Mud City Manglers get set to release their brand new record via some of the best independent record labels known to man.  You can get your greasy mitts on a copy by hitting the Pre Order Here or Here they’ve covered North America and Europe with this deal and it sounds blistering.  These Pittsburg punks have been knocking out filthy Rock n Roll since the mid ’90s and show no sign of old age with this new one.  on limited colours pick one up from Spaghetty Town Records and Ghost Highway Records as well.




No new videos yet but just revel in this bad boy from 2000 when they released their album ‘Heart Full Of Hate’





October 2, 2020 – Multi-platinum, four-time GRAMMY-nominated rock band Goo Goo Dolls are releasing “This Is Christmas”, the debut single to be taken from their forthcoming record It’s Christmas All Over, out October 30th, 2020 via Warner Records. The first of two original songs to be featured on the album, “This Is Christmas” is a timeless ballad that encapsulates the warmth and spirit of classic Christmas music. Listen to it HERE.

Pre-orders and limited-edition merch bundles for It’s Christmas All Over are available now via the band’s website HERE. Recorded during lockdown this year and produced by front-man John Rzeznik alongside the band’s frequent collaborators Brad Fernquist and Jimmy McGorman, the album will feature a diverse collection of songs including cover renditions of iconic holiday tracks such as “Let It Snow” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, some notable covers like Tom Petty’s ‘It’s Christmas All Over’, as well as several rarities and a jazz-infused medley finale.

Singer John Rzeznik said This album we dedicate to everyone, everywhere, who still believes in hope. God knows we need a lot of hope this year. From the deepest part of our hearts, Happy holidays from all of us to all of you.”


  1. Christmas All Over Again
  2. Shake Hands With Santa Claus
  3. This Is Christmas
  4. Christmas Don’t Be Late
  5. Better Days
  6. You Ain’t Getting Nothin’
  7. Let It Snow
  8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  10. The Christmas Party (Feat. The Union Square 5)

WARRIOR SOUL is releasing a blast of a covers album called ‘Cocaine and Other Good Stuff‘ on Livewire/Cargo Records on November 13th 2020. The album is preceded by the timely release of the single ‘Elected’ on October 9th 2020.

The album is an incendiary compilation of songs that everyone in the band, both current and previous members, had some input choosing, and it shows true honesty in the recordings, making it a fresh take on some very listenable rock jams.

Kory Clarke – “We wanted to make a record that was not about all the crap we are all living in, as it seems like a well worn path for . So, I had to think out of the box“.

The album was recorded all over the western world (Edinburgh – Scotland, Newcastle – England, Copenhagen – Denmark, L.A. – USA, NYC- USA, Chicago – USA, Detroit – USA, Sheffield – UK, Costa Blanca – Torrevieja – Spain) in home studios.


1. Good Times Roll (Ocasek)
2. Cocaine (Cale)
3. Crosstown Traffic (Hendrix)
4. Cold Gin (Frehley)
5. D.O.A. (Van Halen, Van Halen, Anthony, Roth)
6. Elected (Cooper, Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith)
7. Outlaw (Kilmister, Campbell, Dee)
8. Firehouse (Stanley)
9. Get Down Tonight (Casey, Finch)
10. We’re An American Band (Brewer)
11. Living After Midnight (Halford, Downing, Tipton)

The idea for a covers album started when mainman Kory Clarke  was contacted by legendary rock photographer, Alex Ruffini‘s brother, enquiring if Warrior Soul would record a cover of a KISS song, which was Alex Ruffini‘s favourite band, for a tribute in aid of Cancer Research. Warrior Soul recorded ‘Cold Gin‘. Once the band started recording, it sounded really positive and they decided to assemble a complete record of covers ranging from Motörhead to KC and the Sunshine Band.

Kory Clarke – “I contacted many of the musicians who have played with Warrior Soul recently and asked if they wanted to be part of it – everyone was very much up for it and ready to go. We called John Dryland at Livewire/Cargo Records, and he said ‘of course, go for it‘, the irony of recording ‘Good Times Roll’ during a global pandemic really works as you can hear the sneer of sarcasm right through every chorus!

Warrior Soul are known for recording some electrifying covers previously including songs by Joy DivisionIggy Pop and David BowieKory Clarke has performed on several compilation and tribute albums singing other acts songs but this is the first complete album of its kind from Warrior Soul.

Warrior Soul have taken their straight-ahead, honest, full-on rock n’ roll approach to these songs and encourage you to raise a glass and sterilize your tooter – cause there ain’t no vaccine for this jamdemic.

Website / Facebook

Some of you will be aware of The Breakdowns obviously members now front The wonderful Speedways and of course, Joe has just started his new project well here they all pop up helping out former member Aron. His previous work was Hot Rod Linkun well he’s back and this time he’s wound the clock back and knocked up a real 12 bar retro fest of roots rock and roll with plenty of rockabilly that would make Setzer and slim jim blush.

Most of this was recorded back in 2017 and features most of the breakdowns who played on their wonderful ‘Rock and Roller Skates’ album.  Its been mixed on an old school desk with real echo tapes and spring reverb for that authentic feel that you just can’t get from pro tools. Songs like ‘Radio Active Rock and Roll’ have the DNA that The Beatles had when they hot-footed it over to the Reeperbahn knocking out quality bar room boogie like this.

I remember The early years my dad would always have music on in the house playing similar acoustic/electric like ‘You Burn Me Up’ , my father would play albums by Chet Atkins and Eddie Cochran The Everley’s and Chuck Berry I get the same feeling playing this that Cadillac went through the same scenario.  Man, Cadillac has got it going on.  For authenticity and capturing that same magic, it’s nailed every time ‘Hanging With The Back Row Girls’ and ‘Sodapop Rock’ has it going on in spades.  You don’t have the guitar histrionics of Setzer or a Reverend Horton Heat but you do have the genuine feeling that this record comes from the same place and a love of the beginnings of Rock and Roll and it’s why this record had to come out.  

Ten songs of pure passion and love of Rock and Roll.  jump on it and turn it up, its catchy and will put a smile on your boat race as wide as the river Thames Good Golly indeed. Get it!

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Author: Dom Daley

After having a right good chuckle at the cover artwork here it was down to business and right from the kick-off the chug of that riff and a rock-solid pound of ‘Fits You Like A Glove’ it was a right proper meaty punk rock showdown happening.  right through to the catchy chorus you’re singing along and punching the air.  there’s something about this here punk rock malarky that draws you in for a lifetime of “oh yeah that feels good that does” and The Lurkers who’ve been around a while I might add certainly know a trick or two and as far as openers go this ones catchy, meaty and a right good tone-setter.

I enjoyed the GLM album four years ago when it was released, My God was it really four years ago? Wow well, they’ve spent those four years well knocking together this set of banger.  There isn’t any new ground being trodden and the path they head down is well worn but it seems much like Cock Sparrer on ‘Forever’ it seems these old punks can teach them young guns a few new tricks; when I say tricks I mean they can teach ’em how to write a good solid tune. ‘London Jeepster’ is another melodic toe-tapper.


The title track has the feel of the more recent Subs albums its focussed and powerful with a great sympathetic production from the formidable hands of Pat Collier.  Pete Stride said in an interview that ‘The Boys In The Corner’ was autobiographical and it’s a measured look down memory lane but not in a cheesy way at all, no sir, Its got a bit of punch to it and sounds like one of those end of set drinking songs that middle-aged (cough cough) punks like  This ones spot on.

If you want rockers then ‘Approaching System Overload’ the bands (eco-awareness number) will service your needs whilst  ‘High Velocity’ is a right punch up featuring guest vocals from Danie Centric from The Feathers. To be fair this is a really solid set of thirteen songs with variety and a cheeky grin here and there from the opener to the Ramones like ‘Electrical Guitar’ via the cool ‘Doll No.5’ and the booze-soaked ‘The Boys In The Corner’.

If you’re looking for another ‘Fulham Fallout’ or ‘Gods Lonely Men’ then you might not find it here but you will find a band full of energy and a fistful of top tunes for these weird times we currently find ourselves in and another gawp at the artwork will give you a good giggle as well.  Get on it you wasters.


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