Check out the brand new video from Dead Horse It’s for a radio edit version of their track ‘Creeper’, taken from their debut EP


Another brand new tune is this right banger from the fantastic Drippers.  Live at the tilt they perform their latest single ‘Stuck With You’


finishing off is shit islands finest The Hip Priests ‘ Ain’t Ever Gonna Die Again’ taken from their last split with the mighty Supersuckers ahead of the new one they split with The Good The Bad And The Zugly.  Get an eye full of this banger

Nick Hughes is a true modern-day guitar slinger. You might have seen him perform with the Yo Yo’s, Role models, Love Zombies, or in more recent years the incredible Duncan Reid and the Bigheads.

Now is the time that Nick has decided to step out on his own and bring his songwriting talents to the masses with his band The Middlenight Men and their debut album titled ‘Issue #1’.

“Rat Star” kicks off this impressive debut and it’s just a great slice of power-pop-punk with a great riff and a chorus that instantly lodges into the listener’s brain box.

“B.A. Baby” is another great melodic rocker guaranteed to get the listener jumping around and the lyrics, let’s just say, they give us an insightful look into Nick’s personal life.

‘You (getting over)’ is a song about lost love but with its uplifting melody, it is another fantastic track.

Now this reviewer likes to have a favourite track and ‘Heroine Heights’ is this albums top of the pops. With an album as good as this it’s hard to pick a standout we all like lists and categories (it helps make the world go round) but this epic slice of pop genius is a sure-fire winner. With a driving riff and some crashing drums, it is a real foot stomper. (Also, check out the epic video you will not be disappointed)

Pushing  ‘Heroine Heights’ closely is ‘Prison of love’ another strong track with a driving rhythm that keeps the album flowing with quality.

‘Extro Intro’ slows the pace down a bit but it’s a truly beautiful song with some heartfelt lyrics and a gorgeous melody.

“We all need help before tomorrow” is a pop song on steroids and is a banger of a tune.  ‘They’ll be the ones’ is a monster of a track with a sharp – brutal riff and with added brass shows Nick likes to shake things up as well as show off his talents as a multi-instrumentalist. It also shows the important quality of having a great chorus.

“Budapest Brawler” also fits in perfectly with the high quality of everything that has gone before it maintaining the flow really well.

Bringing this impressive album to a close is ‘Sleep’ and what a track to finish. With its stunning piano intro that leads the way into a truly beautiful guitar melody, it’s the perfect statement with which to finish the album.

As debut albums go I can safely say that Nick Hughes should take a bow,  he has created a classic power pop rock album that will reward the listener with each repeated listen and has maintained the quality throughout, with each song brimming with stunning melodies and infectious choruses that will keep you going back for more, more, more.


Author: Gareth Hotshot Hooper

Sick Thoughts – ‘Poor Boys’ b/w ‘Drug Rock’ (Goodbye Boozy Records)   Punk as fuck! ‘Poor Boys’ is a roller coaster ride of buzzsaw guitar riffs that are sharp and in yer face and a guitar solo that would rival Angus Young at his best. Sick Thoughts’ massive discography – easily amassing to 20-something records is as impressive as it looks for this one man band and if you’re looking for sleazy, spit-riddled punk rock ‘n’ roll then my work here is done.  Awesome adrenaline rush Punk Rock and Roll. BUY THE RECORD: Bandcamp Here / Big cartel Here  



The Hip Priests / The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Split (Fysisk format)  ‘Can’t Abide With Me’ is offered up to the Gods Of Rock and Roll from the champions of the 7″ single The Hip Priests.  But this is no ordinary 7″ for it is a split with those Loons from Scandinavia who offer up the equally good ‘Going Postal’.

It’s been a while but having The Hip Priests deliver a single is when you know we can do this and the world is in a good (bad) place. I think Von Cruz speaks for us all in these fucked up times. When bands do split releases then The Hip Priests are a sure-fire benchmark of quality releasing new tunes every time and usually better than the last.  Teaming up with Zugly for what will be a must-own collectors nugget of the future as both bands deliver absolute bangers. the single of the Week?  The single of the Fuckin’ month more like – snooze you lose.  Pick it up via The Spasm Gang if you join that is or from the label Here Or Bandcamp from the Zuglys Here


Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters – Been Waiting’ (Legless)  When a band is getting released on LEgless such is their reputation for delivering top notch Rock N Roll it’s a no brainer we’re going to dig deep. Never heard of them until now but this Melbourne punk rock band have got a right earworm on their hands.  IT buries itself in and like an attitude-drenched Fall track it takes a few plays to take hold but once in it’s safe to investigate further see what else they offer.  Exactly what a single supposed to do right? Right!   Buy Here





 Indonesian Junk – ‘One More Try’ (Rum Bar Records)  Taken from the forthcoming new album  ‘Living In A Nightmare’ due out March 19th on Rum Bar Records CDs & Spiderbite Records Vinyl LPs & Digital!!   Its power pop with some rocking guitars and sharp lyrics from Indonesian Junks songsmith Daniel James, for added inspiration they’ve recruited the awesome friend and member of the family, the one and only Kurt Baker who brings some additional vocals.

It’s got a great hook and chartable melody yet from these glam-punks, who have now added a fourth member. Guitarist Adam Turetzky gives it some welly on ‘One More Try’.

If there was such a thing as decent chart music this would be it. You know the drill it’s Indonesian Junk they write great tunes and this is another one and a brief taster of what’s to come on the new album and it’s on Rum Bar Records what else do you need to know.  Gedoutta here and check it out.


Killer Ken – ‘Sonic Love’ / ‘Narrow Mind’ (Pig Baby Records) Wow! Love this bad boy,  this is the sleaziest, dirtiest slice of protopunk I’ve heard in a long long time.  They’ve obviously done a deal with the devil and summoned up the soul of The Stooges and MC5 and thrown it in the pot with some fucked up blues and beautifully chaotic Rock n Roll added a dash of The Cramps for good measure and Kerpow! ‘Sonic Love’ and the epic Dolls strut ‘n’ stomp of ‘Narrow Mind’, It come flying outta the speakers to steal your heart away and stomp you in the trash for good measure.  It’s a real blast and a pair of tracks that we fuckin’ love, after some diggin’ off the back of their first EP, these cats and The Cavemen are injecting some excitement back into the Garage Punk Rock n Roll sound. It’s off the wall and sonically awesome – Buy this record or forever miss the boat.  Bandcamp / Facebook 


 Eddie Mooney & The Grave – ‘Telephones’ (still-unbeatable-records)  ‘Telephones’ has just been released digitally at the start of this month.  Later this year there will also be a vinyl release together with another unreleased track from 1979. This one has been buried since the late ’70s and is a snappy melodic slice of power pop from Manchesters Eddie Mooney.


KOMBI KILLERS – ‘Don’t Start’  (Riot Records)  Brisbane’s Old School Punk Rockers KOMBI KILLERS are set to release their new single Don’t Start via Riot Records on February 22nd. It is a classic punk anthem that delivers just the right amount of original old school punk attitude that will no doubt satisfy the most rabid Punk fan. Influences of Anit-Nowere League, Sex Pistols, GBH and The Misfitsecho throughout the track. With the Whealdstone Raider offering up the intro there’s only one place this quick steppin punk anthem is going.  Shouty in yer face punk rock ave it! 

Don’t Start – When everyday life gets in the way ‘Don’t Start!’  

Pre-order/save Don’t Start HERE


Johny Skullknuckles – ‘Happier Days’ (self Release)  A dreamy acoustic number as some ode to lockdown after lockdown and the inept Government that tried to be populist over saving lives and Skullknuckles hits the nail on the head.  Sad but true and another essential song for you to invest in from the talented Johny Skullknuckles. Pick it up  Here






Slander Tongue – ‘Ride’  (Slovenly Records) Berlin’s greasy glam stompers SLANDER TONGUE reenter the frey with a stonking 7″ of rock’n’roll with loud guitars and a great groove  (not a million miles away from a certain mr Gilespie and his Primal Scream dish up).

It’s unfortunate that 2021’s first fist-shaking anthem has to be about screaming at one’s own walls, but here we are: “Now it’s May and I should be far away, But I do the same thing as yesterday, This shit goes all year long, And I keep playing that song.“ At least they managed to squeeze these two bangers out while stuck at home, and fortunately not stuck in a rut!  Pick it up Here




Rest Easy – ‘Sick Day EP’ (Mutant League Records)  Rest Easy is a newly formed punk rock band from Vancouver, consisting of members of Daggermouth and Shook Ones. This here four-track is rapid in your face punk rock.  It’s got that thumping snare snap with the clicky bass and they’re fond of the in yer face screaming melodic vocals.  The songs are short sharp and to the point.  there isn’t really time for solos as such and all four tunes are over before you can get too comfortable.  Decent effort especially when played loud! Remind me of Taking back Sunday at times Try the video for ‘Bad Idea’ which as it goes is a top video and the more I hear the songs the more I enjoyed them.


Psst, want some free Rock and Roll that I guarantee will help make the lockdowns go quicker and put a smile on yer face.  don’t thank me thank Malibu Lou over at Rum Bar Records.

If it ain’t Rum Bar Records it ain’t worth the shot. Vol. 2
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Loaded with… 30 Big Hits

Featuring, in no particular order of awesomeness:
Brad Marino, Hayley and the Crushers, Indonesian Junk, The Nuclears, Travis Ramin (of Natalie Sweet Band, The Short Fuses, Tina & the Total Babes, Nikki and the Corvettes, Beebe Gallini), Electraluxx, French Girls, The Laissez Fairs, Curt Florczak (of B-Movie Rats, The Hi-End), The Cheap Cassettes, The Lemon Drop Gang, The Black Cheers, Nana, Heatwaves, Freddie Dilevi, Cromm Fallon, Pavid Verman, Classic Ruins, Stop Calling Me Frank, Jay Allen and the Archcriminals, Beebe Gallini, Marc Platt, Eric Alesi and The Laissez Fairs, Muck and the Mires, A Bunch of Jerks, Gallows Birds, The Short Fuses, Idolizers, The Hi-End & Watts

Garage, Punk, Glam, Greaser, Hard Rock, Power-Pop, Intoxicating Psychedelic, Heartland-Punk, Blue Collar Pub Rock, Poolside Glitter Trash,, tune in, turn on and soak it up!!
If it ain’t Rum Bar Records it ain’t worth the shot. Vol. 2 ‘FREE Bandcamp Download’ Winter 2021 Sampler from the Rum Bar Records Family including: new releases, unreleased material, catalogue, upcoming projects, and more.

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While the Almighty’s ‘Soul Destruction’ (the final album released with original guitarist Tantrum) ensured them some regular airtime on MTV, it was the grungier direction of ‘Powertrippin’’, with new guitarist Pete Friesen, which showed that the band had more routes to take. After leaving Polydor records in 1993, the band would release a run of hard and fast, punk-inspired material that would make them one of the most beloved bands of the new golden era of British rock music. It is this part of the Almighty’s output that will be available in ‘Welcome to Defiance: The Complete Recordings (1994 – 2001)’, released in March through Cherry Red Records.

I recently watched an old interview with Lemmy where he was asked about Motorhead’s influence on others. Whilst dismissive of bands that had taken only the fast aspects of it, he specifically mentioned the Almighty for having taken the best parts of it. It reminded me of the story I once heard Ricky Warwick tell at an acoustic gig in Brighton several years ago, about the first time he met Lemmy. A funny story which I won’t re-tell here but surely you can find on YouTube.

At that time, Ricky was playing mostly as a solo acoustic artist and when asked about reforming the Almighty he quickly dismissed the idea. The Almighty, evidently, was part of the past and not the future. Fast forward to now, and not only is he continuing to head an ever more successful solo career (the new album ‘When Life was Hard and Fast’ is released this month), but he is also fronting the hugely popular Black Star Riders, which evolved from the reformed Thin Lizzy.

What does remain of the Almighty, though, is a wild and wonderful back catalogue, much of which is included in this 7-disc collection.

In 1994, the same year that Therapy? released ‘Troublegum’, and a year after ‘Earth Vs the Wildhearts’ was born, the Almighty released the hard-hitting album ‘Crank’, ripping a hole in the universe and adding to what was a glorious time for British and Irish rock music. Songs such as ‘Jonestown Mind’ and ‘Wrench’ would register among some of the greatest material the band would ever produce. Notably, the artwork on the album was provided by Jamie Reid, most famous for his ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ cover. ‘Crank’ was followed up in 1996 by the excellent ‘Just Add Life’ and the popular singles ‘All Sussed Out’ and ‘Do You Understand’. The album would ultimately signal the end of the most creative and stable period for the band.

The Almighty went on to release two more strong albums, though. First was the self-titled offering in 2000, Floyd London having left the band before release and Friesen having already been replaced by Nick Parsons on guitar. ‘Psycho-Narco’, the bands final album to date, was released a year later. Both albums certainly have their moments, and it’s interesting listening back to them now alongside their other releases, hearing the way that the Almighty developed from album to album.

Also in this new collection is the live album Crank and Deceit, recorded in 1995 in Japan, a collection of B-sides and remixes, and a series of live B-sides and sessions, all recorded between 1994 and 1996. All this in addition to a booklet with the details for each disc, making for one excellent collection of the Almighty’s later period.

For Ricky Warwick the Almighty may well be the past (and who could blame him with his current activities) but, as this collection shows, it is certainly one hell of a legacy.

Buy Here

Author: Craggy Collyde

THE HOLD STEADY announce The Weekender 2021,  a duo of shows to be live-streamed for audiences in the UK + EU,  from NY’s Brooklyn Bowl


Friday March 5 + Saturday March 6

Single-show tickets, two-night passes and exclusive soundcheck tickets on sale now exclusively via

New album Open Door Policy arrives Feb 19


The Hold Steady announce plans for an unprecedented 2021 edition of The Weekender, the band’s annual multi-night live event for fans in the United Kingdom. Traditionally held at the legendary Electric Ballroom in Camden, London, this year will see The Weekender livestreaming directly from Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl for two concerts on Friday, March 5 and Saturday, March 6 at 20:00pm GMT. Tickets are on sale now via FANS.LIVE, including single-show tickets (£15.00 / $20.00) and two-night packages (£27.50 / $35.00). In addition, fans purchasing show tickets will be able to buy additional tickets for an exclusive Soundcheck event, set for Saturday, March 6 and priced at £20.00 / $25.00.

The Weekender will see The Hold Steady performing two completely different sets featuring classic tracks, fan favorites, and new songs from their upcoming album OPEN DOOR POLICY. An exclusive The Weekender merch bundle will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the event. The Weekender shows will be available on demand for a limited time via FANS.LIVE following the final performance on March 6.


The Hold Steady’s eighth studio album OPEN DOOR POLICY arrives on the band’s Positive Jams label via Thirty Tigers on Friday, February 19. OPEN DOOR POLICY is available for digital and physical pre-orders now. All pre-orders are joined by instant-grat downloads of the recently released tracks,  “Spices,” “Heavy Covenant,” and “Family Farm.” In addition, OPEN DOOR POLICY is being released in a variety of formats, including standard black vinyl and limited editions of CD and colored vinyl. Positive Jams/Thirty Tigers will also be offering an exclusive limited-edition colored vinyl for independent record stores.



The Hold Steady: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Garage rock legend Radio Birdman founder Deniz Tek has announced the reissue of the groundbreaking album ‘Take It To The Vertical’. The album will be released for the first time on vinyl, digitally and on DSP’s on 19th March via Wild Honey Records.
‘Take It To The Vertical’, originally released by Redeye/Polydor Records Australia in 1992, was Deniz Tek’s first solo album. Recorded at historic SugarHill Studios in Houston, Texas, the album features Radio Birdman’s Chris Masuak on guitar and keyboards; and The Stooges’ Scott Asheton on drums. There are extensive liner notes, never before seen photos, and a bonus track that was not on the original release.
This amazing album has been long out of print, rare, and nearly impossible to find. It will now be available worldwide from Wild Honey as part two of a series of archival releases of Deniz Tek’s work.
Deniz has now shared the first track from the album. ‘Press On’, a ripping rock and roll anthem about air combat, was recorded live in the studio during the “Vertical” album sessions. This rare, unreleased track features Deniz and Chris Masuak, veteran Radio Birdman guitar slingers doing what they do best, and a smoking hot rhythm section led by the legendary Scott “Rock Action” Asheton on drums.

During their tenure the Sonic’s Rendezvous Band only released one 7” in the shape and form of “City Slang” that supposedly had the song in stereo on one side and mono on the other although the general consensuses are, they are identical. If you were not lucky enough to have the aforementioned 7” the only other source was the badly recorded Bootleg album “Strikes Like Lightening” that surfaced in the 1980s. That was until the late 90’s when soundboard live records started to surface and were officially released. The latest is the vinyl 12” “No Sleep Till Ypsilanti” that was recorded at the Huron Inn, Ypsilanti MI 10th April 1976 and released on the Spanish label Bang!  

“No Sleep Till Ypsilanti” is an interesting release because it’s only the band’s 2nd set. They would go on to play a total of three that evening. Apart from the opening number of “Grand River Soul” which was collectively written by the band the others are either covers; Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, Ray Charles’ “I Believe To My Soul” and “Part-Time Love” by Clay Hammond or were written by Scot Morgan giving it a more soul and blues feel with only “Mystically Yours” and “Electrophonic Tonic” hinting at the onslaught of guitars that is synonymous with the band. Morgan’s vocals sound like he’s spent far too long at a Dive Bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans; supremely laidback. It’s clear that this is an early gig with the band finding their feet with original bassist WR Cooke, who sadly passed away in 2015, still on four-string duties. The LP is limited to only 500 copies and to be honest, is really for completists as the whole three set concert is readily officially available elsewhere. However, having said that I’m hoping that Bang! records will, in the fullness of time, be releasing set 1 and 3 as standalone albums.    

 Buy Here

Author: Armitage Smith

Mysterious Swedish Rock and Rollas knock out nine demo tracks that sparkle with promise.  Sure the quality is like some fifth-generation tape trade but closer inspection and a fine ear will show the listener that there is a lot to admire within the songs written by The Dirts.


From the opening fuzzed-out full on assault of ‘Take Me Away it deserves so much more and it would be great to hear where these songs can go it’s like the first time I heard ‘(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!’ by the Hellacopters   – the energy is ferocious and with a thundering drum beat and throbbing bassline this would / could be killer and it just soars from there on.  I have to stress that these are Demos so it would be unfair to be too harsh.  Most bands knockback and fore songs built on pro tools and Garageband but these punks fly by the seat of their pants recorded on four-track.  Wow, it’s like the 90s never happened and tech never was a consideration its all about living in the moment and the buzz off hearing some rapid punk Rock and Roll kicking off in your speakers is a joy to behold.

The intro on ‘Knowhere To Behold’ is excellent it’s like they’re trippin’ on the Dolls and The Stooges and ‘Getting Over You’ is cool as from the sleazy riff to the muffled distorted melody on the vocals and the chorus is majestic. They should keep the guitar sound  and just build a phat sound around it then sit the vocals on top I recon they’d be onto a winner (but what do I know).


I’d imagine in a small club with a low ceiling this would be fantastic It’s full of snot and vigor and a passion for Rock and Roll when it’s hard and fast and I bloody love it.  The Dirts have let the genie out of the bottle and getting it back in would be impossible it’s just too wild and out of control.  Keep an eye on the kids and hopefully, someone will get hold of em and give em a hand and they’ll soar just mark my words.  Buy It!  There’s an EP that came out just before this bunch of tunes and that’s equally as essential – trust me and as if by magic the cassette has been re-released so get em whilst you still can


Buy The Dirts Here

Author: Dom Daley

January saw Texan singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton announce his 1221 project, the concept of releasing twelve new songs, one every month across the year of 2021. His initial release was a gorgeous cover of the Spin Doctors ‘How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me)’, which proved a hugely popular choice with fans and the Spin Doctors alike, with high praise coming from members of the band.
This month’s release – just ahead of Valentine’s Day – is a rockier number, suitably packed full as a box of chocolates with “I love you’s”.
On the story behind ‘Déjà Vu, Hamilton explains: “being in love, and in a relationship is a lot like a dance… and you need a good dance partner to be successful. When you’re with the right person, whether things are good or bad, having a sense of ‘I’ve been here before, and I know what this person wants/needs’ is an important thing to have. That’s what this song is about. It’s about that ‘dance’, and being able to weather the proverbial storm in a relationship.”
Boasting more hooks than a pirate convention, evoking the feel of classic Weezer thrown into a blender with the Killers, Déjà Vu instantly has the feeling of a song that will prove a live favourite, once in-person shows become a thing again.
Accompanying the new song, Hamilton sports a dizzying array of looks in his new video, some oddly unsettling, some downright hilarious. Firstly, I’ve never had more fun making a video,” he says. “I wanted to portray different people from different walks of life, and love… But I don’t think I was quite ready for the level of ridiculousness. Haha. But, sometimes you just gotta embrace the fun. I think this is my favorite video I’ve ever made.”
Using present-day recording techniques over the internet, 1221 sees Hamilton continue to collaborate with UK-based producer Dave Draper. The pair recorded Hamilton’s solo EP of Country covers, ‘Communique’, during the very first lockdown of 2020, in isolation on two separate continents. Communique proved to be a winning formula, scoring Hamilton his first iTunes No. 1, a feat repeated with his subsequent release with the Harlequin Ghosts, ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’, an album that also scored high on multiple Official UK Charts.
Hinting at what future 1221 releases have in store, Hamilton teases, “I am LOVING the diversity, and freedom of this ‘1221’ project. I’ve been in touch with some of my favorite music friends, and I’m excited to let folks know about upcoming collaborations. But, I better not say anything just yet.”
Until then, let’s experience a little Déjà Vu.
Hamilton was recently heralded by Spin magazine as one of the ‘Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’.
Each monthly ‘1221’ track will be released digitally across all regular platforms for download and streaming via Stevie Van Zandt’s ‘Wicked Cool Label.