In a bid to stay sane, entertain and hopefully stay afloat in these uncertain times, Matty is making a brand new 10 track acoustic CD.

Obviously, the current situation is affecting us all and he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so you can simply ‘pay what you like’ for the digital download pre-order and everyone will receive email updates on how it’s coming along if you sign up to the mailing list. Like a Pledge campaign, without anyone stealing the money. There are also CDs available, plus exclusive Lyric Art (just one of each song).

To clarify, this is not the new ‘album proper’ he’s been working on. He was intending to release it soon but he’ll wait until this madness ceases.

Matty plans to get this done in a matter of weeks, the songs are flowing and if you are in a position to get involved he’s looking forward to seeing where it goes.

He also plans to do a celebratory live stream online gig, which he’s missed since the closing of Concert Window last year, but there’s a lot of those going on right now so please support them if you can and once he’s made the record and everyone’s really fed up sitting at home he’ll play the new songs for you.

Pre-order ‘The Isolation Tapes’ Here

Stay safe and look after each other (from a distance).