Canadian country rock artist Cory Marks has been burning up the US airplay charts with his hit single ‘Outlaws & Outsiders’, which boasts guest appearances from country icon Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch and Mick Mars from Motley Crue.

The video for the track has garnered over 7.5 million views and the track itself has over 5 million streams globally as well as debuting at #1 in the US and Canada on a string of charts including Billboard’s Top Rock, Hard Rock Digital Songs and Country Digital Song sales charts as well as iTunes, Amazon and Soundscan charts.

“’Outlaws & Outsiders’ is a song for anyone who’s ever felt different, or like an outsider period,” he explains. “You can be an outlaw in many different ways and as an artist, for me it’s simply creating something different, something unique and out of the box. It is doing my own thing and telling my own story.”

The track is taken from Marks’ forthcoming debut album, Who I Am which will be released on Better Noise Music Nashville and mixes the passion and honesty of country music with the explosive energy of rock’n’roll to create something he describes as “amped up country music.”

Full of autobiographical storytelling, guitar-driven anthems, drinking songs, and breakup ballads, Cory Marks’ songs are rooted in the influence of his hometown, North Bay, Ontario. Listening to Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush and outlaws like Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, Marks weaved the two genres into his own unique sound, which earnt him a string of gigs with US country heavyweights such as Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert along the way.

Marks has also recently released ‘Blame It On The Double’, and has just been announced as support on the upcoming tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bush across the US this summer.  He will also be special guest to Alice Cooper for two dates in July as part of his Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back tour.



The Bobby Lees‘ new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on Alive Naturalsound Records on May 8th.
The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. In the past year they’ve played with The Chats, Future Islands, Boss Hog, Daddy Long Legs, Shannon & The Clams and Murphy’s Law. They will be on tour in the US and Europe throughout 2020. Their sound mixes classic garage-punk hits with raw and emotive storytelling.
Audiotox UK states “Their raw and unapologetic energy promises to make you feel alive.” Listen to them and see for yourself.


It has been about 3 years to the date since I reviewed The Rumours debut full length album ’Hotbang’ which ended up one of my favorite albums of 2017. Catching them on tour in support of that album, one song didn’t grab me which I noted in my review, and Carli Foxx (vocals/ guitar) made sure to dedicate that song to me at the show here in Houston which I really liked. The song was better live than on record. That same attitude is present in these 9 new songs. In a world that is currently on edge and dealing with some serious issues that affect everyone on the planet, The Rumours give us a reprieve and allow us to forget about everything else for these approximately 31 minutes.

A scream of ‘owwwww’ gets the party started and leads into the excellent first track ‘Hey You.’ Air guitarists take note that you are immediately called to action here as the riff might as well be made of maple syrup with how it sticks in your brain. Musically, there are similarities to the early era of the Donnas where the hair metal influence is there, but the overall component harkens back to the likes of the spirit of ’77 and the spirit of rock n roll. The chant of ‘hey’ at the end is perfect. ‘Never Comin Back’ continues the sonic assault with another killer riff that Foxx snarls over the top of with the perfect vocal. For those that miss the early sound of Diemonds, your dreams have been answered here. If there is a danger here, it is that tone deaf singers like me start screaming along to the chorus.

A conversation starts ‘Electric Blues’ which I am quite sure I heard for the first time live two or three years ago. This version surpasses what I remember, and I remember loving the unreleased songs at that show. Stu the Dew lays down another awesome riff, and the rhythm section that Daniel Klutier (drums) and Ela Rose (bass) form is laser tight. This one has one of those subtle hooks in the chorus that just saws its way into your brain with repeated listens.    ‘Caroline Brown’ eases off the throttle a little bit to settle into a nice groove and adds a different spice to the album. They combine a classic glam style beat with some old school punk attitude on ‘Phone Calls.’ The snotty spoken word part by Foxx is a nice touch here too.

Turning up the tempo with ‘Take Me Shake Me’ serves the album well after the previous two songs slightly slower tempos. The punk attitude is present but again the band channels the essential spirit of rock n roll and makes this so much fun to enjoy. One of my favorites follows in ‘Put Your Love on My Face.’ This is another song that I remember from seeing them live where I already sensed there would be no sophomore slump. Klutier’s drums are the most prominent before another cool guitar riff will have you rocking the air guitar again. The verses leave plenty of room for Foxx’ vocals and there are some tasteful backing vocals added to the chorus. There is a touch of AC/DC in this one for me, perhaps due to the lyrics.

‘You Suck, Baby’ makes an immediate impact with an explicit hook that begs to be sung as soon as you hear it. The use of the chanting ‘yeah’ throughout the chorus just makes it even more contagious. Lyrically, this is a total escape from the reality that is happening everywhere, and it feels so refreshing. Wrapping up the album, ‘L.A. Trends’ begins with some bass from Rose that takes center stage in this one. The sleazy beat ends the album on a nice high and showcases what a great mix the band has achieved here across the whole record as each instrument gets plenty of space in the mix. Each member has their own spots to stand out, but it never takes away from the songs.

A few years ago, the band made a great impression on 8 of the 9 songs with that last one never reaching the level of the other songs for me. I connected with all 9 of these songs right away and have had this album on repeat quite a bit over the past few days. I highly recommend this for everyone who wants some classic songs fueled by glam, punk, hard rock, and some of the best heart and soul there is.

‘Suck It’ is available now.




Author: Gerald Stansbury






It’s a weird time in the world right now. It’s always been a weird time in EGGland. The Lovely Eggs, the acclaimed psych-punk duo, who are set to release their new album ‘I Am Moron’ this coming April 3rd via EGG Records, had been due to tour the UK in April to promote the album’s release and many of the dates were already sold out. Obviously, due to current world events the tour now cannot take place, but The Lovely Eggs are not the giving up type, and the band have successfully already rescheduled all of their dates to now take place in July.


“In light of the coronavirus it was just impossible for us to go ahead with our April tour,” explains singer and guitarist Holly Ross. “Fortunately for us, we are used to shit hitting the fan, so we’ve rescheduled all the gigs to now take place in July instead. We hope everyone can still make all the rescheduled gigs and get ready for one hell of an Eggs party this summer. We’d like to thank all of the promoters we work with for helping us reschedule the dates. They’ve been absolute legends and we can’t believe we’ve put the tour back together so quickly. Solidarity going out to all the other bands, promoters and venues who have had to reschedule or cancel their tours. We’re all in it together. This is mad innit. Look after yourselves and see you on the other side Eggheads!”


With this news, The Lovely Eggs are also set to brighten our day today with an innovative self-made, gloriously DIY dayglo-psych video for new single ‘Still Second Rate’.


“It’s interesting to think about what is really valuable in life and also in music and what is valuable to us is absolutely worthless to a lot of other people,” explains Holly on the single.  “And same goes the other way around. The instrumental mid bit of this song features our version of the hold music from the working tax credit hotline. We must have spent more time on hold on that hotline than any other band on the planet.


“For the video we wanted to present a masterclass in how to not spend £20,000 on making a music video so we made it ourselves,” she continues. “So many bands blow so much wedge on making videos it’s a bit obscene, so we thought fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves. It’s our ethos really and is also totally in keeping with the song. We’ve never moaned about not having access to big budgets and not doing stuff is just not an option for us, so we always roll up our sleeves, get on with it and do the best that we can for the budget we have got, which for this was zero! I suppose with the video we wanted people to question what their idea of “second rate” is. “Second Rate” means different things to different people. For some people the idea of a pot noodle sandwich would be unthinkable but to David it’s a delicious after-hours snack. Same with living in Lancaster and not having a label etc. These are things that some people consider “second rate” but we don’t. So, there are a lot of images in there that invite the viewer to question their opinions on what they value. Then there’s a load of psychedelic footage and random images to blast the mundane out into the universe because it’s impossible to cope with the bleakness of day to day life without having some magic in there. So yeah in a way this video is like a microcosm of our world. Enjoy the ride!!

‘Still Second Rate’ will be available, as it should be, on limited edition snot green colored vinyl and backed by the non-album track ‘Jam Wild Jam’.


‘I am Moron’ is their second album to be co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and continues their journey through Eggland into the unknown, with artwork by genius artist and video director Casey Raymond, who has the unbridled talent to perfectly visualize The Lovely Eggs sound,  spewing Eggland out in a swirling whirlpool of dayglo colours, melting faces and symbols.


With no booking agent, manager, record label or publisher The Lovely Eggs are truly independent. And this isn’t due to economics. This is by design. From day one. And support for them is snowballing. They are selling out bigger and bigger venues and more eggheads are joining them in their crusade against bullshit.


Welcome to their world. This Is Eggland!


‘I am Moron’ track-listing:


  1. Long Stem Carnations
  2. You Can Go Now
  3. This Decision
  4. You’ve Got The Ball
  5. Bear Pit
  6. I Wanna
  7. 24 Eyes
  8. The Mothership
  9. Insect Repellent
  10. The Digital Hair
  11. Still Second Rate
  12. New Dawn


Catch the band live at the following dates:


Thursday July 16: The Cluny, Newcastle

Friday July 17: Gorilla, Manchester  *SOLD OUT*

Saturday July 18: The Brudenell, Leeds  *SOLD OUT*

Sunday July 19: Castle and Falcon, Birmingham  *SOLD OUT*

Monday July 20: The Portland Arms, Cambridge  *SOLD OUT*

Tuesday July 21: Komedia, Brighton  *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday July 22: The Loft, Southampton

Thursday July 23: The Fleece, Bristol  *SOLD OUT*

Friday July 24: The Garage, London  *SOLD OUT*

Saturday July 25: The Bullingdon, Oxford

Wednesday, July 29: Mash House, Edinburgh

Thursday, July 30: CCA, Glasgow

Saturday, August 8: Network, Sheffield

Friday, October 23: Heaven, London

Friday October 30: The Ritz, Manchester


Tickets available HERE:


Physical pre-order link HERE:


Find The Lovely Eggs online at:






LA rock ‘n’ rollers Bullets And Octane follow up 2018’s ‘Waking Up Dead’ comeback album with a new 10 track affair entitled ‘Riot Riot Rock n Roll’. Long time frontman Gene Louis has behind him a stable and formidable line-up that has been destroying the pits and dives of the world for a couple of years now. With Felipe Rodrigo (guitar), Zachary Kibbee (bass) and Jonny Udell pounding the skins, it feels like the second coming for this band.

In the past Bullets And Octane have toured with Avenged Sevenfold and hit the festival circuits with the best of them. They have had albums produced by the likes of Gilby Clarke and Page Hamilton. But the music industry is a different beast to what it was 20 years ago and the crowds are also dwindling for everyone. It may seem like the glory days of live rock music are behind us, but Gene Louis has had to adapt to the times and Bullets And Octane have always been a band who thrive on being the underdog, and oh how we love an underdog here at RPM.


The roaring, meaty engine introduction leads into a title track full of trademark angst and rebellion with a catchy, anthemic chorus to shout from the rooftops. With a wall of distortion and a heavy, rhythmic beat, it carries a statement of intent that rings true through the entire album. Gang vocals have been a Bullets and Octane trademark for pretty much 20 years now, and ‘Riot Riot Rock n Roll’ shows no signs of the band changing that.

Gene spits and growls the vocals with the sleazy delivery of Lemmy meets Zodiac Mindwarp. Filipe peels off killer riffs and Slash inspired solos like his life depends on it, while the rhythm section pounds like a well-oiled beast keeping it all together.

The first single ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog’ was co-written by ex Buckcherry guitar player Keith Nelson and would not sound out of place on a Buckcherry record to be fair. A mid-paced radio-friendly rocker, the subdued vocals invite you in and then rage for the chorus. It comes on with guitars slung low and a middle finger raised in salute.

Bullets and Octane have always dealt in heavy, gritty rock ‘n’ roll and this album does not stray from that path. It’s the kinda music that has dirt under the fingernails and grease in the hair. Songs for the outcasts that reek of engine oil and have last night’s whiskey on the breath, but still retain melody and an anthemic quality.

With dark and foreboding melodies that skulk like Marilyn Manson is his prime and then morph into high octane choruses, the likes of ‘Addicted To Outrage’ and ‘Heaven Can Wait’ will always have me salivating. A shout out to Filipe’s inspired and inventive guitar riffs that just gives the likes of ‘The Devil’ an extra cool factor and makes ‘Give Me A Reason’ sound like a punk rock ‘Panama’ to these ears.

Then there’s the signature stand out anthems for troubled times and disenchanted minds. ‘Chaos’ is a timely anthem and one of the strongest tracks on offer. Riding on an overly familiar, yet killer guitar refrain, the verse pumps from the speakers. “What’s that? Let’s turn it up!” suggests the frontman, before the band blasts into yet another memorable chorus. Then closer ‘Lost Crazy Psycho’ has our illustrious singer almost rapping a diatribe before exploding into a glorious and volatile refrain that stays with you long after the (virtual) disc has stopped spinning.


Its 2020 and everything we know and take for granted in this world is fucked right now. If you are reading this, then music is your escape, and maybe a new Bullets And Octane album is just what you need. ‘Riot Riot Rock n Roll’ is 10 tracks of angst-ridden rock, choc-a-bloc with attitude and themes of escapism, rebellion and generally not giving two flying fucks!

It’s fair to say Gene Louis has not mellowed with age and Bullets And Octane are here to inject rock ‘n’ roll venom straight into the jugular.

Buy ‘Riot Riot Rock and Roll’ Here


Author: Ben Hughes



In light of the coronavirus it’s with heavy hearts that we have to announce the postponement of the Vive Le Rock Awards on April 1st until Nov 18th.

We appreciate that the decision to postpone will cause disappointment but we couldn’t in good conscience put anybody at risk by going ahead.

However, we are rescheduling the 2020 Vive Le Rock Awards for the 18th of November at London’s O2 Academy Islington with the same line-up of the Lords Of The New Church with Michael Monroe, Neville Staple, Brian James, The Only Ones, Jim Jones, Ed Tudor-Pole and the Vive Le Rockers all-star band. Original tickets will still be valid for the rescheduled date. Refunds will be available from your point of purchase. Thanks for your patience, stay safe and stay well. VIVE LE ROCK!

Tickets available HERE:

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts release their brand new single “Lookin’ For Love, Ready For War”, which is taken from the eponymous album out later this year via Better Noise Music.

Tuk explains It’s got a caveman riff, and soaring hook of pure rock and roll.It’s not a love song, it’s a life song.  It’s what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt, and what I have experienced. This is about the self-realization that, when you wanted to make the easy choice you end up having to make the hard choice. It is my own personal anthem”

As well as the new single and album Tuk prepares to hit the road but that might find under the current circumstances that it hits the buffers in some shape or form and gets delayed.  Anyway,  here are the dates thus far –

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts supporting Airborne:
Thursday, April 30           New York, NY                The Gramercy Theatre
Friday, May 1                 Philadelphia, PA             Underground Arts
Saturday, May 2              Washington, DC             Rock & Roll Hotel
Wednesday, May 6           Houston, TX                  House Of Blues – Bronze Peacock Room
Thursday, May 7             Dallas, TX                     Three Links
Thursday, May 14            Chicago, IL                    Bottom Lounge
Monday, May 18             Buffalo, NY                    Rec Room

Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Joan Jett  – introducing Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts tour dates
Sunday, June 21                     SAN ANTONIO, TX      Alamodome
Tuesday, June 23                    KANSAS CITY, MO     Kauffman Stadium
Thursday, June 25                   ST. LOUIS, MO            Busch Stadium
Saturday, June 27                   MINNEAPOLIS, MN     U.S. Bank Stadium
Monday, June 29                     NASHVILLE, TN          Nissan Stadium
Thursday, July 2                      CINCINNATI, OH          Great American Ballpark*
Friday, July 3                           CLEVELAND, OH         FirstEnergy Stadium
Tuesday, July 7                                   MIAMI, FL          Hard Rock Stadium
Thursday, July 9                      ORLANDO, FL             Camping World Stadium
Saturday, July 11                     CHARLOTTE, NC        Bank of America Stadium
Tuesday, July 14                     ARLINGTON, TX         Globe Life Field
Wednesday, July 15                 HOUSTON, TX            Minute Maid Park
Sunday, July 19                       SAN FRANCISCO, CA  Oracle Park
Thursday, July 23                    SAN DIEGO, CA          Petco Park
Saturday, July 25                     PHOENIX, AZ              State Farm Stadium
Sunday, August 9                    ATLANTA, GA             SunTrust Park
Tuesday, August 11                 HERSHEY, PA             Hersheypark Stadium
Thursday, August 13                BUFFALO, NY              New Era Field
Saturday, August 15                PHILADELPHIA, PA     Citizens Bank Park
Sunday, August 16                  PITTSBURGH, PA       PNC Park
Tuesday, August 18                 MILWAUKEE, WI         Miller Park
Thursday, August 20                DETROIT, MI               Comerica Park
Saturday, August 22                WASHINGTON DC       Nationals Park
Sunday, August 23                  FLUSHING, NY             Citi Field
Tuesday, August 25                 BOSTON, MA              Fenway Park
Friday, August 28                     CHICAGO, IL               Wrigley Field
Sunday, August 30                  DENVER, CO               Coors Field
Wednesday, September 2        SEATTLE, WA             T-Mobile Park
Saturday, September 5            LOS ANGELES, CA     SoFi Stadium

In these strange times we need loud Rock n Roll to ease the mind so heres a few for you – First up BULLETS AND OCTANE, have released a new music video for ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog‘, co-written with ex Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. ‘Riot Riot Rock N Roll’ is the follow-up album to 2018’s “Waking Up Dead

Seconds out round two and South Wales rockers Buffalo Summer have  third single ‘IF WALLS COULD SPEAK’ 
Taken from their upcoming album ‘Desolation Blue’ 

Finally, cop a load of this bad boy. Dictator Ship have been described as The Saints meets the Four Tops and here is their last video for ‘Savage’ taken from their debut album ‘Your Favourites’

In a bid to stay sane, entertain and hopefully stay afloat in these uncertain times, Matty is making a brand new 10 track acoustic CD.

Obviously, the current situation is affecting us all and he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so you can simply ‘pay what you like’ for the digital download pre-order and everyone will receive email updates on how it’s coming along if you sign up to the mailing list. Like a Pledge campaign, without anyone stealing the money. There are also CDs available, plus exclusive Lyric Art (just one of each song).

To clarify, this is not the new ‘album proper’ he’s been working on. He was intending to release it soon but he’ll wait until this madness ceases.

Matty plans to get this done in a matter of weeks, the songs are flowing and if you are in a position to get involved he’s looking forward to seeing where it goes.

He also plans to do a celebratory live stream online gig, which he’s missed since the closing of Concert Window last year, but there’s a lot of those going on right now so please support them if you can and once he’s made the record and everyone’s really fed up sitting at home he’ll play the new songs for you.

Pre-order ‘The Isolation Tapes’ Here

Stay safe and look after each other (from a distance).