Hitting out of the same ballpark as Chubby & The Gang it’s like these kids have managed to marry Blurs ‘parklife’ with a dash of Supergrass and a lot of noisy punks from throughout the late 70s and early 80s and managed to keep the hipsters on board with some Sleaford Mods attitude.


Its in your face brutal both musically and lyrically in as much as they don’t try to dress it up in clever lyrics its Sleaford Mods school of say it as it is and I like that its always refreshing especially when they’re youngsters.  Take ‘Skint’ for example it pulls no punches other than the ones it’s pummelling your ears with.  Give em a few quid their skint as fuck it would appear. Noisy forthright and pissed just what punk rock should be.

‘Brockwell Park’ was the venue for my first trip to see The mighty Damned play many moons ago and I was drinking in the park as well if I remember but I doubt it was Fosters.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture to be fair but its part of growing up whereas the steady beat of ‘The Drip’ and the perils of doing drugs is a frantic thrash about after a key or two and the band nails it.  It picks you up and puts you down and in between it’ll swing you around like a rag doll this is the perfect EP for kids to reconvene in some sweaty club and throw themselves around for an hour smashed on cheap beers and no doubt a key or two of powders but it’ll shake off the cobwebs of the past year and be a bloody good time as well and Play Dead sounds like the perfect band to do just that – ave it!



Skint is available on preorder from Play Dead’s Bandcamp.

Follow Play Dead on Twitter and Instagram.


Sweet Oblivion is a project that was put together by Frontiers Music guru Serafino Perugino around two years ago to give veteran metal vocalist Geoff Tate another musical outlet. The self-titled debut album was written, performed (apart from vocals) and produced by DGM guitarist Simone Mularoni and was well received in metal circles. This time around another Italian metal legend Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Archon Angel) has taken the reigns. Tate has been much more involved with the song writing on this latest effort and there is plenty here that fans of classic Queensryche (and classic metal in general) can sink their teeth into.

The idea is simple but effective, give Tate a vessel that echoes his early work with Queensryche. Let’s be honest here, anyone who is going to listen to this is a fan of the Ryche and they want to hear Tate in a familiar setting. Tate has one of those “Marmite” voices (I happen to love his voice) but I know plenty of people that aren’t fans.

His legacy is a strong one though, Queensryche were a multi-platinum selling band at their peak and they have influenced many with their “Thinking Man’s Metal”.  This project isn’t all about nostalgia though, there are some other musical influences at play here. There are elements of classical music as well as crunching riffs and European power metal. Tate sounds fantastic throughout the album and seems to have a new vigour to his voice. This is easily up there with his best vocal performances since the Empire album back in 1990.

The album has a similar direction to the debut and the change of producer/song writer doesn’t seem to hinder the material at all. Tracks like the single Strong Pressure, Remember Me, Let It Be and the fantastic Aria with Tate singing in Italian all hit the target. They are well crafted and performed, and the band who include Lonobile on guitar, Michele Sanna on drums, Luigi Andreone on bass and Antonio Agate on keyboards can quite easily be overlooked due to the emphasis being on Tate. Of course, without Tate there would probably be no Sweet Oblivion, even so, the band should get some well-deserved kudos.

Strong songs, great production and fantastic artwork makes the package a desirable one. Tate is back on top form, and the Sweet Oblivion name may even see the day when they won’t need the Featuring Geoff Tate tag.

Buy Sweet OBlivion Here



Author: Kenny Kendrick





From noisy, mohawked one man band Robochrist to Leeds power pop heroes Eureka Machines, Chris Catalyst has had a varied and colourful musical career. While The Eurekas may not be a full-time job these days, let’s not forget he has also been a hired hand for the likes of The Sisters Of Mercy, Ugly Kid Joe and Ginger Wildheart along the way to help pay the rent.

‘Kaleidoscopes’ is the sophomore solo album from the Leeds based singer/songwriter, the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2017 album ‘Life Is Often Brilliant’.



Album opener ‘Make Good Art’ is a surprise departure for Chris and sees him explore new territories. Using samples of an inspirational Neil Gaiman speech set to indie dance beats, it’s got an instant Primal Scream meets NIN vibe. The message of the value of art and the importance of creation on your own terms seems quite fitting at a time when artists have been creating in new and exciting ways. It has a gospel choir, trumpets and distorted guitars blended together by everyone’s go-to producer extraordinaire Dave Draper.

The influences on ‘Kaleidoscopes’ are as varied and interesting as the lyrical themes. 90’s Brit Pop is a major influence, but you will also hear inspiration from the likes of Duran Duran and Tears For Fears, as well as the more obvious Beatles and Bowie influence. Always an artist who looks for the cloud with a silver lining, lyrically, Chris tackles Politics, Brexit, keyboard warriors, mental health, and basically just striving to be dead happy with life.

And his upbeat sentiment on life comes through in the music. ‘Happy’ is a simple, indie-fied, acoustic strummer, with a sweet verse that leads into a stadium-sized, sing-a-long chorus designed to put joy in your heart and a spring in your stride. A musical antidote to suppress the demons. A simple message full of sentiment can be more powerful than a handful of pills and a damn site better for you. This is the one you will be singing along to long after the black vinyl/silver disc/virtual thingy (delete as applicable) has stopped spinning. Similarly, one of the most instant and memorable songs on offer is ‘I’m Not Ok’, where a dampened riff gives backing for Chris’ message of getting back on your feet when things are crashing all around you. Weezer eat yer heart out! There’s even a Slash inspired solo thrown in for good measure.


While you could say these songs are typical Chris Catalyst power pop fodder, there are plenty of curve balls, departures and just dead nice musical moments to discover. Be surprised at how ‘King Of Everything’ sounds like Madness in the verses before blasting into a trademark, upbeat Eureka chanting chorus. Savour the fact that the grungy ‘Divide and Rule’ comes on like King’s X with lush Beatle-esque vocal harmonies and a signature Catalyst power pop hook. Then laugh at the fact there is an instrumental named after an episode of Aussie soap Neighbours where the dog had a dream sequence. Yes, ‘Bouncer’s Dream’ is for real!

The overly familiar sounding ‘Never Going To Change’ pilfers from Supergrass and Oasis which is never a bad thing, and ‘The Ride’ is one of those slow burners that creeps up on you after repeated listens. A chuggy riff here, a stadium-sized chorus there and a nifty detuned section that will make the metal heads cream their denim jeans.


Taking his collective influences from Brit Pop, 80’s pop music and turn of the century Pop Punk, Chris Catalyst has shaped an album that wins on every level. ‘Kaleidoscopes’ is a layered album that brings something new with every listen. One of those albums where your favourite track changes with each listen. A lot of work and a lot of love has gone into this album, from the songwriting to the production and onto the presentation and artwork. Hell, it even comes with a fanzine packed with information on the songwriting process that smells like the plastic ice cream container I kept my toy soldiers in as a kid! You can’t get more nostalgic than that!

Buy Kaleidoscopes Here

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On April 23rd Duncan Reid & The Big Heads release a live album via Bandcamp. The digital album features twelve of the finest power pop rock and roll you’re gonna hear anywhere.  Check out the trailer for a mouthwatering taste of what’s on offer and pre-order away! Here


“No one was meant to be there on 20 May 2018. Sweden were playing Switzerland in the Ice Hockey World final the night they played Akkurat in Stockholm. Yet, they packed in to see the band in the bar with more beers than anywhere else in the world. Listen and hear just how raw, energetic and good-looking we are. It will make you taller, more handsome, more intelligent and younger. All for £5!*”


Facebook / Website

*(not factually accurate)

New Album ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ Released 16th July 2021
New Song ‘Gotta Do More Gotta Be More’ (Available Now) 
TRAMPOLENE release their third album ‘Love No Less Than A Queen,’ on Friday 16th July through the Strap Originals label. The album features 12 new TRAMPOLENE original songs and was produced by Mike Moore (Baxter Dury/Liam Gallagher), Richard Jackson (Super Furry Animals) & Jason Stafford (Albion Rooms) and mixed by Dave Emery (Arcade Fire/Elbow).



Says TRAMPOLENE main man Jack Jones: “The album was a way of me summing up my life so far. It made me search into myself and understand that life really is a gift after all and that being at peace isn’t wrong or something you don’t deserve and it actually makes things better that way.”
The new single, a mind-bending maniacal mantra ‘Gotta Do More Gotta Be More’ is the fourth track to be lifted from ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ along with ‘Oh Lover,’ ‘Come Join Me In Life’ and ‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir.’ All four tracks can be streamed and downloaded immediately when you preorder ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ https://ffm.to/lovenolessthanaqueen 
Jack Jones on the songs:
Gotta Do More Gotta Be More “we’re all told we can be better, we can do more. It’s not always true. Repeat it so often it becomes hypnotic and surreal and loses any sense or meaning. Then you’re free to relax and be yourself.”
Oh Lover’ “started as a one-way message from a boy to a girl about their long distance love affair, but as the Pandemic became the new reality, it morphed into a song about being apart indefinitely…but now in a world that was unrecognisable and where nothing made sense and everything has changed.”
‘The Misadventures Of Lord Billy Bilo’ “a nightmare narrative of things that happen when you’re asleep and your brain is occupied by twisted, weird imaginings that you are convinced are real.”
‘No Love No Kisses’ “I read an article about tower block graveyards in Japan, due to lack of space which then developed into a song about silly domestic rows with your partner.”
‘Remember’ “getting over your compulsions, mine had begun to ruin my life and damage others and they were taking away all my dreams. This is about all the people who helped me through.” 
‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’ “came about when I was picking up my little cousin from an after school art class…she had painted a paradise where animals and humans lived in harmony but mistakenly called it an Abattoir…I found the whole thing very charming and jotted it down in my notes…So it’s about an abattoir…but not as you know it…it’s taken straight out of a child’s imagination. It has taken on another meaning for me lately as it is also about slowly going mad being stuck indoors during the Lockdown”
‘Shoot The Lights’ “being stuck in a lockdown with someone you are happy with and not wanting to leave the house and go anywhere.”
‘Lighter Than Paper’ “I got the idea from an episode of ‘Desert Island Discs,’ someone’s husband had died and she was very successful and had friends all over the world that she could do anything with, but no-one she could do nothing with…it stuck with me.”
‘Perfect View’ “is about not selling yourself short – the perfect view is in your mind.”
‘Milan’ “I always wanted to call this Milan on a Comedown, another love song about fighting against having joy in my life…I always thought I was supposed to be lonely and unhappy…” 
‘Come Join Me In Life’ “a call to arms for the left behinds and the voiceless ones…don’t believe what they tell you, its your world too.”
The album also features ‘Born Again’ which is included in the soundtrack to the hugely successful digital Basketball game NBA2K.
‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ will be available on CD, cassette, digital download and 12” vinyl, including beautiful limited marble and Red variants, as well as exclusive formats and signed items.
To celebrate the release of ‘Love No Less Than A Queen,’ TRAMPOLENE  have announced three shows in Manchester, Cardiff and London during August. To make sure you bagsy a ticket, https://ffm.to/lovenolessthanaqueen  the new TRAMPOLENE album and get access to an exclusive pre-sale starting Wednesday 14th April at 10am. Tickets will be on general sale at 10am on Friday 16th April from http://metropolism.uk/B2KB30rDV46  The full dates are:
18th Wednesday Manchester  Deaf Institute
19th Thursday Cardiff  The Globe
20th Friday London  Moth Club

From Washington, via London, The Dilrods play dirty Punk Rock and Roll and they do it very well just in case you wondered.  ‘Spare The Rod’ leans on the sounds of bands like The Heartbreakers or the Joneses and a whole lot more in between damn it reminds me of Sorry & The Sinatras in places.  Its loud guitars played with attitude and passion (which always helps).  When making a record of this nature you need the magic X factor to really make your record sparkle and these three punks have just about nailed it here. It’s leaning heavily on the rock and Roll of the Joneses and Heartbreakers for sure but considering it’s only three Rods they sure as hell make a racket. ‘Off The Squad’ is a cool number that doesn’t just Rock as everyone knows to really stand out you have to roll as well and so many bands do a great job Rockin’ but miss the Roll but not The Dilrods.


Nine tracks in less than twenty minutes are as cool as a polar bear sitting on an ice cube. I do hope that’s a picture of them from the archive on the artwork and the back art looks like a right hoot of a morning after.

There’s no reinventing the wheel here but you get an earful of ragged punk rock n roll and a beaming smile whilst you’re at it.  Right from the kick-off the fuzzed vocals of ‘Love Sick’ and its solid rhythm is battering your temple and breaking you down for what’s to come. The swagger of ‘Angry Little Man’ is one that reminded me of Scott Sorry’s combo.  It’s swinging like a good un and is a fantastic burst of energy for ‘Validate Me’ that comes out of the speakers swinging like its throwing out time and the pub.  I’m also getting reminders of Uncle Sam when they did their ‘Heaven Or Hollywood’ album.  the production is similar in as much as it sounds organic and just tries (and Succeeds) to capture the energy of the performance.


I couldn’t pick a favourite because they’re jumping around at the moment and I’m loving the lot.  It’s a really complete album that just kills it from opener to the final chord – attitude, delivery, sound and most importantly they’ve got the songs.  they’ve got a pocket full of absolute bangers and they can be yours for a few wisely spent quids.  Now do the right thing, check out The Dilrods and invest in a proper album and join the club!

Buy ‘Spare The Rod’ Here


Author: Dom Daley

the latest single in Ryan Hamilton’s 1221 album project



With a 2021 launch schedule to rival even Elon Musk, April 12 sees Texan singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton release his very own ‘Satellite’. This comes as the fourth single of Hamilton’s 1221 project, in which he brings us twelve new songs, – an album-in-progress – one every month across the year of 2021.
April brings us a cover of ‘Satellite’ by late nineties shoegazing/ alternative rock band Catherine Wheel. For many, this could be an introduction to a group who had all the makings of eclipsing the likes of My Bloody Valentine and a certain Thom Yorke fronted combo back in the day. So what brought a band from Great Yarmouth, UK to the attention of the Texan?:
“I think it was 1997. Radiohead’s ‘Ok Computer’ was EVERYWHERE. But right behind those guys, was a band called Catherine Wheel, and an album called ‘Adam & Eve’. That album was BIG! here. In all the music magazines. I think maybe they get left out of the discussion because Radiohead was just THAT HUGE. But they deserve so much more attention, respect etc. They were – are – an incredible, and influential band.”
Hamilton’s 1221 project kicked off in January 2021 with a cover of another 90s lost treasure, the Spin Doctors ‘How Could You Want Him…’, garnering much public praise from the band. Which begs the question – have any of Catherine Wheel heard your version of ‘Satellite’ yet?:
“They actually have. I was able to get in touch with the guys from the band, and have struck up friendships with Brian and Dave. They all love the cover! Which, of course, feels amazing. I think I also get some extra cred with our tour manager Pam, who is the biggest Iron Maiden fan there is. It blew my mind to discover that Catherine Wheel’s front man Rob is the cousin of Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson”.
Featuring another lush production from stalwart collaborator Dave Draper, Hamilton’s ‘Satellite’ sounds like a certified radio hit – 90s panache firmly intact, with a very ‘now’ sonic wrap.
The single’s art is another striking image, Hamilton festooned in guitars looking like some kind of musical satellite about to get beamed into space…
“I had this idea about being surrounded by several different guitars… with no idea if it would actually work. But it turned out great! Side note: Having that many guitars strapped to you at once is REALLY HEAVY. I could barely move! Haha.”
Further ‘hardware’ features in the accompanying video. With echoes of ET’s ultimate quest – it finds Hamilton seemingly searching for a signal from the great beyond, roaming an empty field with a satellite dish and boombox in tow.
“For this video, I wanted to do something really simple, and “Satellite” related. I love simple, effective videos. I’m having fun coming up with original concepts for the visuals on this project. Thankfully, with each new release, people have been responding in a really positive and great way.”
Hamilton was recently heralded by Spin magazine as one of the ‘Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’.


Website / Twitter / Instagram

Welsh Rocker Benji Webb joins forces with Mike Peter Alarm for a romp through the Massive Attack number ‘Safe From Harm’ from the ‘War’ album reviewed on RPM Here


Also hot off the press is this banger from Australians Blowers  with the anthemic ‘Waste Of A Man’ which got the thumbs up on RPM Onlne when we reviewed it Here

Finally staying down under we have the new video from the excellent Civic.  Taken from their awesome new album – ‘Tell The Papers’ is the second single from ‘Future Forecast’ available NOW Here

Legendary US rockers Cheap Trick are back with their latest release – In Another World. That isn’t to say that they haven’t been busy over recent years, since 2016 they have put out four (including this) studio albums and got inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. After the tricky departure of drummer Bun E Carlos in 2010, guitarist Rick Nielsen enlisted his son Daxx to play as a touring drummer and he’s been a permanent fixture ever since. Julian Raymond has again twiddled the knobs on the album and the band now consider him the ‘fifth member’ of Cheap Trick. The production on the album is fantastic and really helps to propel the songs to another level.

The bands back catalogue is immense with tracks like ‘California Man’, ‘Surrender’, ‘I Want You to Want Me’, ‘He’s a Whore’ and the massive hit ‘The Flame’ being part of so many record collections around the world. This doesn’t seem to stop the seemingly endless amount of quality songs that Cheap Trick keep springing on their countless fans. Raymond’s influence on their sound is obvious and he really helps to make the songs on ‘In Another World’ shine brightly.

The album opens with poptastic ‘The Summer Looks Good on You’, a fantastic song with more hooks than Captain Quint aboard the Orca. This should be blasting on every radio station from now until September! ‘Quit Waking Me Up’ is another feel good track with a horn section paving the way into the verses. ‘Another World’ has an almost Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers feel to the song with some fantastic lead work from Rick Nielsen.

Vocalist Robin Zander sounds great throughout the album, his delivery a vital part of their sound. ‘Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll’ is another catchy, pop-rock slab of loveliness that will sound great live. ‘The Party’ grooves like a bastard, with a beautiful feel from drummer Daxx Nielsen. ‘Final Days’ has a bluesy, greasy feel and shuffles along nicely. ‘So It Goes’ has elements of classic Beatles with a haunting feel and lots of flute! More brilliant vocal lines from Zander makes this track a highlight of the album for me.

Light Up the Fire’ has yet another sing-along chorus. This is what Cheap Trick does best in my opinion, hard rock and pop combined brilliantly. ‘Passing Through’ has a dreamy feel with layer after layer of sublime vocals and guitars. ‘Here’s Looking at You’ is an up-tempo blast with a Sex Pistols influenced riff done in the inimitable Cheap Trick style. There’s not a track over four minutes long on the album, it’s a short, sharp shock to the system and makes the album an easy and pleasurable listen.

The final track is a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Some Truth’ this was originally released for Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 and features the instantly recognisable guitar work of Steve Jones from the aforementioned Sex Pistols.  Overall, Cheap Trick has delivered the goods yet again. It’s nice to know that even in these most uncertain of times we can all rely on bands like Cheap Trick to put a smile on our faces. They have the zest and vigour of a band that is just out on their musical journey but with the experience and quality of song writing that comes with the many years that Cheap Trick has been around. Long may it continue!

Pick up a copy Here


Author: Kenny Kendrick