Some of you will be aware of The Breakdowns obviously members now front The wonderful Speedways and of course, Joe has just started his new project well here they all pop up helping out former member Aron. His previous work was Hot Rod Linkun well he’s back and this time he’s wound the clock back and knocked up a real 12 bar retro fest of roots rock and roll with plenty of rockabilly that would make Setzer and slim jim blush.

Most of this was recorded back in 2017 and features most of the breakdowns who played on their wonderful ‘Rock and Roller Skates’ album.  Its been mixed on an old school desk with real echo tapes and spring reverb for that authentic feel that you just can’t get from pro tools. Songs like ‘Radio Active Rock and Roll’ have the DNA that The Beatles had when they hot-footed it over to the Reeperbahn knocking out quality bar room boogie like this.

I remember The early years my dad would always have music on in the house playing similar acoustic/electric like ‘You Burn Me Up’ , my father would play albums by Chet Atkins and Eddie Cochran The Everley’s and Chuck Berry I get the same feeling playing this that Cadillac went through the same scenario.  Man, Cadillac has got it going on.  For authenticity and capturing that same magic, it’s nailed every time ‘Hanging With The Back Row Girls’ and ‘Sodapop Rock’ has it going on in spades.  You don’t have the guitar histrionics of Setzer or a Reverend Horton Heat but you do have the genuine feeling that this record comes from the same place and a love of the beginnings of Rock and Roll and it’s why this record had to come out.  

Ten songs of pure passion and love of Rock and Roll.  jump on it and turn it up, its catchy and will put a smile on your boat race as wide as the river Thames Good Golly indeed. Get it!

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Author: Dom Daley