ‘Maiden or ‘Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, Screamer has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time. The new album is set to be released the 11th of October on The Sign Records.

Pre Order Here
Highway of Heroes is the fourth studio album from the Swedish heavy metal band. Produced by Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet. Recorded by Ulf Blomberg in The End Studio. Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio. Mastered by Patrik W. Engel in Temple Of Disharmony. The album holds nine tracks plus a CD/Vinyl exclusive intro. Screamer is set to tour Europe in November following the release of the Highway of Heroes album.

01.11.19 DE – Hamburg, Bambi Galore
02.11.19 NL – Nijverdal, Cult Art Club
03.11.19 DE – Kassel, Goldgrube
05.11.19 DE – Leipzig, Mørtelwerk
06.11.19 CZ – Prague, Club007
07.11.19 AT – Wien, Escape
08.11.19 AT – Linz, Kapu
09.11.19 AT – Dornbirn, Schlachthaus
10.11.19 DE – Göppingen, Zille
11.11.19 BE – Bree, Ragnarock
12.11.19 DE – Saarbrücken, Studio 30
14.11.19 DE – Münster, Rare Guitar
15.11.19 DE – Mannheim, MS Connection
16.11.19 DE – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt

23.11.19 SE – Gislaved, Crash Course Club
29.11.19 SE – Göteborg, The Abyss
30.11.19 SE – Örebro, Watt
more live dates to be announced…

Orders are available here: 
Sweden Orders Here
Germany: TBA
USA Here
UK: Here
more pre-order alternatives available soon…

Screamer on : Facebook


“No one knows what lies Beyond the Door… but we’re all in front of it.”

So reads the PR blurb that accompanies the all-new eleven-track studio record from South Californian powerpop punk legends Redd Kross, their first new set of songs since 2012’s amazing ‘Researching The Blues’ album, and you know in many ways that opening statement pretty much summed up how I first approached ‘Beyond The Door’, largely because I really did not know what to expect from the band this time around.

With band mainstays Jeff and Steven McDonald promising their most collaborate record since their ‘Born Innocent’ debt from way back in 1981, would the inclusion of Anna Waronker (That Dog), the returning Geré Fennelly, Buzz Osborne (Melvins), and Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) really mess with the powerpop magic formula I have come to know and love the band forever since first discovering them via their genre-defining ‘Third Eye’ album released back in 1990?

Cautiously dipping into ‘Beyond The Door’ the most immediate thing that strikes me is that it is a very “UP” sounding album, in fact  the gangs total commitment to having the best fucking time they can have while they’re all still here is obvious during the stunning opening 1-2 of ‘The Party’ and ‘Fighting’, both tracks sounding like the natural progression to the sixties psych-pop perfection of ‘Researching The Blues’. Guitarist Jason Shapiro and drummer Dale Crover (Melvins, OFF!) are long-time members of the Redd Kross live band, and here they kick off their recording debut with the band in very fine fashion indeed, with both of the opening four to the floor rockers being what I would consider soon to be live favourites.

That live energy continues into the KISS meets Glitter Band swagger of ‘Beyond The Door’ whilst ‘There’s No One Like You’ could very easily be something the McDonald brothers recorded during their post-grunge ‘Show World’ days. ‘Ice Cream (Strange And Pleasing)’ meanwhile is the kind of sugar-sweet bubblegum pop that the band excelled at during their ‘Third Eye’ days as is the uptempo glam slammer ‘Fantastico Roberto’. Phew!! That’s one hell of a set of tunes right there. Tunes which whilst maybe not quite as refined as the ‘Researching The Blues’ album they do possess a vibrancy and unpredictability that record did miss at times.

‘The Party Underground’ is a classic example of this as it sounds like Bob Mould has just popped into the studio and cracked off a tune whilst the closing cover of Sparks’ electro-dance anthem ‘When Do I Get To Sing “My Way”’ really is a truly inspired choice, turning out to a perfect fit for the Redd Kross sound.

So, with that in mind what is the Redd Kross sound here in 2019? Well, it’s probably best summed up the trio of songs that remain for me to mention on ‘Beyond The Door’. ‘What’s A Boy To Do’ is yet another lesson in how to write bubblegum pop perfection whilst ‘Punk II’ thunders along like the Hamburg Beatles speeding their tits off before Lennon and McCartney then get whisked off to Seattle around the turn of the nineties for ‘Jone Hoople’ and all hell is duly let loose.

Look you can stand outside that door forever wondering “what if” but the real magic always lies beyond it.  Redd Kross are most certainly back with a bang with ‘Beyond The Door’ and with US dates already planned with the Melvins we here in the UK can but hope that they will finally return to these shores sometime soon.


Buy Beyond The Door Here

Author: Johnny Hayward



Andy McCoy has set a date for the release of his brand new solo album and sets the time and place for the launch show –  Facebook. The Album titled ’21st Century Rocks’ is coming out on Ainoa Productions and can be pre ordered Here

New Andy McCoy single ‘Seven Seas’ was released on August 15th, 2019 (digital) and full album (CD and digital) September 25th, 2019. Vinyl release later in November. The Tracklist is ’21st Century Rocks’, ‘Undertow’, ‘Seven Seas’, ‘Batteram’, ‘Maria Maria’, ‘Bible And A Gun’, ‘The Hunger’, ‘Give A Minute Steal A Year’, ‘Love It Loud’ and ‘This Is Rock And Roll’.

Hot Breath delivers a six track K.O that is set for release the 18th of October on The Sign Records. Blending immortalized classic rock with pure attitude, add a bit of just all those influences that you like and you get Hot Breath’s self-titled debut.

Guitar solos, side by side with Jennifer Israelssons (previously seen fronting Honeymoon Disease) cocky vocals and a brilliant rhythm section in Jimi Karlsson (ex Honeymoon Disease) and Anton Frick Kallmin (Hypnos). Its no doubt that Hot Breath is a guitar-based rock band, but Karl Edfeldt (Grand) and Jennifer’s guitar works are mostly a tease, that makes you want more. Hot Breath provides the soundtrack to the last drink sip that never ends. 

Recorded and mixed by Jamie Elton (ex Amulet) in Stockholm during the summer of 2019. Axel Söderberg (Horisont) have helped out on keys on the recording. Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofon Studion. Artwork by Jimi Karlsson. Cover photo by Marcus Eriksson. The release will be available on CD in Digipack, 180g Vinyl and Digital formats. Hot Breath is touring and kicks of their first Swedish tour joining a four date The Sign Fest making four stops in Sweden.


Pre-Order Physical Album
Pre-Save Album on Spotify/Apple
Hot Breath at Bandcamp

26th September – Gothenburg (With The Obsessed)
18 October – The Sign Fest Linköping (Festival/Tour)
19 October – The Sign Fest Stockholm (Festival/Tour)
25/26 Oktober – Skövde In Rock (Festival)
8 November – The Sign Fest Gothenburg (Festival/Tour)
9 November – The Sign Fest Malmö (Festival/Tour)
more live dates to be announced….


Hot Breath on Facebook:

The Sign Records on Facebook:

I’ve loved the singles from TV Crimes and waited patiently for a full album from the East Midlands noisemakers and finally here it is ‘Metal Town’ is everything I wanted it to be and more. Punchy, noisy, melodic no bullshit Rock and Roll.  Seems perfect, but once you lock into the groove they’re ‘Jamming out on ‘Neo Waltz’ then you too will find them irresistible. They have elements of a young Elvis Costello in the vocal delivery and plenty of 60 ft Dolls and the likes of S*M*A*S*H and These Animal Men are in there as well in their approach to songwriting and pop music hooks.  Just listen to opener ‘Hooligans’ and tell me differently? When it came out as a single I had to get it – A fantastic opener by anyone’s standard.

‘In The Gutter’ is aggressive like Wellar fronting Buzzcocks on some Diggle numbers. Rolling with a Parkinson’s vibe its got an excellent hook – I love the chorus and can imagine bouncing around in some dingy club as this pounds my eardrums.  Its been too long since the UK had a band that could cross over many genres and draw in punters on the strength of their songs alone. well, I recon TV Crime have got the chops to pull it off.  I remember the NME wetting their collective pants when the Libertines did house calls and Camden was buzzin’ well its been too long since the streets had that going on but there are a few bands around right here right now who could carry it off. The band drag in the punk rock snot of ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ it’s got an attitude, not unlike Cyanide Pills.

You can tell when you have an album this good on the player because when it’s finished you shove it back on again and a month later your still thinking the same. It’s trashy punk rock ‘n’ roll and these boys do it over and over again.  They make it sound so easy.  The bands last singles B side ‘Clocking Out’ is included next with its fast stomping twelve-bar kicking rhythm.

There’s no reinventing the wheel here and they haven’t gone and discovered some brand new genre of music that will spearhead a brand new youth culture or sweep in some new craze for the 21 century what TV Crime have is a war chest full of top tunes from the slower more purposeful ‘Television Crime’ to the out and out Rock and Roll of ‘Man In The Pub’ or the yobbish ‘Never Been In Love’ its sweaty packed out club night Rock and Roll and you might not know it but you need it – trust me.   Just Buy it its a fuckin’ great time on record loud rock and roll with plenty of punch and the occasional swift kick to the knackers – ‘Ave It!


Buy Digital ‘Metal Town’ Here

Physical Vinyl Here


“Let’s get the superlatives out of the way right off the bat: holy lord is this ever a fab record. Grade: A” – Goldmine
“I keep wondering if I went back through American Bandstand if I could find The Brothers Steve playing on the show in some weird time travel paradox. These songs are packed with hooks, diversity, and instant accessibility.” – RPM
Years ago, in the magical world of Southern California, five young rockers formed a band called The Brothers Steve. They wrote some songs, played some parties, and promptly broke up, leaving their wonderful original songs unheard by all but a handful of lucky party-goers.
Luckily for us, the legend of The Brothers Steve was not over. The band reformed, triumphantly returning to the stage at this year’s International Pop Overthrow Festival in Los Angeles.
They’ve also recorded their classic songs on a fantastic new album (#1), containing 9 hot rockin’ tracks and one acoustic jam, any of which would sound right at home blasting from the radio of a ’66 Cadillac Coup DeVille.
The band has crafted a heady mix of British Invasion, indie rock, bubblegum, and power pop, which singer Jeff Whalen described thusly: “The Brothers Steve to me is like a ‘60s meets ‘90s kind of record. I don’t think the ‘60s thing here was super-intentional. It’s more like when Os and I get together to sing and write, we very often end up in this early-Bee Gees/Association/Nilsson territory.”
The band is Jeff Whalen (vocals, guitar), Os Tyler (vocals), Dylan Champion (vocals, guitar), Jeff Solomon (bass) and Coulter (drums).
Now that these long-dormant songs have been revived, how do The Brother Steve hope to be remembered?
Os: Fondly. 
Jeff:  With people’s brains.
“The album will be released in mid-late September. Produced by Luke Tierney, #1 is now available for pre-order on CD.”
Dig what these cool cats are saying:
“…the best thing that I’ve heard this year… #1 is the shot in the arm that Guitar Pop needed so badly.” – I Don’t Hear A Single
“The Brothers Steve debut album #1 is a concentrated dose of poprock goodness. This baby is all killer, no filler, beginning to end.” – Poprock Record
“The Brothers Steve have channelled the spirits of The Banana Splits and The Monkees for this airy fun slice of California pie album.” – Full Blast Music
“3 members of Tsar play in The Brothers Steve, but the music of the band is more influenced by Teenage FanclubGuided By Voices or The Kinks. The 60s powerpop influences perfectly mix with 90s alternative Brit pop…’ – Veglam


Angeline / We Got The Hits / She / Carolanne / C’mon Pappy / Songwriter / Carry Me / Good Deal Of Love / Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin / Sunlight

Read RPMs Fantastic review HERE
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"Angeline" by The Brothers Steve

"Angeline." The second video from the debut album by The Brothers Steve—available on vinyl July 27, 2019, at #pterodactyl

Posted by The Brothers Steve on Monday, 15 July 2019

South Wales Rock and Rollers Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release a brand new video for ‘Love Forever’.  On what seems like a steep upwards trajectory the double denim fourpiece the band can be found hitting the stage at Bristol on Sept 14th, Swansea Fringe on October 6th, Newcastle with Otherkin on 21st.  they play Swansea Fringe on Oct 3rd then The Priory Centre with fellow WElsh rockers Henrys Funeral Shoe Before moving onto Shimmer Sounds in November 16th and 17th in Cardiff and Birmingham. Tickets Here

Tom, Shred, Zac and Ethan, based in Cardiff but currently making the rounds supporting the likes of Noel Gallagher and those High Flying Birds of his, as well as destroying the Soccer AM​ set! High energy, frock-wearing, high-kicking, Rock ‘n’ Roll’ing, Indie mayhem click the link and get down and get with them



You can stream the track Here