the latest single in Ryan Hamilton’s 1221 album project



With a 2021 launch schedule to rival even Elon Musk, April 12 sees Texan singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton release his very own ‘Satellite’. This comes as the fourth single of Hamilton’s 1221 project, in which he brings us twelve new songs, – an album-in-progress – one every month across the year of 2021.
April brings us a cover of ‘Satellite’ by late nineties shoegazing/ alternative rock band Catherine Wheel. For many, this could be an introduction to a group who had all the makings of eclipsing the likes of My Bloody Valentine and a certain Thom Yorke fronted combo back in the day. So what brought a band from Great Yarmouth, UK to the attention of the Texan?:
“I think it was 1997. Radiohead’s ‘Ok Computer’ was EVERYWHERE. But right behind those guys, was a band called Catherine Wheel, and an album called ‘Adam & Eve’. That album was BIG! here. In all the music magazines. I think maybe they get left out of the discussion because Radiohead was just THAT HUGE. But they deserve so much more attention, respect etc. They were – are – an incredible, and influential band.”
Hamilton’s 1221 project kicked off in January 2021 with a cover of another 90s lost treasure, the Spin Doctors ‘How Could You Want Him…’, garnering much public praise from the band. Which begs the question – have any of Catherine Wheel heard your version of ‘Satellite’ yet?:
“They actually have. I was able to get in touch with the guys from the band, and have struck up friendships with Brian and Dave. They all love the cover! Which, of course, feels amazing. I think I also get some extra cred with our tour manager Pam, who is the biggest Iron Maiden fan there is. It blew my mind to discover that Catherine Wheel’s front man Rob is the cousin of Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson”.
Featuring another lush production from stalwart collaborator Dave Draper, Hamilton’s ‘Satellite’ sounds like a certified radio hit – 90s panache firmly intact, with a very ‘now’ sonic wrap.
The single’s art is another striking image, Hamilton festooned in guitars looking like some kind of musical satellite about to get beamed into space…
“I had this idea about being surrounded by several different guitars… with no idea if it would actually work. But it turned out great! Side note: Having that many guitars strapped to you at once is REALLY HEAVY. I could barely move! Haha.”
Further ‘hardware’ features in the accompanying video. With echoes of ET’s ultimate quest – it finds Hamilton seemingly searching for a signal from the great beyond, roaming an empty field with a satellite dish and boombox in tow.
“For this video, I wanted to do something really simple, and “Satellite” related. I love simple, effective videos. I’m having fun coming up with original concepts for the visuals on this project. Thankfully, with each new release, people have been responding in a really positive and great way.”
Hamilton was recently heralded by Spin magazine as one of the ‘Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’.


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