Hitting out of the same ballpark as Chubby & The Gang it’s like these kids have managed to marry Blurs ‘parklife’ with a dash of Supergrass and a lot of noisy punks from throughout the late 70s and early 80s and managed to keep the hipsters on board with some Sleaford Mods attitude.


Its in your face brutal both musically and lyrically in as much as they don’t try to dress it up in clever lyrics its Sleaford Mods school of say it as it is and I like that its always refreshing especially when they’re youngsters.  Take ‘Skint’ for example it pulls no punches other than the ones it’s pummelling your ears with.  Give em a few quid their skint as fuck it would appear. Noisy forthright and pissed just what punk rock should be.

‘Brockwell Park’ was the venue for my first trip to see The mighty Damned play many moons ago and I was drinking in the park as well if I remember but I doubt it was Fosters.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture to be fair but its part of growing up whereas the steady beat of ‘The Drip’ and the perils of doing drugs is a frantic thrash about after a key or two and the band nails it.  It picks you up and puts you down and in between it’ll swing you around like a rag doll this is the perfect EP for kids to reconvene in some sweaty club and throw themselves around for an hour smashed on cheap beers and no doubt a key or two of powders but it’ll shake off the cobwebs of the past year and be a bloody good time as well and Play Dead sounds like the perfect band to do just that – ave it!



Skint is available on preorder from Play Dead’s Bandcamp.

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