After having a right good chuckle at the cover artwork here it was down to business and right from the kick-off the chug of that riff and a rock-solid pound of ‘Fits You Like A Glove’ it was a right proper meaty punk rock showdown happening.  right through to the catchy chorus you’re singing along and punching the air.  there’s something about this here punk rock malarky that draws you in for a lifetime of “oh yeah that feels good that does” and The Lurkers who’ve been around a while I might add certainly know a trick or two and as far as openers go this ones catchy, meaty and a right good tone-setter.

I enjoyed the GLM album four years ago when it was released, My God was it really four years ago? Wow well, they’ve spent those four years well knocking together this set of banger.  There isn’t any new ground being trodden and the path they head down is well worn but it seems much like Cock Sparrer on ‘Forever’ it seems these old punks can teach them young guns a few new tricks; when I say tricks I mean they can teach ’em how to write a good solid tune. ‘London Jeepster’ is another melodic toe-tapper.


The title track has the feel of the more recent Subs albums its focussed and powerful with a great sympathetic production from the formidable hands of Pat Collier.  Pete Stride said in an interview that ‘The Boys In The Corner’ was autobiographical and it’s a measured look down memory lane but not in a cheesy way at all, no sir, Its got a bit of punch to it and sounds like one of those end of set drinking songs that middle-aged (cough cough) punks like  This ones spot on.

If you want rockers then ‘Approaching System Overload’ the bands (eco-awareness number) will service your needs whilst  ‘High Velocity’ is a right punch up featuring guest vocals from Danie Centric from The Feathers. To be fair this is a really solid set of thirteen songs with variety and a cheeky grin here and there from the opener to the Ramones like ‘Electrical Guitar’ via the cool ‘Doll No.5’ and the booze-soaked ‘The Boys In The Corner’.

If you’re looking for another ‘Fulham Fallout’ or ‘Gods Lonely Men’ then you might not find it here but you will find a band full of energy and a fistful of top tunes for these weird times we currently find ourselves in and another gawp at the artwork will give you a good giggle as well.  Get on it you wasters.


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